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Do you stand all day and complain about tired feet in the evening Are you painful and do not have enough time to recover?

Then you should take care of the necessary relaxation yourself . With the Beurer FB 50 you can have a pleasant foot bath and massage your feet. This not only relieves tension, but also has a positive effect on your well-being . The stress disappears and a foot bath can be just the right way to switch off in the evening.

You can find out exactly how the Beurer FB 50 works and what functions it has in this detailed overview.

The Beurer FB 50 is one of the most popular footbaths on the market. More than 1,000 people have given the device the highest rating on Amazon. The high range of functions is responsible for this In addition to a pleasant foot massage , magnetic field therapy and a red light application are also carried out.

So your feet relax and you can let your mind wander. All you have to do is pour water into the device and connect it to the mains. Thanks to the integrated heat heating , the water remains at a comfortable temperature and you can use it according to your preferences.

Beurer is broadly positioned in the wellness market and has decades of experience. They use this to always provide a good price-performance ratio. With the Beurer FB 50 you get a premium foot bath at a relatively low price. If you prefer to enjoy a conventional massage, Beurer also offers Shiatsu massage pads that knead your back muscles.

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Although only the feet can enjoy the massage and the application with the foot bath, the effect can be felt on the entire body. You will feel better and your well-being will increase.


The blood circulation in the feet is improved by the action of the various massage rollers If you stand for a large part of the day, you will complain of heavy feet in the evening. The fluid collects in the legs and in the case of circulatory disorders it is no longer pumped back in sufficient quantities.

Putting your legs up can relieve the discomfort for a moment, but it is not a long-term solution. The foot bath is better suited for such an application. By improving blood circulation, the effect is longer and your feet can recover.


When it comes to looking healthy and beautiful, feet shouldn’t be neglected. To achieve this, the Beurer FB 50 is equipped with different pedicure attachments . These help you to stimulate blood circulation or remove calluses.

By stimulating the blood circulation, the skin appears fresher and healthier. The skin becomes firmer and shines with a more natural complexion. If you already use a facial massager and pay close attention to your appearance, your feet should by no means be neglected.


Massage is not only for the body, but also for the mind. After a hard day at work, it’s not just your feet that are heavy, your head also needs a rest. What could be better than a soothing massage?

You can use the foot bath very comfortably and watch your favorite series at the same time. You can find some time for yourself and enjoy the massage. This will help you relax and reduce stress. Such periods of recovery are important as a counterbalance to work or other obligations.


The Beurer FB 50 has little in common with a simple soccer ball. It is equipped with some additional functions that you can use to increase the health of your feet and your well-being. Here you can see an overview of the most important functions.


The basic function of the Beurer FB 50 is through its massage. Different massages are possible with the foot bath . The vibration and bubble massage is particularly gentle.

The water is set in motion via jets and affects your feet. This stimulates blood circulation and is the first cornerstone for recovery.

The bubble massage can be switched on separately. At the beginning of the application, it is recommended to start with this massage first and only then to switch on the massage rollers. With the help of the gentle bubble massage you prepare your feet for the application and you will not be too surprised by the massage.


The core function of the Beurer FB50 are the massage rollers. These sit on the bottom of the water and by placing your feet on them, the massage effect is achieved. There are three rollers on each side so that the entire foot really benefits from the application.

The strength of the massage can be influenced by shifting body weight . The more you load your feet and they are on the rollers, the higher the massage effect.

By moving your feet back and forth yourself , you can achieve an effect similar to that of a foot reflexology massage. So you can perform a foot reflexology massage yourself and do not have to rely on a partner.

It is also practical that the massage head in the middle , which has various attachments. You can adapt this to your needs and either perform a deep tissue massage or remove the callus.


The approach of magnetic field therapy may sound a bit unusual . This comes from the field of alternative medicine and promises that the blood circulation is promoted and the cell metabolism is stimulated .

To achieve this, the Beurer FB 50 houses a total of 16 magnets , which should have a positive effect on your feet. Although it has not been proven whether this effect is actually achieved, it is certainly an interesting approach that you can try out with this device.

Perhaps you will notice the better blood circulation and your feet will feel fresher as a result?


However, the effect of infrared light has been proven. Red light lamps are used for a wide variety of purposes. They can relieve tension and promote blood circulation.

The Beurer FB 50 also makes use of this effect. A total of 8 infrared lamps are built into the device. These ensure a pleasant warmth. As a result, the blood vessels expand and blood circulation is promoted.

The lamps are located on the base of the device and illuminate the feet from below. This means that the soles of your feet in particular will benefit from this warmth. In this way, tired feet are quickly perked up again.


Not only the infrared radiation ensures a pleasant water temperature. The advantage of the Beurer FB 50 is that this device has a built-in heater . With this, the water can be brought to a comfortable temperature and it is not necessary that you heat the water beforehand.

The water temperature can be heated in a range of 35 ° C to 48 ° C in 5 stages So that the water does not cool down, the foot bath is equipped with a particularly strong double wall. As a result, the heat does not escape and less energy is required to maintain the temperature.

With the help of the increased water temperature, you promote blood circulation and ensure a high level of relaxation for the feet. The metabolism is stimulated in the feet and the stress of the day is better coped with. Even after exercise, using the water is beneficial for regeneration.


So that the feet are not only healthy from the inside, but also appear beautiful from the outside , the foot bath has three pedicure attachments. The corresponding bracket is located in the middle of the model. Therefore, only a single foot can be used. So you have to alternate between placing your feet on the attachments.


The essays can choose from a composed brush , a massage attachment with knobs and a callus remover . This enables a very targeted application and you can tailor the footbath to your needs.


So you will notice that this Beurer model is equipped with a multitude of functions with which you can achieve a pleasant massage effect. Nevertheless, the operation is not particularly complicated and you will not face any major challenge.

All the important controls are on the top. The current water temperature is shown on the LED display . Use the + and – buttons to change the heating level and adjust the temperature according to your wishes.

There are three more buttons below the display. To start the massage, you must first switch on the device. Then you can decide for yourself whether you want to use the massage function or the vibration function.

This also makes it possible to only use a warm foot bath and to forego the massage entirely. Sometimes this can be enough after a stressful day and provide relaxation.


The Beurer FB 50 is characterized by numerous functions and pampers your feet all along the line. With rollers, vibrations and massage attachments, a holistic treatment is possible to promote blood circulation and enjoy the massage.

The operation is simple and the footbath can be carried out without much effort. If your feet are under a lot of stress, such an application is just the right thing to ensure relaxation.

Use the Beurer FB 50 to keep your feet healthy and end the day with a soothing massage.

Beurer FB 50


Switch off in the evening with a gentle foot massage and forget the stress of the day? This works wonderfully with the FB 50 foot bath from Beurer. The massage functions are varied and ensure pleasant relaxation. The blood circulation improves in the feet and your well-being is increased.

At a first-class price-performance ratio, you will receive a massage that promotes your health and represents a perfect balance to the stressful everyday life. 


  • Many massage functions
  • Water can be precisely temperature-controlled
  • 3 pedicure attachments
  • Mit Display


  • Vibration massage relatively loud
  • Red light only weak
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