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The box spring bed is more comfortable than ordinary beds with a slatted frame. If you want to enjoy better sleep, this is often associated with a much higher price. The most box-spring beds are available at a starting price of 1,000 euros. This is due to the more complex structure associated with a box spring bed.

If your budget is a bit limited and you still want to enjoy this sleep, the Benno box spring bed is an inexpensive alternative. For less than 700 euros you get a real box spring bed, which corresponds to the typical structure.

But what can the Benno box spring bed do at this price and do you have to accept compromises in quality?

In this detailed check you can find out what this bed has to offer at such an affordable price and whether it meets your expectations.

The Benno box spring bed is manufactured by the well-known Furniture for Friends company. You may still know this from the box spring bed Bea , which I also presented in detail. In comparison, the Benno model is a bit cheaper and therefore a more interesting variant if you have to look at the price.

First of all, it should be said that the Benno model has very positive reviews. The buyers are extremely satisfied and this should be a first indication that you are getting a high-quality bed at this low price.

The choice is also somewhat limited. So there is only an anthracite & a light gray available as a color for the fabric. The sizes there are only three possibilities.You will notice from the design that the bed is a bit simpler . The headboard is flat and covered with only one fabric. There are no other decorations or other details. This means that this model can be produced more cheaply and is available for less than 700 euros. Overall, however, the bed appears elegant and will blend in very well with most bedrooms.

So there is no smaller version offered that could be used in a child’s room, for example. The restrictions in choice also keep costs low.

If you are looking for a simple box spring bed and have no special requests , the Benno box spring bed is a cost-effective alternative to enjoy the pleasant sleep. How exactly the structure is designed and which techniques are used to reduce the stress on the back is shown in the following overview.


The box spring bed is structurally very different from conventional beds. No slatted frame is used, but a 3-layer structure takes your weight and relieves the spine.

These beds are particularly advantageous for older people who have problems getting up in the morning. The knees hurt and the back has to recover from the night.

The box spring bed is a much healthier alternative. It is higher, which makes getting in easier and the back is less stressed.

The same applies to the Benno box spring bed. Here, too, the typical structure of a lower box, the upper mattress and the topper is followed. You can find out how these layers are designed in detail and how they affect sleep in the following sections.

The lower box represents the lowest layer of the Benno box spring bed. This is equipped with a Bonell spring core . This means that springs take up the weight of the top mattress. The individual springs are connected by a wire.UNDER BOX

This design has the effect that the weight is not only absorbed by a spring, but rather that the entire sub-box vibrates due to the wire connection The load is distributed more evenly and leads to a longer service life. So you can assume that the springs are not a weak point.

This design is noticeable from the feeling of sleeping because the lower box moves as a whole. This does not necessarily have to be to your taste, but most people find it very pleasant. This literally creates a feeling like being on cloud nine.


The top mattress is also equipped with a Bonell spring core . This is a clear difference to most other models, which often rely on a barrel pocket spring core for the top mattress.

Regarding the feeling of sleep, it must be clearly mentioned that the Bonell spring core mattress does not quite come close to the high-quality feeling of a barrel pocket core. Here you have to accept small compromises in terms of the low price.

Your body weight is not absorbed point-elastic, but over a larger area. This means that the mattress does not cling seamlessly to your body contour , but rather gives way in the area.

If you do not have any back problems, this will not be a disadvantage for you. The mattress is still of high quality and compared to a bed with a slatted frame you will clearly feel the difference.

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comfort foam is used for the topper . This has a high adaptability and will ensure that your spine is optimally supported. With a height of 4 cm, it is a little thinner than is usual for most box spring beds.

Nevertheless, you will find the topper very pleasant. In this fine-tuning, a point-elastic absorption of the body weight is achieved and relief is provided. The Benno box spring bed convinces with the topper.


The positive thing about this model is that even with a size of 180x200cm, only one continuous mattress is used. As a result, no crack can be felt in the middle. This is different with most other box spring beds, as they use two separate single mattresses.

Another limitation, however, is that the weight is distributed over a large area of ​​the mattress . This means that if your partner is a little heavier, it could affect your half as well. In particular, if you have restless sleep and you are relatively sensitive, your partner’s movements could affect your sleep. Here, comparable models often perform better, as the movements are absorbed by the mattress in a point-elastic manner and are not distributed over the surface. The Helena box spring bed is much more suitable for sensitive sleep .


