About Me

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.

Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

After studying industrial engineering and a master’s degree at the BTU Cottbus Senftenberg in 2016, there I am, Quality Chair, my M.Sc. with the thesis “State of the art research on variant management and customization.” After that, I worked for an electronics manufacturer for a little over a year. Since this job wasn’t fulfilling for me, I took a little break and traveled to Southeast Asia for a few months. Since I liked it so much, the decision to settle in Indonesia was not difficult.

This decision represented a big change in my life. The constantly changing hotels and homestays have brought house dust allergy back into focus, which was hardly mentioned in the USA before.

With the construction of the first house and the bedroom’s furnishing, I researched extensively how I could promote my sleep. Since it’s relatively warm here anyway and the conditions are different, I didn’t want to save on bed and make the optimal decision.

On Cosyable.de, I share my research experience and show you how to create the best possible sleeping conditions. Then you wake up much more relaxed in the morning and experience a higher quality of life. I now feel much more rested and can experience the day more intensely.

Since choosing a mattress or bed can be a headache, I would like to assist you. On cosyable.com, you can examine the numerous different sleeping options and decide for yourself which products are best tailored to you.

If you have any questions, you can also email me at [email protected].

Furthermore, I have built up additional guides that have awakened completely new interests in me in the course of my emigration.