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Does your back hurt and you find it difficult to get up in the morning? Then you should look around for a new bed. Because the problems are probably not caused by your body and you don’t have to put up with these limitations. Often times, ordinary beds with slatted frames are not particularly back-friendly, so it’s no wonder that tension and pain develop over time.

The box spring bed is an excellent alternative to do something good for your health. It consists of a complex structure and is able to provide significant relief for the back.

With the box spring bed Viola you get a model that meets these high requirements and is tailored to your wishes . You can find out how well this bed performs in practice in this detailed check.

The box spring bed Vioala is offered by the experienced manufacturer Aukona International . With the Helena box spring bed , for example, they prove that you attach great importance to a high level of comfort and the adaptability of the beds. So a large selection is possible and you will certainly get exactly the version that fits your body and the bedroom.

In terms of sizes, there is a choice of smaller single beds 90x200cm / 100x200cm / 120x200cm. These versions are well suited for children or teenagers, but can also be used by singles who want to enjoy a high level of sleeping comfort. The following sizes are possible for the double beds: 160x200cm / 180x200cm / 200x200cm.

This covers the most common variants and the beds are suitable for most people . If you have special requirements and you want the bed to be particularly long, you can discuss further dimensions with the manufacturer. A version in the size 220x240cm is also possible. However, significant additional costs are to be expected here.

Visually, the Viola box spring bed creates a noble and calm impression. It is not particularly noticeable, but rather kept sneaky. It is positive that you can choose from over 70 colors . You can have the samples sent to you in advance and take your time deciding how the bed should be designed.

The headboard is kept relatively low and it is therefore also conceivable to place the bed under a sloping roof. So you use the space very efficiently and the bed can stand directly against the wall.

The degree of hardness is also important when making a purchase decision . This largely determines how comfortable the bed is on the back. With the Viola box spring bed, the following guidelines are given when choosing the degree of firmness.

H2: 50 to 80 kg
H3: 80 to 115 kg
H4: 115 to 140 kg

The degree of hardness depends on your body weight and this is how stable the structure must be. If there are big differences in body weight between you and your partner, different degrees of hardness can also be combined. So you can choose the grade H4 for your side, while your better half is, for example, on H2.

Thanks to the large selection and customization options you will get ideal filled with the box spring Viola a model that not only looks good, but your sleep needs. You can find out exactly how high sleeping comfort is achieved in the following section.


After a general description of what makes this bed so special, the actual structure will now be described. Because the box spring bed always consists of a three-part structure , which is responsible for the feeling of sleep.


In the lowest layer of the box spring bed, a sub-box made from a Bonell spring core is used. This consists of a large number of springs that are connected to one another by a wire. As a result, the weight is given a little more over the surface and is distributed over this sub-box.

The feeling of lying down is described purely on the basis of sensation in such a way that the entire sub-box vibrates slightly. Since the springs are connected, they influence each other and vibrate together. This is generally referred to as pleasant and increases the longevity of the underbox.

It is also possible to replace the lower box with a bed box or to install a motor. A box spring bed with a bed box offers a little more storage space, but is less suitable for allergy sufferers, as the air circulation is impaired. The version with an electric motor is particularly recommended for older people who need support when getting up or who have to put their legs up for better blood circulation.

In the normal version you will benefit from the high level of comfort and the air circulation is sufficient so that the bed can be used by allergy sufferers.



So that you can spend the nights comfortably on the bed, the design of the top mattress is largely responsible. Aukona decided to use a 7-zone pocket spring core mattress .

This is also equipped with a large number of springs . Unlike the Bonell variant, these are not connected with a wire. Rather, these are wrapped in small fabric bags.

This design ensures a high point elasticity . This means that the mattress adapts better to the contour of your body. If you lie down on the mattress, the springs are pressed down individually. This means that you only sink in as deeply as is ideal for your back.

TOPPERIn addition, the mattress is divided into different degrees of firmness. This can be seen from the 7 zones . The head needs to be supported differently than, for example, the pelvis. This mattress caters precisely to the needs of your back and ensures a good night’s sleep.

The top layer is completed by the topper. The topper thus represents the “fine tuning” and should round off the positive overall feeling.

There are three variants to choose from for the Viola box spring bed You can choose freely from cold foam to visco to gelax. The visco topper is probably the most popular method. This is a memory foam that becomes flexible under the influence of body heat and adapts perfectly to your body.

