Baby mattress – 5 versions in comparison

The first months of life are particularly important for your baby. It sleeps most of the day because it needs this relaxation to process the impressions and new experiences. Development is in full swing and it is understandable that your baby should sleep as comfortably as possible.

To give your baby a good start in life , a baby mattress is necessary. These offer enough comfort and security so that your baby can spend many hours of sleep relaxing.

Find out what to look for when buying a baby mattress and find the best version for your offspring.

A baby mattress is not fundamentally different from ordinary mattresses, but there are some special features that are perfectly tailored to the needs of the baby. Therefore, you shouldn’t use children’s mattress for your newborn , but rather the baby mattress.


It is obvious that the sizes of a baby mattress are much smaller. These are available in either 60x120cm or 70x140cm , whereby the larger version is recommended for toddlers from the age of 3 years. The mattress should be around 20 centimeters longer than your baby and only then will you need to change to a larger mattress. The small sizes of a baby mattress are ideal to put in the cradle or a cot.


In terms of hardness, baby mattresses are characterized by the fact that they are a little harder . For example, this does not conflict with the comfort or health of the baby, but is an important factor for the child’s well-being. Because mattresses that are too soft are not more comfortable, they can be a real danger. The risk of suffocation is increased and the sensitive spine is not adequately supported. Therefore, real baby mattresses are made a little thinner and harder.


Babies lie on the mattress for a long time and constantly change their sleeping position. A high level of breathability is necessary so that you do not overheat and it becomes too warm in bed. This removes the warm air and releases the moisture into the environment. Especially with mattresses made of foam, it is important that they are designed with open pores and allow a high degree of air circulation.


During sleep, babies have no sense of how they can move and where the limits of the cradle or bed are. If your baby rolls over to the side of the cot while sleeping, the mattress must remain stable and must not give way. Therefore, baby mattresses have an integrated step edge. This ensures stability and even support over the entire surface of the mattress.


You probably don’t want to expose your baby to pollutants or dangerous substances. Therefore, baby mattresses usually have the Oeko-Tex standard 100 seal . This states that no harmful substances are introduced into the baby mattress and that the materials are harmless. A review by Öko-Test or Stiftung Warentest can also show you whether a mattress is free of any harmful substances.


You now know what properties a baby mattress has and why an ordinary mattress is not a suitable place to sleep. Below you will find a selection of 5 baby mattresses that are tailored to your baby’s needs and enable restful and safe sleep.


Julius Zöllner is not only known for high quality mattresses for adults. This manufacturer is also represented with top products in the baby mattress segment.

The Lübbe Air model is one of the highest quality baby mattresses on the market. It is available in the sizes 60x120cm & 70x140cm. This means that both newborns and toddlers can use this mattress for a good night’s sleep.

This mattress was developed in collaboration with the pediatrician Dr. Luebbe. The focus here was on a particularly back-friendly mattress . Because the spine of the newborn is still very sensitive and needs a certain amount of support in order not to be disturbed in development.

The result was a mattress consisting of three layers of cold foam. The middle consists of a supporting PU foam, while one side has a knobbed profile and the opposite side in turn consists of a foam. The knobbed side is suitable for babies up to the age of 18 months. Then the mattress side should be changed, as the other foam layer offers more stability.

Ventilation channels are available for an improved sleeping climate These ensure greater air circulation and reliably remove excess heat and moisture. Your baby will always find an optimal climate.

The cover is removable and washable on a gentle cycle at a temperature of 60 ° C. It is practical that the cover can be divided in half. This means that half can be put in the washing machine and the other half remains on the mattress.

The mattress is handcrafted in Bavaria and is TÜV-tested. This guarantees the safety of your child.

You get particularly high-quality and flexible mattress with the Dr. Lübbe by Julius Zöllner. The different positions not only allow a good adaptation to the spine, but also allow longer use. Theoretically, these mattresses can be used up to the age of 5, provided that your child does not outgrow them earlier. With this model, give your baby the sleep it deserves.


A somewhat simpler variant is offered by Julius Zöllner with the “Air Allround” model. In terms of price, this is significantly lower than the previous “Dr. Lübbe “mattress. Nevertheless, this model also meets the requirements for the baby’s sleep and ensures a restful night.

The core also consists of a PU foam, which offers sufficient stability up to an age of 5 years. The mattress is offered in the size 60x120cm . There are again a softer baby side and a somewhat harder toddler side. This means that the mattress can still be used beyond the first year of life by simply turning it over and the investment pays off over a longer period of time.

