The box spring bed creaks – what can you do?

The box spring bed was actually bought to improve your sleep. The complex structure relieves your body and offers greater comfort.

However, this impression can be tarnished if the box spring bed creaks. You lie down on the bed and the noises occur with every little movement. Not only is this uncomfortable, it can also make you feel insecure. Is the box spring bed safe or is it of poor quality?

Find out why the box spring bed creaks and which measures are successful.

The box spring bed has a multi-layer structure consisting of the box below, a mattress and the topper. In contrast to a bed with a slatted frame, however, there are fewer joints and opportunities for attack that lead to creaking.

In an ordinary bed, the slatted frame is often a weak point. This is exposed to a high level of stress and the quality deteriorates over the years. The advantage of the box spring bed is that it is not equipped with a slatted frame. Basically, it’s less prone to creaking and should be quieter.

If the creak occurs, it’s up to you to find out where the noises are coming from. Is the noise coming from the surface and the topper , which is very unlikely, or from the box , which is more common?

To do this, lie down on the mattress and it is best to have a third person to help. Does the creak occur if you move? Take the mattress down and carefully lay down on the box spring. If the creak can still be heard clearly, this could be the cause.


A common cause of creaking is the feet of the box spring bed. Today’s design preferences mean that the feet are kept as inconspicuous and minimalist as possible . This may look high quality, but from a practical point of view it is rather a disadvantage.

The feet have to bear a relatively high weight over a small area. Especially if you sleep very restlessly, the movements are transferred to the feet.

One cause could be that the screws are too loose . These may have loosened over time and your feet are no longer stuck. They move easily due to the load, and when they come into contact with the bed, the squeaking or creaking occurs.

The floor could also be responsible for the annoying noises. If the box spring bed is on a smooth wooden or stone floor , it could easily slide around. An uneven floor also leads to this instability and the clearly perceptible noises.


The lower box usually consists of a spring core . Depending on the version, this corresponds to a normal spring mattress or a barrel pocket spring mattress . The execution in the shape of a barrel is considered to be more resistant and the squeaking is considered unlikely .

Nevertheless, sooner or later the steel springs give way under the load. In the normal state, the springs react point-elastic. They take on your body weight and precisely relieve your back .

Over time, the springs prove to be less stable and show signs of wear and tear . A mattress can contain more than 1,000 springs that are close together. If the springs are worn, they are slightly deformed and can rub against each other. This is especially the case with the open springs . If the springs are surrounded by a pocket, the risk of squeaking is much lower.

If you have been using the box spring bed for a long time or if your body weight is higher, such signs of wear and tear can be expected after a few years. High-quality models should be used for up to 10 years without any problems without the springs squeaking.


Would you like to finally spend the night in peace again Then take the following steps to reduce noise pollution.


The first thing to do is to check all connectors. Are the screws on the feet or headboard tight or are they loose?

If you find loose screws, then tighten them so that there is no more play . This restricts your ability to move and noises should no longer occur.

In some cases, however, manufacturers also state that screws that are too tight lead to squeaking. Loosen it up a bit and see if there is any improvement. The bed should still be stable.

In the case of a box spring bed with a low headboard , such a measure is often helpful because the headboard is much lighter . A common mistake here is that it is tightened too tightly so that a creak occurs.


The easiest way to reduce the creaking of the box spring bed is to put a felt under the feet. This will prevent the bed from slipping and the felt will swallow the noise. And the laying of a carpet could bring an improvement. If you wanted to change the bedroom anyway, this measure is worth considering.


If the mattress is laid out and the springs can no longer withstand the load, then the individual springs cannot simply be exchanged. The only solution left is to invest some money in a new mattress .

If the creaking comes from the lower box , the entire box spring bed usually has to be replaced . Ask the manufacturer whether it is possible to replace the sub-box. In most cases, however, you only have the complete exchange.

Before you resort to these more expensive measures, it is worth carefully checking the screws and connections. Applying a thick foam topper could also help. This is a little more stable and the load penetrates less to the mattress.


If your box spring bed creaks every time you lie up on it, this is quite annoying. After all, these beds are not exactly cheap and actually promise a restful sleep.

If this is the case for you, then carry out the measures presented here so that the bed no longer squeaks. Usually it is enough to tighten a few screws and put a soft pad under your feet .

It looks different with electric box spring beds . Here the squeak usually occurs in the mechanical components . You should leave the examination here to a professional before you cause any major damage.

Look forward to a restful sleep in a quiet box spring bed again.

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