Camel hair blanket – 3 variants in comparison

If your current blanket is too thick for you to sleep and you sweat under it , a camel hair blanket is a great alternative. These are climate-regulating and therefore suitable for sleeping in both winter and summer.

These blankets are also comfortable for a cozy evening in front of the sofa while watching TV. They feel soft and cozy.

It is not for nothing that the camel hair blanket has become more and more a trend in recent years and has replaced other variants. But what makes this blanket so special and how is the camel’s hair actually obtained?

Find out everything about this interesting variant of a blanket in this guide.

For a good night’s sleep, it is important that you find a duvet that exactly meets your requirements. After all , you spend a good third of your life in bed and this time should be the best possible recovery for your body.

In most cases, duvets made of cotton or an artificial fiber are used. In many cases, these can provide a good night’s sleep, but they also have disadvantages. Cotton blankets are often felt to be heavy and, especially in summer, they can be more of a nuisance than enable a restful sleep.

The camel hair blanket is clearly different from the existing variants. A natural hair is used here, which improves your sleep behavior with its properties.

Specifically, the duvet is filled with camel hair. The hair of the camels is perfectly adapted to the severe conditions of the desert. Above all, this means that the temperature is balanced and the camel hair blanket has excellent climatic properties.

If it is cold in winter , the blanket will store your warmth and you will find a comfortable temperature in bed. In summer, on the other hand, the blanket is not perceived as too thick and your body heat is ideally transported away.

Thanks to the hair, the camel can withstand the high temperature fluctuations even in the desert. In addition to the heat of the day, where the thermometer likes to crack the 40 ° C mark, it can get down to 0 ° C at night. This should make it clear that camel hair is designed for high temperature fluctuations and offers a good sleeping climate in all conditions.

In addition to this factor, the ceiling is perceived as very pleasant. The camel hair hugs the body well and can therefore also sweeten the night as a cozy blanket .

The high variability of the blanket has meant that it is more and more represented in specialist shops and is viewed as an alternative to sheep’s wool . If you also want to benefit from these properties, the camel hair blanket is a sensible investment. Especially if you sweat a lot and your blanket does not offer a comfortable sleep, the variant made of camel hair is recommended.

After all, poor sleep behavior is associated with some negative effects. Not only will you be noticeably tired, but you will also be less productive. Even the morning coffee cannot hide these obstacles. A Sleep deprivation can also lead to cardiovascular disease.

You should definitely not underestimate the choice of duvet. With the camel hair blanket you can optimize your sleep behavior and finally spend the night relaxing again.


There are still subtle differences in the details of the individual products that need to be taken into account when purchasing. In the following you will get three recommendations that will make your night more comfortable.


The manufacturer Böhmerwald is a company with a long tradition from the Bavarian Forest. The company has been manufacturing duvets since 1938. Initially focused on fillings made from down, camel hair blankets are increasingly being offered.

One of the most popular blankets on Amazon is the Bohemian Forest camel hair blanket . It consists of a cover made of 100% cotton and a 1,250g filling of camel hair. This combination offers an ideal sleeping climate.

The different variants, which can be selected as required, are also advantageous In the standard version, the blanket is suitable for all seasons. But you also have the choice of a lighter or warmer class. Depending on the situation, the blanket will be more suitable for summer or winter.

The sizes available are 135x200cm, 155x220cm and 200x200cm . It is therefore also well suited for a larger double bed.

diamond quilting is incorporated into the material so that the filling does not slip . In this way, the camel hair will be evenly distributed within the blanket in the morning and not collect at one end.

No harmful substances are introduced during production. This is confirmed by the Oeko Tex 100 seal . This makes the blanket compatible with allergy sufferers.

If you are looking for a camel hair blanket that offers high quality at a relatively low price , then you are exactly right with this variant. Depending on your needs, you can choose your suitable blanket and finally sleep better. Trust the traditional company and its many years of experience. The positive customer experiences show how excited they were with the purchase.


Another manufacturer that has dedicated itself to the beautiful things at late hours is Dream Night. The German brand manufacturer has a number of different blankets on offer and the camel hair blanket is one of the most popular products.

The camel hair blanket consists of a combination of 100% cotton for the cover and the filling made of 100% camel hair. The cotton cover is woven into a fine Mako batiste . This makes the blanket appear very soft and light.

To protect the filling, Dream Night also uses quilting . The diamond quilting is slightly indented into the ceiling and the edge is not provided with a quilting. This can be advantageous for you if you like to grab the upper edge and prefer a particularly cozy feeling there.

There are again three variants to choose from, each with different thermal properties. These range from light to warm blankets. The filling quantity is different and accordingly the blanket is more suitable for warmer summer or colder winter days.

The cover is classified as very cuddly and soft . Even allergy sufferers can cuddle closely with this blanket, because the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 ensures that no harmful substances have been introduced.

In terms of sizes, the well-known 135x200cm, 155x220cm & 200x200cm are also available. This will also help you find a suitable model for your bed.

If you want to have a particularly cozy camel hair blanket , then the cover made of fine batiste is advantageous for this version. This hugs your body and you will spend the night cuddly and soft. Thanks to the good climate properties, the moisture is optimally removed and you will be less prone to sweating.


