Box spring bed height – which height is ideal?

The height of the box spring bed seems to be quite surprising to some buyers at first. Because compared to the conventional bed with slatted frame, the box spring bed appears much higher.

Depending on how tall and mobile you are, other height variants can be advantageous for you. There are large variations within the box spring beds and they are available in different heights. These start at around 50cm and can be up to 80cm high.

In this guide you can find out which height of the box spring bed is ideal for you and how this is achieved.

Determining the height of the box spring bed is not that easy. There are various information related to altitude. A distinction is made here between the terms of:

Lying height
Entry height
Height of the headboard


The lying height is the absolute height of the box spring bed. So on top of the topper and without including the headboard. The lying height is largely responsible for whether you can get out of bed relaxed in the morning or whether there could be problems. An unsuitable height can lead to greater strain on the knee , which can create difficulties, especially for the elderly.

The height of the box spring bed results from the structure. Due to the elaborate combination of box, top mattress and topper, the beds reach a much greater height.

You should keep this in mind when buying and consider the optimal height.


The entry height is determined analogously to the lying height. Because when you get in, it is also relevant how high the bed actually is. The height is decisive for this height. It determines how high the bed should be so that you can go to bed without any problems.


The headboard has no real use and is, above all, a design element. There are variants that are a little padded, but normally the headboard does not even serve as a backrest. It’s too uncomfortable and unstable for that.

However, the height of the headboard is important if the box spring bed is to be placed under a sloping roof. Usually the headboards are between 110 and 135cm high. When setting up under the sloping roof, you should make sure to choose a box spring bed with a low headboard. Otherwise the bed could not fit under the slope and would have to be placed a little further away from the wall. To counter the problem under the sloping roof, there are box spring beds with a low headboard.


If you are interested in buying a box spring bed, you should first determine the ideal height. Otherwise, getting in and getting up in the morning can lead to the first unpleasant experience of the day. You can avoid this by determining the lying height in advance.

You can easily determine the ideal lying height yourself. When standing up, the thighs and lower legs should form at least a right angle. If the bed is too low, the buttocks lie lower than the knee joint when you stand up and the joint strain increases.

If the angle is larger, i.e. the leg is a little more straight, than with a right angle, it is easier to get up.

This is a great advantage compared to conventional beds, where the bed height is often lower. It is harder to get up and can lead to knee joint pain.

If you and your partner have a certain size difference, it is helpful to think about how high the bed should be beforehand. In general, the amount should be based on the larger partner.

To do this, the partner can sit on a chair and see from which seat height the thighs and lower legs create an angle greater than 45 °. It is best if a height-adjustable chair is used for this.

If no aids are available to determine the optimal entry height, the following table can serve as an aid. When choosing the height, you should be guided by the taller person.

heightEntry height
ab 150cmat least 50cm
ab 160cmat least 55cm
from 170cmat least 60cm
ab 180cmat least 65cm
ab 190cmat least 70cm

This table gives you a good overview of how high your bed should be at least. As a rule, it should n’t be a problem for your smaller partner to get into a higher bed.

Only with children should you pay more attention to ensure that they have no difficulty with the height.


Joints and the back are exposed to high stress in the course of life. What is easier to cope with at a young age becomes more evident in older age based on the signs of wear and tear.

Therefore, seniors belong to the group of people who should pay particular attention to how high the box spring bed is. A bed that is too low can increase the pain and difficulty in the knee joint.

To make getting in easier, some beds offer the comfort of a seat or side stabilizer . With these variants, the edge of the bed is more stable so that sinking in is not possible. This is helpful with particularly soft box spring degrees of hardness in order to enable a comfortable exit position. Otherwise, even beds that are 70 centimeters high would be much lower due to sinking.

Therefore, a box spring bed with a minimum height of 70 cm and a seat stabilizer is recommended for seniors. These offer a high level of comfort for getting in and out while at the same time minimizing the strain on the knees.


In general, heights between 60 and 65 centimeters have proven themselves and these are considered the best-selling heights. If you and your partner are of average height, you are certainly not wrong with this height.

Small people have no trouble getting to bed, and tall people do not feel excessive strain on the knee joint.


The height of the box spring bed is a significant advantage compared to an ordinary bed if you are struggling with knee or back problems. With a greater step-in height, the knee reaches an angle at which the load is significantly lower.

The most popular are box spring beds with a height of about 60 to 65 centimeters. If you are taller than 190cm, however, you should choose a box spring bed with an entry height of 70 centimeters.

Seniors or people who already suffer from knee problems should also make a higher bed their own.

With the optimal height, you ensure that getting up in the morning is not a burden, but is pleasant and you can start the day relaxed.

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