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If your back hurts or if you want to improve your complexion , red light is a real secret weapon. Through the power of light, you generate warmth under the skin, which improves blood circulation and relieves tension . Such a lamp can also help protect you from colds, especially in winter.

A popular model is the Beurer IL 50. It has top ratings and more than 2,000 buyers are more than satisfied with the model.

In this detailed check you can find out how the IL 50 works and whether it is also useful for your application .

If you suffer from certain ailments in which warmth provides relief, the use of a red light lamp is recommended. The warmth penetrates deep into the muscles and relieves the pain there.

The Beurer IL 50 model impresses with its first-class price-performance ratio. This version is available for less than 50 euros and you get a lamp that improves your health significantly.

The lamp has an output of 300 watts. This is sufficient to generate a pleasant warmth. This has a deep effect and ensures better blood circulation.

With an irradiation field of 30x40cm , the lamp is large enough to also supply individual areas of the back with light. However, if you want to irradiate the entire back surface, a larger model is necessary.

In order to protect your skin and not expose it to any additional stress, 100% UV protection is available. This means that the exposure to light does not cause sunburn and your risk of skin cancer is not increased.

For better handling and more precise irradiation, the model can be tilted at an angle of 0 to 50 °. This enables precise application. You can find out how the red light can help you in the following section.


Red light therapy can be used for a variety of purposes . The Beurer IL 50 is able to improve your health and wellbeing with the following effects .


If you suffer from circulatory disorders, this can be associated with a variety of symptoms. Depending on the area in which the disorders occur, joints can be painful or the complexion can suffer. This could look pale and be too dry.

The action of the red light generates heat under the skin. The blood vessels expand to remove the heat This has the nice side effect of improving blood circulation. This increases the skin’s ability to regenerate and injuries subside more quickly. Nutrients reach the target region better and symptoms are alleviated.

This is a particularly desirable effect in the case of rheumatic diseases and joint stiffness. As a result, the ability to move is maintained and older people in particular benefit from it.

However, caution is advised in acute inflammation. In this case further heat would be counterproductive. If a joint or a region is warmed up due to an injury, you should refrain from using the IL 50.


Sitting for long periods and a general lack of exercise mean that the muscles are not stressed enough. This gets out of balance and imbalances arise.

If you yourself sit in the office for a long time and you already notice the first effects on your neck or back, you should start counteracting these complaints early on. Otherwise permanent postural damage can develop and the pain can become chronic.

With the help of the warmth you relax the muscles. The muscle fibers are less cramped and leave the relieving posture. This now offers you the opportunity to have a positive effect on the muscles with targeted stretching and strengthening exercises. Therefore, red light therapy is most effective in combination with sport and more exercise.


If you are plagued by colds or an inflammation of the sinuses, the red light can also help in this case. Inflammation generally contributes to an improvement in self-healing powers.

You can achieve a similar effect with a red light lamp such as the Sanitas SIL 16 . By using the IL 50 regularly in winter, you will strengthen your immune system and protect yourself better against a cold.

It is important that this happens regularly and that the effect is preventive. If there is already an acute inflammation, you should not use the red light. As a preventive measure, however, the organ functions can be improved and the immune system strengthened.


How exactly does the IL 50 work and how can you use it to benefit from the positive effects? Here you can find out what properties this model has.


The core of the red light therapy is the built-in 300 watt lamp. The lamp generates infrared radiation of type A & B. These are in a wavelength of 0.78 to 3.0 µm. This is able to generate significant deep heat. This promotes blood circulation and improves self-healing powers.

With an area of ​​30x40cm , it is possible to supply larger areas with heat. For example, the treatment of the lower back or the thigh is reliably possible.

The lamp is located behind a ceramic disc that filters the UV light. This prevents sunburn from occurring. Nevertheless, you should keep a safe distance, otherwise burns could occur due to the high heat.


For better handling, the device can be continuously adjusted from 0 to 50 °. This allows you to react better to the conditions and place the device relatively flexibly on a table.

Due to the different degrees of inclination, you can irradiate the face first and then switch to the stomach or back. The adjusting the inclination is reliable and allows for variable application.


To prevent overheating, the application should not last longer than 15 minutes . If you use the device for too long, the heat development could be too strong. During the irradiation, however, you may not even notice how time goes by and surrender to the soothing warmth.

Therefore, an integrated timer offers protection against a treatment that is too long. You can set the timer for a treatment time of 1-15 minutes. The IL 50 then switches itself off automatically and there is no risk of using the red light for too long.


With a power of 300 watts, the power of the lamp should not be underestimated. To prevent the device from overheating, it is equipped with a ventilation system. This means that the resulting heat is better transported away. However, you shouldn’t do the treatment for more than 15 minutes.

Any UV radiation is already filtered through the ceramic glass. However, it is advisable to keep your eyes closed . If you use the red light for your face, it is advisable to wear protective goggles .

safety distance of 30cm should also be observed. Otherwise superficial burns could result. If you follow these few basic rules, you will be able to use the IL 50 without problems and improve your health.


The handling of the red light lamp is very simple. First you have to plug the power cord into the socket. The cable is around 2 meters long. Depending on the region of the body to be irradiated, place the lamp on a suitable surface.

Then you switch on the device and the lamp starts to shine. Different intensities cannot be set. You should regulate this via the distance. The closer you are to the lamp, the more intense the red light appears. A minimum distance of 30cm should not be undercut.

For a more precise control of the duration of the treatment, it is recommended to switch on the timer. For this purpose, there is a display at the bottom and the button for setting the timer. There you can see the remaining time and the IL 50 switches itself off.


Red light can be used in many ways and improves the healing powers. The heat promotes blood circulation and relaxes muscles. Especially after a hard day at work, the application is beneficial and makes a nice change. Even in winter this heat treatment helps to strengthen the immune system.

The Beurer infrared lamp 50 is a powerful model that is available at an affordable price. The 300 watts are able to achieve sufficient heat in the affected parts of the body to alleviate the symptoms. The irradiation field is also large enough to also supply the back with heat.

If you are looking for an easy way to do red light therapy at home, this model is ideal. The extremely positive reviews confirm the high quality impression and so you will enjoy this beneficial treatment with this version.

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