Blanket with sleeves – The best blankets in comparison

The cozy blanket with sleeves allows you to lie on the couch during the cold season and use the warmth of the blanket. In most cases, however, there is a problem – you can no longer use your hands. These are located under the covers and just enjoy the warming tea or read the book becomes a real challenge.

This cozy blanket is ideally suited to be able to continue using the evening in a relaxed atmosphere and with your hands. It has openings for the arms so that you can lie on the couch and read a book at the same time.

You can find out what different types of these blankets and top models there are in this detailed guide.

During the winter time, there is probably nothing better than getting under a blanket and escaping the cold temperatures . However, there is the problem that you can no longer use your hands.

Originally, the blanket was mainly used when sleeping. There are now countless other things that can be done on the couch. Whether you want to read a book , briefly operate your smartphone or switch the TV program , all of this will only work without any problems with a cozy blanket with sleeves.

The material is so cozy that the heat does not escape through the openings and feels good on the skin. The freedom of movement of the arms is not restricted and no contortions are necessary to take a sip from the tea. This also reduces the risk of mishaps. The fact that the tea or coffee slips out of your hand if you try to grab it under the covers happens really quickly.

The cozy blanket with sleeves is a practical and pleasant partner for the cold season and should not be missing in any wardrobe. At a price of less than 30 euros , the models are very affordable and can be used for a very long time with good care.


To make your purchase decision easier, you can simply use one of the following blankets with sleeves.


Depending on the requirements, there are blankets in different designs. Do you prefer a small, compact blanket or should it be as large as possible in order to still offer your partner enough space?

The manufacturer CelinaTex offers a number of different options for this. You can choose between blankets in the sizes 150x180cm to 220x240cm , whereby you can determine whether sleeves should be present or not. This makes these models ideal for winter so that you can use your hands free.

In addition to the different size variants , numerous colors are also available. Do you prefer a simple gray or should the ceiling be a highlight in a bright red? You can choose from a total of 12 colors .

The blanket is made from a modern microfiber . The fabric has a weight of 240g / sqm and is completely free of harmful substances. This is proven by the Oeko-Tex 100 seal . Cuddling with this microfiber is very pleasant because it is antistatic .

You don’t want to use the blanket yourself, but do you know someone you want to please? Then this blanket is an excellent gift and is specially wrapped in a beautiful satin ribbon . Whether for Christmas, a birthday or Mother’s Day, this cozy blanket is definitely a great gift.


When it comes to buyers’ ratings, the cozy blanket with sleeves by DecoKing does even better than the CelinaTex model previously presented. With over 200 reviews , an impressive average rating of 4.7 / 5 is achieved. The expectations of the users are therefore more than met.

microfiber is used to create a cozy feeling . This keeps the heat well under the blanket without it being uncomfortable. You don’t start to sweat, but the fabric lies comfortably on the skin and has a soft, gentle effect . The fabric used corresponds to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and is free of any harmful substances.

In addition to the spacious sleeves, there is also a cell phone pocket , a breast pocket and a foot pocket . So this blanket meets the modern requirements and even if you have to work, you can use the blanket well.

You can keep your cell phone in your pocket, have your laptop on your lap or stow pens in your breast pocket to quickly take notes. This enables a very versatile application and the compact size of 150x180cm allows you to move around the apartment without constantly stepping on the ceiling.

Whether as a gift or for you, this blanket fulfills the wishes of the customers and will also be a real feel-good experience for you.


If the previous version was a little more compact, this blanket is a little larger. With the dimensions 170x200cm you can really snuggle up on the couch and survive the cold winter evenings safely. If the blanket is mainly used lying down and you don’t have to be mobile, the larger version offers a higher cuddle factor.

The basic features remain the same as in the smaller model. There is also a cell phone pocket , breast pocket and foot pocket.

You can choose between different colors , ranging from beige and black to bright red. So there is something for every taste.

