Box spring bed with bed box – the best models in comparison

Box spring beds with bed boxes are not only extremely comfortable to sleep in, they also offer additional storage space. If it gets too tight in the bedroom and the space is extremely limited in your home, this variant of the box spring bed is worth careful consideration.

In this guide you will find out which models are best suited for your bedroom, what you should pay attention to when buying and what the benefits of the box spring bed with bed box actually are .

Box spring beds are known for their extraordinary sleeping comfort . These special forms of the bed owe this to its structure.

If you want to benefit from this unique lying experience, but the space in your bedroom is limited, the dream of a box spring bed can quickly threaten to fail. Box spring beds with a low headboard are an alternative if the bed is to be set up directly under a sloping roof.

However, if the storage space is limited and the cupboards are already full, you can use the space under the lying area. This concept is nothing new for conventional beds with a slatted frame. There, the space under the bed is often used as storage space. This concept is now also finding its way into box spring beds.

The box spring bed is characterized above all by its unique structure . This is made up of several parts and by adapting the individual elements to your needs, you get an individual bed that adapts exactly to your sleeping needs.

Instead of a simple slatted frame, a box spring bed uses a box with a spring core. The actual mattress rests on this box.

In order to give your spine optimal stability , there is a topper on most mattresses. This is a very thin mattress, which takes over the “fine tuning” and enables an ideal lying position for your spine.

With conventional beds, you are probably used to the fact that the bed linen could be stored in the bed box. This storage space is not available with the classic box spring beds, as the spring base and the mattress are located there.

With box spring beds with a bed box, however, you can regain some storage space , for example to store a pillow there. These beds also offer a high level of comfort and do not lose any of their quality.


The box spring bed normally takes up a large space. It can be difficult to find enough space to accommodate bed linen or a pillow. With rising rental prices in particular, it is becoming more and more difficult to get a spacious apartment with a lot of living space.

Therefore, new concepts are required with which the available space can be used intelligently . The bed box in the box spring bed expands the available space and creates additional storage space.

In addition, box spring beds with bed boxes are built a little higher. This makes it easier for you to get in and out of bed and if you suffer from knee problems, you will no longer feel them with the bed. Gone are the days when you had to torture yourself out of bed in the morning and your knees or other joints caused problems when you got up.

The variants with storage space do not require any additional space in the bedroom. The footprint is exactly the same as for models without a bed box. However, you should make sure that the bed box is accessible . Therefore, a little more space should be planned either on the side or on the foot section.

At this point, it must be pointed out that closed bed boxes can impair air circulation . Box spring beds are usually known for the fact that air can circulate optimally and moisture can be transported away. If the bed box is closed, the air can no longer move quite as freely. As a result, moisture and dust could accumulate. In the worst case, there is even a risk of mold forming if the humidity in your bedroom is too high.


Similar to the box spring beds themselves, there are also different versions of the versions with bed boxes. These differ mainly in the construction of the bed box.

Box spring beds with a large bed box underneath the entire lying area offer you the greatest possible storage space With these, the bed box can usually be opened at the foot end and the side.

On the other hand, variants that have an integrated drawer are somewhat smaller . This can be opened over the side or the foot end of the bed.

Depending on the height of the box spring bed, there are also variants in which the space below the bed can be used. Usually the beds are built up rather closed, so that there is no space under the box spring bed. However, if you prefer a higher lying position, the model can be set up in such a way that there is still space for a low under-bed chest of drawers on castors .


If you are interested in buying a box spring bed with a bed box , you will receive three suggestions below. These are characterized by the highest ratings from buyers and are of extremely high quality.



The king box spring bed with bed box from “Betten Jumbo” is one of the most popular models . With an average rating of 4.8 / 5, this bed sets new standards.

If you want to relax after a long stressful day and just lie in bed and fall asleep, this variant offers the highest level of comfort. With a lying height of 66 centimeters, you can comfortably get in and leave the bed. You will feel like you are in a 5-star hotel and you will appreciate the quality of the bed.

The approx. 6 cm thick visco topper in particular ensures a high level of comfort This hugs the spine very well and offers a high level of stability regardless of which sleeping position you are in.

The structure also consists of a Bonell spring box and a pocket spring mattress . In combination, these provide the best sleeping comfort that you can imagine.

