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For a high level of well-being, you need to be satisfied with your appearance. The nails are an important element and are decorated with nail polish to draw the eye. It’s not just beauty that matters. With the care you improve the health of your feet and hands.

The Beurer MP 62 is a manicure & pedicure set that you can use to care for your nails. This will make you feel more comfortable in your skin and allow your feet to relax.

You can find out what this device can do and whether it is also suitable for you in this detailed check.

In order to enjoy professional nail care, you usually need to visit a nail salon. You can expect a high quality of the work there, but this is also associated with a high level of effort . In everyday life there is not always time to pay a visit to the nail salon. In addition, the costs that are incurred every time are not to be neglected.

The Beurer MP 62 offers a very good alternative for this. It is a nail care set that is suitable for both hands and feet.

The focus here is on the electric manicure device , which works your nails at a maximum of 5,400 rpm . Including the 10 attachments, you can proceed very precisely and shorten, file, shape and polish your nails. To take care of the feet, it is also possible to remove the callus .

With the MP 62 model, there is always a choice between a device with a cable or the MP 64 without a cable connection. The cable version offers the advantage that you can continuously adjust the speed . It is also a little cheaper to buy. In comparison, the variant without a cable is a bit easier to use, but only has three speed levels and is a bit more expensive.

»Check on AmazonA practical feature of the Beurer MP 62 is that it comes with a storage bag . There you can conveniently stow all attachments and the device. You will find out which treatments are possible with the care set in the next section.


The 10 attachments allow a very variable treatment , so that you can meet your needs exactly. See how you can use the MP 62 here.


First and foremost, you will probably use this set to take care of your nails. Well-groomed nails are part of the ideal of beauty and in many professions value is placed on appearance. If you have a lot of customer contact and need to be particularly well-groomed, the nails are an important part and should not be neglected. Therefore, such a care set should also be available, such as a facial massager or an ultrasonic massager .

With the different attachments you can work the nails very precisely. To do this, first bring them to the right length. Then you shape them according to your ideas and finally you polish the nails. With this you have created a very good basis to create a real highlight with the right nail polish.

Thanks to regular care, you also prevent the nails from growing in or becoming brittle. You will have fewer problems in everyday life and your hands will make a good impression.

However, the treatment is not suitable if you use gel nails, artificial nails or Shellac . Accordingly, it should only be used on your natural nails.


If you stand most of the day, your feet are exposed to a lot of stress. In order to adapt to long periods of standing, calluses form, which protect the foot.

The cornea is not exactly described as handsome. If you don’t care for your feet, cracks can also form and this can lead to pain.

Therefore, you should at least partially remove the cornea at regular intervals. By removing the top layer, your feet will look healthier again and they will withstand the stresses of work and everyday life.

This is very easy with the Beurer MP 62. It has its own attachment for removing calluses . With the step regulation, you can remove the skin layer very precisely and produce your desired result. Thus, this pedicure set contributes to the care and better health of your feet .


About what properties has this set and how these facilitate the care? Here you get a good overview of why investing in this professional nail care set is worthwhile.


Work on the nails must be done with the utmost care . The nails differ in size and shape. Hands and feet must also be treated differently.

In order to meet these requirements, the milling cutter can be set in a range between 2,000 and 5,400 rpm. regulate continuously. With these speed ranges you can do very precise work for shaping the nails, as well as more “rough” maintenance.


So that you always have a good view of the nails, there must be enough light . In normal work, you will get your head very close to the nails. As a result, you unfortunately cover the light of a ceiling lamp and your own work is difficult to see.

To make maintenance easier, there is a small LED light at the top. This is bright enough so that you can see where you are using the respective tool and what the nail looks like. The light is also very efficient and does not heat up. This means that you can leave it on for the entire duration of the treatment.


To enable the different applications, 10 attachments are included in the scope of delivery. These are made up as follows:

2 Fine / coarse sapphire cones: Removes dry skin, calluses or calluses
2 sapphire discs fine / coarse: filing and processing the nails, coarse / fine grain
1 felt cone: smoothing and polishing the nail edge after filing and for cleaning the nail surface
1 cylinder cutter: grinding and rough smoothing of lignified toenail surfaces
1 milling cutter: For loosening ingrown nails
1 needle burr: for exposing ingrown nails and milling off dead nail particles
1 Sapphire cutter: Quickly remove thick calluses or large calluses on the soles of the feet and heels
1 sandpaper attachment: For removing dry skin and calluses


Since dust can arise when working on the nails , it is possible to attach a protective cap. You put this directly on the tip so that the dust is caught. While this is not as effective and easy to use as your own vacuum cleaner, it is still a nice tool to reduce dust exposure.


If you use the device independently, you will use both hands to work on the other hand. In order to be able to work comfortably with both the left and the right hand, it is necessary that the tools move in both directions of rotation.

This is the case with the Beurer MP 62. You can use the arrow directions to determine the direction of rotation and adjust it according to your treatment.


The nice thing about visiting the nail salon is that you can lean back and the care is relaxing . A similar effect should also occur when using a nail care kit for home use. Frustration while using the device not only tarnishes relaxation, but also diminishes the results.

The handling is convincing with this model. A plastic guide is provided so that a secure hold is always guaranteed. This prevents the device from slipping out of your hands.

The speed can be easily adjusted using the + and – buttons This works perfectly with both hands.

However, the power cable, which is necessary to operate the MP 62, could be a nuisance. As an alternative, there is the MP 64, which works on battery power and does not need a cable. However, there is no stepless adjustment of the speed possible. Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself whether stepless speed or wireless operation is more important to you.


Well-groomed hands and feet not only correspond to the common ideal of beauty, they can also increase your well-being and health. With the MP 62, such a professional application can be carried out very easily at home and a visit to the nail salon is not necessary.

With the numerous attachments you can carry out an individual treatment and the stepless speed ensures that your nails are not subjected to excessive stress. The practical storage case rounds off the very good overall impression.

If you want to take care of your nails, the MP 62 is a first-class set at an affordable price. With it you will easily carry out professional care in your four walls and ensure well-groomed nails.

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