Baby nest – 3 variants for a comfortable sleep

Sleep is essential for your baby. It will overslept most of the day and only wake up to be fed. Restful sleep is important for development and a prerequisite for a stress-free start in life.

Some babies do not yet feel comfortable in their own cradle . It makes a big difference to the safe baby bump in which the previous 9 months were spent.

The baby nest offers your offspring a feeling of security and protects them while they sleep. If your newborn sleeps very restlessly, the baby nest will be a sensible purchase. In this comparison you can find out which models perform best and what to look out for when buying.

Babies sleep very differently from adults. Not only do you sleep longer, your movements are also much more uncontrolled. While adults fall into a kind of paralysis, babies don’t yet. The corresponding regions in the brain are not yet so developed that wild movements take place even while sleeping .

Your newborn baby will stretch their arms and legs wide and will not yet have the instincts to perceive their surroundings. It can quickly happen that it hits the wooden sticks or rolls its head against it. Since the body is still very sensitive, such collisions should be avoided.

This works wonderfully with a baby nest. It is a small lying surface, which has a higher padding on the edges . As a result, your baby is not only comfortable, it is also protected and will not hurt itself on the edge of the cradle.

The baby nest offers other advantages. Your baby will feel more secure in this sleeping environment It is not at the mercy of its surroundings without protection, but will convey a feeling of security. This is important for babies to relax. As a mother, it is no longer necessary to spend all the time next to the cradle. You can leave the room without your offspring screaming in fear. This will enable you to cope better with this new life situation and you can largely determine your daily routine yourself.

In addition, the baby nest is also beneficial for the temperature regulation of the baby. Newborns are still very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. You are hardly able to regulate your body temperature yourself, which is why you have to rely on an optimal ambient temperature.

The baby nest is useful in this case. It keeps your baby warm and is breathable at the same time , so that the warm air does not build up in the cradle. This means that the temperature is always pleasant, which protects the health of your baby.


For parents, it is likely to be a blessing in the early days after the birth if the child sleeps through the night. But babies are often more demanding and require a lot of attention. So that your baby sleeps better, you should follow these tips .


Newborns do not yet have the “internal clock” that determines the daily rhythm in adults. You also have no obligations that make it necessary to adhere to a certain daily routine. Therefore, the waking and sleeping phases can be very irregular and shift from day to day.

This is a great burden for the parents, because at some point the irregular sleeping times are no longer compatible with their own daily routine. Therefore, you should get your baby used to a regular daily rhythm as quickly as possible.

You can do this by trying to stick to fixed meal and playing times. In doing so, address your baby’s needs and find out when they will start asking for food on their own. In the following days you keep these periods so that your newborn can get used to them.


Preparing for sleep is of course also important for your baby. Make sure they have drunk and eaten enough . Then it will be more hungry and well taken care of during the night.

Only relaxing activities should be done about an hour or two before going to bed . It is better to shift the hours of play to the day and take it easy in the evening. Sleep rituals, such as singing a nursery rhyme or reading a story, are helpful in ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Also, make sure that the bedroom is not too warm. Babies feel comfortable at 18 ° C and the temperature in the baby nest will be pleasant anyway.


So that babies feel more comfortable, cuddly toys are often placed in the bed. These are nice companions in the first years of life and should support sleep.

However, studies show that cuddly toys have a negative effect on the sleeping climate. They disrupt ventilation and can be harmful. In some cases, they are even linked to sudden infant death syndrome . Due to the poorer ventilation , the used air would be above the cot and there would be insufficient exchange.

Likewise, the risk of suffocation must also be taken into account. Therefore, for a safe sleep of the baby, the recommendation is to avoid cuddly toys as far as possible. The cuddly toys should only accompany sleep when the move to the first cot is due. In the more open environment, there is better ventilation, so there are no risks of suffocation.


Which baby nest is most beneficial for your offspring? Below you will find a selection of three models that are comfortable and ensure a high level of security. With these you don’t have to worry about a restless sleep and your baby will like the place to sleep.


In order for your baby to spend the night comfortably, not only the baby nest itself is necessary. Blankets and pillows are also important so that you can sleep comfortably.

The Medi Partners cuddle nest is a particularly simple aid. This not only consists of a bedding, but also has pillows and blankets. In this way, the cradle is equipped with everything necessary to enable a safe sleep. The blankets keep you warm, while the pillows are ergonomically shaped and reduce stress on your head.

The nest has a length of 90cm and a width of 30cm . This design is more than sufficient for the first few months of life. The manufacturer gives an age recommendation up to 9 months. This leaves enough time to carefully buy a small cot, which is used after the cradle.

The large selection of colors and patterns is also nice 15 different versions are offered. These range from rather simple gray designs to colorful designs. The baby nest not only offers a high level of comfort, it also looks pretty and can be wonderfully integrated into the bedroom.

