Heating pads for the back – 5 warming models in comparison

The heating pad for the back offers you warmth for the entire back. Back pain is the number one widespread disease. Long periods of work in the office and too little exercise in everyday life are responsible for this .

Tension quickly occurs, which can manifest itself in poor posture. It is assumed that around 23 billion euros are spent annually only on the treatment of back pain .

If you want to avoid going to the doctor and take preventive measures yourself, the back heating pad is an ideal method to relieve pain and achieve better health.

Sleep better without pain and you will experience improvements in all areas of life. In this guide you can find out how the heating pad for the back works and which models are recommended.

You have probably heard of heating pads. If the warmth of the duvet is insufficient or you want to achieve targeted pain relief in the back, the back heating pad is well suited for this.

It is a heat cushion that has a power connection and converts the electrical energy into heat. In this way, a pleasant temperature is reached that can support your back.

The pillow has a shape that adapts well to the back and specifically releases the heat there. The models are therefore more reminiscent of a vest that you put on. The warmth is created very precisely on the back and serves to relieve tension.

The feeling of warmth and need are different in every person. Therefore, different temperature levels are available from which you can choose your optimal warmth.

When using it, however, it must always be ensured that there is a power connection . So your freedom of movement is somewhat restricted and you should keep in mind that this heating pad can only be used locally.


If you are cold in winter and you want to ensure more comfortable temperatures, a heating pad for your back is a bit oversized. In this case, cuddly bed linen , which is particularly fluffy, is better to use. This does not require a power connection and you practically do not have to pay attention to anything else.

A heating pad generates warmth that is mainly used in pain therapy . If you suffer from constant tension or chronic back pain, it is recommended that you treat them with heat. The warmth relaxes the muscles and the natural balance can be restored. Otherwise there is a risk of postural damage due to tension, which is difficult to correct.

Heat treatment can also help with joint pain. Stressful substances are better transported away from the body and do not remain local to cause damage.

If you enjoy doing sports and pushing your limits, sore muscles will not be a foreign word for you. Muscle soreness occurs as a result of a large number of small injuries to the muscle fibers. Fluid penetrates the muscle and this causes the well-known unpleasant pain.

To accelerate regeneration , you can use the heating pad on the back if the sore muscles occur mainly in the back or neck. The metabolism is stimulated and the muscle fibers are restored more quickly. Alternatively, you can also use a neck heating pad .

When using it, however, it is important that it can not replace a visit to the doctor . In the case of small tension, you can first try to treat it with the heat.

If sufficient relief is not achieved, you must clarify with the doctor what the causes could be and how they should be treated. The back heating pad can only relieve the symptoms. If there is a fundamentally unhealthy attitude in the workplace, the goal should be to improve it

Thanks to the warmth, blood circulation is stimulated and all processes are locally improved. This can alleviate the symptoms. However, it is still up to you to eliminate the causes so that the tension and pain do not recur in the long term.


If you are interested in buying these useful heating pads, but are still unsure what to look out for and which models are available, here is a small selection of the best products. In this way you will find the heating pad for your back that is precisely tailored to your needs.


The beginning of this comparison is the ThermaRelaxx back heating pad. This was rated by the magazine Haus & Garten Test as the test winner with a grade of 1.4. The quality of this pillow has thus been independently confirmed. Above all, the very good price-performance ratio stands out.

With a heating pad, it is important that it fits closely to the body and that the areas are specifically supplied with heat. To ensure a high level of comfort, this model can be attached with an adjustable strap on the stomach and a Velcro fastener on the neck. This allows you to specifically adapt the shape of the heating pad to your body.

total of 4 levels are available for supplying the optimum temperature . The set temperature is reached quickly thanks to the rapid heating , so you don’t have to wait long for the pillow to release the heat. You can set your preferred heat level using the hand control.

Safety is guaranteed by an automatic shutdown . This intervenes after 90 minutes and ensures that the temperature is not too high.

So that you can use the model for a long time, it can be cleaned in the washing machine at 30 ° C. For this you remove the power supply and the entire pillow can be washed.

With the ThermaRelaxx heating pad, you get a model whose high quality has been confirmed in the test report. Four temperature levels allow you to control the heat very precisely and to provide relief from back pain.


If the tension mainly occurs in your lower back or if you often struggle with hypothermic kidneys, the Beurer HK 49 Cozy offers you a little more targeted warmth. Because this heating pad is more reminiscent of a slightly larger kidney belt. With this you can warm your back as well as your stomach.

