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One of the most popular box spring beds is the “Helena” version from Aukona International . If you want to enjoy a real box spring bed, this model gives you first-class sleeping comfort at a price in the range of 1,000 euros.

The sleep is one of the most important element in life and should not be neglected. After all, you spend around 8 hours in bed and this time shouldn’t be a burden on your body, but rather offer enough relaxation.

In this detailed check you can find out how the box spring bed Helena performs and whether it is worth an investment .

The box spring bed Helena is offered by the manufacturer Aukona International. This has a broad portfolio of box spring beds and uses many years of experience in this design. Although the name sounds like a global corporation, the box spring beds are sold in Germany by their own branch. If you have any problems, a friendly customer service is available and will help you with the purchase, delivery or other problems.

The production takes place in Germany in Bad Oeynhausen. In manual work manufactured employees place a high value on the quality and special requests can also be implemented. If you prefer a certain color, a slightly different design or would like to design the headboard differently, this can be implemented in consultation with Aukona. In this way you will receive an individual box spring bed that exactly meets your expectations.

What is remarkable about this version are the numerous variants and options with which the basic version can be adapted without additional costs. Countless fabric samples are available from which you can choose your favorites. This ensures that the bed fits in perfectly with your furnishings in the bedroom and makes a good visual impression.

There is also some leeway in terms of sizes. In addition to the usual versions as a double bed in 160x200cm / 180x200cm / 200x200cm, there are also versions as a single bed . The dimensions 90x200cm / 100x200cm / 120x200cm / 140x200cm are offered here. This makes the bed suitable for your child and ensures a high level of comfort. Sleep is especially important for children and they need even more sleep. This box spring bed Helena could be a good support to get the best performance in school.

In the general design of the bed, the typical structure of a box spring bed is followed. A 7-zone pocket spring core version is used as a mattress and the feeling of lying is rounded off by a visco topper. In this way you not only achieve a high level of comfort , but also offer your back good support.

In order to find the ideal model, the degree of hardness is of great importance. This indicates how resilient the mattress is and how deep you will sink in. It is important that you neither sink too low nor that the mattress is too hard. Both of these places greater stress on your spine and lead to long-term problems.

It is therefore pleasant that Aukona offers degrees of hardness from H2 to H4. The degree of hardness should be selected depending on the body weight .

up to 80 kg – H2
up to 115 kg – H3
over 115 kg – H4

This means that the Helena box spring bed is also suitable for heavier people. Some manufacturers do without the H4 degree of hardness and the selection for people weighing over 115 kilograms becomes a real problem. This model addresses these needs and provides the optimal degree of hardness.


How well you will sleep on the Helena box spring bed essentially depends on the structure. Because the box spring bed is divided into several layers , which absorb the body weight and relieve the back.

You will now find out in detail which structure is used in this model.


The base of every box spring bed is the sub-box. The mattress is placed on this and it is essential for comfort.

So that you can sleep calmly and relaxed, a Bonell spring core is used in the Helena model . This is a variant in which the weight is taken up by a large number of springs. The springs are also connected with a wire.

The Bonell spring core is best for people who weigh less than 100 kilograms. Since the individual springs are connected to each other, the force is distributed to all springs. It almost gives the impression that the lower box is vibrating. If you literally want to sleep on clouds , such a base is well suited for you.


7-zone design with a pocket spring core is used for the top mattress . The 7 zones mean that the mattress is divided into individual areas and differs slightly in terms of properties. This means that the mattress is more likely to meet the demands of the head or the lumbar spine.

Around 277 springs per m² inside the mattress ensure that the back is relieved. The springs are not connected to each other, but adapt individually to the load. The advantage here is that not the entire body is immersed in the mattress. This results in an excellent adaptation to the natural S-shape of the spine .

This type of mattress is also suitable for people who tend to sweat at night and who prefer high breathability. The moisture is transported away better and this type of design is an advantage, especially on warm days.


With the topper, the variant made of a memory foam has established itself in most box spring beds . This is also used in the “Helena” model.

This foam has the advantage that it can be easily deformed under the influence of body heat. If you lie down on the topper, it will ideally adapt to your back and the contour of your body.

