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The Valina box spring bed has all the advantages of a typical box spring bed . The multi-layer structure is designed in such a way that your back is relieved and the spine is spared. If you suffer from sleeping problems and find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, a box spring bed will give you a whole new feeling.

Compared to conventional beds with a slatted frame, box spring beds are usually a little more expensive to buy. But you shouldn’t let that irritate you. Because the high quality of the Valina box spring bed guarantees that you can use it for 10 years and longer . In addition, the health of your back should be worth such an investment.

Even if box spring beds are generally seen as beneficial, there are some differences and features that you should consider before buying. You can find out whether the Valina box spring bed meets your requirements in this detailed check.


First, I would like to give you a general overview of the Valina model. This is offered by the well-known supplier Furniture for Friends . This is particularly convincing due to the excellent price-performance ratio that all models have. This is made possible by the wide range of products and years of experience.

With the box spring bed Bea there is another very nice alternative from Furniture for Friends, which is available at a similar price. What is special about the Valina box spring bed, however, is the very short headboard. With a height of only 90cm , the bed will fit seamlessly under most sloping ceilings. With the box spring bed with a low headboard, the space can be optimally used and at the same time you can enjoy the high level of sleeping comfort.

As usual with Furniture for Friends, the Valina box spring bed is also available in numerous versions . This starts with the large variety of lying areas. These start at 90x200cm and go up to 220x200cm. Thus, the model is suitable both as a single bed and for taller people. In terms of size, no wishes remain unfulfilled and you can find exactly the right model for you and your partner.

The usual variants in H2 & H3 are offered for the degrees of hardness . A combination in H2 / H3 is also possible if you and your partner have different demands on the hardness. The hardness level H2 is recommended up to a weight of 75 kilograms. With a higher body weight, the choice in favor of H3 for the spine is an advantage.

The colors are a bit limited in choice, but still sufficient for most bedrooms. Elegant gray and black tones are offered, as well as blue and beige tones .

You can find out what makes the box spring bed in detail in the following discussion.


If you choose a box spring bed, you will certainly want to make your sleep more comfortable. Instead of a slatted frame, the box spring bed is based on a multi-layer structure. Each position ensures that the weight is better absorbed and relieves the back. This literally creates a feeling as if you were sleeping on clouds.


The base of every box spring bed is the lower box. This is responsible for the rough absorption of the body weight and is characterized by numerous springs.

With the Valina model, Furniture for Friends relies on a Bonell spring core in the lower box. This is equipped with 154 springs per m² , which absorb the energy and do not transfer it to the back. When you sleep, it is completely natural for you to move, and the bed should accommodate these movements to allow for a relaxed sleep.

In addition, the characteristic of the Bonell spring core means that the springs are connected to one another . As a result, the weight is absorbed a little better in the area and distributed over all springs. In terms of the feeling of sleep, this means that the sub-box as a whole absorbs the weight and vibrates slightly.

The advantage of this variant is that a better exchange of air is guaranteed and this type of mattress is very durable. In addition, it is relatively cheap to manufacture. In terms of sleeping comfort, there are definitely better alternatives, but they are also associated with a higher price.


The top mattress is essential for sleeping comfort. This probably has the greatest influence when it comes to a high level of sleeping comfort.

7-zone pocket spring core mattress is used in the Valina box spring bed . This uses around 248 springs per m² and ensures that the body weight is recorded with pinpoint accuracy.

In contrast to the lower box, the load here is absorbed point-elastic . This means that not the entire mattress is deformed under your weight, but only the part that is stressed by your sleeping position. This enables a better adaptation to your body contour. The spine is ideally stabilized and back problems will not arise in the first place.

Often this type of mattress is also equipped with different lying areas . This means that each zone has a slightly different degree of hardness in detail. This is an advantage because your head needs different support than your lumbar spine area, for example.

Thanks to the numerous springs, you will enjoy a high level of sleeping comfort and spend the night in peace. So you feel like you are sleeping in a 5-star hotel.

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The topper is the end of the layer structure. It is made of memory foam and is 5cm high.

With these properties, the topper does its job excellently. The memory foam deforms under the influence of body temperature, but otherwise remains very stable. This guarantees an optimal lying feeling .


You need a little more storage space, it is also possible for the box spring Valina in the size 160×200 with a bed frame to order. Here, the lower box is replaced by the bed box and you can stow the bed linen in it, for example. However, you should keep in mind that comfort suffers a little and for allergy sufferers there is a restriction that breathability is reduced.

