Bonell spring core or pocket spring core – differences in mattress types

When it comes to finding a comfortable mattress or box spring bed , the texture of the interior is of great importance. Besides the numerous popular foam mattresses , enjoy spring mattresses a constant high demand. These essentially consist of a large number of springs that absorb the weight.

When looking for the right mattress, you will surely have stumbled across the terms “Bonell spring core” and “pocket spring core” . What is the difference between these two types of feathers and which variant is better for you?

The Bonell spring mattress is often seen as a cheaper option . The inside consists of a large number of springs , but these are connected to one another by a wire. This leads to the fact that the absorption of the weight is completely different. Instead of the surface fitting snugly against your back, the weight is distributed over the entire surface . Since the individual springs are connected to one another [1]the entire mattress may appear to vibrate. Because of these properties, it is often described as a hotel mattress.


With the Bonell spring core, the springs are connected with a wire. The core absorbs the weight over a larger area. This variant is considered cheaper and adapts less flexibly to your back.

The prejudice that Bonell spring core mattresses tend to be cheaper cannot be dismissed out of hand. Due to the wire connection, it is possible to reduce the number of springs inside. This makes the construction simpler and the cost of materials lower. Therefore, most Bonell spring mattresses are cheaper than the alternatives with a pocket spring core .

The advantage of wiring [2]consists in the unique feeling of lying down. The Bonell spring mattress is perceived as being softer . It bounces and the entire bed swings a little. If you prefer such a lying feeling, this type of mattress will lead to a better sleep for you.


Basically, the pocket spring core is very similar to the Bonell spring core . A large number of springs are used, which are located inside. However, these are not connected with a wire, but take the weight individually.

This characteristic means that the point elasticity of a pocket spring mattress is better . If you lie down on this mattress, the springs give way precisely to your weight. The surface adapts exactly to your body so that your back is better supported [3]will. As a result, this variant is used more often with orthopedic mattresses , as it relieves the spine.

Pocket spring mattress

The pocket spring mattress is considered a higher quality variant. With it, the springs react independently of one another and optimally adapt to the load. This relieves the strain on your back and achieves a healthier sleeping position.

Another distinctive feature are the pockets that surround each individual feather. These consist of a material that not only protects the feathers, but also improves air circulation. This type of mattress proves to be particularly air-permeable, so that you will sweat less during the night. There is also the advantage for allergy sufferers that mites feel less comfortable inside this type.

Another special variant is the barrel pocket spring core mattress . In this case, the feathers are designed in such a way that they become thicker in the middle . This gives them better support and makes them more suitable for heavy people.


The Bonell spring core is suitable for people who have a maximum weight of 100kg . The core consists of fewer springs, which is why the load must not be too high. If you are a little lighter, the Bonell spring core convinces with a soft lying feeling. The pressure is distributed over the entire surface, which could be beneficial to your subjective feeling.

In the case of the pocket spring core , on the other hand, the focus is on better point elasticity . The springs adapt optimally to your body shape, which relieves your intervertebral discs. If you have a back problem and find it difficult to find a suitable mattress, you should try the pocket spring mattress. This variant is also suitable for people who put more weight on the scales [4]. From a health point of view, this version proves to be more advantageous for most people.


Both types of mattresses can definitely be considered for you. In order for you to make a good choice, you should pay attention to how many springs are ultimately built into the core of each type . However, the principle “more = better” is not always correct.

As a rule, a higher number of springs is associated with better deformability. The springs give in to your person in more detail and absorb the load more precisely. However, using too many springs can result in poor quality. Namely, if the springs are only made from a thin wire so that the high number of pieces can be achieved.

When choosing a mattress, the number of springs should be in the range of 500 to 1000 pieces per square meter . For heavier people, more springs are beneficial. If you are lighter, 500 springs per square meter are sufficient.


Finally, the question is provocatively asked whether the Bonell spring core or the pocket spring core is better .

In this regard, the definitive statement is made: “It depends” .

The Bonell spring core convinces with a softer lying sensation , but adapts less well to the body. The pocket spring core absorbs the weight better , but can be perceived as harder.

Ultimately, you should try both types. For most people, the pocket spring core is more convincing because it is more supple . Since back pain is part of everyday life for some people, the pocket spring core offers a welcome relief.

Or maybe you belong to the smaller group that prefers the slightly resonant feeling of the Bonell spring core ? Just try out both variants and decide which one convinces you.

With this prior knowledge you will better understand the differences between the Bonell spring core and the pocket spring core. This makes it easier for you to find exactly the mattress that meets your requirements.

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