Box spring beds for children – 3 models in comparison

The box spring bed is synonymous with the ultimate sleeping experience. The complex structure ensures the best comfort with which you can spend the night. Through the interaction of the box, the mattress and the topper, the body weight is absorbed in a targeted manner and the spine is relieved.

For children, however, the principle often applies that they get a special cot. Here you should feel comfortable and spend the first few nights without your parents. A simple bed with a slatted frame will be just as comfortable, but it will not have the quality of a box spring bed. With a high-quality cot mattress you will relieve the sensitive body, but it is not the same lying feeling as on a real box spring bed.

If you also want to offer your child the high level of comfort that you require yourself, a box spring bed for children will be the right decision . Find out what to look out for in these designs and which models are convincing in practice.

In principle, an ordinary box spring bed is already suitable for children. At least when your child is old enough and there is no longer any risk of falling out of bed. Nevertheless, you should consider a few properties so that the future box spring bed is suitable for children. You need to consider the following factors.


A box spring bed gets its characteristic properties from the multi-layer structure. As a rule, spring mattresses are used both in the box and in the mattress . These offer the advantage that the body weight is recorded precisely. The springs give in under the load and the mattress adapts optimally to the body.

The peculiarity of children is that their body weight is still relatively low . Even soft degrees of hardness are often designed up to a weight of 80 kilograms.

So that the mattress adapts well to your child, the springs must not be too hard . Therefore, you should choose at least one variant that is suitable for slim people. Special spring mattresses for children are not used. In any case, avoid using mattresses that are designed for a higher body weight. In this case, the springs would be too hard and not flexible enough for the lighter weight of the children.


The choice of the firmness of the mattress does not only depend on the weight. The body size plays a role, to find the perfect hardness. Since children are still growing, it is quite possible that even with a higher body weight, a new mattress will not be necessary, but that the current degree of firmness can be maintained.

For most children under 14 years of age, the hardness level H2 will be suitable. In this case, the springs are soft enough that they offer good support and adapt flexibly to the body. From the age of 14, it depends specifically on the BMI. Boys could potentially benefit from an H3 hardness. Use the BMI to check for yourself which degree of hardness is ideal for your child.

If your child gets into their teenage years , the good news is that they don’t have to replace the entire bed right away. It is sufficient to adapt the mattress to the new circumstances and to change it.


The children’s low weight must also be taken into account when choosing the topper. The topper is the end of the three-layer structure and allows precise adaptation to the body. It is a thin foam pad that is placed on the mattress. The topper is between 7 and 11 cm thick and can be made of different materials.

It is advantageous for children if the topper is a little thinner. This makes them a little softer and less stable. Toppers made of a memory foam or climatic latex are well suited for children. These materials are soft and adapt flexibly to the spine to ensure optimal support.


The size of the box spring bed for children is also important. There is something special here based on a normal cot, but nothing to consider. The box spring beds are usually 200cm long. This may seem a bit big for your toddler, but the advantage is that it will still grow into it. If it feels uncomfortable, you can fill the bed with cuddly toys to convey a feeling of security.

The widths are from 80 to 140cm , which are suitable for your child. If your child is built rather narrow and the available space is relatively narrow, 80cm will be sufficient. If your child prefers a larger bed, it can easily be the wider 140cm.

If the bed is under a sloping roof , you should choose a box spring bed with a low headboard . This is less bulky and can also be placed under the slope.

Also, excess lengths of 210cm or 220cm are available. If it is foreseeable that your child will reach a height of at least 1.90 m, you can play it safe with these extra-long box spring beds.


Is the box spring bed exposed to particular loads and does it have to be made of a certain material?

Solid wood beds are particularly robust . These variants take a lot of weight and can be used for more than a decade. However, these versions are associated with a higher investment.

It is not necessary for a cot to use such a robust material. The load is significantly less than it is, for example, with a bed for adults. Even when children romp around on the bed, this is less stressful than when two adults lie in a large double bed.

It is therefore sufficient if a box spring bed with a frame is made of aluminum or plywood . These do not represent any impairment for your child and the bed will probably be in use for 10 years.


Which box spring beds are suitable for children and offer a very good price-performance ratio? Below you will find a small overview of models that promote your child’s sleep and save money.


The comparison table could not be output.The box spring bed Ascot by Jockenhöfer offers high quality at an affordable price. In the size of 140x200cm it is suitable for all children who would like a little more space when sleeping. Your child will feel comfortable there and not be afraid of falling out during the night.

The structure is characterized by very soft characteristics . The box is equipped with profile foam padding. No springs are used there, but the padding softly absorbs the weight. As a result, the bed moves less and feels more stable.

Bonell spring mattress lies on top of the box . In this case, the springs are connected to each other and it grants a good surface relief. If your child lies down on the mattress, the entire body will sink in slightly and relieve the strain.

The finish is the topper made of PU foam . This is soft and adapts wonderfully to the spine. This will not affect your child’s development and they will feel comfortable on this bed.

The height of the mattress is 16.5cm. This makes it a little smaller than comparable models and makes it easier for your child to get started. The total lying height is about 57cm for the bed.

The topper cover is machine washable at 60 ° C. This ensures high hygienic standards for your child.

The design of this bed is kept rather simple. There are no outstanding design features, so this version is well suited for most children’s rooms.

Choose this bed to offer your child a high quality and restful sleep . Because of its size and sleek design, it will likely appeal to teenagers more than toddlers. As an alternative, the manufacturer also offers a box spring bed with a bed box . This comes in handy when you need that extra storage space.


