Bed linen for allergy sufferers – the best versions in comparison

The allergy bedding is recommended for you if you can hardly get an eye closed at night and you suffer from the typical symptoms of a house dust allergy. These include red eyes, a runny nose, and skin irritation.

With these symptoms, which are often reminiscent of a cold, it is difficult to sleep. The bad news is that these symptoms are permanent and don’t go away on their own like a cold.

In order to still get a restful sleep, you have to adapt your sleeping environment to the allergy. You can find out how allergy bed linen can help you in this guide.

The allergy bed linen should prevent you from coming into direct contact with the allergens. You are likely to have a house dust allergy and therefore the mite excretions will cause the discomfort. These residues are in the mattress or bed linen and are not completely washed out even with a thorough wash.

It is therefore advisable to use special bed linen for those suffering from allergies. This consists of a microfiber blend. The material combines properties that are particularly beneficial for you as an allergy sufferer.

The main difference is that the individual fibers are much smaller and thinner than is the case with ordinary bed linen. This has the advantage that mites cannot penetrate the laundry. On the other hand , the bed linen also protects you from allergens that are already present. It works like an impermeable barrier that prevents you from coming into contact with the allergens.

The zipper is usually on the inside and therefore offers complete protection. Modern allergy bed linen are also designed so that they are on the same level of comfort as conventional bed linen.

They’re even better in parts and beneficial for your allergy. The good breathability prevents you from sweating unnecessarily. In doing so, you are depriving the mites of an important factor that they need to survive.

Strictly speaking, bed linen for allergy sufferers is a cover that you pull over the mattress or blanket. These are also known as encasings and under this term you will certainly have already got to know the special bed linen.

Another advantage of this special bed linen is that it has to be washed less often than normal covers. So they are much more hygienic and with the allergy bedding you effectively shield yourself from the allergens in your bed.

This will reduce your symptoms and you will benefit immediately from the application.


The use of the encasings is simple and quick. They act as a kind of protective barrier and are used as intermediate covers. That means you pull the protective covers over the mattress, blanket and pillow. You pull the normal bed linen over the protective cover. So you can still sleep in your favorite bed linen and don’t have to use the clinical white design of the protective covers.

When covering, it is important that the bedding is completely covered . Otherwise there is a risk that you will come into contact with the allergens and the mites will be given a chance to penetrate the blanket or pillow.

With the mattress, you should choose the cover so that it is a bit more generous. It must not be too tight and should have some leeway in height . With the zipper you pull the covers shut and are safely protected from allergens.

While the encasings are on, you should be considerate of the material. There must be no holes whatsoever that could offer the mites an attack surface. Therefore, no sharp objects may be taken into bed. So it is better to refrain from having breakfast in bed and it is best to also take off the watch before you lie down in bed. Then you will enjoy the allergy bedding for a long time and wake up refreshed.


If you want to protect yourself from allergens, I will now introduce you to three practical allergy bed linen that you can use to safely shield the bed. It is important that you always pay attention to the right size so that the encasings also match your bedding.


The mattress serves as one of the largest attack surfaces for the mites and in most cases it will be the most exposed. It is therefore particularly important that you choose a suitable mattress cover to keep the harmful allergens away.

For this purpose, Tauro provides you with a very practical cover that is available in a wide variety of sizes and is therefore suitable for all mattresses . The smallest size starts at 80x200cm and ends at 180x200cm , with several heights available. With this you will surely find a suitable cover for your mattress.

This protective cover consists of a microfiber , which is impermeable to mites and allergens. This prevents direct contact and you do not inhale the irritant substances.

Nevertheless, the material is breathable and moisture regulating. So you will not sweat more and continue to have a pleasant night.

The material is machine washable at 95 ° C and also suitable for the dryer. This guarantees that all harmful substances are washed out of the material. Before using it for the first time, it is recommended to wash the bed linen.

The high level of compatibility is guaranteed by TÜV and the Oeko Tex Standard 100 . The standard indicates that no harmful substances were used in production. This means that bed linen for allergy sufferers is also suitable for children.

If you are looking for an effective and comfortable way to protect your mattress from mites, this cover is ideal. It is available in all sizes and the microfiber offers excellent sleeping properties. This is confirmed by the extremely positive feedback from buyers.


In addition to the mattress, the pillow and the blanket must also be provided with a cover . After all, you also spend the night with these bedding items, and some of them are located directly on your airways. If you want to make your bed mite-proof, the pillow and blanket must also be encased .

These are offered by the manufacturer Blumtal. The pillowcases are available in sizes of 40x80cm & 80x80cm . This means that both larger and smaller cushions are well covered by the encasing.

For the blanket, there is a choice of sizes of 135x200cm or 155x220cm. Depending on the design of your blanket, you should choose the right protective cover.

The manufacturer Blumtal uses a special fabric for the covers , which exactly meets the requirements of allergy bed linen. The mites and their droppings are safely left in the bedding and do not penetrate outside. In addition, no harmful substances are used during production.

Many encasings will be noticed during the night by the fact that they crackle. They are a little more stable and less flexible, which is why the movements in bed lead to the crackling. This is not the case with the covers from Blumtal. This is ensured thanks to the special Evolon fabric.

Before using it for the first time, it is necessary to wash the covers. In general, the covers are washable at 95 ° C and are also suitable for the dryer.

Furthermore, the bed linen is breathable and you will not sweat more underneath. This means that the mites do not receive any further nutrients to grow in the bedding.

