Four poster beds for girls – 3 variants presented

What girl doesn’t dream of sleeping in a very special bed ? An ordinary bed is far too boring and it can be difficult to feel comfortable in the cot.

It looks different, however, when it comes to a four-poster bed for girls . This bed has a magical attraction . It can be seen in children’s films and the princess always sleeps in such a luxurious bed. So it stands to reason that such a design will also find its way into the children’s room.

Why the four-poster bed is so popular with girls and what to look for when buying is described below.

First of all, it should be pointed out what actually a four-poster bed is. The base of the bed is the same as ordinary beds. They are the usual size and your child can spend the night on the mattress.

When your daughter is in bed, however, she won’t just sleep freely in the room. Instead, a canopy or other fabric ensures that the four-poster bed appears closed . For this purpose, posts are attached to the corners of the bed, which close the bed at the top. The posts serve as an attachment option for the fabric. The curtains are often placed on the sides so that they are a little more opaque there. This gives your daughter more privacy and will feel more secure in bed.

How exactly the four-poster bed for girls is designed depends on your daughter’s preferences. It can individual patterns used and attached to the post. This gives you a great deal of creative leeway.

The four-poster bed was originally from the 16th century. It was considered a symbol of nobility and was mainly used by princesses. Girls can still bring this feeling into their children’s room with a four-poster bed and fall asleep more relaxed.

The four-poster beds were often decorated and decorated during the Middle Ages. The wooden beds had elaborate carvings and were made according to the wishes of the wealthy owners.

This idea of ​​the bed is not based on the decoration. In colder regions, the fabric serves as additional thermal insulation . This should make the four-poster bed a little warmer and more comfortable . The fabric can also be used to keep insects out of bed. This is still evident today in the mosquito nets that are attached to beds in regions that are plagued by mosquitoes.

But mainly because of their representative character , four-poster beds were used. That is why this variant is still so popular with girls today and is often shown in Disney films, among other things.


Nowadays, the four-poster bed is mainly used by girls to get a unique sleeping experience. The following advantages show why this bed variant is so popular.


Small children can still find it a little difficult to move into their own children’s room at the beginning. You are used to parental closeness and the new surroundings can seem eerie. An open bed enhances this atmosphere. A night light for children can help a little, but the right bed will also help your child no longer to be afraid .

The four-poster bed is a little more closed. The fabric covers the sides of the bed and in it the child feels like in a little cave. Children love to hide and to seal something off from the outside world. Therefore, the four-poster bed gives a feeling of security and security . The bed is somewhat separated from the rest of the room and threats are no longer perceived as intensely. If your child is scared in their own room, this bed is a good choice.


The fact that the bed is kept somewhat covered on all sides not only provides more security. Children and teenagers in particular prefer a little more privacy. This cannot always be fully guaranteed in the children’s room. In particular, if the room is still shared with a sibling, it can be difficult to find a place to retreat .

The four-poster bed is very suitable for this purpose. Here children can read their first books in peace, or teenagers can relax when they need some distance from their parents. This creates a place of retreat that is gratefully accepted by the children.


For children, the function of the furniture is not that important. Much more important is how it looks and how it looks in the nursery. Children want to realize themselves in their own room . Girls therefore choose a design that is heavily based on princesses.

The four-poster bed is perfectly suited to design the children’s room in a princess design . Where boys tend to realize themselves with a car bed , girls go for pink and want to keep the nursery in the style of a princess. Even if it sounds clichéd, these different images are still predominant in children’s rooms.

If the children’s room is changed according to their own wishes, your child will feel much more comfortable. They will no longer try to escape their own bed to sleep with their parents, but rather spend the night in their own bed.

The four-poster bed for girls is much more interesting and will also make your daughter a princess.


The following three four-poster beds serve as a suggestion to create a nice sleeping atmosphere and to make your own child happy.


The first model in this round is designed relatively simply . With the Isabella model, the manufacturer Idimex supplies a very simple variant, which, however, gives enough freedom to adapt it to your own wishes. The basic design is a bed measuring 90x200cm . At the corners, the posts are extended upwards and the curtains can be attached to the respective beams. The posts are a total of almost 2 meters high.

This four-poster bed is aimed at older children . It is kept very simple and offers space for creative development. In this way, teenagers in particular can let off steam and decorate the bed according to their own wishes. The curtains are not yet included in this model and must be purchased separately.

