Allergy-free mattresses – these models will help you

Does your nose run in the morning, are your eyes red and you get an urge to cough? Then these symptoms can easily be mistaken for a cold. However, if the symptoms do not subside and occur more frequently in the morning or in the evening, it can be assumed that it is a house dust allergy .

Millions of people in Germany suffer from this allergy and sleep is disturbed. It is more difficult to breathe at night and therefore the necessary energy is lacking for recovery to occur.

An allergy-free mattress has special properties that make mites feel less comfortable inside. They do not multiply unhindered, but are reduced to a minimum. This does not always prevent the symptoms completely, but they should decrease significantly.

Find out which mattresses are suitable for allergy sufferers and promote your sleep.

Dust mites are found in every bedroom. These are small animals that cannot be seen with the naked eye . They nest in upholstered furniture and feed on flakes of skin.

That is why the bed is a popular living space. There you not only lose flakes of skin, but also sweat. This creates a moist environment that is ideal for mites. They multiply unhindered and are a burden for allergy sufferers.

The actual allergic reaction occurs due to the excretion of the mites . Your immune system overreacts when it comes into contact with the remains of the mites.

Since mites are very resilient creatures , you have to take some precautionary measures so that they are found in fewer numbers in your bed. This includes regular ventilation as well as a pleasant sleeping environment. Avoid sleeping in a bed that is too warm so you don’t sweat excessively.

The use of mite sprays and dust mites are also recommended. With these you will remove the harmful allergens from your upholstered furniture so that the allergy is less pronounced.

It is important that the mattress is as breathable as possible . This ensures that the moisture is better released into the environment and does not remain inside. Similarly, should reference at least 60 ° C in the machine washable be. Some materials also have a hypoallergenic effect. This will reduce the mite population and your allergy will be less pronounced.

So that you, as an allergy sufferer, can spend the night in peace again, it is necessary to consciously take these measures. Otherwise, there will be no relief and there is a risk of permanent asthma. You can also use bed linen and pillows for allergy sufferers to protect your health and keep the mites out of the bedroom.


There are different types of mattresses depending on the material and design. When buying a mattress, allergy sufferers should keep in mind how the individual types affect the symptoms. Because there are big differences in terms of breathability and the general attractiveness for mites.


The cold foam mattress is one of the most popular models. It consists of a foam that absorbs the weight and relieves the back.

These mattresses are suitable for allergy sufferers. They have sufficient breathability and the moisture is reliably released into the environment.

It is important to pay attention to the design of the mattress. Allergy sufferers should only choose cold foam mattresses that have ventilation channels. Otherwise, the closed foam could impair breathability, so that you sweat more and the mites feel more comfortable in the mattress.

Encasings are an additional protection . These are covers that serve as a tight mattress cover and represent an impermeable barrier for mites . Especially with newly purchased mattresses, it is useful to use such encasings so that mites cannot penetrate the core in the first place.


The second important type of mattress has springs in the core . The springs take up your body weight and offer a high level of comfort.

High-quality pocket spring mattresses are ideal for allergy sufferers. They consist of a large number of springs that offer a high level of comfort. The special design with the sewn-in pockets allows a high exchange of air. If you lie down on the mattress, the springs begin to move and this causes the air to circulate.

These mattresses are the best choice for allergy sufferers. When it comes to comfort, they are also suitable for all types of sleep and body types.

However, there are limitations with the cheaper Bonell spring core mattresses . These have a smaller number of springs. To do this, the springs are connected with a wire so that they vibrate. The comfort takes a bit of getting used to, as the springs do not move perfectly around your body. It feels like the entire mattress is moving slightly. Breathability isn’t quite as good either.

As an allergy sufferer, you should therefore prefer to use foam mattresses with ventilation channels or barrel pocket spring mattresses .


Which models offer a high level of comfort and are conducive to your allergy? The following variants meet the high requirements of an allergy-free mattress and can be cleaned without great effort. If you want to sleep more peacefully in the long term and banish the mites from your bedroom, these versions are ideal for you.


The mattress should adapt to your sleeping habits in every situation. Whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach, the mattress has to take your weight optimally. Otherwise you will get up in the morning with neck tension and perceive the pain as a significant limitation of your quality of life.

In order to meet this challenge, the Emma One mattress doesn’t just rely on one layer of foam. It combines a somewhat harder cold foam with the softer viscoelastic foam. The top layer of the visco foam is thin and adapts flexibly to your spine. If you lie down on the mattress, you will notice how your body weight is optimally absorbed without sinking in too deep.

The slightly thicker foam layer ensures a high level of stability . This is described by the manufacturer as Airgocell . Thanks to the open-pore design with breathing channels, there is a very good exchange of air. You won’t sweat on the mattress and the mattress reliably releases the moisture into the environment. As a result, mites feel less comfortable and will hardly multiply.

The mattress is available in sizes from 80x200cm to 200x200cm. You can use it in the nursery as well as in a large double bed. A medium-strength and a slightly harder variant are available as degrees of hardness.

The foam is also divided into 7 zones . Accordingly, the hardness adapts to your body areas, so both your head , the shoulders and the pelvis an excellent support is offered.

Test the Emma One mattress for 100 nights and see if your symptoms improve. If you do not notice any relief, the mattress will be picked up by the manufacturer free of charge and you will be reimbursed the purchase price. So don’t take any chances and try this high-quality mattress to sleep comfortably and not offer the mites a nice home.