From a width of 160cm, two divided mattresses are supplied. These offer the advantage that different degrees of hardness can be combined and the vibrations are not transmitted to half of the partner. This means that you will not be affected by the nightly movements of your significant other and you can sleep in peace. Due to the continuous topper, no crack or the like can be felt, so you can still call the advantages of a large double bed your own.


The box spring bed should guarantee first-class sleep for a few years. Does the Valina box spring bed meet these requirements and guarantee the quality that you can use this model for at least 10 years?


In order to withstand the stresses well, the frame is made of sturdy wood. This leaves a good impression and will not be a weak point in the bed. Even if you weigh a little more, the wooden frame can take your weight without any problems.

The feet, on the other hand, are very flat and thin. When moving or moving the bed, you must therefore ensure that the bed is raised evenly. Otherwise, the feet could suffer from the uneven load.

If you handle this bed with care, it will be usable in the bedroom for 10 years without any problems.


When processing the fabric, the most important thing is how the fabric is sewn. The many years of experience of Furniture for Friends proves that no weak points are to be expected. Individual threads may stick out, but they can be easily removed.

The seams of the fabric are not a point of attack. The structural fabric has a high-quality effect and is particularly suitable for modern bedrooms. Before you buy, you can order a sample and check whether the fabric matches the existing interior.


The Valina model stands out because the headboard is only 90cm high . This enables you to set up the bed under a sloping roof.

Visually, the headboard is based on a rather inconspicuous square quilting. This is of high quality and allows you to lean your head against it. Unfortunately, no other design, for example with a smooth surface, is offered. The Benno box spring bed could be a cheaper alternative for you here.

The headboard is made of a composite wood . This is light and has a good price-performance ratio. Due to the overlying fabric, it is not even noticeable that it is not a solid wood. In order to ensure the stability of the box spring bed, the headboard must be attached . If you have a very, extremely flat roof pitch, you cannot spontaneously decide to simply leave out the headboard.


Buying the Valina box spring bed online is quick and easy . The bed will arrive with you within a few days and after a short assembly you will experience a completely new sleep feeling in the first night.

After the successful order, you will first receive an information folder . The bed will be handed over to a shipping company, who will then be your first point of contact to coordinate the delivery. In order to be well prepared, there is a small checklist that shows you exactly how the delivery takes place.

If the bed was handed over to the shipping company by Furniture for Friends, they will contact you and discuss the further process. There you enter your desired date and the shipping company will deliver the box spring bed on time.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings , the shipping company will call you again before the delivery . This ensures that you don’t forget the appointment.

The employees of the shipping company carry the parts to your bedroom. The packaging material is then disposed of and all you have to do is set up the bed.

The structure turns out to be very unproblematic. You will be finished with your work in about 15 minutes. All you need is a screwdriver and even for inexperienced furniture enthusiasts, the construction is not riddled with challenges.


If you want to do something good for your back and improve your sleep , the decision for a box spring bed is absolutely right. The 3-part structure absorbs the weight optimally and offers you a high level of sleeping comfort.

The Valina box spring bed proves that such premium comfort does not have to be expensive . The acquisition costs are limited and thanks to the high quality you will still be able to use the model in 10 years.

This version of the Valina model is particularly welcome if you want to place the bed under a sloping roof . The only 90cm high headboard allows the bed to be set up very flexibly and hardly takes up any space.

Take care of the health of your back and improve your sleep with the Valina box spring bed. You will feel the difference in the first night and experience a completely new sleep feeling.


Is the mattress also divided into two parts in the 140cm version?

With a size of 140x200cm, the mattress is still continuous. Only with the versions from 160x200cm is the mattress delivered divided. Due to the continuous topper, however, this subdivision is not noticeable.

How to choose the degree of hardness?

The degree of hardness depends primarily on the body weight. The higher the weight, the harder the mattress should be so that the body does not sink too deep.

The hardness level H2 is recommended up to a weight of 75 kilograms. In addition, the H3 variant is more suitable. If there are greater differences in body weight, both mattresses can be equipped with a different degree of firmness.

Is the topper interchangeable?

The topper is not sewn to the mattress, but rests on it. The cover does not slip it, but it can be removed if desired. So it is also possible to put your own topper on the mattress.

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