While the Ascot box spring bed offers few options, the Helena model from the manufacturer Aukona International is available in a wide variety of variants. Does your child like bright colors and should the bed exactly match the furnishings in the children’s room? Then this will not be a problem with this model. There are over 70 colors to choose from , in which the bed can be designed. Samples can be requested for a better assessment of the color scheme. This ensures that your child likes the design and that they accept the bed much better.

Not only the variety of designs is convincing. The structure of the bed also leaves nothing to be desired. The base consists of a stable wooden construction and a flexible spring core. These take up the weight of the mattress on top. The mattress is a pocket spring mattress. This is completely noiseless and takes the child’s body weight selectively. This offers an excellent adaptation to the spine and relieves it.

With the topper there is the possibility to choose from different materials. You can choose a comfort foam, visco foam or gelax, for example . The comfort topper will be well suited for your child to absorb the pressure.

The headboard is padded and has a height of 116cm . Overall, the box spring bed is a full 67cm high, so you should try out whether your child can get in without any problems. For children under 4 years of age, a boarding aid may be necessary so that they can get into the bed.

There is a wide range not only in terms of colors, but also in terms of sizes This ranges from a small version in 90x200cm to large versions in 180x200cm. The bed is made in Germany and direct communication with the manufacturer is possible without any problems. This means that individual wishes can also be expressed and implemented. Overlengths or slight design modifications are also possible.

Decide on this bed and have it made in the color of your child’s choice in order to get a high-quality sleeping experience. The structure is precisely tailored to your child and they are guaranteed to feel comfortable in this bed.


You can also expect the highest quality from the Möbelfreude manufacturer. This box spring bed for children guarantees restful sleeping comfort and will enable your child to have a pleasant night.

The longevity of the bed is guaranteed by the structure. In the base it consists of a wooden frame , which ensures stability. This lies in the area on the floor so that there is no risk of feet breaking off under the child’s movements if they romp around on the mattress.

Bonell spring core is used in the box . The springs are connected with wires and it swings slightly with the movements on the surface. On the core there is a mattress with a pocket spring core This not only offers excellent relief, it also enables good air circulation.

The scope of delivery already includes the topper made from a memory foam. This is 5cm high and offers a good end to the sleeping comfort. Overall, the bed height is around 65cm , making the bed one of the higher variants.

When it comes to the degree of hardness , you can choose from the soft H2 or a firmer H3. For your child, the soft variant in H2 will most likely be better. The choice of colors is not as wide as with the Helena model, but with its subtle tones it can be easily integrated into the children’s room. Thus, different shades of gray, a beige and blue available.

In terms of sizes, the manufacturer is more generous. There are all common variants of 90x200cm to 220x200cm are available. Optionally, these can be equipped with a bed box or a low headboard.

Use the box spring bed Bea to guarantee your child the best possible sleeping comfort . Thanks to the robust construction, this bed will be a companion for the entire childhood.


When choosing the cot, there are different options to choose from. The box spring bed scores with unique properties and stands out significantly compared to an upholstered bed.


The box spring bed offers the highest level of comfort among all bed variants The complex structure with several elements enables optimal relief of the spine. As a result, your sleeps peacefully and is not disturbed in its development.

Prevents tension and back pain

The spine of children is exposed to high and particularly one-sided stress. You spend a lot of time at school and even at home you do your homework or study at your desk. The movement is often too short, so that the muscles are not stressed enough. The box spring bed still offers good relief and prevents lasting back damage from occurring. In combination with enough exercise, your child will not suffer from postural damage and the spine will be in excellent health.

For allergy sufferers

Not to be neglected are the conditions for allergy sufferers. Because more and more children suffer from a house dust allergy. If nothing is done about it, not only does sleep suffer, but asthma can develop.

The box spring bed has excellent air circulation . The spring core is designed more openly and mites will feel less comfortable in this structure. Also use a mite spray and a Milbensauger to the burden of reducing even further. Then your child will spend the night calmly despite the allergy.


In principle, the box spring bed is suitable for children of all ages. The comfort is appreciated even by the youngest and contributes to development.

However, you have to make sure that the bed height is greater than with comparable variants. Therefore, an entry aid may be necessary so that your child can get into bed without any problems. Thanks to the wide range of degrees of firmness and safety, the box spring bed is also suitable for small children.


Safety plays a big role in the cot. After all, children move around a lot during sleep and there is a risk that they will fall out of bed. A box spring bed has a greater height, which is why the consequences of falling out are even more serious.

However, this danger can be averted relatively easily. Suitable bars are also available for box spring beds , with which the bed is safely equipped. These are attached to the sides and prevent your child from falling out of bed.

You should also pay attention to the entry height . A small step aid could be advantageous here.

The box spring bed can be used well for children from the age of 4. Your child will be old enough to get into this bed and spend the night there. Similar to the cradle , adequate protection against falling out is guaranteed.


The sleep is especially important for children. If you suffer from a lack of sleep, you will find it harder to concentrate and behave abnormally. You can’t get your best performance in school and development is delayed. Therefore, you should attach great importance to an optimal sleep of your child.

The box spring bed offers an ideal opportunity for your child to recover from the stresses of the day. The complex structure offers a high level of relief for the body and adapts to the spine. Your child can run around all day and will recover wonderfully from it at night.

Give your child an optimal start in life with the box spring bed. It will be a companion for the entire childhood and represents a long-term investment in the health and development of your child . Better school grades and fewer back problems will have a lasting impact on your child’s life.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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