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The name already sounds like music to your ears and you are curious how the box spring bed piano promotes your sleep?

Then you should take a closer look at the following detailed check. The box spring bed convinces with a completely new structure and is perceived differently compared to a conventional bed with a slatted frame.

The price range for box spring beds is huge and with it the risk that you choose a model that does not meet your requirements. In order to avoid a bad investment and to decide whether the box spring bed Piano suits you, I present this model in detail.

You will then notice whether the Piano box spring bed meets your expectations and you will decide for or against the purchase.

The box spring bed Piano is offered by the manufacturer Aukona . This has a broad segment and is based on years of experience in the field of box spring beds. Therefore it is possible for him to respond very precisely to the wishes of the customers. Aukona has not undeservedly established itself on the market and the quality and price-performance ratio are convincing.

With the box spring bed Helena , a model in the middle price segment has already been presented. This stood out mainly because of the ease with which it can be adapted . In close consultation with the manufacturer Aukona, it was possible, for example, to design the headboard according to your own wishes and there is a large number of available colors.

You can expect the same quality from the Piano box spring bed. This model is also handcrafted in Bad Oeynhausen. This production process enables you to intervene and express your wishes without any problems. Smaller adjustments are possible at no extra charge and help you get exactly the bed you want. Since the box spring bed tends to be a bit more expensive than comparable beds with a slatted frame, you will use this procedure to ensure that you get exactly the box spring bed that suits you.

In most cases, however, an individual adjustment is not necessary. There are already numerous variants to choose from before buying. For example, you can choose from over 70 colors and fabrics so that the bed can be seamlessly integrated into the furnishings of your bedroom.

There is also a large selection of sizes. Starting at 90x200cm to 200x200cm , most wishes should be fulfilled. The Piano box spring bed is available as a single bed as well as a double bed. Only people who are dependent on a longer bed will be neglected here.

Closely related to buying a box spring bed is the improvement of the quality of sleep. You can find out how comfortable the Piano box spring bed is in the following section.


The box spring bed differs from ordinary beds with a slatted frame in that it has a three-part structure . This is always the same for real box spring beds. The sub-box forms the basis and takes most of the loads. The upper mattress, which is largely responsible for the feeling of lying down, lies on the lower box. Finally, the topper refines comfort as a thin layer.

All box spring beds follow this structure. There are differences in the details inside the individual versions. Now find out how Aukona works with your piano box spring bed to give you the best possible sleep.


The large box made of a Bonell spring core serves as the basis for this box spring bed . The springs absorb the weight of the mattress on top and the back is effectively relieved .

Bonell in this case means that the springs are still connected to each other by a wire . As a result, the load is distributed somewhat more over the surface and is not limited to individual springs. This is an advantage for the longevity of the box spring bed and the air circulation also benefits.

If you are lying on the bed, the springs begin to swing and this results in better air exchange. This is good news for allergy sufferers, as dust mites will feel less comfortable in this mattress.

Due to the individual connections of the springs, the entire sub-box swings a little. This describes a feeling as if you were sleeping on clouds. Ultimately, however, it is always a question of taste whether you want to use the properties of the Bonell spring core for your box spring bed.


The next layer is the top mattress. A 7-zone pocket spring mattress is used here. This again consists of numerous springs inside, but these are not connected to one another. This results in a higher point elasticity .

With this chosen model, the bed will adapt much better to your body contour. This ensures a high level of stability and is beneficial for your spine. Your shoulders and pelvis only sink so deep into the mattress that the natural shape is preserved.

If you already notice that it is difficult for you to get up and you feel tension in your neck, it is very likely that the mattress is to blame. This will not have the right properties. With the version selected here for the Piano box spring bed, there is a high probability that you will do justice to your body and get up in the morning without discomfort .

The 7 zones , each with slightly different lying properties , cater to the needs of the body. The head area must be treated differently than, for example, the lower back.


The topper contributes to the refinement of the lying feeling. This is a thin pad that lies on the top mattress and hugs your body contour.

With the Piano box spring bed, you can choose from the following different types.


The Visco-Topper offers maximum adaptation to your spine. This is a very flexible material that deforms under body heat. This also adapts the material to your contour and ensures good support.

