Box spring bed with low headboard – 3 models in comparison

The  box spring bed with a low headboard  is always helpful when the structural conditions do not allow a bed with a high headboard. This is the case on  sloping ceilings  or in poorly cut rooms. The headboard could be too high and prevent the box spring bed from standing against the wall.

In order to still enjoy the comfort of a box spring bed in a room with a sloping roof   , there are  special versions with a low headboard.

The headboard is a design element anyway, which has no influence on the quality of sleep. You can find out which beds are suitable for the smaller rooms in the following overview.

Box spring beds are not necessarily characterized by a space-saving structure. They have a high mattress and the frame further expands the space required. A high headboard can further expand this requirement.

Usually the headboard shouldn’t be a problem. It is only attached to the end of the bed and is primarily a design element.

If you prefer a simple design or would like to use the space behind the bed for other purposes, box spring beds with a low headboard are better suited for this.

In terms of price, these models are a little cheaper.  After all, there is no need to have a high headboard on the bed decorated with design elements.

If a simple design fits well in your bedroom, the choice of the low headboard is not only cheaper, but can also be better integrated into the room.


If you want to pay close attention to the height of the headboard, for example because the bed should fit under a sloping roof, you have to determine the exact height of the headboard. A box spring bed with a low headboard will still be around 100 centimeters high.

If your sloping roof is particularly deep, you have to pay close attention to the height of the headboard. Therefore, in this guide, I will introduce you to box spring beds that have a low headboard.

As an alternative, there are also  versions without a headboard.  However, these are less conclusive in terms of design and appear more uncomfortable, as the bed appears completely “open”.


If you want to buy a box spring bed with a low headboard, the selection on the market is not always satisfactory. Most beds are characterized by a lush headboard, which is intended to reinforce the impression of the bed.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a flat version, the following models are recommended.


The manufacturer ” Furniture for Friendsspecializes in box spring beds with a low headboard . Its beds have relatively low headboards, which make it  possible to place the box spring bed directly under the sloping roof.

The head height of the “Valina” model is  only 90 centimeters . This makes it one of the lowest variants on the market and should still find a place even with low ceilings.

The structure is designed in such a way that the highest possible  sleeping comfort is  guaranteed. This is achieved with a  Bonell spring core , a  pocket spring core mattress  and a  Visco topper . The topper is equipped with a memory effect so that no traces remain in the topper even with long-term use. Even after years of use, the back is still stabilized as it was on the first day.

The model is available in all  sizes from 90x200cm to 220x220cm.  This means that the bed is also well suited for the children’s room and fits into a freshly removed roof structure.

The hardness ranges from  H2 to H3 , whereby combinations of H2 & H3 are also possible. The colors available are anthracite, lighter beige and friendly midnight blue.

Sleep comfort is compared to  sleeping in an American luxury hotel.  The beds from the manufacturer of Furniture for Friends impress across the board with their high level of comfort and the large selection.


There is another model from the same manufacturer, which comes with a  headrest in a slightly different style.  In this case, the subdivision is a little finer, so that a  more elaborate pattern  is created. In terms of properties, however, the two models are very similar, so that personal taste should mainly play a role in the selection.

At  113 centimeters  , the headboard is a little higher, so you should plan carefully whether this bed will still fit under the sloping ceiling.

The upholstery fabric is available in different colors so that the bed blends in well with the bedroom. You are free to buy the color as seen online or to order a sample in advance  . If you want to be on the safe side, it is helpful to test the material in advance.

The box spring bed “Bea” uses a pocket spring core  mattress  consisting of 7 zones. The multi-zone system adapts precisely to the body contour and relieves it. The springs work independently of each other, so that  your partner does not affect your own quality of lying in bed.

To ensure optimal sleep, the climate is of great importance. When you sleep, it is perfectly natural for your body to secrete some sweat. This is not a problem with this model, because the  moisture is transported away via the free spaces between the Bonell springs . These also ensure adequate air circulation.

This model is again available in various versions. The sizes range from  90x200cm to 220x220cm . The familiar anthracite, beige and blue tones are available as colors.

If you have a little more leeway with the headboard and want the  highest quality at a low price , you are in good hands with this bed. This is shown by the extremely positive feedback.


