Box spring bed without headboards – advantages and comparison

The box spring bed without a headboard is always useful when a sloping roof takes up space or the room is a little smaller. The headboard is only a decorative object anyway and if you don’t need it, you can simply leave it out.

How good are the box spring beds without a headboard and what are the differences to the regular versions?

In this article you will learn the advantages of using such a bed in the bedroom.

First of all, you should find out what the box spring bed is all about. This type of bed has become quite popular in Germany in recent years, but it is hardly known how it actually differs from the conventional bed.

For the most part, beds are used in Germany that hold the mattress in combination with a slatted frame. The slatted frame is an easy way to use the bed. In terms of sleep quality, however, it does not meet the higher demands. Because the weight is hardly distributed over the slatted frame. Instead, the spine is put under excessive strain at the points where it rests on the mattress. This leads to tension and pain.

The box spring bed has a completely different structure and does not have a slatted frame. Here the base consists of a sub-frame in which springs are installed. On the base one is mattress on which also has a box spring. The topper , which rests on the mattress, is used for fine-tuning .

The core of this bed are the springs, which are located in the mattress and the frame. These ensure that the body weight is distributed over a larger area . The springs take the weight evenly. This reduces the load on the spine and the mattress adapts much better to the body contour.

By combining the three elements, you can tailor the sleeping characteristics very precisely to your needs. Because depending on your body weight and sleeping position, the bed should be designed differently.

What is important here is the degree of hardness of the box spring and the height . Since the box spring bed is a little higher, it is also ideal for older people. An electric box spring bed even works with motors and the head or foot area can be raised using a remote control.

So there is a lot to be said for choosing a box spring bed over a conventional bed with a slatted frame.


Box spring beds are usually characterized by the fact that they have a high headboard. This is mainly used as a decoration. You can lean against it, but that’s not really what they are intended for.

If the headboard is not important to you, it might make sense to set up a box spring bed without a headboard in the bedroom. What are the advantages of this minimal design?


If you want to use the bed in an attic apartment , the sloping roof can quickly put a spanner in the works . Because the sloping roof could end lower than the headboard. This would mean that you would have to place a  box spring bed like the YAK a little further away from the wall. The resulting free space behind the bed is difficult to use.

The advantage of a box spring bed without a headboard is that you can always put the bed right up against the wall. All you have to do is make sure that you don’t hit the sloping roof. But without a headboard, you can use the bed in such a way that there is no unusable space left.


Should the bedroom be designed in a more unusual way? In the style of modern apartments, do you not want to place the bed against a wall, but freely in the middle of the room?

Then the headboard is a real obstacle. The headboards are solid and are particularly effective on the wall. In the middle of the room they act like a barrier and room divider. As a result, the room no longer looks modern and large, but much smaller and less cozy.

Without a headboard, however, the bed can be moved freely in the apartment and does not become a disturbing object.


The bedroom should be a place of well-being. To achieve this, you will strive for and implement a uniform design. As part of this, the box spring bed should fit in seamlessly.

Once you have found your favorite box spring bed, it can happen that the headboard cannot be combined with your desired design. It could be a different color or have decorations that do not match the bedroom.

If you decide from the outset for a variant without a headboard, this can be integrated into the room much more easily. It looks less noticeable and is neutral. The bed can be combined with some designs and is also useful if you like to redecorate your bedroom and try out different styles.


The construction of the box spring bed is not a particularly big challenge despite the multiple elements. If you omit the headboard, the structure is also simplified.

The headboard is relatively heavy as a single part and it is recommended that only two people assemble it. But if you don’t have a helping partner available at the moment, it is practical to simply leave out the headboard. Then you can assemble the box spring bed completely by yourself.


If you decide to buy a box spring bed without a headboard, you will first notice that there is hardly any choice. Because the beds are always equipped with a headboard as standard.

Therefore, in the following comparison, I present two models without a headboard and one with a particularly low headboard. This could be an interesting option for you if you put the bed under a sloping ceiling.


In this comparison, the Furniture For Friends version represents the only “real” box spring bed without a headboard for two people. Strictly speaking, this version is actually two individual halves that are pushed together. But due to the production and the topper, the comfort can be equated with a regular bed.

The structure consists of a Bonell spring core mattress and a 7-zone pocket spring core mattress. By combining these two mattresses, you will notice a high level of comfort. When sleeping, the weight is ideally distributed and the mattress is designed for a weight of up to 150kg.

The memory foam topper is particularly cuddly This material adapts perfectly to your spine and ensures that you lie comfortably.

As an experienced manufacturer, Furniture For Friends offers a large selection when it comes to this box spring bed without a headboard. It is available in sizes from 140x200cm to 220x220cm . This makes it suitable even for taller people and the feet do not protrude over the edge of the bed.

The colors are rather subtle and range from beige to gray and anthracite. Depending on your body weight and your own preferences, you can choose from the hardness levels H2, H2 / H3, H3 . This includes the common degrees of hardness.

Well suited the bed is for allergy sufferers. Because the spaces between the springs offer a high level of air circulation. This restricts the habitat for mites.

