Acupressure mat – relax with these models

The acupressure mat is a natural way to enjoy a massage at home and to positively influence the body’s energy. The modern way of life means that more and more people suffer from pain in the back or neck. Sleep disorders or other complaints that are triggered by everyday stress, for example, are also increasing steadily.

With the acupressure mat You can receive the healing power of acupressure for sleep to use you. Pain and discomfort are relieved by lying down on the mat and having a gentle massage.

What ailments does this form of acupressure help against and which mats are best suited to achieve the highest possible effect?

In this article you will find out how you can benefit from acupressure at home and reduce sleep disorders .

Back pain and tension in the neck are among the most common ailments in Germany. The long sitting in the office and lack of movement promote these complaints. Going to the masseur is associated with high costs and with minor tension you do not want to go to the doctor directly and sit there for hours in the waiting room.

It is much more practical if you can do something for your health yourself. In addition to some exercise, the acupressure mat is a first-class solution for these complaints.

Acupressure is an ancient technique of traditional Chinese medicine. With this, a relaxing effect is achieved by applying pressure to certain points . The original belief is about positively influencing energy pathways. The aim is to loosen blockages that disrupt the flow of energy. You don’t have to believe that, because individual studies have proven the effectiveness of acupressure. They prove that, for example, sleep disorders can be improved or digestive problems can be brought under control .

The acupressure mat is now the easy way to use the positive effect in the living room or bedroom at home. At first glance, the mat may seem a bit unruly. Eventually, several thousand tiny needles protrude that put pressure on the body. In terms of appearance, they are reminiscent of the hard nail boards of the yogi.

You don’t have to worry though. The “needles” are made of a plastic and you can determine yourself which pressure is exerted. In no case should the application be painful, but you should slowly approach your limits.

To do this, you put your whole body on the mat . At the beginning you will still notice the pricking and the mat will be a bit uncomfortable. But then you are surrounded by a warm feeling. In the original mode of action, the warmth is justified by the fact that the life energy can flow better again .

It is more likely, however, that the blood circulation is stimulated . The pressure also influences other processes. The metabolism is promoted and even happiness hormones can be released.

Acupressure does not only treat the affected parts of the body. A holistic effect on the body can be seen and with this the symptoms are alleviated.


But against which ailments exactly can the acupressure mat be used?

First of all, the pressure of the needles ensures that a relaxation effect is created. At the same time, a small tingling sensation can also be perceived. Lying on the mat stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the muscles . Pain is felt less after this treatment.

It is therefore obvious that the acupressure mat is mainly used for back pain or ailments in the neck. The slight pressure relieves the tension that is the cause of the pain. You will also notice how your freedom of movement increases and you will be more productive.

But the acupressure mat is not only ideal for treating muscular complaints. Sleep disorders are also increasing in Germany and are becoming a real common ailment. The reason for this is often the stress that arises in everyday life. A lot is demanded in the job and at the same time friends and family demand time and one’s own hobbies should also be cultivated. The stress leads to the fact that you cannot switch off properly before going to bed and that you are plagued by negative thoughts.

The acupressure mat ensures real relaxation in this situation. You can use it for a light massage . By releasing the physical tension, the mind is also freed from these burdens . You get a moment of calm and can process all the negative thoughts. These will no longer bother you before going to bed, but you will fall asleep in peace.

You will be able to determine in comparison which of the following 3 acupressure mats is best for you.


Depending on the exact application and your needs, different mats may be more suitable for you. Here you can now choose from three variants that enable acupressure over a large area.


The great thing about the acupressure mat is that it is very handy . If you also want to use the mat in the office or while traveling , this set is ideally suited for this. In the variant by Bodhi, the set consists of an acupressure mat and the matching acupressure pillow . A practical bag is included for easy transport, in which you can take the pads with you anywhere.

The effect of the acupressure mat is comparable to the typical nail beds of the yogi. You lie down on the mat with your entire back and the small needles exert pressure. The needles are not made of metal, but a plastic. This is of course much more comfortable for the back. With a size of 74x44cm, the mat is well suited even for taller people and will massage the entire back.

But not only the back, but also the neck is a frequent problem area. That is why a pillow is included in the set in addition to the mat. This is ergonomically shaped so that you can lie down comfortably like a head massager . The needles exert a gentle pressure and you will soon feel the massaging effect.

After just 10 minutes you will notice a noticeable change. The blood circulation is promoted and you will sometimes feel a pleasant warmth. This can be used to treat pain all over the body.

Thus, this acupressure set is ideal as a gift and it can be used flexibly . You will probably know people around you who suffer from back pain or joint pain. Try to provide real help by making a significant improvement with this kit .