If you are sensitive to artificial materials, the latex mattress is a natural alternative . The Ravensberger Ergo Natura latex mattress is made of 100% natural rubber. This makes it particularly pleasant and skin-friendly for allergy sufferers. In the context of a house dust allergy, it can also happen that there is a greater itchiness. With natural materials you can prevent these complaints and spend the night more relaxed.

This natural mattress also impresses with its sleeping comfort . It has 7 zones , which are tailored to the needs of your back. For all sleeping positions one is sufficient stability offered so your spine is relieved. Back pain or tension do not occur.

The mattress is available in sizes from 80x200cm to 140x200cm . The natural material is also a good choice for children. Equipped with the Oeko-Tex seal , it is ensured that no harmful substances have been introduced. Therefore, this variant is wonderful for children and does not affect their health.

When it comes to the cover, you have the choice between a double cotton cloth or a Medicore silverline cover . The silverline model has the advantage that it is hypoallergenic . It is criss-crossed with special silver threads , which are effective against the mites. This reduces their spread in bed and reduces the burden on your airways. It is also machine washable at 60 ° C, which effectively removes the mites from the cover.

Test this version personally when you visit a specialist shop, e.g. in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. There you can feel for yourself what sleeping comfort feels like and whether this variant is something for you. So do not hesitate and promote your health with this particularly compatible natural mattress.


On the other hand, the pocket spring mattress from Irisette is less unusual . This trusts the traditional structure of a mattress, in which springs are used in the core. The feathers thicken towards the edge , so that a particularly high level of comfort is made possible. This mattress is therefore also well suited for a higher body weight and absorbs this load wonderfully.

The practical thing about the springs is that they give way precisely to your body weight. If you lie down on it, only the springs on which your weight rests give way. The other springs do not vibrate. This results in a first-class lying feeling in which the mattress fits your spine perfectly.

The 7-zone design is also adopted for the springs . The individual springs have a slightly different degree of hardness, depending on the area. Thus, the needs of your body are addressed in a more targeted manner. The design of the springs allows a high level of breathability, which guarantees an optimal exchange of air. The moisture is transported out of the mattress and mites get a dry sleeping environment in which they do not feel comfortable.

The reference is to a climate fiber quilted. As a result, the cover fits seamlessly into the first-class climate properties and offers an excellent temperature exchange. Likewise, odors will not settle in the cover and at 60 ° C it is easy to wash in the machine.

The mattress is available in sizes from 80x200cm to 200x220cm . Even taller people get their money’s worth and no longer have to complain that there is no room for their feet. The longer versions are also available in 80x220cm.

Convince yourself of the high level of comfort and the first-class properties of a high-quality pocket spring mattress. Your weight is recorded precisely, your spine is relieved and mites cannot multiply unhindered. This version is recommended for allergy sufferers.


The mattresses presented here are a good choice for allergy sufferers. In order for you to get exactly the version that allows you to sleep comfortably and deeply , you have to consider the following properties.


Most myths probably have to do with the degree of hardness. It is often assumed that particularly soft mattresses are good for the back. Ultimately, the body sinks in deeply and the stress would also be reduced.

However, the opposite is true. For back pain , in most cases it is better to use a slightly harder variant. These offer greater support so that the weight is better absorbed.

When lying down, it is important that the spine follows its natural course. If it bends in the pelvis or cervical spine, this is a source of tension. Therefore, make sure that the mattress for allergy sufferers has the optimal degree of hardness for you .


Regarding the material, reference has already been made to which types are best for allergy sufferers. Foam, latex or a spring core prove to be beneficial in keeping mites out of bed.

There are also various materials for the cover that are beneficial for allergy sufferers. Simple cotton covers can usually be machine washed at 60 ° C. This is already a plus.

On the other hand, versions that are coated with a special fiber or made of aloe vera are even better . With these variants, hypoallergenic properties are achieved which are effective against mites. This way you will keep the mite population under control.


ny mattress should be free of pollutants. After all, you spend around 8 hours in bed every night. The Oeko-Tex standard attests that there are no harmful substances . There are different levels of this.

Oeko-Tex Standard 1 should be adhered to for mattresses. This means that no pollutants have been introduced. This means that babies can sleep on the mattress without any risk.


A new mattress can put a strain on the household budget . So it would be practical if the health insurance company would contribute a part.

There are no uniform rules for products for allergy sufferers Some health insurance companies grant a subsidy, while others do not.

Mattresses are excluded and no health insurance company offers to partially reimburse the purchase price. However, it looks better with encasings or pillows for allergy sufferers. These could be fully covered by the health insurance. However, this requires a doctor’s prescription.

Therefore, check carefully with your health insurance company whether the costs for allergy products are covered in certain cases. Then you will save your wallet and your health will benefit from it.


If you suffer from the typical symptoms of a house dust allergy , this will have a high impact on your quality of life. You wake up in the morning with irritated eyes and mucous membranes. You hardly recover at night and are much more tired during the day.

With an allergy-free mattress, you will reduce the exposure to allergens. This does not mean that the symptoms will completely go away overnight. But with the right measures you will get the mites under control in the long term.

Especially when purchasing a new mattress, there is a possibility that it will not be attacked by the mites in the first place. By using impermeable mite covers and following the other hygiene rules, you will spend the night more comfortably.

Use a mattress for allergy sufferers so that you no longer suffer from the mites. You will experience a completely new attitude towards life and finally start the day without any discomfort.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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