To ensure complete protection, you must also enclose the pillow and the blanket with a cover. The Blumtal cover is comfortable thanks to the special Evolon fabric and is not noticeable when used in the pillow or blanket. So you will still be able to use the cozy properties of your bed linen and the cover is not a disadvantage. In addition, the manufacturer relies on socially responsible responsibility.


If your symptoms are very weak and you initially only want to check with a pillowcase whether such an encasing will help you, Allsana offers an inexpensive option .

Allsana is widely represented as a supplier in the field of allergy products and has some experience. This is reflected in the high quality and the extremely positive reviews of the products.

The allergy pillow also receives top ratings and the protection is described as effective without restriction. Similar to the supplier Blumtal, Allsana also relies on the special Evolon fabric. This is easy to use and allows a high degree of flexibility. It doesn’t crackle and ensures a quiet night.

The dimensions of this version are pillowcases with a size of 80x80cm . But you can also look for other variants from the product range that are better suited for your pillow.

Allsana covers are uncoated and tested for harmful substances. This makes them ideal for children and can be used in children’s rooms .

The encasings can be washed at around 95 ° C and , thanks to the special fabric, they dry relatively quickly. Over the year it is sufficient if you wash them 2-3 times. The effort is therefore limited. The good branded zipper ensures that no allergens escape and that you spend the night protected from the mites.

Thanks to the special Evolon fabric, Allsana provides you with an inexpensive encasing for your pillow, which retains allergens and offers optimal protection. You will be safely protected from the mites and you will feel a significant decrease in symptoms.


The allergy bed linen focuses on dust mites. Around 10 million people in Germany are affected by this allergy and feel the symptoms that significantly reduce the quality of life in everyday life. The airways are stressed and the quality of sleep decreases significantly. If left untreated, it can develop into asthma, which lasts for a lifetime and is a significant limitation.

With the special bedding, the mites and their excretions that cause the symptoms are held back. You are in the bedding and are no longer in contact with the users.

In addition to house dust allergies, there are a number of other allergies. These include grass and pollen allergies and allergies to certain animal hair. These allergens can be found in the household and, along with ordinary dust, can also be found on bed linen and penetrate the mattress or pillow.

The allergy bed linen prevents this and the harmful substances cannot get into the bedding. However, you should clean the covers during the stressed season or when an allergy-causing animal has visited. Otherwise these would still be contaminated by the allergens.


The allergy bed linen is even easier to care for compared to the usual covers You don’t have to wash them as often and they can withstand higher temperatures. This is also necessary so that they can withstand the stresses of the mites and are always hygienically clean.

The manufacturers recommend washing the covers before using them for the first time. This is usually possible at 95 ° C in the machine. Then you can hang them up or put them in the dryer. However, we recommend the lowest setting in the dryer.

You can find the exact care instructions from the respective manufacturer and follow them. With the procedure presented here, however, you will be able to ideally prepare and use most allergy bed linen for the first application.


The house dust allergy is a real threat to your health. It not only robs you of sleep and reduces the quality of life, it can also put long-term stress on the airways.

Therefore , some health insurance companies offer the cost of bed linen for allergy sufferers. To what extent the costs are covered and what the exact procedure is, depends on the respective health insurance company.

At Techniker Krankenkasse , for example, it is necessary that you receive a prescription from the doctor and then submit it to the contract supplier. Then you will receive the cost of the covers for the mattress, duvet and pillow completely reimbursed.

So it is worth contacting the health insurance company and asking them to cover the costs. The good news, however, is that the cost of bed linen for allergy sufferers is low anyway. For less than 50 euros you get a complete set of equipment that will last for a few years and significantly improve your quality of life.


With the encasings you can safely shield your sleeping area from the mites. However, there are other sources of danger lurking in the home that can lead to allergen exposure. Therefore, you should consider the following tips to keep your home as safe as possible from the mites.


The allergens are not just in the laundry. Also, the dust can be mixed with the feces of the mites. Therefore, you should ban possible dust collectors from the apartment and clean the surfaces thoroughly. Also vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter are necessary to reduce the dust.


Another measure is to improve the air quality. You can use an air purifier for this, for example, which not only filters the allergens, but also other pollutants.

In addition to an air purifier, you can also just make sure to ventilate regularly. The humidity should not exceed 60% and the room temperature between 14 and 20 degrees. The warmer and more humid it is in the rooms, the more comfortable the mites feel.


It is also advantageous to equip the apartment with protective covers. Not only the bed, but also the sofa or other pillows should be provided with a cover. In general, it is advisable to use less fabric furniture and rather to use wood or leather. These offer the mites a less ideal habitat.


If, like a large part of the population, you suffer from a house dust allergy and are allergic to mites and their excrement, you will be plagued by the symptoms, especially at night. The airways are narrowed and the nose runs continuously. This makes it harder to fall asleep and the quality of life drops significantly.

You will be less productive at school or at work and have less energy to pursue your hobbies. Without additional measures, the allergy can also develop into asthma.

It is therefore important to react as quickly as possible and to reduce the burden. An immediate measure is the use of special protective covers . These prevent you from coming into contact with the allergens from the mattress or the blanket.

By putting on bed linen for allergy sufferers, contact is avoided and your symptoms subside significantly within a few days. There is probably no more cost-effective and effective method than pulling up the encasings to get the house dust allergy under control.

Improve your health with this investment and benefit from the new life energy.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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