There is also a large selection of sizes, colors and degrees of hardness available. The beds are available in sizes from 140x200cm to 200x200cm, optionally with or without a bed box. The degrees of hardness range from H2 to H4 and black and gray tones as well as blue or white can be offered as colors.

Installation can be carried out entirely without professional help. This ensures the frame clip installation .

Bed box

The volume of the bed box depends on the size of the bed. The following volume specifications are available for this:

140 cm: 496 Liter
160 cm: 570 Liter
180 cm: 645 Liter
200 cm: 720 Liter

So there is enough space to stow away the bed linen or otherwise use the space. The bed box is easily opened with a loop.

The air circulation is only minimally affected due to the construction. Therefore, this bed still offers a good room atmosphere even with a bed box.


If you value high quality , sufficient storage space and if the room atmosphere is to be largely unaffected by the bed box , this model is precisely tailored to these requirements.

The lying comfort meets even the highest demands and the longevity of this model is guaranteed. Thanks to the numerous variants, the bed can be ideally integrated into the bedroom and adapts to your sleeping habits.

If you want to experience top quality , you get it with the King box spring bed from Betten Jumbo.



If the aforementioned King box spring bed doesn’t quite meet your requirements, you don’t have to accept any compromises in terms of quality. The model “Sophie” by Aukona International can also with maximum ratings convincing. Overall, they achieve an average rating of 4.9 / 5 stars.

The high quality is made possible thanks to the extensive experience of the manufacturer . He makes the beds by hand in Bad Oeynhausen. Here, the skilled workers work with great attention to detail on every single bed and ensure the extremely high quality. The advantage here is that, in consultation with the manufacturer, the bed can be designed according to your own wishes .

However, this is hardly necessary because the selection provided is already more than diverse and sufficient. The sizes start at 90x200cm and end at 200x200cm. Thus, single box spring beds are also offered.

When it comes to the color scheme, great importance is attached to extensive design options. Woven fabrics as well as synthetic leather or micro velor fabrics can be used. These are available in all possible colors and samples can be delivered to your home on request.

Another advantage is the delivery and assembly. The assembly is carried out by the manufacturer , so that there is no stress associated with the delivery. Even the disposal of the packaging is taken over.

The common levels from H2 to H4 are available as degrees of hardness . Depending on your body weight, you should choose the appropriate degree of firmness of the box spring bed .

Bonell spring core , a pocket spring core mattress and a visco topper are used inside the bed . These offer the highest sleeping comfort and keep your back healthy.

Bed box

The bed box extends over the entire length of the bed and is present on both sides. The volume therefore depends on the size of the bed.

The bed box is opened over the foot end or the sides and the bed is moved upwards to the side. For petite people this may take some getting used to at the beginning, but with a little practice opening the bed box becomes easier and easier.


The “Sophie” model is aimed at people who prefer maximum sleeping comfort and, above all, want to influence the design. The numerous design options offer you a lot of freedom, both in terms of color and fabrics.

The construction is done by the manufacturer , so this bed is ideal if you do not trust yourself to assemble it. The top ratings show that this model delivers the highest quality and that expectations are fully met.



For more price-conscious buyers , the “Paara” box spring bed with storage box could be a better decision. In the size of 180x200cm it is already available for a price of less than 1,000 euros and is therefore the cheapest model presented here. Nevertheless, the quality is also at an extremely high level.

Both single beds with a size of 90x200cm and double beds up to a size of 200x220cm are available as size variants. With a length of 220cm, this version is suitable for particularly tall people.

The production takes place in Germany and after the purchase it takes about 4 weeks until the box spring bed is with you. The delivery takes place throughout Germany and the construction can be taken over with a small additional amount.

When it comes to design, there are a number of woven fabrics and artificial leather variants to choose from. These are available in all colors. If nothing suitable is listed here, you can request additional samples from the manufacturer.

Since the beds are handcrafted by the manufacturer, special requests can be implemented without any problems. If you prefer a particularly large bed, dimensions of 240x240cm are also conceivable.

The structure consists of a pocket spring core and a foam mattress. These are available in degrees of hardness H2 to H4 .

The manufacturer’s ventilation system is a special feature. This is protected and the air circulates in the ventilation openings just by lying in bed. This ensures an ideal room atmosphere.

