Electric box spring beds – the best models in comparison

to adjust electrically box spring offers the advantage that you can adjust, for example, the back, the foot or the deck height. You do not need your own muscle strength, but the bed is brought into the desired position by means of a motor .

This is an advantage if there are medical restrictions that make it impossible to sleep in an ordinary bed. The electrical control is also suitable for greater sleeping comfort. In the evening while watching TV, the backrest can be adjusted upwards and it is better to enjoy the film.

In this comparison you can find out how an electric box spring bed works and which models meet your needs.

The basic structure of an electric box spring bed does not differ from the box spring beds without a built-in motor. With the purchase of this type of bed, the aim is to achieve a particularly high level of sleeping comfort.

This is ensured by the structure, which consists of various elements. There is no slatted frame used , which is brought into an unfavorable position by the body weight when lying down, but three lying elements are combined to ensure the greatest possible comfort.

The spring box forms the basis for the bed . This replaces the slatted frame, but it works completely differently. The difference with electric box spring beds is that they mostly use a barrel pocket spring core . The alternative of the Bonell spring core can hardly be found in the electric models.

The mattress lies on the box. There are different degrees of firmness of the box spring bed , with which you can determine whether you prefer to lie harder or softer.

The topper lies on top of the mattress . This represents the surface on which you sleep. It usually consists of cold foam and ensures that the back is in an optimal lying position. Regardless of whether you sleep on your side or on your stomach, with the right elements you will achieve a higher level of sleeping comfort with the box spring bed than is the case with a bed with a slatted frame.


The box spring bed in itself is a guarantee of quality sleep. Thanks to the different elements, you can tailor the bed exactly to your needs.

To make sleep even more comfortable, there are beds that are equipped with a motor. The motor is installed below the box and allows you to lift and adjust certain areas of the bed. The bed can be easily controlled by remote control.

The remote control can either be connected to the bed with a cable or work without a cable connection. The box spring bed is so “intelligent” that only one side is adjusted . If you prefer to lie a little more upright, your partner remains completely unaffected by these lying properties. This makes it possible for everyone to get their money’s worth in bed and to adapt it to their own needs.

The freedom of movement can be so great that you could slip off the lying surface. To prevent this, holding plates are often attached to the foot side that hold you in position. An anti-slip coating can also help you to remain in the desired lying position.

With the help of the motor, it is possible for you to raise the head end a little so that you can read in a relaxed position. Or you can raise the foot area to improve blood flow. This is especially helpful for people who work standing up all day and benefit from the relief during the night.

Depending on the application for which the adjustable bed is used, the mobility should be taken into account. The electrically adjustable box spring beds are commercially available in various designs. Do you only value an adjustable headboard for individual adjustability of all elements at unnecessary costs. However, savings should not be made in medical applications.


It should already be mentioned that the electric box spring bed is suitable for different groups of people.

People who do not suffer from health restrictions have the greatest leeway in choosing the right bed. For them, an adjustable bed can still offer greater comfort and make evenings in bed more pleasant. It must be mentioned here, however, that the additional convenience is associated with higher costs. However, if you value a high quality of life, you shouldn’t skimp on the bed. This will be a constant companion for a few years, if not decades, and therefore a worthwhile investment in a healthier future.

It has also been suggested that an adjustable bed makes sense for people who are exposed to particular stress in everyday life or who suffer from minor health restrictions. This includes, for example, people who have to work standing up all day and can hardly take any breaks. The legs can be clearly felt at the end of the day and to improve the quality of life, a raised foot section can support the blood flow. Even for those receiving a weak veins suffer a simple bed with adjustable foot is helpful.

A motorized box spring bed should look much more complex for people with severe health impairments and who may be in need of care. Here it makes sense to purchase a bed that has similar functions to a hospital bed. An adjustable headboard makes eating easier and it can be lowered again during the night. The bed should also be able to be moved at the lying height in order to ensure adequate care. It should be mentioned that these beds are by far the most expensive. But they are an excellent investment to enable care in the familiar environment.


If you want to improve your lying comfort or put your health in the foreground, you will receive three recommendations that are convincing in terms of quality.


The model ROM II represents the beginning of the electrically adjustable box spring beds . It is a variant that is excellently suited for both medical and private use .

The two motors , which can adjust the mattresses independently of each other, ensure movement . This means that partners can also use this bed and adapt it to their own preferences. With the help of the motors, the head section and the foot section can be moved. The remote control supplied, which is attached to the side of the bed, is used for this. Conveniently stowed in the holder, you won’t have to look for the remote control for a long time, but will always be able to find it in the usual place.

Apart from the motor, the bed is also otherwise convincing due to its high quality . A 7-zone pocket spring core variant is used as a mattress . This satisfies even the highest demands on lying comfort and distributes the weight evenly over the entire surface.

The degree of hardness can be chosen between a soft (H2) or a medium hardness (H3). This depends on your own body weight and lying habits.

Bonell suspension is used as the basis . Seamlessly incorporated into the beautiful wooden construction, the bed not only impresses with its excellent functionality, but can also be easily integrated into the bedroom.