The extensive upholstery ensures greater comfort Soft wadding is sewn into the inside, which absorbs the body weight and provides a good surface. The sides are raised so that there is no risk of arms or legs touching the edge of the cradle. Good conditions are also created for allergy sufferers, because the material is hypoallergenic . This ensures that mites do not feel comfortable in this nest.

laundry is possible at a temperature of 30 ° C. To do this, choose the fine program and do without bleach. It is best to use a gentle detergent.

If you want to save yourself a lot of stress, then this 5-piece set is a nice help. You receive extensive equipment for the baby cradle , which scores very well in terms of both safety and comfort. Your baby will be happy to spend the night here, including a blanket, pillow and even a playmat .


The baby nest by Luchild is a little simpler . It is a simple cotton nest that picks up your newborn and gives it a sense of security.

The practical thing about this model is that the ends have a closure. The baby nest is held together by a buckle so that you can decide for yourself whether it should be open or closed.

If you want to offer your baby a little more space, it is certainly pleasant to open the ends. In addition, the ends can be adjusted so that they are perfectly matched to the size of your newborn . In the first few weeks you can tighten the sides a little to convey a higher level of security.

When it comes to design, you have four options to choose from. These are all kept a bit simpler and convince with nice patterns. To provide variety, there are alternating designs . So with each model you get two versions that look pretty.

With a length of 85cm , the lying surface is well suited for the first half year of life. Your baby will develop wonderfully and spend the night relaxed.

The organic cotton used is breathable and despite the tight padding, there will be no heat build-up. The nest cover must be removed for cleaning. The polyester fiber is resilient and will retain its excellent properties even after washing.

If you are often on the move, you don’t have to do without it with the baby. Loops are attached to the nest , thanks to which it is easy to transport .

Use this simple and inexpensive baby nest to convey a high feeling of security. It is adjustable in size and will adapt to the needs of your baby. Give your offspring a comfortable place to sleep so that they feel safe and secure.


The child’s body is still very fragile. Bones are barely developed and lying down all the time can be a burden. As with adults, it is therefore important that babies change their sleeping position or that a pillow is used that has a relieving effect.

The back of the baby’s head is particularly at risk. The bone structure on the skull is relatively soft and is deformed when lying down for a long time. To counteract these deformations, a positioning pillow for babies is necessary.

In the Babymoov Cosydream, such a positioning pillow is directly integrated. The entire surface consists of soft padding, while there is a small recess at the back of the head. As a result, the head does not rest on one point, but over the entire surface. The risk of plagiocephaly is reduced and the health of your newborn is protected.

With a length of approx. 60cm , this version can only be used for a few months. Your offspring will quickly outgrow this sleeping place and need a new sleeping environment.

The higher side margins also offer health benefits. Raising the legs promotes digestion and the back is kept stable.

The breathable fabric has antibacterial properties . Consisting of a bamboo visco , the cover is machine washable at 30 ° C. This guarantees a hygienic sleeping place.

Although this baby nest does not offer the greatest security, it is definitely a recommendation from a health point of view. The head is relieved so that deformation is prevented. This is an important measure, especially during the first few months, in order not to impair development.


So that you get the right version for your needs , you should consider the following properties. Then you will certainly be satisfied with the purchase of the model.


When it comes to the material, it is important that it is resistant and breathable . A high level of air permeability is helpful in preventing the body, which is still small, from overheating. This is the case, for example, with modern polyester variants.

With regard to the pollutants, too, care must be taken to ensure that there is no risk whatsoever. The Oeko Tex seal provides information on whether a product has been manufactured safely. If the baby nest has this seal, no hazardous substances are processed.

In addition to polyester , organic cotton has proven to be skin-friendly and beneficial for the baby’s nest . Equipped with a cover made of aloe vera or bamboo, mites will hardly spread and will not be a burden.


The duration of use depends on the size of the nest. Because the baby nest should not be too small, but should offer enough space.

It is roughly said that smaller nests with a size of 60x30cm are sufficient for the first 4-5 months . After that, it will likely become too narrow in the nest, so that another sleeping place will have to be created relatively quickly.

Baby nests with a length of 90cm can be used longer. These will be large enough for about 7-9 months after the birth . If your child grows rather slowly, it could even spend more than 1 year in these longer versions.

When choosing the size, choose how long the nest should be in use. If your baby is only in the cradle for the first few months, smaller models will suffice.


Children are exposed to the environment without protection and therefore depend on the protection of their mother. If babies no longer feel the familiar closeness, they can become frightened and start screaming. This behavior puts both child and parent to the test.

A baby nest is helpful so that your offspring can spend the night calmly. This represents a soft limitation and is tailored precisely to the needs of the newborn. The soft pad is gentle on the back and the body is leaded in a stable position.

Use the right baby nest so that your child sleeps comfortably and has enough energy to develop.

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