Another practical set is offered by Movit. This consists of a mat measuring 75x44cm and a pillow . The shape of the pillow is more reminiscent of a neck roll, which is covered with thorns. Due to the elongated shape, this role can be more comfortable than an ergonomic square design. The set also includes a carrying bag with which the acupressure utensils can be transported.

With a size of 75x44cm , the mat is particularly suitable for the back. The more compact shape also has advantages. You can attach the mat to a chair and lean on it. In this way, you can feel relaxation while sitting, similar to what would be the case with a car seat cushion .

The relaxing effect is based on the more than 9000 thorns that are built into the mat and the pillow. These have been tested for harmful substances by TÜV Süd so that they can be used on the skin . To clean, you can wipe the thorns with a cloth. The covers are made of pure cotton and are also easy to clean.

The mat and the pillow also look good. You have the choice of four different colors and can therefore choose a variant that goes well in the office.

You get a mobile acupressure mat with an effective pillow with this practical set. The mat is big enough to cover the entire back, but still compact and easy to transport in the carrying bag . In this way you will make excellent use of the effects and improve your health .


The set from Purava is also convincing . It is a combination of an acupressure mat and the pillow . What is special, however, is that the mat consists of an environmentally friendly filling made of coconut fibers . This is hygienic and ensures a high level of comfort when lying down.

The mat is a little smaller and with a size of 74x44cm , it is especially suitable for the back. The pillow is ergonomically shaped and primarily intended for the neck . In this way, blood circulation is promoted and a relaxing effect is guaranteed.

If the relaxing effect does not really want to take hold, an e-book is also provided with this set . It contains practical instructions on how to use the mat effectively. An anti-stress guide is also included , which also explains how you can ensure relaxation in everyday life. If you would like to work with instructions and are not very creative with regard to the possible areas of application, you will receive some useful tips with this mat.

transport bag is included in the package . The mat can be stowed in this so that you can take it with you to the office.

The needles are also called extra-hard . If you suffer from stubborn tension that can hardly be dealt with conventionally, these needles are probably better suited for you.

In this package you will receive a practical acupressure mat and a pillow with which you can relieve the discomfort in the neck and back . With the help of the e-book provided, you will receive useful instructions on how to use the mat effectively. The high quality is proven by the fact that there is a 60 day money back guarantee . If you are not satisfied with the mat, you can return the set within 60 days without any problems.


Often the back pain and similar complaints are mainly attributed to older people. They actually suffer from this pain more often, but that does not mean that the acupressure mat is only suitable for older people.

On the contrary, younger people who play sports and are actually symptom-free can also benefit from the needles. Not only can tension be released, but regeneration is promoted . This enables you to perform better and to be fit again faster. Even after injuries, the mat is a great way to promote recovery.

Thus, the mat is suitable for all people who either suffer from pain or who want to increase their general well-being . The application promotes blood circulation and thus triggers a variety of positive effects on the body.

Only pregnant women should refrain from using the acupressure mat . Otherwise it just has to be ensured that there are no open wounds and the circulation is already connected with a significant improvement in well-being.


So that the acupressure mat is as effective as possible and improves health, you can use the following exercises as a guide to get started with this form of acupressure.

In the beginning it is completely normal for the needles to feel very uncomfortable. The pressure is unfamiliar and you have to learn to deal with it first. It is therefore recommended to put a towel over the needles for the first few applications This will give you a first feeling for how the needles work.

Then you lie flat with your entire back on the mat . The head and neck are placed on the pillow. It is important that you pay attention to your breathing . This should be slow and deep. In this way you promote the effect of relaxation.

The acupressure mat can also be combined with meditation. You can fully focus on your breathing and your thoughts while you feel the pressure of the needles. Breathe in and out very consciously.

After around 10 minutes you will already feel a positive effect . Repeat this little exercise every day and you will feel significant relief from the discomfort. Feel free to extend the time as much as is comfortable for you. But know your pain limits and try not to exceed them.

If you are already used to the exercises, you can increase the pressure a little and put more strain on the muscles. To do this, you can specifically load individual body parts with the mat. For example, you can put your head on the pillow and rotate it during the massage. If you want to massage your feet, you can stand on the mat . Here you can be creative in order to work the body sufficiently with acupressure.


If you are one of the many afflicted people whose back and neck are tense and painful , you can remedy the situation with a simple acupressure mat. The fine plastic needles apply gentle pressure to the entire body. This will improve blood flow and reduce pain.

To do this, lie down on the mat, close your eyes and relax. Then, in addition to physical improvements, you can also free your mind from the burdens and significantly reduce stress.

Sleep should not be neglected in your life and with acupressure you can possibly get your sleep problems under control.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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