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Sleep has a major impact on your quality of life. After all, you spend almost a third of your life in bed and therefore you shouldn’t save money here. A box spring bed convinces with a multi-layer structure, which enables a precise adjustment to your lying comfort.

The YAK box spring bed is one of the premium models. A high-quality construction is used, which is easy on your back and promotes sleep. A 10-year guarantee and the opportunity to test the bed for 101 nights should be enough evidence that the manufacturer values ​​the highest quality.

In this detailed check you can find out exactly how the Yak box spring bed is constructed and what to expect .


  • High quality finish
  • Available without headboard
  • Structure adopted by the manufacturer
  • 101 nights of rehearsal


  • Long delivery time
  • Higher acquisition costs

When Yak is still a relatively young company. It was founded in 2019 to change the world of sleep with its own concept. Instead of offering a variety of different products, the focus is on a premium model. This approach makes sense, because it is more advantageous for you to invest in a high-quality box spring bed once and use it for a long time than to have to test several beds first or to replace them every few years.

As enthusiastic athletes, the founders experience the influence of sleep first-hand. Sleeping in an uncomfortable bed not only makes for a short night, it also noticeably reduces the quality of life. Your back will suffer and you just never feel really rested.

To start with energy for the day and get up already in a good mood in the morning, the YAK box spring was developed. Only high-quality materials are used and a configuration allows you to design the model according to your wishes. This justifies the slightly higher investment and you will get a bed that meets your requirements.

The YAK box spring bed is available in the sizes 140x200cm to 200x200cm. This means that it can mainly be used as a double bed. The design is simple and elegant, but can be changed using the headboard and feet. There is a choice of a floating optic or chrome feet. Both variants look high-quality and ensure that the model can be easily integrated into the bedroom.

With regard to the colors, there is a choice of gray, blue or beige. Overall, these do not look too noticeable, so they are suitable for most bedrooms . The bed can be easily combined with a noble facility and you create a restful sleeping atmosphere in which you feel comfortable.

»Check at YAKIt is practical that you can also configure the model as a box spring bed without a headboard . This makes it easy to place under sloping ceilings without losing stability.

In the following you will find out what the actual structure is and what sleeping feels like.


Box spring beds have a more complex structure than ordinary beds with a slatted frame. They consist of three parts, each of which has its own function and gives your body the best possible basis to spend the night relaxed.

But how does the YAK box spring bed convince and what does it look like inside?


The basis of every box spring bed is the box that gives it its name. This largely absorbs the body weight and forms the basis. A barrel pocket spring core is used in the YAK box spring bed . These are currently considered to be the leading technology for cushioning body weight and relieving the back.

The YAK model uses 277 springs per m² . If you choose the largest model, it will be equipped with more than 1,000 springs. The considerable number of springs ensures a high point elasticity . This means that the weight is picked up precisely and not distributed over the entire surface.


The same design of the pocket spring core is also used for the top mattress . Similar to the lower box, the mattress consists of 7 zones that vary slightly in hardness. This will better respond to the needs of the body. The mattress on the head should be a little less firm than on the pelvis. Thanks to the different zones, these requirements are perfectly responded to.

Together, the lower box and upper mattress come to a height of a little less than 50cm. This enables comfortable getting in and out of bed. If you suffer from joint problems, this height is recommended and the knees are spared.

The barrel pocket spring core has some advantages for your sleep. It relieves the back with pinpoint accuracy. This means that the mattress literally hugs your spine and gives way precisely. As a result, your spine retains its natural shape and is not compressed or deformed.

The choice of the barrel pocket spring core is also advantageous for allergy sufferers. If you lie down on the mattress, the springs move and ensure a good exchange of air . Not only does this provide a less favorable environment for mites, you will also sweat less.

This creates a comfortable and pleasant sleeping environment that ensures optimal sleep for every season.


The topper represents the finishing touches to a box spring bed . This rests on the top mattress and supports the spine. The choice fell on a topper made of latex . This adapts precisely to your body and promotes temperature regulation. Whether on hot summer nights or on cold winter days, you will always find your comfortable temperature.