The removable cover , which can be washed at a temperature of 60 ° C, is practical This provides sufficient protection for allergy sufferers and impurities are reliably washed out. The cover is made of a polyester-cotton mix and is not only hygienic, it also feels good on the skin.

The special cube profile of the foam ensures optimal lying properties  .  This adapts perfectly to the spine and supports your baby in every sleeping position.

The built-in  vertical air channels  improve breathability and the  solid step edge  ensures safety if your baby makes the first attempts to walk. Safety and a good sleeping environment are guaranteed.

Trust this baby mattress from Julius Zöllner, which is handcrafted and has the highest quality standards. Compared to the “Dr. Lübbe “you have to accept slight compromises in terms of ventilation and cover, but the price is more convincing and your baby will also feel comfortable on this variant.


The baby mattress Pur by Ehrenkind is even more affordable than the designs by Julius Zöllner. This is available in either 60x120cm or 70x140cm and has a price of approx. 50 euros.

soft PU foam is used in the core The mattress consists of a single layer. Therefore, this is not quite as adaptable as comparable models, which consist of several layers of foam. Nevertheless, the 8 cm thick layer is sufficient to offer your baby good support and stabilize the spine.

The foam is designed in such a way that better air permeability is guaranteed. In conjunction with the removable cover, the result is a baby mattress that meets the highest hygienic requirements. The cover is machine washable at 60 ° C and soiling can be removed with little effort.

The structure of the foam not only ensures greater air permeability, but the heat is better transported away. This reduces the risk of your baby overheating and it will feel much more comfortable in its own cradle.

Ehrenkind also offers other variants that could be better tailored to your needs. This also includes a foldable travel mattress and a high-quality baby mattress called “Royal”. This consists of an improved foam and offers an even higher level of comfort.

However, the pure baby mattress will be sufficient to accompany your newborn in the first years of life and to offer an excellent sleep. The first-class price-performance ratio is convincing and enables restful nights for a lower budget.


Most baby mattresses start at a size of 60x120cm. These are suitable for the first cots or some cradles. However, there are also much smaller sleeping places for babies. In order to meet these needs and equip a small cradle suitable for babies, the manufacturer Träumeland offers the “brise light” mattress. This is designed so small that it can be easily accommodated even in narrow cradles.

Since this mattress is intended for cradles, there are completely different size variants and the usual 60x120cm & 70x140cm models are dispensed with. Instead, the smallest version starts at a size of 30x76cm. Shortly after the birth, this is still sufficient for the first few days and weeks. The largest model is available in 90x50cm. There are a total of 11 sizes, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find the right mattress for every cradle.

The well-known cold foam is also used here as the material. This grants a point-elastic absorption of the body weight and offers good stability from birth. To improve air circulation, the mattress is equipped with vertical air channels . This makes it easier to regulate the temperature and protects your baby from excessive warmth in the cradle.

The cover is not only safe, but also air-permeable. This is made possible by integrated moisture protection and the combination of polyester and cotton. The moisture is absorbed by the cover and does not penetrate into the core. This makes care easier and is particularly useful during the first few nights.

There is also a 3D air cushion overlay on the mattress This is provided with a large number of individual polyester threads and ensures greater comfort. Even in the prone position there is no danger to your baby and it can sleep in peace.

The “brise light” mattress from Träumeland is ideal for making the cradle as comfortable and safe as possible during the first days of life . Available in numerous sizes, it is the first choice to equip the cradle for your baby.


Träumeland also offers a slightly  larger version of the baby mattress , which is suitable for the first bed or a larger cradle. The baby mattress Softwash is a simple, but high-quality and inexpensive mattress to accompany the first years of your baby’s life.

The core consists of a high quality  soft foam . This relieves the spine selectively and ensures good lying comfort. If your baby moves a lot, the foam adapts to the new sleeping position without any problems and provides a secure hold.

The removable cotton cover ensures easy maintenance  .  This is  machine washable at  60 ° C and suitable for the dryer. It is pleasant that the cover is designed in such a way that it is particularly cozy. This is due to the design of the wash fleece, which offers greater padding.

So that you are sure that it does not contain any harmful substances, this baby mattress naturally has the  Oeko-Tex Standard 100.  This confirms by an independent body that this version is safe for babies and children.

baby mattress with a unique cozy surface you get from Träumeland executing “Softwash”. This is suitable for allergy sufferers and is delivered very conveniently rolled up. Use this version so that your baby feels completely comfortable while sleeping.


You have now received a selection of 5 high quality baby mattresses. But which one is ideal for your baby and offers the best sleep?

When buying, you should consider the following criteria so that the mattress fits your baby exactly.


