Alarm clock with natural sounds – the best models in comparison

Alarm clocks with natural sounds bring nature and a natural environment into your own four walls, even in the most stressful daily routine. If you live in the city, but would like to experience the relaxed atmosphere of the forest or the gentle sound of the sea when you get up , an alarm clock with natural sounds is the best way to do this.

Instead of annoying ringing, you will be gently woken up and start the day in a good mood.

This type of alarm clock offers a whole range of other advantages , which you will find out in this guide.

Getting up in the morning and going to work is a big challenge for some people. The mood is in the basement and it takes until the first coffee, until your own body starts up and prepares for the day.

If you feel that getting up is a great burden yourself, then you don’t have to put up with it. Because there are some good reasons that suggest that your alarm clock is involved in this morning stress [1] is.

Morning stress

An ordinary alarm clock rings you out of bed with a loud noise in the morning. This not only causes tiredness and stress, but also affects your health. It may wake you up in the middle of the deep sleep phase and your body is not even ready for the morning.

If you have been using a conventional alarm clock, which wakes you up with loud tones, this is associated with some disadvantages. The person does not sleep constantly, but in certain phases. If you are now woken up during the deep sleep phase, the body is not yet properly prepared for it. It takes a while for it to release the waking hormones and it takes some time before you can really start the day.

Nonetheless, in many cases you will be able to feel the effects of poor sleep throughout the day . You are tired and unable to concentrate. Responsible for this is not only sleep itself, but above all the way you wake up. A conventional alarm clock often contributes to the poor quality of sleep.

An alarm clock with natural sounds has different qualities. This does not rely on an overly loud beep, but rather gently signals your body that it is now time to get up.

Because in most cases you don’t need a loud alarm clock at all ; it is enough for the body to perceive unusual ambient noises.

Most alarm clocks also have these soundscapes :

Chirping of birds
River or stream

These are noises that are closely related to nature and guarantee a relaxed wake-up.

With most alarm clocks, the sounds can be set so that they start quietly and get louder and louder . Instead of an abrupt sound, your body is given enough time to wake up from sleep and the hormones [2]that you need for a positive start to the day.

In addition to the sounds of nature, some alarm clocks also have the option of using a light. This simulates the sunlight and in this way the body is similarly prepared for the morning.

Thus you get the advantages of a daylight alarm clock with the pleasant noises from nature in a beneficial combination.


The advantages of such an alarm clock are obvious. First and foremost, you are offered natural comfort and waking up is completely stress-free. If you use a particularly loud alarm clock that wakes you up, this has far-reaching consequences. You tend to struggle with difficulty falling asleep in the evening and hardly get a restful sleep, because your body is tense while you sleep and awaits the alarm .

The alarm clocks presented here are digital models . This eliminates the problem that an annoying ticking will deprive you of sleep and prevent you from falling asleep.

Fall asleep better

Alarm clocks with sounds of nature not only make it easier to get up, but also to help you fall asleep. The natural environment has a relaxing effect and relieves stress. This will help you fall asleep faster and improve your sleep behavior.

Do you have problems falling asleep [3]and lie awake in bed for a long time , the natural tones have a calming effect and promote sleep.

Some of the alarm clocks are also equipped with a radio. You can either wake up to your favorite radio station or connect your smartphone or connect via Bluetooth and play your favorite music in the morning.

The alarm clocks are so versatile and useful for more than just playing the natural tones.


If you are interested in buying an alarm clock with natural tones, you will now receive 5 recommendations. The models range from inexpensive alarm clocks that can only play sounds to complex daylight alarm clocks that also use natural sounds.


One such daylight alarm clock including nature sounds is the Colax light alarm clock. This is even a wooden alarm clock , which makes this model a very natural product.

To wake up you can use the sunrise simulation. With the help of the light, your body receives the signal it needs to produce the wake-up hormones and slowly wake up from deep sleep. The intensity of the light increases slowly until it reaches maximum brightness.

At the same time there is a choice of 6 different natural tones. With these you can either imitate the atmosphere of a forest or the sea and wake up completely relaxed. It is also possible to set an FM radio channel to wake up.

The 7 different lighting moods that can be created ensure greater individuality . You can choose from green, red, blue, purple, orange & indigo. This is particularly pleasant for the children’s room and the alarm clock can be used like the Aukey bedside lamp . There are 10 brightness levels available for this.

Coulax light alarm clock

If you want a high-quality daylight alarm clock that also uses natural tones to wake you up, there is no better price-performance offer. The extremely positive reviews on Amazon speak for themselves and this alarm clock is therefore a clear purchase recommendation.

Check it out on Amazon

PHILIPS HF 3501/01

The Philips HF3501 alarm clock is also a daylight alarm clock with an integrated chirping of birds . This is quickly recognized by the large lamp. In terms of design, this alarm clock gives a very modern impression and can visually enhance the bedroom.

The sunlight simulation is available to you in the morning. During the 30-minute sunrise you will be gently woken up and the realistic colors will fill you with energy. This is a lot more pleasant and healthier than constantly pressing the snooze button and sleeping every 10 minutes.

There are only 2 options to choose from as wake-up sounds. You can either choose to listen to birds chirping or use the radio. In combination with the pleasant sunrise, you get the feeling as if you were waking up in the middle of nature.