With a thickness of 7cm , the variant provided is ideal for the back and forms a high-quality finish for the entire structure of the box spring bed.

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The advantage of this design is that the vibrations do not spread throughout the bed , but are absorbed by the individual springs. If you are in bed with your partner and they have a restless sleep, you will not notice anything.

It should be mentioned that this model is not equipped with bed legs. It stands directly on the floor, which means that breathability is somewhat restricted. Similar to a box spring bed with a bed box , the air circulation is impaired and this version is not quite as suitable for allergy sufferers.


The investment in a box spring bed should “pay off” over the long service life. Even if the models are usually a little more expensive than comparable beds with a slatted frame, this is compensated for over the longer service life .

What does it look like with the Helena box spring bed and what quality do you get here?

MATERIALThe manufacturer Aukona uses inexpensive plywood for some beds. However, solid wood is used in the base of the Helena box spring bed . This offers a high level of stability and ensures a high level of sleeping comfort, even for heavier people, without the fear that the bed will suffer from stress in a short time.

When it comes to material, no savings are made and the focus is on durability . With the right care, you will be able to use the bed for at least 10 years and the acquisition costs are limited over this period.


The workmanship is also of high quality. There are no mistakes and the seams are neatly designed. These have no attack surfaces and no problems should arise.

Here the handcraft and the special sense of proportion stand out in terms of quality.


The headboard is also characterized by its high quality. What is pleasant here is the offer that the manufacturer can adapt it to your wishes .

In the basic version, it protrudes a little on the edge of the bed and gives a feeling of security. With a width of the model of 200cm, the headboard is approx. 206cm wide. Depending on your own ideas, this can be changed in consultation with Aukona.


If you have decided to buy the Helena box spring bed, you probably want to use the new sleeping experience as soon as possible. For this purpose, Aukona is working hard on a speedy delivery and offers a high quality of service.

The bed will be delivered by the shipping company after 14 days at the latest. To do this, you set your preferred date with the shipping company and the bed will be delivered on that date. Aukona customer service can be reached even on Saturdays if you have any questions and will respond to your individual needs if the appointment should be changed at short notice.

The delivery is not associated with additional costs and is carried out to your bedroom.Are you unskilled about your craft and do you have a lot of respect for assembling a box spring bed?

Then this fear is unfounded with this model. The shipping company not only takes care of delivery, but also assembly. This is already included in the purchase price and is part of the service.

This means that delivery and assembly couldn’t be easier. Simply arrange the desired date with the manufacturer and the box spring bed is ready for use in your bedroom The packaging waste is also disposed of, so that you are not busy with long clean-up work.


The box spring bed Helena convinces with its high sleeping comfort and the simple customization of the bed. The base and the mattress are suitable for people with a higher body weight and the massive construction ensures that you can still use the bed in 10 years.

The selection is particularly impressive and all fabrics and sizes are available that you can only imagine. This means that the box spring bed is also suitable for children and can be integrated into all bedrooms.

On the other hand, it is a bit of a shame that the bed does not have feet , but rather stands directly on the base. This may give a good visual impression, but the breathability is impaired and therefore the bed can only be recommended for allergy sufferers with reservations.

Otherwise, the first-class customer service stands out. Since the bed is handcrafted in Germany, customer requests are implemented quickly and often at no extra charge.

Play it safe with the box spring bed “Helena” and get exactly the bed that meets your expectations. You don’t have to compromise, you get exactly the execution you expect for the money.


Does the mattress sag?

You can decide for yourself whether the bed should consist of one mattress or two mattresses. It is advisable to choose two mattresses if a large mattress cannot be transported into the bedroom. Otherwise, you can easily choose a full-length mattress.

Is there a risk of the mattress slipping?

Actually, the mattress should be very stable. However, if sleep is very restless, a cover is recommended with which the mattress is stabilized. This is available at an additional cost of € 70.

Can different degrees of hardness be combined?

If different degrees of hardness are recommended for you and your partner, two degrees of hardness can be combined. This is not associated with extra costs and ensures optimal comfort for both partners on your halves of the bed.

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