The advantage of this design is that the belt is flexible and does not go over the shoulders or upper back. As a result, the shape is designed so that it lies close to the body. This is independent of your body size. This can also be a helpful heat treatment for pregnant women .

With the HK 49 Cozy you can choose from three temperature levels . You can tell which level is currently being used by the corresponding lighting. A small control panel is included for operation, on which you can set the heat level.

In order to quickly enjoy the warmth, the rapid heating offers the option of using the back heating pad immediately.

The material used is a very fluffy fiber . This makes it very pleasant on the skin and offers a high level of comfort. At the same time, the fabric is breathable , so you don’t have to deal with sweating.

The automatic switch-off after 90 minutes ensures sufficient safety. The model is machine washable at 30 °.

If you are looking for a solution to warm your lower back, kidneys and stomach in particular , this electric heating pad is made for you.


While the previous model attracted attention due to its compact design, the Mia & Coco heated vest for the back represents the exact opposite. This is a very large heating pad that is placed around the back like a kind of cape. Equipped with a warming neck pad, you can warm the entire back area as well as the shoulders and neck.

A total of 3 levels are available for selecting the desired temperature, ranging from 48 ° C to 78 ° C. This allows you to precisely set which heat you need. The model is equipped with an automatic timer for greater safety. The heating pad switches itself off after around 90 minutes.

The heating pad is made of a comfortable and high quality material. This not only looks beautiful, but also feels cozy and fluffy. The fabric appears in a neutral gray and is not noticeable for both men and women.

Although the design is very large, it is very comfortable to wear . The easy-to-close snap fasteners are responsible for this. With these, the neck area can be securely closed so that the heated vest fits snugly around the neck and provides enough warmth.

The safety and quality are documented with various certificates. This includes the ETL certificate This means that the product has been checked by an independent third party and meets European safety standards. An overheating protection is also integrated.

With this model you get a heating pad that is comparable to a fluffy bathrobe and provides the back with soothing warmth over a large area. You can feel the warmth from your neck to your lower back and, thanks to the longer cable, you can work comfortably at your desk or lie on the couch.


In the medical field , the manufacturer Medisana is represented with its products in some areas. The HP 630 also offers a suitable model for the heating pads that can be used for the back.

With four temperature levels you can regulate the temperature so that it is exactly adapted to your needs. The pillow lies over the upper back, as well as the shoulder and neck area. The material is a little softer and padded thicker. As a result, it sits well on the body and is comfortable to wear.

The 100 watts provided ensure that the desired temperature is reached quickly. If you have just come home from a stressful day at work, you can put on this pillow and reduce the stress a little thanks to the heat. This not only ensures a better back, but sleep problems can also be alleviated.

If you have any questions about the product or if you have problems, Medisana customer service will help you . He is at your disposal from Monday to Friday with advice and action.

If you prefer a classic warming pillow that is very comfortable to wear, Medisana offers you this.


A rather large model is offered to you with the Newsumit heat pad. This covers the entire back as well as the neck and shoulders. Due to the very generous design, even the upper buttocks and sometimes the arms are warmed. Thus, almost the entire upper body is supplied with a pleasant warmth.

A total of three temperature levels are offered. These are set by operating the slide button. You can see which level is currently set on the small screen of the control unit.

If the pain is not only spreading through small parts of the back, but has an extremely large influence, this heating pad offers a very large area of ​​warmth. This stimulates the blood circulation in practically the entire upper body.

An automatic shutdown function after 90 minutes and overheating protection are available as safety measures . The pillow detects the temperature and if it exceeds a limit value, the heat regulates itself down.

If you are looking for a particularly large model that generously provides the heat, this variant is made for you.


Using the heat pad on your back shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. It is not a highly complex medical product, but rather a common household item.

First, you need to put the pillow on. Depending on the model, you put the pillow over your back and fasten the buttons on the neck and the belt. This ensures a secure hold and you can move a little while using it.

If the pillow lies comfortably on it, you ensure the power connection. The products all use a conventional socket connection. You have to pay attention to the length of the cable. The shorter this is, the less your freedom of movement is.

Now you set the preferred temperature level and then it takes a while until the desired heat is generated. Models with rapid heating are a little faster , so the waiting time is reduced.

Caution should be exercised if the pain is due to inflammation . You can recognize this by the fact that the affected area is particularly warm and, in many cases, swollen. Additional warmth is counterproductive in this case. This is especially true in the case of inflammatory rheumatism.

