Acupressure pillows – Optimal relaxation with these models

The acupressure pillow helps you to relieve tension and pain in the neck or upper back . These complaints are among the most common ailments in Germany and are increasing steadily , mainly due to the long working hours in the office . The unnatural posture and lack of exercise ensure that the tension occurs, which can turn into pain in the long term.

You don’t have to go to an expensive masseur to relieve this tension. If the symptoms are very minor and you want to get a grip on them yourself, an acupressure pillow is well suited for this treatment.

But how exactly do acupressure and the pillow work?

In this guide you will find out how tensions are released and how you can sleep better as a result.

First of all, it is important to find out what acupressure is actually about. This is essentially a treatment that works with a blunt pressure . The pressure and force exerted on the muscles creates a relaxing effect. The muscle fibers are loosened by the mechanical action and can work better. This not only relieves tension, it also increases freedom of movement and improves performance.

Acupressure can be used in many problem areas. If you suffer from tension, a massage is the obvious solution to relax the muscles. But against insomnia, allergies or indigestion is to acupressure help. Thus, with the acupressure pillow you can alleviate some complaints and increase your quality of life.

There are a number of different approaches to making a massage at home possible. The Shiatsu massage device works with movable rollers, which develop a massaging effect through the movements.

The acupressure pillow, on the other hand, is designed completely differently. It works with a multitude of small pressure points that are static and act on the body. Depending on the pillow and design, more than 1,000 such small pressure points can be used to positively influence the body’s energy channels.

The aim behind this is to release blockages and tension. The better flow of energy relieves pain and puts the body in a healthier state.


When it comes to the massage and effectiveness of such traditional methods, it is often a question of faith whether the effect is confirmed. After all, it sounds a bit mystical when people speak of “energy channels” in the body. Modern medicine has not yet found any confirmation that such energy pathways actually exist that are positively influenced by acupressure.

Nevertheless, this form of medicine is also practiced very intensively in Germany . There is a center for traditional Chinese medicine , which deals intensively with acupressure. Massage therapists are specially trained and trained in this technique. For example, you will learn how by mastering the correct finger pressure on the muscle that more than 100 acupressure points can be worked on.

Acupressure has a wide range of effects and since it is not the muscles that are treated directly, but the body’s energy channels, numerous ailments can be alleviated . These include primarily headache and back pain . But even toothache should be reduced and body functions improved.

The treatment of sleep disorders through acupressure is also essential . You can either do this yourself by pressing your finger or use an acupressure pillow. The heartbeat should be calmed by applying pressure to a certain point in the wrist fold between two tendons . If you lie awake at night and cannot switch off, it is important to calm your heartbeat so that you can finally fall asleep.

Another point, which is near the ankle, is also conducive to sleep. Pressure on this point creates a relaxing effect. In addition, visual difficulties or sore throats should be positively influenced.

An acupressure pillow, on the other hand, works holistically. It does not focus on a single point, but works on the entire body. As a result, as far as possible, all energy channels should be released from blockages.

An effect of acupressure has been partially confirmed in scientific studies . In this way, muscle pain or sleep disorders could be improved. However, the effectiveness is still controversially discussed in modern medicine.

When using it, it is ultimately decisive whether you feel a positive effect. Then the acupressure pillow is the right means to relieve pain or sleep disorders.


Three pillows are presented below. These are very similar in design and differ mainly in size. This allows you to determine for yourself whether the back should be treated over a large area or whether the application is more tailored to the neck.


The first model in this overview is also the largest variant. With a dimension of 31x23cm it is well suited for the back, but can also be used on the neck.

The pillow is curved for better comfort. This allows you to lie down on this pillow and the individual points exert different pressure on the energy channels.

Acupressure is achieved through the tips. A total of 2100 small tips are available for this. These exert a great influence on the energy pathways. The tips are distributed over 50 individual acupuncture circles.

The fabric cover is made of 100% cotton . Since you will probably not be wearing any clothes during the application, but will be touching the tips with your bare skin, it is important to clean the pillow regularly. You can wash the cover by hand at 30 ° C.

If you want a slightly larger pillow that comfortably reaches your neck or back , this model is well suited. The numerous tips exert sufficient pressure on your body to trigger the beneficial effect.


This Shanti acupressure pillow is very similar but slightly smaller . It is designed more for the neck and with a size of 23x23cm it is significantly smaller. Massaging the back becomes a real job with this small pillow and therefore it is especially recommended to use it on the neck.

Again, there is an ergonomic shape for this. You can simply place your neck and neck on the pillow and it is already well adapted to the natural body shape.

Although the pillow is smaller, 1350 tips ensure that the energy can flow again in the neck. The application relaxes the muscles and creates a positive feeling.

Resistant plastic is used as the material . The nails can therefore be stressed for some time and the effect is guaranteed. With a weight of only 200 grams, you can use this acupressure pillow very flexibly and take it with you on vacation.

If you are looking for a more compact solution that is especially suitable for the neck, this acupressure pillow is the optimal choice. It is a little smaller, but still has more than 1000 tips to relieve the pain in the muscles with the pressure.


The shape of this acupressure pillow, however, is slightly different. Above all, it is elongated and is reminiscent of a neck roll. With a length of 37 centimeters, you can also use this roll along the back or legs.

1475 nails are used for this model . These are distributed over the entire top of the roll and exert a lot of pressure when you lie down on this pillow.

Due to its shape, it is especially recommended to use it on the neck . You can lie down on the floor and clamp the roller under your neck and let your nails massage you. Thanks to the length, it is also possible to move the head a little to the side and work the entire neck. But it is also possible to put the roll under the back or other parts of the body in order to treat them. This pillow is more suitable for this than the alternative models, which are specially shaped for the neck area.

If you want to achieve holistic acupressure for the body and not just work on the neck, this elongated shape is more suitable. More than 1400 nails act on your body to direct the energy in positive channels.


The design of the acupressure pillow is very simple. It is just a pillow on which you place your neck or the corresponding part of the body. The positive effect is achieved by stimulating the individual pressure points.

It is best if you see the pillow as a holistic application for body and mind . This means that you also avoid other negative influences and disturbances during acupressure . This includes turning off the smartphone and taking enough time to perform acupressure.

It should take around 20 minutes to achieve a positive effect. You can play soft music for additional relaxation. Shortly before going to bed, you can be put into a calm mood, with which your sleep disorders are a thing of the past.

At the beginning, the application will be a bit uncomfortable. Your body is not used to this strain and it takes some time before it feels the pressure points as comfortable. It is therefore advisable to use a thin towel to reduce the effect of the nail tips at the beginning. Through the cloth, they exert a significantly lower pressure and you can slowly feel your way towards the application.

Step by step you can lengthen the time on the acupressure pillow and increase the pressure in this way . But right from the start you will feel a beneficial effect.


Do you suffer with insomnia , pain in the neck or back ?

Then traditional Chinese medicine can provide a great remedy for these ailments. Acupressure is based on the treatment of individual pressure points in order to achieve a relaxing effect.

The acupressure pillow is possibly derived from the nail boards of the yogis . These consisted of real nails and worked on the body with a great deal of pressure.

But you don’t have to deal with yourself that hard. Modern acupressure pillows work with tips made of plastic , which you can bring to your neck or back. This has a massaging effect and the positive effects have been partially confirmed in scientific studies.

Use this extraordinary pillow in the evening to reduce sleep disorders . The application will increase your quality of life and you will get up in the morning with a whole new feeling.

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