The third variant of the camel hair blanket is also produced in Germany and impresses with its high quality. The different versions of the duo and mono ceilings are decisive for the high quality What exactly this is will be explained in a moment.

At first glance, the basic data of the variants are very similar to the ceilings already presented. The Mako-Feinbatist is trusted as a cover , which is cuddly and offers a cozy feeling.

100% camel hair is used as a filling. The filling weight can vary depending on the design. For the duo variant in the size 155x220cm this is 1,800g. For comparison, with the same size, the mono version has a filling weight of 1,250g.

A total of four sizes are available. These range from 135x200cm to 200x200cm , with excess lengths of 155x220cm also being offered.

The thickness of the ceiling can be determined using the mono and duo variants. The mono blanket is much lighter because this is a layer that is quilted. In the duo version, on the other hand, two layers are sewn together. This creates a small air cushion between the layers, which has an insulating effect.

For cold winter days, the design with two layers sewn together is much more comfortable. There is no risk of creating cold zones. The mono blanket, on the other hand, is better suited for the summer. It is lighter and the heat can be optimally transported away.

Allergy sufferers benefit from the fact that this camel hair blanket is also produced according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 . This is also a clear advantage for children and they can be sure that they are not absorbing any harmful substances.

If you are looking for a particularly heavy variant that offers a lot of warmth in winter , the duo version is made for you. The two layers ensure that the heat is kept well under the blanket and that there are no cold zones . A blanket can hardly be cozier.


The greatest advantage has already been mentioned with the excellent climatic properties . Depending on your preferences and the preferred use, the degree of filling can still regulate the heat. So the blankets are better suited for summer or winter.

They have a cooling effect on warm nights and provide pleasant warmth on cold nights . So you no longer have to worry that the temperature under the duvet will fluctuate a lot and negatively affect your sleep.

The lightness and the cozy feeling are also advantageous The hair is very fine and hugs your body closely. Especially with a cover made of fine batiste you will perceive a completely new cuddling experience.

In addition to the temperature, the humidity regulation is another plus point. Because people sweat every night, regardless of whether it was particularly warm or cold. Camel hair is useful so that the cover is not clammy in the morning and marked by moisture.

The camel hair is a hollow fiber and is able to absorb liquid. In this way they absorb the sweat and then release it back into the room air. This keeps the cover dry and the camel hair is highly recommended for people who sweat a lot.


Based on the recommendations presented, you will already see that there are also small differences in the design of camel hair blankets . In terms of the basic structure, however, the ceilings are largely similar. They consist of a cotton cover and a filling made from natural hair.

Of course, there are differences in the size of the ceiling. Depending on the size of the bed, you should also choose the blanket. The most popular variant is the ceiling with a size of 155x220cm. These fit perfectly on most mattresses and guarantee a cozy night. This blanket is also suitable for tall people.

In addition to the size, the filling quantity is a big factor when buying. When should the blanket mainly be used? Most camel hair blankets are primarily used as a transitional blanket when the ordinary blanket is too thick and becomes uncomfortable in summer.

The manufacturers offer three different degrees of warmth for this. The lightest and medium variants are well suited for summer and autumn. If the winters in your region are very cool and you are sensitive to the cold, the warmest version with the highest degree of filling is recommended.

Otherwise, the average degree of warmth is well suited as a year-round blanket. This will keep you warm in winter and you won’t sweat excessively in summer.


Buying a natural product has the advantage for you that the environment is hardly polluted and no resources are siphoned off. But what about animal welfare and how pleasant is production for the animals?.

Unlike sheep, camels do not have to shave their hair . The hair falls off by itself when the coat changes and is then only collected. The animals do not have to give up their useful hair under duress.

Nevertheless, it is advantageous if you trust German manufacturers. They will rather make sure that the animals are kept under good conditions and that there are no grievances.

The Oeko-Tex seal also makes it clear that no harmful substances are used in production. This is an important point for children and allergy sufferers that must be taken into account when buying.


The camel hair blanket is described as easy to care for and robust . The hair is considered to be self-cleaning, which saves you some work and makes washing easier.

It is best if you shake the blanket up and air it every day. Make sure, however, that the ceiling is not exposed to direct sunlight . Ventilation ensures that the moisture is released more quickly. With careful handling, the blanket will provide nice nights for a few years.

The washing of the blanket is not really necessary. The hair is dirt-repellent and there is no odor to be heard. Washing in the machine is therefore only advisable in exceptional cases.

Make sure that the washing machine is big enough. If you have a large blanket, there is a risk that it will be compressed too much and that it will no longer appear so soft and flexible after the washing process.

For the actual washing process, you should choose a gentle cycle at a low temperature . Washing is only possible with a detergent for natural hair . In any case, pay attention to the manufacturer’s exact washing instructions.

The camel hair blanket must not be tumble-dried under any circumstances. The blanket would completely lose its cozy properties and become unusable. So plan enough time on the clothes horse until the blanket is completely dry again.


Did you ever think that you would get so close to a camel during the night?

There are some unusual variants among the natural hair blankets. The camel hair stands out with its positive properties. Body heat is regulated and sweat is drawn away from the body.

Pleasant nights are offered for both summer and winter. The camel hair blanket has rightly become a trend and meets high expectations.

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