When it comes to sleeping comfort, you can rely on a pleasant feeling. Only for the top mattress is a variant chosen that differs from the common box spring beds. But what about the quality and can you also use the Benno box spring bed for 10 years or more?


The frame is made of a wood material. This is also necessary so that it can easily absorb the body weight. All other parts, such as the headboard, are made from chipboard. These may not be particularly stable, but they serve their purpose. In addition, these are covered with the fabric and are no longer noticeable.

The fabric is made of 100% polyester. This offers a high level of resistance and makes a very good impression. A simple textured fabric is used on the headboard.

PROCESSINGYou must also note that a weight of only 95 kilograms is permitted per sub-box . If you exceed this weight, there is a risk that the bed will not reach its full lifespan and damage will result. However, if you meet the requirements, you will be able to use this model for almost 10 years with good care.

When it comes to processing, the usual high quality of the manufacturer Furniture for Friends is convincing . Since the model is built very simply anyway, there are no major weaknesses that could stand out negatively.

The fabric is solidly processed and well integrated at the seams. Individual fibers can stick out, but can be removed without any problems. Overall, the bed gives a high-quality impression and the manufacturer’s long experience is also noticeable in the details.


There is hardly anything to consider when it comes to the headboard. It is made of chipboard and is firmly attached to the frame. With a height of 115cm , it is designed a little higher and not suitable for a low pitched roof.

The entire headboard is covered by a textured fabric. In the colors anthracite or light gray, it conveys a timeless look. If you want to be absolutely sure that the bed fits in your bedroom and prefer not to take any risks, this headboard is designed with no frills .


After ordering the bed, a brief confirmation with the manufacturer is followed by an agreement with the shipping company. This is ultimately responsible for the delivery. You enter your preferred date and the shipping company will reliably deliver the box spring bed to you.

The delivery is free and is done up in your bedroom. The packaging will be disposed of and you can now dare to set up.

The delivery time is around 3 to 5 weeks. You should consider this before buying and not sell your current bed too early.There is hardly anything to consider when setting up. It is useful if you do this together with another person. Even inexperienced craftsmen will have the bed completely set up within 15 minutes . The box spring bed only consists of individual components that have to be put together. Additional tools are not necessary and you can quickly enjoy the new bed.


A box spring bed is usually available for around 1,000 euros. If you have to look a little more at the money and only have a small budget available, the Benno box spring bed could be the solution for you. For less than 700 euros you can get a full box spring bed with all the typical features.

However, it must be mentioned that restrictions are to be expected at this price. So the choice is very limited and there is only one degree of hardness available. The design is simple, but blends in well with modern bedrooms. The upper mattress consists of a Bonell spring core, which is perceived to be somewhat less qualitative than the pocket spring cores that are often used. With a maximum weight of 95 kilograms per side , the stability is also not the highest.

If the design corresponds to your ideas and if you want a simple, elegant box spring bed and weigh less than 95 kilograms, you will still receive a model that is very comfortable to sleep. The difference to the usual beds with a slatted frame is clearly noticeable. It will not be the often quoted “sleep like in a 5-star hotel”, but the back is significantly relieved and the feeling of sleep is convincing.

If you are ready to dig a little deeper into your pocket, there are certainly better models for around 1,000 euros. For less than 700 euros you won’t find a higher quality version than the Benno box spring bed. The price-performance ratio is right and you get good sleeping comfort at a low price.


Which degree of hardness is offered?

Only H2 is offered as the degree of hardness. This describes a relatively soft mattress, which is designed for a body weight of up to 85 kilograms. Heavy people would sink a little too deep into the mattress and not be optimally supported.

How many parts is the bed delivered in?

The bed is delivered in 4 parts (2 lower boxes, mattress & headboard). When assembling these 4 parts are simply plugged together. A complex assembly is not necessary.

How high is the bed

Including the topper, the entry height is around 57cm. This is particularly beneficial for people who suffer from knee problems. The slightly higher design makes getting in and out of bed much easier.

The headboard is 115cm high and should be against the wall. This bed will probably not be suitable for the sloping ceiling.

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