The microfiber used is processed into the blanket in a state-of-the-art production process. Although it’s so cozy, the fibers are 30 times thinner than cotton and therefore allow moisture to be better transported away . This means that there is no sweat on the skin, but the blanket feels cozy but pleasantly warm.

At the same time, the risk of allergies and other irritations is reduced . If you have sensitive skin, this blanket is a good decision and does not represent any additional burden.

This larger version provides a special cuddle experience and serves as the perfect opportunity to relax on the couch and enjoy a good book.


Blankets are mainly used in winter to create a cozy atmosphere and to defy the cold temperatures. The cozy blanket with sleeves is no exception and can be used for this purpose in the living room or bedroom at home. But there are a number of other applications where the cozy blanket with sleeves cuts a particularly good figure.


Regardless of whether you are admiring a concert outside or watching a movie outside. Warm summer evenings are an excellent invitation to take advantage of the time outdoors. But as soon as the warming rays of the sun have disappeared, the temperature cools down quickly and you will feel the cold. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere, the blanket is much better than a jacket. You can slip under the covers with your friends and you even have the option of continuing to eat the popcorn.


The Traveling by plane can be very exhausting and cause great stress. Getting enough sleep can be difficult, especially if it is a night flight . Depending on the airline, no or insufficient blankets are provided. By bringing your own blanket with you, you can at least be sure that it will not get too cold and that you will be able to survive the flight reasonably comfortably . The ceiling also makes a good impression in the car or bus.


The cozy blanket with sleeves is one of the most popular gift ideas . Not without reason – because many people are not even aware that there are now such practical blankets. They continue to struggle with their conventional models and will be delighted with the functional sleeves. At a price of less than 30 euros, the investment is limited and should certainly not go beyond your budget. Many manufacturers have already adjusted to the fact that the blanket is intended as a gift and offer special gift packaging . There is hardly a more cozy gift, especially in winter.


The material used is important for the properties of the ceiling. This is the microfiber , which is obtained from the synthetic polyester. Compared to cotton, the modern fabric offers several advantages.

The microfiber is cozy at the same time , without being heavy or uncomfortable. Cotton can quickly become uncomfortable and lead to a warm temperature under the blanket. In contrast, the microfiber is much thinner and wicks away moisture.

The material is also ideal for long-term use because it is easy to care for. After washing, it dries quickly and retains its original properties.


The blanket not only trumps with the sleeves. There are also other properties that contribute to the high level of comfort and functionality.

Similar to a bathrobe, for example, you can choose a model with a hood . If you like to take a bath and then relax on the couch, this blanket is well suited to warm your head.

Variants that are made with an integrated zipper are also more reminiscent of a bathrobe . The zipper makes it easy to put on and take off and the blanket can be used like a piece of clothing.

The smartphone has now become a constant companion in everyday life and you also want to follow the messages of your friends or quickly check news while relaxing on the couch. A cell phone pocket is useful so that the cell phone is not lost . Of course, you can also store tissues or other small items there.

The blanket with sleeves is ideal as a gift idea. If this gift seems too impersonal to you, you can have the name embroidered . This personalizes the blanket and gives it a closer relationship with the recipient.


Polyester is generally an easy-care material that you can put in the washing machine. In general, you should follow the care instructions.

The temperatures quoted may be between 40 ° C and 60 ° C are. However, you should be very sparing with a fabric softener. Even if you prefer it to be gentler, fabric softener is not environmentally friendly and should therefore only be used in small quantities.

Whether the blanket is suitable for the dryer is stated on the product label. In any case, the microfiber fabric will dry relatively quickly on the clothes horse and you can use the blanket again.


A cozy evening watching TV, reading a book or as a gift idea – the cozy blanket with sleeves can be used in many ways and is one of the most popular “pieces of clothing” in winter. You can use the cozy warmth in connection with a high level of functionality and enjoy the evenings alone or together with friends.

At a price of less than 30 euros, you can’t really go wrong and the numerous buyers also agree with this positive conclusion.

So create cozy evenings with the cozy blanket with sleeves and increase your couch experience on cold winter days.

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