For the box spring bed with a low headboard, there is also a suitable model from the manufacturer “ Sprenger Bettenstudio ”. The “Montana” variant is characterized above all by the  high level of comfort and the number of colors available for the bed. The fabric samples can be sent on request, so that it can be tested in advance whether the color of the bed matches the furnishings.

The headboard is  105 centimeters high  . If this amount does not meet your own requirements, this can be changed free of charge  . In general, the dimensions of the headboard can be adjusted in consultation with the manufacturer, so that the  depth and width can be changed.

The structure differs significantly from the two previous box spring beds. 7-zone cold foam mattress is used . This only gives way at the points where there is actually a load. In terms of quality, however, the cold foam mattress is not perceived to be as high as the pocket spring core mattress used in the previous models.

There is greater freedom of choice when it comes to the degree of hardness. If the mattress is wider than 160cm, a combination of different degrees of firmness is possible, as two mattresses are used in this case. You can choose from the  degrees of hardness H2 to H4 . With a hardness of H4, the mattress is better suited for tall people who sleep on their back or stomach.

You don’t need to worry about the setup. If the bed is shipped within Germany, the assemblers will take care of the  assembly upon delivery.

This box spring bed with a low headboard is therefore  ideally suited for the sloping roof  thanks to its  large selection of colors and the adjustability of the backrest. Thanks to the set-up service, you no longer need to do your own work and nothing stands in the way of a new sleeping experience.

What should I watch out for in the case of a sloping roof?

If the box spring bed is to be set up under the sloping roof, you have to pay attention to the exact  proportions . After all, nobody should hit their head against the ceiling in the morning. Since the ceiling rises, however, this fear is obsolete and even if the headboard is a little tight, the rise is sufficient to provide space between the head and the ceiling.

When choosing the right height for the headboard, the height of the jamb is decisive. The height of the jamb is nothing other than the height of the straight wall until the slope begins. You may already be able to find the height information in the floor plan. Otherwise you have to measure it yourself.

So that the box spring bed fits under the sloping roof without problems  , the headboard must be lower than the jamb.  Then the bed can be placed exactly against the wall.

If the headboard is slightly higher than the jamb, you have the choice of making the headboard lower, which is possible with some manufacturers, or of setting up the  bed a little away from the wall. The bed is a bit in the room, but you can use the resulting space as storage space. You have to make sure that the headboard is stable and does not need the wall as a support.


Another option for setting up the box spring bed under the sloping roof is to position it in  parallel.  The slope now runs laterally over the headboard. This variant is advisable if there is a size difference between the partners. This enables the larger partner to lie on the side that has greater freedom.

In addition to the height of the headboard, the width of the bed is also important. Here, not only the width of the mattress is important, but also the frame.

With the variant, however, it can quickly become a bit cramped on the side that is closer to the sloping ceiling. Here it is helpful to calculate a comfortable height. This is done by measuring the  height of your own head while sitting  . This height is added to the lying height. If the height under the sloping ceiling is lower than the height of the head when sitting + the lying height, it will not be possible to sit on the bed. This can be perceived as uncomfortable.

You should also note that the  dimensions of the headboard do not always have to be accurate to the centimeter . In practice, deviations of two centimeters are possible, which you should take into account when planning.


Whether you sleep under a sloping roof or prefer a minimalist design. The headboard is visually striking and can take up a relatively large space in a box spring bed.

By  opting for a  box spring bed with a low headboard , you can place the bed even in tight spaces.

The good thing here is that  sleeping comfort doesn’t suffer a bit . You can still do something good for your back and benefit from the high quality of sleep.

So look carefully to see which  options the manufacturers offer you to make the dream of the box spring bed possible.



The headboard of a box spring bed is often higher than that of an ordinary bed. Usually the height is between 110 and 130cm. This makes the headboard appear a little more “powerful” and should offer a certain sense of security.


The headboard is a structural part of the box spring bed. It holds the boxes together and is connected to them. The headboard can only be removed if you can use another connection to keep the boxes stable. Otherwise, they slide away without a headboard.


If you are technically skilled, you could shorten the headboard yourself. However, you then also have to replace the upholstery and the work is associated with a lot of effort. It is easier if you let us know when ordering that the headboard must not exceed a certain height.


Most box spring beds have a high headboard and can hardly be placed under a sloping roof. Therefore, choose a box spring bed with a low headboard, which fits better under the flat sloping roof. If you pay attention to this property, the box spring bed can also be placed under a sloping roof

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