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Do you sleep on an ordinary bed with a slatted frame and are you not satisfied with the sleeping comfort? Hurts the back and it is difficult for you to get up in the morning?

Then a box spring bed is the much better choice for you. These versions are equipped with a special structure, which is much better for the back. The built-in springs relieve your body and ensure a more comfortable sleep.

The box spring bed Cannes from the manufacturer B-Famous provides a variant that stands out due to its unusual design . At the same time, you can be sure of a high level of comfort and do something good for your health.

In this detailed check you will find out how the box spring bed Cannes is constructed in detail and what makes it convincing.

A striking feature of the Cannes model is the headboard, which does not consist entirely of one part, but ends with another support at the top. It looks a bit futuristic and can be a real highlight in your bedroom. If you prefer inconspicuous variants, the Benno box spring bed is more suitable for you.

The Cannes box spring bed is not only worth purchasing for greater comfort, it also sets a clear visual accent. This is reinforced by the rather unusual selection of fabrics . You can choose between a white synthetic leather or a gray or brown textured fabric . In particular, the choice of white synthetic leather will attract some looks.

There are only two sizes available : 140x200cm or 180x200cm . Single beds are not offered. The lower box and the upper mattress each consist of individual mattresses, which are completed with a topper. As a result, there is no noticeable space between the mattresses and you will enjoy a beautiful double bed.

With an entry height of 66cm , the bed is well suited for people who complain of pain in the knee joints or who generally find it difficult to get out of bed. This makes the box spring bed a cheaper alternative than an electric box spring bed , for example .

For the degree of hardness, there is only the choice of a mattress with the value H2 . This is sufficient for people up to a weight of 80 kilograms. But if you are significantly heavier, you should choose another model that also offers the hardness grades H3 and H4.


The combination of several layers in order to optimally distribute the body weight is typical of the box spring bed . This relieves the strain on your spine and your back pain will be significantly reduced. The different springs used in the lower box and the upper mattress are responsible for this.

How the box spring bed Cannes relieves your back and ensures comfort is described based on the structure.


The entire load of the bed and the body weight is taken up by the lower box. Therefore, the construction is particularly important and decisive for comfort.

A lower box with Bonell suspension is used for the Cannes box spring bed . This means that the springs are connected to each other with a wire. Due to the connection, not only do the individual springs absorb the load, but it is also distributed a little more over the surface.

From the feeling, therefore, the impression arises as if the entire sub-box is moving and vibrating slightly. This reduces the strain on the back and creates a pleasant sleep feeling.

The air circulation is stimulated by the swinging of the feathers and for allergy sufferers the positive effect arises that mites can hardly nest there. Therefore, the lower box in the Cannes model impresses with its high-quality design.


When it comes to sleeping comfort, the top mattress has an even greater influence. This is largely responsible for how much your back is relieved and whether you will feel comfortable on the bed.

The Cannes box spring bed uses a mattress with a pocket spring core . In contrast to the Bonell version, the individual springs are not connected to one another. Instead, they are wrapped in a cloth bag.

This ensures a higher point-elastic absorption of your body weight. If you lie down on the mattress, the springs take up your weight with pinpoint accuracy. This is beneficial for your spine , because not your entire body is immersed in the mattress, but only the support surface.

The mattress is also divided into 7 zones . This means that the degree of hardness differs depending on the body region. In this way, the mattress adapts better to the individual needs of your body. For example, the head needs a different hardness than the pelvis.


A variant made of cold foam is chosen for the topper . Cold foam is generally perceived as a bit harder and provides a stable base . It adapts to the body and returns to its original shape after the load.

The topper on this bed is designed throughout and therefore gives you the good feeling of sleeping on a spacious double bed. The climatic properties of such a topper are described as very good. The air does not build up and the moisture is transported away well.

Compared to a version made of memory foam, the cold foam topper is less flexible. If you suffer from back pain and need very precise support for your spine, a topper made of visco foam might be better for you.


The bed is delivered with two divided sub-boxes and mattresses. This has the advantage that each side reacts individually to the load. If your partner is a little more active during the night, you will not be affected. The vibrations are not transmitted and your sleep remains unaffected by the movements.