Even with open wounds , the application of heat should not be applied. Heat would have a harmful effect and the device should not come into contact with the wound anyway.

If you are unsure, it is better to get advice from your doctor to clarify whether a heating pad is the right application for your problems.


If you are still faced with the choice between individual models and can’t really make up your mind, here are a few suggestions on what to look out for when buying a heating pad for your back.


The heating pad is not simply connected and then radiates the heat. Depending on the application, it makes sense to use different degrees of heat.

If you are just cold and you want to prevent a cold , the lowest level is suitable. However, if you suffer from massive tension and want to loosen the muscles a bit, a higher level is necessary. The more stages a model has, the more precisely you can determine how strong the heat should be. If you are particularly sensitive, it is advisable to choose a model with a higher number of temperature levels.

It is also true that the models need a short time to reach the desired temperature. With the help of rapid heating, the waiting time is shortened enormously.

If you don’t want to wait any longer and want to use the heat immediately, make sure that the model has rapid heating.


The warming pillow for the back should primarily contribute to relaxation and increase well-being. This includes that wearing is not perceived as a restriction, but feels comfortable.

So pay attention to what material the pillow is made of . Is it rather thin or fluffy? It is also important that the material is breathable . This means that sweat does not collect on the skin and the warmth is felt to be very pleasant.

In terms of comfort, the fit is crucial. Larger models cover the body more extensively, but might not match the body shape. Therefore, make sure that the models hug the body well.


Some energy is required to generate the heat. This is only ensured by the power connection. There are no models with a battery because it would be too big to operate the heater.

Therefore, you always have to remember that there is a cable connection. So it is not possible to move around the apartment completely freely. But if you have a small office and carry the warming pillow during work, you can move around the room with a sufficient length of cable .

Depending on the application, it is therefore an advantage if the cable is a little longer. If you only use the pillow on the couch during a cozy evening in front of the TV, the cable can be a bit shorter.


Another important purchase criterion is security. The application of heat is intended to promote health and not expose it to danger. To ensure this, there are two main security mechanisms that are used by the manufacturers.

If the pillow and the warmth feel so comfortable that you can relax really well, you might fall asleep during the application. To prevent excessive heat from being developed, there is an automatic shut-off mechanism . This usually starts after 90 minutes and switches off the pillow. This places a time limit and prevents the heat pad from running too long.

The second security mechanism is a little smarter. With overheating protection , the temperature is measured and if this exceeds a limit value, the device switches itself off or selects a lower level.

The combination of both safety measures prevents burns from occurring. Short circuits or other impairments are also effectively combated.

With the material itself, you can also make sure that it is marked with the Oeko-Tex seal . This ensures that the material is free of harmful substances.


Do you work a lot in the office and suffer from too little exercise in everyday life? Then you will probably feel like millions of other people in Germany who suffer from back and neck pain . The working position is not exactly comfortable for the back and therefore tension occurs, which can lead to further problems.

The heating pad for the back offers a first simple solution to relieve tension . Even if your muscles feel better, you should still work to eliminate the cause of the pain.

More movement and a better work posture are long-term approaches to managing the pain. If you have more serious problems, you should see a doctor. The back heating pad cannot replace it.

To increase well-being and get a better night’s sleep, buying this warming pillow is an investment in a healthy future.



The best way to relax is lying down. The back heating pads are designed so that they can also be used while lying down. No damage is to be expected from the additional load. However, you should keep in mind that the pillows are tighter when lying down and therefore a lower temperature level should be set.


Since the heat is only generated when there is a power connection, freedom of movement is somewhat restricted. The cable length is sufficient to move around on the couch, but this freedom does not exist for the entire apartment.


The temperature that is reached depends on the model and the set level. No excessive heat exposure is necessary to achieve a health effect. Therefore, the temperature range is approximately between 35 ° C to 60 ° C. This is completely sufficient to relieve tension and increase the feeling of wellbeing.


If symptoms arise during pregnancy, such as tension in the shoulder or neck area, the use of the heating pad is recommended. This promotes blood circulation and the fasciae are loosened. The muscles are looser and you are less aware of the stresses and strains of pregnancy. Make sure that the heating pad does not get too warm and does not put a strain on your cardiovascular system.


You shouldn’t use the heating pad for too long. The important thing is that it doesn’t feel painful and that relief occurs. You should also refrain from using it if you are sick. If the acute symptoms persist even after a few days, then it is better to contact your doctor. In this case, the heating pad alone is not sufficient to become symptom-free.

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