If there are special requests, these will be taken care of by the manufacturer. Since the bed is completely handcrafted in Germany , it is easy to implement your own wishes. Customer service is available for this and does everything in its power to implement your own ideas.

If you are looking for an electric box spring bed, this variant is one of the best solutions. The motors work reliably and are able to adapt the bed in a variety of ways. This even makes maintenance applications easier. The highest level of comfort is offered and the manufacturer, based in Germany, is always available for direct contact.


Another variant, which also impresses with the highest ratings and has established itself in the world of electric box spring beds, is provided by Belvandeo. Their “Ancona” model consists of two mattresses, each with motors to adapt the lying surface to your own needs.

With the help of the motors, the head section and the foot area can be raised . This is not only helpful for watching TV in the evening, but also to support people in need of care. Even at an advanced age, adjusting the bed height can be useful to make getting out of the bed easier or to promote blood flow in the legs. The reclining surfaces are adjusted using a remote control that can be attached to the bed.

The sizes available are from 140x200cm to 200x200cm . The model is therefore primarily aimed at two people who can use the bed.

Sleeping comfort is designed to be as high as possible on the basis of 2 levels. The 7-zone pocket spring core mattress ensures a comfortable absorption of the body weight. There is no selective sinking in, but the weight is distributed over the entire surface. In addition, there is the comfort mattress, which also increases the quality of sleep.

If you are a little unsure about how to assemble the bed, you can have the shipping company do this for an additional charge. This not only takes care of the shipping, but also any stress that could be associated with the construction. The manufacturer from Germany is available as a contact person and delivery can take place in consultation.

If you want to achieve high quality, this is guaranteed with this bed. The additional motors are available for further support and enable the highest level of comfort , to make reading easier or to promote health.


Another electric box spring bed is being presented by the manufacturer Spenger Bettenstudio . This is very broad in the field of box spring beds and is able to react even to unusual requests. The repertoire includes, for example, box spring beds with a low headboard that fit particularly well under the sloping ceiling. However, the “Laro” model is not intended for this special case, but impresses thanks to its motors that can move the mattress.

The motors are able to move both sides of the bed independently of each other. If you want to read a book in peace while your partner wants to sleep, this is easily possible. Or if your partner often suffers from heavy legs and would like to relieve them during the night, the motor can set up the foot section separately.

In addition to the engines, the variety of colors and fabrics is an argument in favor of buying this model. There are around 40 different upholstery fabrics available and there are also artificial leather variants that can be used for the bed. In order to check beforehand whether the color can be integrated well into the bedroom, you can request fabric samples. So you are spared any surprises.

Both single and double beds are available as sizes . These range from 90x200cm to 200x200cm. In contrast to other manufacturers, this bed is also suitable for individuals. In the children’s room, this bed offers the highest sleeping comfort that can be achieved and not only ensures good dreams, but also a high quality of sleep. This enables better performance in school and your child will benefit from these advantages. In the long term, this bed can therefore be seen as a relatively inexpensive investment in the future.

As with the other models presented here, a 7-zone pocket spring core mattress is also used in the “Laro” . This variant impresses with the highest level of comfort and keeps the spine stable.

Since the bed is made in Germany, the customer service is open to any questions and ready to implement individual requests. The fitters also take over the construction of the bed and you don’t have to worry about any additional stress.

If you are looking for a special design that is functional at the same time, you will find it at Spenger Bettenstudio. The first-class support will advise you on the purchase and thanks to the guarantee, any problems that could arise in the following 2 years can be solved.


If you want to enjoy the highest level of comfort , there is probably no better option than using the electric box spring bed.

With this you combine the advantages of the ordinary box spring bed with the modern advantages of the motors. The mattresses and elements are the same as those used in conventional box spring beds. Only with the advantage that these can now be moved.

This way you can read better in bed, watch a movie or lie more comfortably . These types of beds are also beneficial in terms of health. Can you straighten your legs a bit and make getting in and out easier?

The investment may seem a little higher at first glance, but since the beds support sleep for a few years, this is a manageable amount for back health. After all, you spend around 1/3 of your life in bed and should therefore not skimp on quality.

Your back will thank you and the electric box spring bed offers you the best comfort you can imagine.



The electric box spring bed basically consists of the same elements as an ordinary box spring bed. This includes the box, the mattress and the topper. In addition, this box spring bed is equipped with a motor so that the foot section and head area can be raised independently of each other.


Due to the existing engine, these box spring beds are much heavier. They bring a total weight of around 130kg to 150kg on the scales. You have to take this into account when setting up and setting up.


If you want more storage space, motorized box spring beds including a bed box are available. These models are usually a little higher to offer enough space.


Electric box spring beds are wonderfully suitable for seniors and people in need of care. Due to the height adjustability, maintenance and getting in and out are easier. Knee pain is less common and there is less stress on the joints.


With the electric box spring bed, the foot area and head area can be raised. This makes it easier to read or watch TV. But this adjustability is also useful to promote blood circulation in the lower body. In addition to greater comfort, health also benefits from this variant of the box spring bed.

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