Ideal for the sloping roof, you can set up this box spring bed without a headboard to save space. The high sleeping comfort is also confirmed by the buyers and they reward this bed with top ratings. You get a minimalist design in connection with an optimal sleep with this model. There is hardly a more space-saving way to enjoy a box spring bed.


If the bedroom is to be furnished in a completely minimalist way, there is still the possibility of using this single bed. This is particularly space-saving and does not require a headboard. If necessary, however, several beds can also be put together so that they can also be used as a double bed.

In the simple version, the bed is 100x200cm . So it offers enough space as a single bed. Accordingly, two beds pushed together are 200x200cm in size. As a double bed, this variant corresponds to a king size bed. However, it should be ensured that a suitable topper is used that fits either a single bed or a double bed.

In terms of structure, this variant corresponds to the previous bed. The Bonell spring core frame serves as the basis . In this core, the individual springs are connected to one another. The weight is thereby diverted over all spring units. The 7-zone pocket spring core mattress lies on top of this box This is equipped with an anti-slip protection so that the structure remains stable.

There aren’t great choices when it comes to putting the bed together. It is available in the two colors anthracite or light gray. The mattress is categorized as H2 as the degree of hardness .

The topper consists of the well-known cold foam. It is comfortable and gives the spine a high level of stability. If you don’t need a topper, you can fold it up into a neck roll.

This bed is particularly suitable for modern bedrooms. The design is minimalist and allows the bed to be placed in the middle of the room. If necessary, several units can be pushed together so that this model can also be used as a double bed.


If you are mainly interested in setting up the bed under a sloping roof, you can choose a model that has a very low headboard . In the “Valina” model from Furniture For Friends, the headboard is only 90cm high. This should allow it to easily fit under most slopes and you can opt for such a self-contained design.

The structure is again very much based on the usual designs. The frame convinces with a Bonell spring core and on top of it is the pocket spring core mattress . The topper made of cold foam provides the finishing touch.

As known from Furnituer For Friends, the selection is impressive. All sizes from 90x200cm to 200x200cm are available. There are enough variants available as a single bed or double bed to be used in your bedroom.

The option of choosing the box spring bed with bed box is also practical . If the space in your bedroom is already very limited, you can gain some space with a bed box. The disadvantage, however, is that the air circulation is impaired .

The colors are a bit more varied. In addition to the more subtle anthracite / beige and gray, there is also a shade of blue available to make a good impression. The usual H2, H2 / H3, H3 degrees of hardness can be used.

The delivery is very structured for you. After placing your order, you will receive an information folder and a checklist from the provider with all the important information about the delivery. In consultation with the forwarding agent, you set the delivery date and the forwarding agent will contact you by phone about an hour before arrival. The bed will be carried to your destination, unpacked and the packaging disposed of.

All you have to do is set up the bed and you can spend the night in bed shortly after your arrival. This is a real benefit and you don’t have to worry about delivery.

This version is well suited as a box spring bed under the sloping roof . It does have a headboard, but this is only 90cm high. This means that this version of Furniture For Friends can be combined even with a small amount of space. The delivery is professional and the sleeping comfort is already at a high level. Therefore, this bed has consistently top ratings from buyers and is a clear signal that this model is a real buy recommendation for you too.


If the box spring bed is to be placed under a flat sloping roof or if you want to have more freedom with the design, it makes sense to buy a box spring bed without a headboard.

In most designs, the headboard is only available as a decorative object and you can leave it out if necessary. This gives you the opportunity to set up the bed according to your wishes. Whether under the slope or in the middle of the room. The box spring bed without headboard can be used variably and still offers a high level of sleeping comfort.



If the headboard is too high and therefore annoying, you might get the idea of ​​simply leaving it out. After all, the bed stands without a headboard.

But caution is advised here. The headboard is not absolutely necessary for the bed. In most cases, however, it is used to stabilize the mattress so that it does not slip. Without the headboard, you would have to rearrange the bed every evening and make sure that it is not moved.

But there are also some models where the headboard is purely for decoration. You can remove these and do not have to use them. However, you should ask each manufacturer explicitly whether the box spring bed can also be used without a headboard.


The headboard is often only used for decoration. It completes the design and contributes to the high-quality overall impression. At the head end, however, the part also offers the option of leaning your head against it. While this isn’t particularly convenient, it is still better than resting your head against the bare wall.

If you’re not using a headboard, consider using a larger pillow. A model that has adjustable elements could also offer greater comfort when reading or watching TV, so that you don’t have to lean your head against the wall.


In normal box spring beds, the headboard can partially serve to stabilize the elements. If the headboard is omitted, there is a risk that the mattress will shift.

However, this is not the case with the models presented here. Here the mattress is prepared so that it lies securely on the box and does not slip. This is made possible by a special material that prevents the mattress from slipping.


A box spring bed consists of the three parts of the lower box, mattress and topper. This multi-part structure ensures a particularly high level of sleeping comfort. Back pain is reduced and the quality of sleep benefits from it.


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