The comfort foam is generally perceived as being somewhat “simpler”. It also adapts to your sleeping position, but this is less pronounced than with visco foam, for example. In return, there is relief over the entire area .

For a maximum sleeping comfort is Visco Topper good services and provide a good night guarantee.


When buying a box spring bed, you have to make sure that you choose the right hardness . This determines how deep you sink into the mattress and how good the support for your back is. The required degree of hardness usually results from your body weight and the following recommendations apply here.

H2: up to 80 kg
H3: 80 to 110 kg
H4: from 110 kg

If you and your partner want to choose different degrees of hardness, these can be combined. Double beds are made up of two mattresses and this allows a combination of degrees of hardness. You can be sure that you don’t have to make any compromises in this regard.


The investment in the Piano box spring bed needs to be well invested. How is the bed made up and can you expect to use it for a long time?


The material used shows that great importance is attached to high stability . The frame is made of a solid wood. This is able to absorb the high loads and show no signs of wear. The headboard and other smaller details are made from chipboard. This is fine and beneficial for the price-performance ratio.

All “critical” components were built with the necessary stability and it can therefore be assumed that the bed will last a good 10 years with normal use.


The special thing about the manufacturer Aukona is that the box spring beds are handcrafted. This not only contributes to the fact that you can change the details very easily, but also that the workmanship is subject to a high quality.

It is “Made in Germany” and this is definitely noticeable in a positive way. The fabric is well made and has no weak points. You can be sure that the Piano model is robust and durable in your bedroom.


The elegantly designed headboard is made of chipboard, which is upholstered on the upper side. The upholstery ensures greater comfort, but is relatively economical.

If you like to lean against the headboard and are looking for a very cozy variant, this model will not fulfill your wishes. When it comes to the headboard, it is more important that it fits in with the design and looks high-quality. In consultation with the manufacturer, however, a softer headboard can probably also be designed so that you get your money’s worth again.


The box spring bed Piano from Aukona really scores points when it comes to delivery and assembly. Here nothing is left to be desired and if you consider yourself a bit clumsy when assembling furniture, you are in the right place here.

Once you have decided to buy, the manufacturer will first discuss the properties of the bed with you. It is confirmed again which colors and fabrics are selected. It is also possible that you express your own wishes.

You will then receive an initial assessment of the delivery date. The delivery does not involve any additional costs and is reliably taken over by a forwarding agent. This is also responsible for setting up the box spring bed and disposing of any packaging waste.

So you don’t have to do anything other than order the bed and clear the desired space. The shipping company takes care of delivery and assembly , so that you can use the bed the first night without any problems. The bedroom is tidy and you can immediately enjoy this model.

If there are any unanswered questions, customer service is on hand with help and advice. Since the manufacturer is based in Germany, you will be directly connected to the responsible person and you will always be informed about the current status of your bed.


The box spring bed Piano impresses with its clear design. It is elegantly designed and uses clear language. Especially in modern bedrooms, it can be easily integrated and enhances the room.

The sleeping comfort convinces with its three layers that optimally adapt to your body. When choosing the topper, you have the freedom to choose one of the three variants and have a precise influence on the feeling of lying down.

With a firmness of up to H4, this box spring bed is also well suited for heavier people. However, allergy sufferers have to live with the trade-offs that the air circulation under the bed is restricted. The springs inside the mattress are in turn beneficial for breathability. If in doubt, as an allergy sufferer, you should opt for an encasing to reduce the symptoms.

If you are looking for a particularly simple way to enjoy the box spring bed , the Piano model is perfect for you. Delivery and assembly are taken over by the shipping company and the high degree of customization enables you to get exactly the bed you want.

At an excellent price-performance ratio, you will sleep like on cloud nine with the box spring bed Piano for the next 10 years and offer your back the necessary relaxation.


Does the headboard wobble when you jerk it?

The headboard is connected to the frame and it is recommended that the bed be close to the wall. This means that there is no jerking and the head section is stable.

How many springs are built into the h3 and h4 mattresses on 2x1m?

Around 600 springs are used as standard in the mattresses to absorb the loads. 1000 or 2000 springs can also be used for an extra charge.

How long does the delivery take?

Since the bed is made in Germany, delivery within 2-5 working days is realistic. This also depends, among other things, on whether special requests are implemented and the parts are in stock.

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