Bed box

With this box spring bed, not only can the bed box be opened, but the headboard can also be moved. The headboard can be raised in 4 stages.

The bed box is opened using the built-in gas pressure springs. The bed rises above the foot end and the bed box is ready for use. How big the bed box should be can be determined individually by you.


If the cost factor plays a bigger role in the purchase decision, if you want an extra- long bed or if the erectable headboard is of great importance to you, the Paara box spring bed is the optimal decision for you.

If you are a little technically skilled, you can assemble the bed yourself and save the fees. Sleeping comfort is guaranteed thanks to the complex structure and the unique air circulation contributes to the good sleeping atmosphere.

So there are some good reasons that speak for this bed.


Choosing the right box spring bed is not always that easy. After all, the purchase involves an investment that should hopefully pay off with a good night’s sleep .

So that you get the right bed for your sleeping needs, you should consider the following purchase criteria.


The main purpose of a box spring bed is to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep and that you can get up well rested in the morning. But there are a few different variants that can be of benefit to you.

In addition to the models with bed boxes presented here, there are also electric box spring beds, for example . These are equipped with several motors to raise the head or foot section. Thanks to these motors, the bed can be tailored precisely to your needs. If you stand all day and fight heavy legs in the evening, lifting the foot part helps the blood circulation in the legs. Therefore, such a variant may be more suitable for you.


Box spring beds are very popular. Due to their complex structure, they are associated with high costs. Some providers therefore sell inexpensive “box beds” . However, these no longer have much in common with the comfortable box spring bed.

With these cheap variants there is no spring base for the mattress, but only a bed box. This restricts sleeping comfort and does not meet the high standards of a box spring bed.

So when buying, make sure that it is really a box spring bed with sprung base and not a simple box. The models presented here naturally meet the high criteria.


Sleep is one of the most important components of health. If you suffer from sleep problems, not only will your ability to concentrate decrease , but you will not be able to call up your performance either at school or at work.

After all, you spend around a third of your life in bed and therefore the box spring bed should be of high quality. Therefore, a high quality of materials and workmanship is important.

A quality feature is, for example, if the model has gas pressure springs . These make it easier to access the bed box and you do not have to use much force.

It is also important that the bed box is made of sturdy solid wood. This is more durable and withstands the stresses of sleeping better. Metal reinforcement can be useful, but is not absolutely necessary.

If you decide on a high-quality bed, it will be your companion for many years, maybe even decades, and enable a good night’s sleep. Even if the investment may seem a bit high at the beginning, you have to calculate this down to the entire life cycle.

The quality of life gained is in many ways priceless and therefore buying a box spring bed is definitely worth it.


So that you can enjoy your bed for a long time, you should follow some care instructions. These not only increase longevity, but also hygiene. A high standard of hygiene is particularly important for allergy sufferers in order to minimize the exposure to allergens.


The box spring bed already ensures good air circulation. The moisture does not remain trapped in the mattress, but is released into the air in the room. The bedroom must be adequately ventilated so that the sweat that arises at night can be completely transported away . Otherwise, sweat will continue to collect in the room air.

The bed box should also be ventilated at regular intervals Open this several times a week and leave it open for several hours so that the air can circulate well.


High-quality spring mattresses are already designed so that the body weight is distributed over the entire surface. Nevertheless, it can happen for some time that the springs lose their stability.

To avoid this, it makes sense to turn the mattress to prevent one- sided strain . This is also an advantage for allergy sufferers, as the exposure to mites is reduced.


Not only the bed linen is responsible for the hygienic conditions in the bed. The topper, cover and the fitted sheet for the box spring bed should also be washed regularly.

Most materials can withstand washing at 60 ° C without any problems. For allergy sufferers, this is an important factor in minimizing the exposure to dust mites. If you suffer from this allergy, you should do the thorough washing at even shorter intervals.


Storage space is becoming a luxury item, especially in smaller apartments and houses. Since the box spring bed already takes up a lot of space, the storage space is even more limited.

However, by combining the box spring bed with a bed box, you can combine the advantages of the comfortable bed with a little more storage space. This way, even in the smallest apartment, there is still enough space to store the bed linen.

You only have to pay attention to a slightly reduced air circulation. This requires regular ventilation of the bedroom and the bed box in order to regulate the humidity.

Your back will thank you and the box spring bed with bed box enhances even the smallest of apartments.

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