You can also use the alarm clock as a simple lamp for the bedside table . There are 10 light intensities available for this, so that the lamp is neither too bright nor too dark. The display is also variable in brightness so that it does not disturb your sleep during the night.

In addition to the white version, there is also a silver model available. The control is done comfortably by touch and the effect of the sunlight simulation [4] is scientifically proven.

Philips HF 3501/01

This alarm clock offers particularly extensive functions and can appeal to all the senses in the morning and ensure a gentle wake-up.

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The alarm clock from TFA Dostmann appears more in the classic design. It has a large display that can not only show the time, but also the temperature and relative humidity.

TFA Dostmann is known as a manufacturer primarily for measuring instruments and manufactures some weather stations. If the room climate is particularly important to you, you can use this alarm clock to ensure optimal conditions.

The tones can be selected from 25 different noises. These range from classical pieces of music, alarm tones or animal sounds. This means that not only natural tones are available, but also all kinds of other variants that can help you wake up.

The radio transmission , with which the current time, date and day of the week are reliably displayed, ensures a particularly high level of accuracy . Depending on the day of the week, you can also set individual wake-up times. If you want to sleep in longer on the weekend, you can simply set the alarm clock at a later hour.

TFA Dostmann Melody Funkwecker

The Melody radio alarm clock from TFA Dostmann convinces thanks to its reliable operation and offers you the opportunity to control the room climate very precisely.

Check it out on Amazon


In the light alarm clock segment , the model from the manufacturer Solawill is the cheapest. But you still get a lot on offer and don’t have to accept any compromises in terms of quality.

You will be reliably woken up in the morning by lighting. The light wakes up continuously and increases the brightness from 1% to the maximum light intensity. As a result, there are no annoying transitions, but the light simulation is very natural.

Either the conventional socket connection, the battery or the USB cable are available as power supply. If you are traveling, you can use this alarm clock conveniently on the battery.

For a relaxed wake up you can choose from 6 natural sounds and color moods . The radio can also be used to play music.

Solawill light alarm clock with natural sounds

You are offered a lot at a low price and the alarm clock is ideal for the children’s room.

Check it out on Amazon


The digital alarm clock from Pictek is also particularly cheap . What is particularly striking is the slightly curved design and the blue display, which shows the time in a large format. If you use glasses during the day and benefit from a large display, this alarm clock is a good choice.

With the natural tones, you can choose from a gentle alarm tone, birdsong and ocean waves . You can limit the volume to either 65dB or 75dB.

If you don’t get up that way, you can use the snooze function. With this, the alarm clock gives you rest for the next 9 minutes and you can treat yourself to some additional relaxation.

The range of functions is rather limited compared to the other models presented here. But it does its job reliably and meets the buyers’ expectations. It is easy to set and therefore easy to use for children as well as seniors without being overwhelmed.

PICTEK digital alarm clock

If you are looking for a rather simple model that is still convincing as an alarm clock with natural sounds, this slightly curved alarm clock is a suitable choice.

Check it out on Amazon


In addition to the physical alarm clock, you can of course also use your smartphone to simulate the alarm sounds or daylight. For this you have the choice of free and paid apps.

The apps [5]ensure that the screen of the smartphone slowly lights up and that you are woken up by this brightness. If you are very sensitive to the light, this can be a real alternative to the alarm clocks presented here. Since you can try out the apps for free, you can still buy an alarm clock afterwards.

Nevertheless, your expectations should of course not be too high. A light is generated and the screen gradually increases its brightness, but different wavelengths are used than is the case with a daylight lamp. It gets lighter in the room, but it is doubtful whether the important wake-up hormone cortisol is even stimulated by this artificial light.

What is more practical, however, is that in most cases you can also use nature sounds. These will be more helpful for waking up than the light.

In general, however, it is better for optimal sleep hygiene if you do not have the smartphone next to the bed and do not use it in the evening. Therefore, an alarm clock is still the best choice if you find it difficult to wake up and fall asleep.


If you want to get up with nature , an alarm clock that emits these tones is the best way to do this. Regardless of whether you prefer birds or the sea, these noises will probably remind you of a particularly relaxed holiday and by bringing this atmosphere home to you.

Instead of starting the day with an annoying beep, getting up is much easier when the body is stimulated by the light and releases the corresponding hormones. In this way, even the biggest morning grouches become real early risers and can increase their performance.



Different nature sounds are available depending on the model. Usually this includes the chirping of birds, the sound of the sea, rain or a watercourse. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions to find out which alarm melodies are available.


The chirping of birds is a standard feature of all alarm clocks with nature sounds. This makes you feel like you are in the great outdoors even in an urban environment and the morning starts with a better mood.


Usually you can only choose from the preset alarm tones. Some models have an integrated radio that you can use in the morning to get up to your favorite music.


Not only sounds, but also light is important to initiate the natural wake-up process. Therefore, with some models, it is also possible to simulate a sunrise, which promotes the release of the hormones that lead to a gentle wake-up.


In most cases, the brightness of the display can be adjusted in different levels. For example, it lights up weakly or is completely switched off at night, if this is more comfortable for you.

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