Fall asleep better – 11 tips that really help

Do you lie awake in bed for a long time in the evening , although you would rather fall asleep? Then you feel like many people in Germany who suffer from insomnia. All the sheep have already been counted and you are still lying in bed without sleep getting closer.

The following tips for falling asleep are helpful so that this doesn’t happen anymore and you get a restful sleep . Try these out to help you fall asleep and spend the night relaxed.

The first tip is relatively general and at the same time one of the most important. It relates to sleep hygiene , which describes your behavior and the environment around sleep. Insufficient sleep hygiene leads to an irregular internal clock. You will still feel awake in the evening and you will not be able to find sleep. Therefore, observe the following principles of good sleep hygiene:

Maintain a steady sleep schedule The sleeping and waking times should hardly differ, even on weekends. As a result, your body gets used to these times and the sleep-wake rhythm benefits from them.
The bedroom is only for sleeping . You shouldn’t use it as a study and rather leave the stress of everyday life at the door.
The same applies to the smartphone . The stress in combination with the blue light leads to the fact that the use disturbs falling asleep. Therefore, do without the smartphone and other electronic screens.
If you feel tired during the day, then do without an extended nap. It is better to have a short power nap , which provides some energy but does not lose the rhythm.

With these basic rules you ensure more relaxation in the evening and less stress. The sleep hormone melatonin is released in larger quantities and initiates the sleep phase.


If you find it difficult to fall asleep in the evening, you should find out why. Most of the time, stress is the reason why you cannot find the necessary rest to go to sleep. As a result of work or family, stress can lead to sleep disorders. In the long term, you should work to reduce the stress factors. So design the professional environment in such a way that stress does not get out of hand and sometimes even flattens out. Learn to say “no” to this and only take on as many tasks that you can manage.

In the short term, there are a number of methods and home remedies available to help you relieve tension.

Valerian is considered a natural remedy . Its effect has been confirmed in studies and helps you to balance out your inner turmoil.

Other natural influences also have a positive effect on your state of mind. So an herbal pillow can have the necessary ingredients to help you fall asleep.

The stone pine is also considered to be wood, which has a calming effect . Sit on this wood in the form of a stone pine bed and integrate it into your bedroom. The essential oils have a relaxing effect and improve sleep behavior.


The stress not only leads to increased tension. Likewise, the stress also manifests itself in mental chaos. The thoughts are circling wildly and can hardly be suppressed. With this impression it is not easy to find sleep. In addition to the tips presented above to reduce stress, there are other methods that can help you calm down.

First of all, it is important not to put pressure on yourself. If you constantly look at the clock, calculate how long you could still sleep and if you force yourself to finally fall asleep, this has the opposite effect. It is better to stay calm and focus your thoughts on positive content.

Do you think about problems in the workplace and are you afraid you have made a mistake or are you pondering another important question? Then write these thoughts on a piece of paper. This little exercise will get the troublemakers out of their mind. Sometimes it can help to crumple the paper and throw it away.

Furthermore, exercises from meditation are helpful to control thoughts. The breathing meditation is kept simple and helps to get a higher focus the first time. To do this, concentrate consciously on your breathing and do not allow any other thoughts. If you digress, then your breathing will bring you back to consciousness. This little exercise may sound easy, but you will hardly be able to maintain this focus for several minutes. Nevertheless, this little technique already helps to overcome the circling thoughts.


When it comes to tips for better sleep, meditation is a popular tool. Meditation starts with stress, which often leads to problems falling asleep. The modern way of life leaves little room for many people to have time for themselves. Here meditation helps to achieve a higher state of relaxation .

There are different versions of meditation. For example, you can run a guided meditation in the background while falling asleep, which specifically promotes sleep . Such meditation is often combined with progressive muscle relaxation . This addresses both the mental and the muscular level to make it easier to fall asleep.

Meditation has an even better effect if it also works through the sense of hearing. Here you can use a white noise device that suppresses ambient noise. At the same time you can create a relaxing sound of the sea and in this way find your way to sleep more easily.


How is your evening so far? Are you still watching a series, then answering important messages on your smartphone and hoping to be able to sleep well?

Then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that sleep doesn’t really work out. Because TVs and smartphones are not suitable as sleep aids. It is better if you follow alternative rituals in the evening that have a positive effect on your sleep.

How about a mint tea or warm milk to induce sleep? In the case of warm milk, the myth that it releases the sleep hormone melatonin in larger quantities has been refuted. Nevertheless, it can help to relax and promote a good night’s sleep.

relaxing book or podcast can also be good rituals for getting a good night’s sleep. Through the fixed bedtime rituals, body and mind receive the signal that it is now time to go to bed. With a little getting used to, relaxation is brought about by itself and sleep is easier.


What is your day-to-day work like? Do you sit in the office most of the time and barely make it out into the fresh air?

Then you should change something about it, because movement is not only important for sleep. Taking a walk will help release adenosine. This is a waste product that arises from the energy supplier ATP. Adenosine inhibits all stimulating neurotransmitters. This makes the heartbeat quieter and the blood pressure drops.

The higher the adenosine concentration, the more the sleep pressure increases . Specifically, this means that exercise leads to greater fatigue in the evening . If, on the other hand, you hardly use any energy, the adenosine concentration is low and you will still feel relatively fresh and rested in the evening.

