Air conditioning in the bedroom – is it worth the investment?

In summer, even in Germany, temperatures often exceed 30 ° C on a regular basis. One record summer chases the next and it is to be expected that the summer days will be even warmer in the next few years.

But at such a high temperature, even sleeping becomes an effort. During the night it remains warm outside and even ventilation does not cool down.

If you live under the roof, you will be all the more disturbed by the high temperatures . Air conditioning could be the solution so that you can survive the hot summers better and spend the night relaxing.

Is the air conditioning in the bedroom worth it and what do you have to consider when operating it?

The greatest benefit of air conditioning is that you can achieve the optimal sleeping temperature. The bedroom should be a little cooler compared to the other rooms. Only then will you feel comfortable under the light summer blanket and spend the night comfortably. The air conditioning helps keep the ambient air below 20 ° C.

The air conditioning ensures a cool and comfortable bedroom

Unlike a fan, the air conditioning cools the air [1]. The fan, on the other hand, only moves the warm air and does not provide the desired cooling. It may be pleasant at first when the fan moves the air onto your skin, but over time the cooling effect is hardly noticeable. Therefore, the air conditioning is necessary in warm temperatures to cool the bedroom.

sleep disorders

In a bedroom that is too warm you feel uncomfortable and sleep worse. Especially in summer this leads to sleepless nights and is associated with the typical consequences of sleep disorders.

If it is too warm , the typical symptoms of a sleep disorder occur. You will fall asleep harder and sleep will be impaired. This means that you are not relaxed in the morning, but rather feel tired and find it difficult to start the day. Your concentration suffers and with it your performance at work or at university.

Only the air conditioning will ensure that you survive the summer days better and that you can finally spend the night well rested. Then you will make better use of these days.


However, air conditioning is not only associated with advantages. There are also warnings issued with the use of the air conditioner.

In order to be able to use the air conditioning system, it must be properly installed . For this, a ventilation hose must be laid outwards. This is associated with a lot of effort and can lead to an impairment of the room design. In addition, some structural measures are necessary to attach the external unit.

The air conditioning system also harbors health risks [2]. Actually, this should mean that you are not exposed to the hot temperature and sleep better. But the cold air in turn poses a threat to your health .

Cold from air conditioning

So that your health is not only impaired by the use of the air conditioning, you should not set it too hard and humidify the bedroom sufficiently.

If the air conditioning is set too high, the mucous membranes dry out and neck pain can occur. Then you will suffer from a cold even in summer and damage your health.

In the course of the cold air conditioning, headaches can also appear more often. It is therefore always important to ensure that a comfortable temperature is reached, but that the air conditioning is not set too high.


To get the most out of the air conditioning , you should consider the following tips. Then you will reach a comfortable temperature and will not suffer from it in terms of health.


If it is particularly hot and you might come home in the evening and want to sleep straight away, the temptation is great to turn the air conditioning on. In this way you can cool the room down quickly, but you will keep the bedroom too cool over a longer period of time.

While you sleep, you don’t even notice how cold it is in the bedroom. Only in the morning, when your throat hurts and your nose is runny, will you find out that the temperature was probably too low.

Therefore, it is better to proceed a little more gently and not reduce the temperature too much. The bedroom may take longer to cool, but it won’t be too cold overnight.


For an immediate effect, you could adjust the air conditioning so that it releases the cold air to your bed . Then you will first notice a pleasant breeze, which cools and feels good.

Similar to the temperature that is too cold, the sustained draft of air also leads to the mucous membranes drying out. Your immune system is weakened and the risk of catching a cold increases.

Therefore, the draft should rather be directed upwards . In this way, the ambient air is completely cooled and the bedroom is more comfortable in summer [3].


The air conditioning system requires intensive care and maintenance. Not only does it cool the bedroom, but liquid also collects throughout the system. This provides an excellent breeding ground for viruses and mold spores.

Regular cleaning is important for the air conditioning to function optimally

To prevent mold from spreading around the bedroom and viruses leading to more frequent infections, the air conditioner needs regular maintenance. This requires a specialist who checks the system and cleans it thoroughly.


If you are very sensitive to the resulting cold drafts, it is not advisable to leave the air conditioning on all night. Especially when it cools down a lot at night, you should use the air conditioning before going to bed.

Ventilation behavior

In addition to using the air conditioning, you should also adjust your ventilation behavior in summer. Especially ventilate in the colder hours and keep the windows closed during the day.

Turn the air conditioner about an hour before going to bed one and allow to cool the room. Then you can expect a comfortable room temperature when you go to bed without being exposed to constant drafts.

Using the timer function could also be advantageous . With this you can precisely set the times at which the air conditioning should run. So it is possible that this switches itself off at night and the bedroom does not get too cool. In addition, you save energy and avoid the noise that is caused by operation.


In order for you to spend the night relaxing, it is important to maintain the optimal sleeping temperature. In summer, however, it can happen that temperatures are well over 20 ° C even at night.

In order to wake up well rested in the morning, the air conditioning system is the perfect solution. It may take some effort to install the system, but afterwards it turns out to be much more effective than a simple fan.

Make sure that the temperature is not set too cold and slowly get used to the cooling effect. Then you will spend the nights comfortably even in summer thanks to the air conditioning.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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