How acupressure can help relieve headaches

If you suffer from headaches , this can have a decisive impact on your quality of life. You will not be able to concentrate and if you are in severe pain you will retreat to a darkened room and cancel all activities of the day.

The temptation quickly arises to treat headaches with pain relievers. But in the long run this cannot be a solution.

Is acupressure a natural alternative and can you finally declare war on headaches?

Find out in this article how effective acupressure is for headaches.

You will probably already know that massage has positive properties and increases your well-being. Tension can be relieved and pain reduced.

Acupressure is a very related treatment method. It is a special massage that stimulates certain pressure points . So instead of massaging a muscle over a large area, the pressure is concentrated on individual points.

This is based on the theory that the body is covered with energy channels . If the energy is blocked, the flow of energy can be enabled again by pressing on the special point.

In contrast to acupuncture, however, no needles penetrate the body. It is sufficient for the masseur to massage the point with his thumb and so release the blockage.

In a study , the positive effect of acupressure against headaches was even proven. However, the scientific considerations in this area are hardly complete and can hardly be expanded.


Headaches can come in many different forms. What form do you suffer from and how are they noticeable? Finding out what headache you are suffering from will make treatment easier for you.


The most sufferers suffer from the so-called tension headaches. This gives you the feeling that something is tugging at your head. The pain often starts in the forehead and extends to the neck.

As triggers for these headaches stress and poor posture apply. Both factors that particularly affect people who work in the office and spend most of the time in front of the PC.

It is believed that tension in the neck muscles affects a nerve or artery and disrupts blood flow. This causes the frequent tension headaches.

In this form, acupressure is particularly effective. Because by focusing on the pressure points, the tension is released. The blood circulation is stimulated and the headache is relieved.


Around a third of the population states that they occasionally suffer from migraines. This is a more severe form of the common headache.

Not only does the head start to hurt, but a number of accompanying symptoms also occur. This could be dizziness or nausea. The symptoms are aggravated by external sensory impressions. Light or noise make migraines more intense. Stress is also considered a trigger.

Why the migraine develops is still largely unclear. But it is also in the room that the blood circulation is disturbed. In this case , acupressure helps to stimulate blood circulation. Stress is reduced and tension is released.

However, the effect of acupressure on a migraine is very individual. Whether it helps always depends on the individual case. But it is always worth trying to overcome migraines by massaging the pressure points.


Cluster headaches represent another form. This is a severe headache that manifests itself in a throbbing sensation . Affected people may experience a pain that is described as if someone were constantly pounding on the head.

This headache can last for several days. The symptoms can be compared to the migraines. A pain behind the eyes is often described and there is a sensitivity to light and sound.

With this form, too, it is largely unclear what the causes could be. It is doubtful whether acupressure will help with cluster headaches.

If the headache persists, a doctor should be consulted in any case, as this could be a signal for a serious illness. So first see a doctor and see if they recommend acupressure.


Some symptoms can be brought under control with pain relievers. However, this does not mean that the causes have been addressed. Your body could still be suffering – but you won’t notice it anymore because of the painkillers. In the long run, this represents a great danger, because the painkillers can be a burden and you should always treat the causes.

The good news is that acupressure has been described as very effective on certain forms . Around half of the population in Germany states that they are occasionally plagued by tension headaches. Here acupressure has proven to be a helpful measure to defeat the headache. The good thing about this is that it happens naturally . This protects your body and reduces headache in the long term.

In the case of migraines, the effect is described as more variable. Often, however, at least a slight relief is perceived. If you suffer from an acute migraine attack, relief will at least lead to an increase in the quality of life and acupressure should be tried.


You can do the actual acupressure against the headache yourself. You do not have to be an expert in Far Eastern medicine, you will intuitively massage the appropriate points.

In most cases, you will likely feel the urge to massage your temples and bridge of your nose on your own This is in line with the teaching of acupressure. The life energy, which you stimulate with the massage, runs along the sides .

To make the massage more effective, you should create a relaxing environment . Put on soothing music, breathe consciously and take your time for the massage. Perform circular movements and stimulate the respective pressure point.

For a long-term effect and if you suffer from tension more often, you can also use an acupressure mat or an acupressure pillow . In this way you prevent the headache from occurring and the life energy can flow freely again.

So use acupressure to effectively and naturally treat your headaches.

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