Due to the individual design, it is possible for you to adapt the layer structure and to do it according to your wishes. Since a box spring bed is a bit more expensive in most cases, you will not have to make any compromises with this model, but will find exactly the model that improves your sleep.


In the double versions, the bed is delivered with two sub-boxes and split mattresses . This allows you that both sides can be tailored exactly to the body and the feeling of sleep.

Another advantage is that the movements are not distributed over the entire bed. If your partner sleeps a little more restlessly and moves a lot, the movements will not be transferred to your half. In addition, there is no gap between the mattresses and the topper. So you will get a perfect combination of high sleeping comfort and a typical double bed.


The box spring bed Viola is one of the models in the middle price segment. Depending on the design and special requests, the bed can cost over 1,000 euros. For this investment, you should be able to expect the bed to last reliably for a few years and not show any signs of use. Therefore, the quality criteria are also decisive when buying.

Based on the
maximum load of 140 kg per side , you should be aware that the bed is built to be very stable overall . The frame is made of solid wood, while the other details, such as the headboard, are made of a wood composite material. This achieves a high level of stability and the bed can be used for at least 10 years .MATERIAL

The same applies to the mattresses. These are made of high-quality materials and buyers report that no signs of wear and tear can be seen even after years of use . So you don’t have to worry that the mattress will appear worn out after a few years.

There are different types of fabric available. You can use an ordinary woven fabric or a synthetic leather to refine the bed. There are around 70 variants that you can choose from.


Like the other models from the manufacturer Aukona, the Viola box spring bed is handcrafted. This is done in Bad Oeynhausen and you can be sure of quality “Made in Germany”.

Due to the manual work and the close proximity to the manufacturer, all requests can be reliably implemented. You will not find any weak points during processing . The seams are neatly attached and the mattress will offer you an optimal sleep for a long time.


The headboard is important for the impression of the bed and to some extent also for comfort. This is optically kept rather simple and thus follows the overall impression. It essentially consists of the coated wood and padding is attached at the level of the lying surface . This allows you to lean against the headboard and sit upright in bed. This is useful if you read a book or enjoy watching TV.

In the usual design, the headboard has a height of 114 cm . The headboard is always 6 cm wider than the bed and provides a cozy finish.

The height and dimensions of the headboard can, however, be adjusted according to your wishes. It is also possible to leave out the headboard entirely and place the bed directly against the wall. A box spring bed without a headboard is ideal for sloping ceilings if there is little space above the bed.


The process of delivery and assembly is particularly convincing at the manufacturer Aukona. If you are unsure how easy it is to assemble the Viola box spring bed, you are in good hands with this manufacturer.

The delivery is usually made within 14 days with the agreement of the forwarding agent To do this, you specify your preferred date and the shipping company will reliably deliver the bed. This fast delivery time is guaranteed even with custom-made products and you do not have to worry about delays.

After the desired date has been set, you will receive a call from the shipping company on the day of delivery. This means that both sides are informed and can make the delivery safely.

The practical thing about this bed is that the assembly is carried out by the shipping company . The Viola box spring bed is set up in your bedroom within 15 minutes and can be used. Packaging materials are also disposed of by the shipping company.

So there is no work for you and the bed can be used wonderfully that same night. There is certainly no easier way to enjoy a box spring bed.


If you have precise ideas about what your box spring bed should look like, you will be able to realize this with the Viola model. In close consultation with the manufacturer Aukona, it is possible to adapt the design and receive an individual model.

In the basic version, the Viola box spring bed convinces with its simple but elegant design and a high level of comfort. The pocket spring core mattress with its 7 zones adapts perfectly to your back and provides good support.

The bed is also suitable for allergy sufferers. The air circulation is supported by the numerous springs and mites will certainly not feel comfortable there.

Fulfilled your dream of a good night’s sleep with the Viola box spring bed. The bed will be set up in your bedroom within 14 days and you will experience for yourself how your quality of life is improving.


Which fitted sheets can be used?

The structure of the box spring bed ensures that the fitted sheets of most beds cannot be used. The mattress is already at least 20cm high and including the topper, the fitted sheets should have a bar height of 30cm. So you have to find out exactly which fitted sheets are suitable for the respective box spring bed.

Can the bed be set up without a headboard?

With many variants, the headboard is necessary as a support and must not be removed. The Viola box spring bed, on the other hand, is fully functional even without a headboard. You should just make sure that the bed is against the wall for greater stability.

Is the bed slipping apart?

The lower box consists of two parts. This absorbs the load better. It is also firmly connected to each other. This way it doesn’t slip and everything stays in its shape.

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