With babies, it is important that the head does not sink too deeply into the mattress. It should sink in a maximum of 2 to 3 centimeters and therefore be well supported by the mattress. If the head sinks too deeply, this can make breathing difficult and your baby does not get enough fresh air. Of course, you want to avoid this in any case.

Therefore, the baby mattress should be a little harder than you might have thought at first. Take the practical test and see how deep your baby sinks in and whether it feels comfortable on the mattress.

Most designs are offered in the following degrees of hardness :

medium soft
medium hard

Depending on the size and weight of your baby and how long the mattress should be used, you have to select the degree of firmness. For longer use, it is advisable to choose a hard or medium-hard variant. Soft mattresses could no longer offer the necessary support after just a few months and your child would sink too deep.


So that your baby can recover optimally from the exertions of the day, a high level of air circulation must be guaranteed. Otherwise, sleep will not be considered restful and your baby may be more irritable.

The risk of getting wet is also higher, which is why higher breathability is an advantage. With this, the moisture is not stored in the mattress , but released into the ambient air. This means that your baby always sleeps on a dry mattress.

Make sure that the foam is either open or has ventilation channels. Sufficient breathability will then be required.


The mattress cover is exposed to a particularly high level of stress in the cot. Your baby could wet themselves and the food won’t always keep in their mouth. Stains and soiling are the result and you will likely have to wash the cover almost every day.

Thus the reference is hygienically clean again, it should be washed at least 60 ° C in the machine to be. This makes your work easier and at the same time removes other impurities, such as the remains of the mites. As more and more newborns already suffer from a house dust allergy , such a deep cleansing is necessary in order to offer the best sleeping environment.

Most covers are either made of cotton or a mixture of cotton and polyester. These materials are breathable and durable. Depending on the processing, they can also gain in comfort and feel cuddly soft.


The size of the mattress should not only fit your baby , but also the bed or cradle. 60x120cm & 70x140cm have established themselves as standard sizes. These sizes will fit most baby cribs and will be usable for the first few years of life.

Avoid choosing mattresses that won’t fit neatly in the crib. If the mattress is too small, your baby could fall to the side of the mattress. Even with pillows or cuddly toys, this space cannot be filled. It could also happen that the mattress slips under the baby’s movements.

mattress that is too big could somehow be squeezed into a cot, but the higher sides reduce air circulation. The sleeping environment could become too warm and there is even a risk of sudden infant death. Therefore, always choose the baby mattress that is suitable for sleeping.

Baby beds are slightly thinner in height. They are usually no higher than 10 cm and are felt to be relatively hard. This is necessary to enable a stable hold. If your baby is heavier, choose a mattress that is made higher. Light babies, on the other hand, can lie flat and need less support.


A baby mattress is exposed to a lot of stress. The baby food ends up on the cover and not in the mouth and your baby could get wet during the night. It is therefore important to clean the mattress thoroughly.

It is therefore advisable to machine wash the cover as often as possible. It is practical if you use several covers so that you can change and wash the covers every day.

The cover is simply machine washed at 60 ° C. At this temperature, mites, dust and dirt are removed from the cover. Depending on the material, the cover can also be tumble-dried.

Another tip is to pay attention to the space under the mattress. This should be free and not delivered. This improves the air circulation and the mattress will be dry despite mishaps during the night.

The baby mattress itself can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth and soap. Only use natural products and do not use detergents that are too strong. Before your baby can use the mattress again, it must be completely dry. Otherwise, your baby will be uncomfortable and mold may develop.


How long does a baby mattress last?

With good care, a baby mattress lasts as long as a mattress for adults. This can sometimes mean a period of more than 5 years .

Since newborns grow up quickly and gain body weight, the mattress will usually only last a few years. The criterion is that the mattress should be 20cm longer than the child.

How often does a baby mattress have to be turned?

Whether the baby mattress has to be turned at all depends on the nature of the mattress. If this has two different contact surfaces , they will be of different hardness. Then turning should only be done when the baby is big enough for the harder layer.

Otherwise, the recommendation applies that the mattresses should be turned about every 2 to 3 months . This avoids one-sided wear and the sides are not so badly sagged.

Which slatted frame is suitable for baby mattresses?

No special slatted frame is necessary for the baby bed This does not have to meet any special requirements, so that an ordinary slatted frame is sufficient. Of course, it must match the cot and be of the right size. Then the slatted frame will provide a good support surface for the mattress.


The sleep is especially important for babies and because of the long duration of sleep, the mattress should provide a support. The models presented here convince with their high quality and will protect your baby’s health. It will spend the days and nights completely relaxed.

Promote the development and health of your newborn with a high quality baby mattress. This is how you offer the perfect start in life.

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