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If you would like to get a detailed insight into your way of life , this is possible with modern “activity trackers “. These record your movements and show you exactly how you have designed your daily routine.

The Beurer AS 97 is one of the cheaper variants . With this model you can count your steps , calculate the calorie consumption and improve your sleep .

In this detailed check you can find out how the Beurer AS 97 influences your sleep and whether it is able to improve your quality of life .

At first glance, the large display of the Beurer AS 97 is noticeable. It is big enough that you can comfortably see all the important data there. The display is seamlessly integrated into the bracelet and leaves a high-quality impression.

The bracelet is designed to be much sportier. The plastic feels comfortable on the skin and does not interfere with exercise. It can withstand a lot and adapts well to the wrist.

The Beurer AS 97 is water-protected and therefore also suitable for sporting activities in bad weather. Even if you like to go hiking and refresh yourself by a stream, you don’t have to worry. The watch is completely waterproof and will not be damaged.

Another advantage is that the battery lasts up to 15 days and nights. The runtime will be reduced with intensive use, but it will still be sufficient so that you can carry the device for a long time to record all important data.

In connection with the Beurer HealthManager app , the data is processed and made available to you. In this way you can see for yourself whether you have moved enough and what your heart rate was during the day, for example. Using the data, you can assess how healthy your lifestyle is and in which areas you can still improve. In the long term, you can increase your health and quality of life in this way .

As is usual with similar smartwatches, the Beurer AS 97 can also be connected to the smartphone. The incoming notifications are shown on the display via a Bluetooth connection. So you won’t miss a WhatsApp message or important email.


The core of the Beurer AS 97 is of course the functions. These help you in various areas of life to enable optimization . Now find out what properties this activity tracker has and how you can best use it.


One of the basic functions is the pedometer. The everyday life of many people is now characterized by a sedentary job . In the office, most of the time is spent in front of the computer and movement is clearly neglected. After work, people start driving and at home there is hardly any motivation to move.

If you find yourself with this description, you should work on moving more. Doctors recommend that at least 10,000 steps should be taken each day . Otherwise your health may suffer. Cardiovascular diseases are becoming more likely and obesity is also becoming an increasing risk.

In order to have a more precise overview of how much you move, a pedometer is integrated. The AS 97 uses the movements to recognize how many steps you have already completed today.

If you are far from your daily goal or if you haven’t moved for a while, you will receive a nice reminder. This makes it easier for you to be more active in everyday life and to leave your desk. It is also motivating when you achieve your goals and evaluate the statistics.

The AS 97 is also a useful aid if you like to run. It recognizes your running route via the motion sensor and shows you exactly which route you have left behind. This allows you to better monitor your athletic performance.


Möchtest Du mehr auf Dein Gewicht achten und treibst zu diesem Zwecke Sport, kann es Dir schwer fallen einzuschätzen, wie hoch der wahre Kalorienverbrauch ist. Denn möchtest Du genau wissen, wie viel Kalorien Du zu Dir nehmen darfst, solltest Du wissen, wie viel Kalorien Du gerade verbrannt hast.

Zu diesem Zwecke führt der Beurer AS 97 eine Berechnung des Kalorienverbrauchs durch. Grundlage hierfür ist Dein Gewicht und die zurückgelegte Strecke. Anhand dieser Daten lässt sich ungefähr der Kalorienverbrauch bestimmen.

You should realize, however, that calculating your calories burned this way is not very accurate . It can be an initial assessment and show you how much you’ve moved. Since every body is different and the athletic stress is perceived differently, high deviations in calorie consumption are to be expected.


If you enjoy exercising, your heart rate is an important indicator of how much you are currently exerting yourself. If you exceed a certain limit and you overexert yourself, you will not be able to maintain the athletic stress for very long.

A rule of thumb is that the maximum heart rate should not exceed a value of 220 years of age . If you are 37 years old, your heart rate should not be more than 183. If your pulse is higher, your body will be stressed too much and you will soon have to take a break. However, in order to get fitter, it is advisable to run longer runs.

The pulse is monitored by an optical sensor . A chest strap is not necessary for this, but is carried out independently by the tracker. This is particularly convenient and enables the heart rate to be monitored around the clock.

However, it also applies here that the detection of the heart rate in this way is associated with slight inaccuracies. If you are very committed and want to maximize your athletic performance , other models with a chest strap might be more for you. However, this type of pulse measurement is usually sufficient for amateur athletes.


Apart from the movement and the sporting values, the Beurer AS 97 is also able to monitor your sleep. Sleep consists of different phases and the tracker is able to recognize them through movements.

If your sleep is rather restless and you move around a lot, the quality of your sleep will suffer . You won’t feel quite as rested in the morning.

By tracking your sleep, you get a more detailed insight into your sleep behavior. You can now see how your sleep quality is and this data can help you to create a sleep diary.

If you suffer from sleep problems, it is useful to precisely record your daily routine. This includes the times you go to sleep and wake up. Likewise, what activities you did and what meals you ate. The Beurer AS 97 can support you in this activity and provide further data.

The alarm function is also practical . You can wake you up in the morning by vibrating the bracelet and do without an unpleasant alarm tone. The vibration is felt to be more pleasant and you will start the day more relaxed. So banish your loud alarm clock and prefer to use such a vibration bracelet to reduce stress in the morning.


The activity sensor is primarily only there to collect the data. An evaluation is only possible in connection with the ” Beurer HealthManager ” app. This is available free of charge in the iOS or Google Appstore. A Bluetooth connection is required for use.

Einmal verbunden erhältst Du in der App alle wichtigen Daten, die der Tracker aufgezeichnet hat. Er zeigt Dir etwa an, wie viele Schritte Du an welchen Tagen zurückgelegt hast. Dies wird Dir in einem schönen Verlauf dargestellt, sodass Du die Entwicklung nachvollziehen kannst.

Bei der Schlafanalyse wird Dir angezeigt, wie lange Du geschlafen hast. Innerhalb der App kannst Du einen Zielwert für Deine Schlafdauer festlegen und erkennen, ob Du diese Dauer erreicht hast. Auch dort werden die Daten wieder in einem zeitlichen Verlauf aufbereitet.

The practical thing about the Beurer HealthManager app is that it is compatible with all Beurer devices . For example, you can connect a scale or a blood pressure monitor and record this data as well. In this way you get a comprehensive insight into your lifestyle and the health measurements.


The Beurer AS 97 is one of the simpler and cheaper trackers. The Yamay Fitness Tracker and the Willful Fitness Armband can also be found in this area .

Equipped with all the important basic functions, you get a good overview of your activities. Thanks to the water-protected display, it is also well suited for swimming.

On the other hand, the usability of the app is criticized. This is not described as user-friendly. The surface no longer corresponds to the current standard and the connection to the smartphone is described as unstable.

In comparison, the previously mentioned models by Yamay or Willful are clearly superior. If you already have other Beurer devices and would like to use them together, the AS 97 could be a useful addition.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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