Even going for a walk during the lunch break helps to expend sufficient energy. In addition, the sun improves well-being and your cardiovascular system benefits from exercise. Take your time and make your everyday life more active in order to be able to fall asleep better in the evening.


In the tips on falling asleep, exercise was already mentioned as an important factor in promoting sleep behavior. Sport also has a great influence on how your night turns out. Sport is not to be viewed exclusively in a positive way.

If you do intensive sport late in the day and go to your limit, you may feel somewhat tired after the physical activity. However, so much adrenaline was released during exercise that it is difficult to fall asleep. After an intensive training session, you usually need several hours for the tension to drop to an acceptable level. This is especially true for competitive situations that lead to higher stress .

It is therefore advantageous to start the intensive training units in the morning. Then there is enough time to recover from this exertion and to fall asleep in the evening.

If there is no other way to arrange it, then reduce the intensity in the evening. Take it easy and try to clear your thoughts during the exercise. Then exercise is a wonderful way to fall asleep faster.


Diet also has a major influence on whether you can fall asleep quickly or slowly. In addition to the quantity , the individual foods also have an effect on sleep.

Before going to sleep, you should avoid heavy meals as much as possible. These represent a burden and lead to the fact that the energy is not available for regeneration during sleep. As a rough rule of thumb, the last large meal should be eaten around 3 hours before sleep .

In the shorter interval between falling asleep, it is beneficial if you coordinate your meals better with the rest of the night. This includes eating foods that are easier to digest. So avoid high-fat meals that are heavy in the stomach. A balanced salad does not burden sleep and provides important nutrients to help you fall asleep better.

You should also avoid alcohol and caffeine. If you have trouble falling asleep, even morning coffee could be a cause of the sleep disorder. Try to drink only water for a while to notice a possible difference.

In the case of alcohol, it is true that, although it subjectively promotes falling asleep, it reduces the quality of sleep. You may fall asleep more easily, but at night the body is busy breaking down the alcohol. In the morning you are much more tired and not rested despite the longer sleep.


The bedroom should be your personal oasis of wellbeing . This serves to switch off from everyday life and negative thoughts are left at the door.

Therefore, design your bedroom according to your personal taste. Plants in the bedroom have a calming effect for many people and they contribute to the sleeping climate.

With the help of certain wall colors, you can create individual moods. For example, you can choose an energetic color to get you going in the morning or choose a calming color to help you fall asleep.

Make sure there is enough darkness in the bedroom too Especially in summer it could be a little brighter if you want to go to bed earlier. Add effective blackouts to the windows and use a sleep mask if it is still too bright.

Also make sure that you sleep at a comfortable temperature . Temperatures around 18 degrees are ideal in the bedroom . Then it’s not too warm and you won’t start sweating under the covers either. Try to reduce the temperature in summer by ventilating in the evening hours. A cooling pillow contributes to this effect.


You should not only feel comfortable in your room. The bed is an important place of retreat and you will spend around a third of your life there. What position do you sleep in during the night? On your back, stomach or side? A different pillow is advantageous for each sleeping position, which ensures a high level of comfort and relieves the back.

As a back sleeper , a neck pillow is the right choice. This relieves the neck muscles and ensures a good recovery. It consists of a memory foam , which adapts exactly to your contour and promotes falling asleep.

If, on the other hand, you sleep on your side , more stability is required. There are elongated side sleeper pillows for this , which you clamp between your knees or simply lie next to you. This pillow is a nice cuddle partner, especially if you have the bed to yourself.

For stomach sleepers are flat pillow recommended. Ordinary pillows would only move the head to a higher position, causing neck pain.

With the optimal pillow for you, you will sleep better and lie awake less long in the evening. So try different models to make the right choice for you.


Several million people in Germany suffer from a house dust allergy. If you wake up in the morning with symptoms that are reminiscent of a cold, it could be due to a house dust allergy . With this you react sensitively to the excretions of the mite. Your nose is running, your eyes are watering, and it is harder to breathe . The symptoms can appear in the evening when you lie in bed for a long time. Because most of the mites cavort on the mattress and in the pillow, which makes the load particularly high.

So that you can fall asleep better, it makes sense to adapt the sleeping environment to a possible allergy. Use encasings , which as intermediate covers do not allow you to come into contact with the allergens.

Furthermore, it makes sense to banish any dust catcher from bed and room. These include, for example, plush toys , plants or carpets . In these, mites feel comfortable and contribute to a worsening of the symptoms.

Also attach importance to a more intensive cleaning of the mattress and bed linen. Use a mite vacuum to suck up the debris from the surface. Sheets are more frequently washed at least 60 ° C . Then it will be much easier for you to reduce the allergens in order to have an undisturbed, good night.


If you lie awake in bed for more than 30 minutes in the evening and fail to fall asleep, you feel like many people. Sleep disorders are widespread and modern living conditions are often responsible. Stress and high stress in everyday life are particularly intense in the evening hours. You do not come to rest and when you lie in bed you feel the tension.

To help you fall asleep better, a healthier lifestyle is helpful. Try to have more freedom for yourself in the long term in order to balance out the stress. Follow the tips on falling asleep presented here to improve your sleep behavior.

Do without the smartphone, avoid the blue light and go to bed at a fixed time. With a bit of getting used to, you will be able to sleep well and you will notice how your quality of life benefits from better sleep.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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