Is a box spring bed healthier than an ordinary bed?

If you suffer from back pain or sleep disorders , the choice of bed is particularly important for you. In addition to the “classic” upholstered beds, box spring beds have come more and more into focus in recent years They are much more expensive, but advertise that they are good for your health.

Is this claim true and are box spring beds generally healthier than conventional beds with a slatted frame? Here you can find out how sleeping on the box spring bed affects your health.

First of all, it is advisable to explain the extraordinary structure of the box spring bed . Because it essentially depends on how comfortable your sleep is.

The base of the Boxspringbettes , the eponymous box spring . These are is a stable structure, usually one in whose interior spring mattress is. This absorbs the load point-elastic and gives way precisely.

Another mattress lies on top of the box spring In addition to the spring mattress, a pocket spring mattress is often used. This proves to be even more stable and is designed for a higher body weight. In turn, it adapts to the load in a point-elastic manner.

The Bonell spring core mattress serves as an alternative . The springs are connected by wires so that the springs yield in the area. This version is cheaper and is somewhat reminiscent of a waterbed in terms of comfort. If you lie down on this mattress, it swings a little and stands out clearly from the other innerspring variants.

The topper lies on the mattress . It is a foam pad that is soft and hugs your body. It represents the very “sensitive” conclusion of the three-part structure.

The complex structure of the box spring bed differs significantly from ordinary beds. There is no slatted frame and the sleeping experience is completely different. But is a box spring bed automatically healthier?


If you lie down on the bed, your body weight should experience good support. With ordinary beds, this depends largely on the mattress. If you choose a high-quality orthopedic mattress , it will be beneficial for your back. However, the slatted frame proves to be of little use to effectively absorb the load.

In this case, the box spring bed scores with its complex structure. The three different systems are precisely tailored to your sleep needs. Depending on your height and weight, you choose the right degree of hardness and decide on the design of the springs.

As already indicated, the barrel and pocket spring mattresses prove to be best for you. If you lie down on the mattress, the springs give way at certain points. As a result, they literally nestle against your back. The result is a stable sleep feeling and your back receives optimal support.

If you suffer from back problems, the box spring bed offers better relief. The box spring ensures a stable foundation, while the topper takes care of the fine tuning. This gives you the feeling that the box spring bed has been custom-made for you.


In most cases, the box spring bed is much higher than a bed with a slatted frame. This is due to the combination of the two mattresses, each equipped with springs. This makes the bed higher.

Do you find it difficult to get up in the morning because your knees hurt and do you need a few minutes to really get going? Then you should realize that these complaints increase with age.

For seniors, getting in and getting up is more of a challenge than you might be aware of. The greater overall height of the box spring bed is more comfortable in these cases .

When standing up, the knees are less bent. As a result, the stress is lower and the start of the day is much more painless. Getting into bed is also easier. As a result, seniors retain greater independence and are not dependent on help.


The complex structure is not beneficial for all sleep characteristics. A bed with a slatted frame has the advantage that there is more space below the mattress. This ensures better air exchange and more effective moisture exchange.

If you sweat while sleeping or if you suffer from a house dust allergy , you should pay close attention to the design of the box spring bed. These are less breathable, so that the moisture tends to stay in the material. This could encourage the mites to grow and make your symptoms worse.

It makes sense to take further measures, especially in summer For example, a cooling pillow might come in handy to create a more comfortable sleeping environment.


The box spring bed shows its advantages especially when it comes to assembly . In order for it to be healthy for you too , various requirements must be met.

high-quality spring core provides the best support for the back and relief Therefore, the mattress should consist of a pocket spring core . These give way exactly to the shape of the load, so that the spine is protected.

A variant as a Bonell spring core may be cheaper , but is less comfortable for the back. Therefore, pay particular attention to the design of the mattress.


As a support, the topper is essential for how comfortably you sleep on the bed. Here, too, high-quality models have a clear advantage. Pay attention to the density of the topper . This should have a minimum value of 40 . The higher the density, the denser the foam. This makes the topper more stable and withstands the load better.


If you are allergic , you should pay attention to an open design of the box spring bed . In modern design, emphasis is often placed on having the lowest possible ground clearance. From the allergy’s point of view, however, this is a disadvantage.

In order to suffer less from the allergy symptoms, it is better if there is more ground clearance . Do not use a box spring bed with a bed box and choose a version that allows greater breathability.


A comparison shows that the box spring bed is much healthier . For the back in particular , it offers a high level of relief , so that back pain and tension are reduced.

Older people benefit from the greater entry height. The stress on the joints is less and it is easier to start the day.

With limited mobility , a proven motorized box spring as a great help. With these, the height of the individual lying surfaces can be varied so that the legs are put up or the head is raised slightly.

Only allergy sufferers should make sure that there is sufficient air circulation when buying .

If these properties are taken into account, the box spring bed offers an extremely healthy sleep.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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