Due to the long, continuous topper, you will still not find any space between the mattresses. So you don’t have to worry that the cuddling experience with your partner could be spoiled.


A box spring bed is usually associated with higher acquisition costs and can quickly cost more than 1,000 euros. In return, you get a unique level of comfort that can be used for more than 10 years. In the following part you will find out how high quality the Cannes box spring bed is and whether it can withstand these loads over such a long period of time.


So that you can use this bed for a long time, the lower box is made of solid wood . This is able to absorb the body weight in a stable manner and will not show any damage under the load.

The other areas consist of a wood composite material . This is common with box spring beds in order to reduce weight and keep the price within certain limits. The stability is not influenced by this. All critical elements are designed to be robust enough so that there is no need to worry.


Since artificial leather is often used in the box spring bed Cannes , you should pay particular attention to the processing compared to other fabrics. Keder processing is carried out so that the synthetic leather is flush and leaves a high-quality impression .

This means that the corners and ends of the leather fabric are reinforced and covered. As a result, no seams can be seen and there are no weak points on the fabric.

This special processing method creates the very “clean” and futuristic look of this box spring bed. The workmanship can therefore be rated as very high quality and rounds off the visual impression wonderfully.


The manufacturer is also taking an unusual approach with the headboard. This is 116cm high including the additional roll With this height it is not exactly suitable to be set up under a sloping roof.

However, if there is a need to set up the bed under a slope, the castor can be removed. Then practically only the flatter headboard remains and the bed can be put up better under flat sloping ceilings.

When assembling it should be noted that the headboard is around 222cm wide . So it stands a good 11cm above the edge of the bed on each side. This ensures a good conclusion and gives you a feeling of security.


Once you have decided on this model, you probably want to have it with you in your bedroom as soon as possible. After the purchase, the manufacturer will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery date. You can decide for yourself when the delivery is to take place and communicate the appropriate date.

The delivery itself is then taken over by a forwarding agent. Shortly before the delivery date, they will contact you again to confirm the delivery. So you don’t miss the appointment and you are always informed about where the bed is.

The shipping company takes care of the delivery to your bedroom. In order to avoid additional chaos, the packaging material is kindly disposed of by the service provider.

Then you can go to work yourself and start building the bed. It is delivered in several individual parts consisting of, base boxes, mattresses, headboard and topper. These parts must be connected so that the bed is stable. Overall, the assembly can take a little more time. You should plan a good hour before the box spring bed can be used.


The Cannes box spring bed is very conspicuous in terms of design and relies on a “clean” look. There are no seams and the synthetic leather used is of very high quality.

When it comes to sleeping comfort, the usual combination of Bonell underbox and pocket spring mattress is used. These are very comfortable and optimally relieve your back.

The construction is a little more challenging than it is the case with comparable models, but with a little patience you will assemble the bed without any problems. Then the box spring bed Cannes convinces with a high level of comfort and a stable construction.

If you want to use something more eye-catching in your bedroom design, this box spring bed is an excellent choice. The high entry height of 69cm is also ideal for people who suffer from joint pain and who find it difficult to get up.

The bed is a real eye-catcher and fulfills a health purpose at the same time.

Boxspringbett Cannes


The Cannes box spring bed clearly stands out from most other models. It is designed “clean” and the overall impression comes across as futuristic. But the sleeping comfort meets all today’s needs and is convincing. Only the selection is somewhat limited. But if you like what you see, you can get an extraordinary box spring bed that promotes your sleep.


Can the upper roller be removed?

If you want to set up the box spring bed under a sloping roof or if you don’t find the castor appealing, it can be easily removed. This does not affect the stability of the head section.

Does pitting or sagging occur after prolonged use?

In longer tests, buyers also describe that the bed does not look saggy, but offers the same level of comfort as on the first day. The material is flexible and returns to its original shape. The springs are stable enough that they can withstand the load without any problems.

Can the mattress be exchanged?

If you already have a mattress that you want to use for this bed, it can be used. The lower box of the bed, however, is not exchangeable.

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