The handling of the topper and the bed sheet is also practical. The sheet can be removed from the topper with two separate zippers and washed in a few simple steps . The sheet is made of 95% cotton and 5% lycra. The maximum washing temperature of 60 ° C ensures a high level of hygienic cleaning, which is particularly important for allergy sufferers.


The degree of hardness is essential for the selection of the box spring bed . The YAK box spring bed is available in hardness levels H2 to H4. Often there is the wrong impression that a mattress should be as soft as possible to relieve the back. However, this is not the case and can lead to permanent malalignment.

It is better if you do not rely on your gut feeling for the degree of hardness , but instead choose the right stability with the help of a calculation. Based on your height and weight, the optimal hardness can be determined for you.

The YAK calculator provides assistance for this . There you enter your body data and your sleeping position. Based on these values, you will receive a recommendation for the best degree of hardness. In this way, you prevent your body from sinking into a too soft mattress or from being uncomfortable if a mattress that is too hard.

Are there any major physical differences between you and your partner ? Then different degrees of hardness are probably recommended. This is not a problem with the YAK box spring bed. Each side can be individually equipped with the optimal degree of hardness. This means you don’t have to make any compromises.

Another advantage of the 2-part structure is that the partner’s movements are not transferred to your side. If your partner is restless and moves around a lot during sleep, this could affect your sleep. However, by using two single mattresses, there is no risk that your partner’s restless sleep will disturb you.


The decision to spend more than 2,000 euros on a bed is certainly not an easy one. But if you consider the longevity and the quality of sleep, the YAK model could be profitable in comparison to cheaper models . What quality can you expect at this price?


With regard to the material, it shows that it is an uncompromising premium model . This can be seen both in the construction and in the wood used.

Solid wood is used to ensure high stability . This will provide good service for more than 10 years and will not show the first signs of use after a few years. This means that the bed is also well suited for people with a slightly higher body weight.

The lower box and the mattress also impress with their high-quality barrel pocket spring core. Thanks to the high number of springs, your body weight is recorded precisely and the spine is supported.

The bed sheet is very easy to care for with a mixture of cotton and lycra . There is no need to iron it and it can easily be pulled up on the bed.

The long guarantee of 10 years ensures that you can use the bed for at least 1 decade. This puts the higher initial investment into perspective and you will get a bed that impresses with the best possible sleeping comfort.


The high quality is also evident in the workmanship. The individual elements are precisely matched to one another. This prevents slipping and the design looks uniformly elegant.

You will also look in vain for defects in the fabric or unsightly seams. The sheet closes perfectly on the mattress and the surfaces used leave a noble impression.


The headboard provides a cozy end to the box spring bed. This primarily meets the design requirements , but also serves to lean the head against .

There is a choice of two different designs . In the original, the headboard is slightly curved and has notches through it. This continues the noble design philosophy and the headboard offers a rounded finish.

If you want it to be even easier, you can opt for a completely flat and thin headboard . This is a little thinner so that the bed takes up less space in the room. There is also the option of adjusting the bed more easily.

If the bed is to be placed under a sloping ceiling or in the middle of the room, you can also opt for the option without a headboard . The stability is not affected, so you still get a fully functional box spring bed.


If you rate your craftsmanship as below average and would like to see the box spring bed in the bedroom without much effort, this is very easy with the YAK model. The delivery is free of charge and the assembly is also taken over. In no time, the entire bed is set up with you and can be used during the first night.

Regarding the delivery time, however, you have to note that ensuring high quality requires a little patience. After ordering, it can take around 9 to 11 weeks for the bed to be delivered. This is done in close consultation with the manufacturer, who will keep you up to date on the current state of the bed. You can express your desired delivery date yourself and do not have to sacrifice a valuable vacation day.

After delivery and assembly, the test period of 101 nights begins If you don’t like the bed, it will be picked up free of charge. So you don’t take any risks and can test for yourself whether the YAK box spring bed is for you.


The YAK box spring bed sets itself apart from other manufacturers by consistently relying on high quality. The mattresses used meet the highest requirements and provide optimal support and relief for the back.

The solid wood ensures that the bed can be used for up to 10 years and does not show signs of wear and tear after a very short time. The design can be seamlessly integrated into most bedrooms and enhances the room.

Use the YAK box spring bed if you value quality and want to promote your sleep in the long term. Then the investment for your health pays off many times over.

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Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
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