The bed is made of solid pine . This makes it very stable even with its simple structure and can be used for a long time. It is stated that even adults weighing more than 85kg can lie on the bed without experiencing any problems. In terms of color, it is kept in a subtle pink . It is not too noticeable and can therefore be easily integrated into most children’s rooms.

If creativity is not a foreign word and above all a beautiful base should be used as a four-poster bed, this model is ideal. It is made of high quality wood , is well made and can be used for a long time. This means that there are no limits to your own imagination to design the four-poster bed according to your own ideas with beautiful curtains and other decorative elements .


The four-poster bed from Ticaa is not only beautiful, but also practical . This not only has the typical elements to create a canopy, but also bed boxes that offer additional storage space. Because space is often in short supply in children’s rooms and children don’t even know where to put their toys and clothes. The bed boxes are ideal as storage space to restore order in the children’s room.

In terms of dimensions, the bed is designed a little smaller . The lying area is 80x160cm and is suitable for small children. Teenagers should be content with a larger model. Optionally, this bed can also be bought in 90x200cm .

The total height is 140cm . As a result, the bed offers sufficient shielding for small children outside the bed. Children will feel like they are in a small cave and benefit from the security.

The four-poster bed is made of solid pine wood . This is FSC-certified and this ensures that it is a sustainable production. The wood is then painted in a soft pink. The load capacity of this version is 75 kilograms .

What is particularly nice about this bed is that the decoration is already included . The curtains are made entirely of cotton and offer a nice sleeping feeling. The conclusion is taken over at the top by a cloth that spans the four-poster bed.

The bed’s variability is also good. The upper part can be removed so that there is only a single bed in the children’s room, which takes up less space. In addition, a version without a bed box can optionally be used. These are available much more cheaply.

This bed is a good choice, especially for little princesses . The bed adapts to needs and can be designed relatively freely. The curtains and the cloth are already included in the scope of delivery , so that only the bed has to be set up and the dream of your own four-poster bed is fulfilled.


A four-poster bed is still an interesting place to sleep, even for older girls. The model by Vipack is nicely decorated and has hearts on the head and foot sections , which round off the overall impression. Overall, the design is a bit more playful and the rounded elements make the bed look cute.

With a size of 90x200cm , the bed is more for larger princesses. A high-quality MDF wood is used as the material and the bed is completely white. This makes it an alternative to most of the common variants, which are mainly available in pink.

The curtains are hung over an inconspicuous rod. If the bed is to appear compact and not take up the entire space, this model is kept a bit simpler. The curtains have to be purchased separately and are not included in the scope of delivery.

If the children’s room is to be upgraded with a particularly cute four-poster bed , this model is ideally suited to do so. Due to the neutral color, there is a high degree of freedom in the decoration and the bed is described as very stable. This means that older girls can use the bed for a long time and adapt it to their own needs.


In order for your child to enjoy the four-poster bed for a long time, the following purchase criteria are important and help you choose the right model.


When buying any bed, the most important thing to consider is how long it will be used. Small children can be satisfied with a smaller bed and do not have to pay too much attention to the size of the lying surface. For children under 5 years of age , on the other hand, it is advantageous if the bed has fall protection . Otherwise, the child could fall out of bed and injure themselves while sleeping.

If the purchase of a new four-poster bed for girls is pending , a bed measuring 90x200cm should always be bought from the teenage years . Even if a smaller bed is sufficient, future growth must always be taken into account. Larger beds are future-proof and can be used over the long term.


The bed must have a high degree of stability . For this, the material and the quality of workmanship are particularly important. High-quality beds are made of solid wood and are tested by independent bodies. This includes the GS test mark and possibly also the TÜV seal.

In addition, it should be ensured that the wood comes from a compatible source and that neither the color nor the wood contain harmful substances. This ensures that your child will enjoy the bed for a long time.


In the imagination, the four-poster bed probably looks richly decorated and sometimes acts more as a decorative object than as a sleeping furniture. When buying, however, you must pay attention to which elements are included in the scope of delivery . Curtains often have to be purchased additionally and are not included in the purchase price.

Here it is important to find curtains that are also tailored to the bed and can be hung up without any problems. If the four-poster bed consists of a frame, conventional curtains are less recommended . Sometimes these cannot be pulled onto the bars.


Do you want your daughter to feel like in a Disney movie and become a princess herself? Then a four-poster bed is ideal and can represent a world of its own. What girl wouldn’t want to sleep in such a decorative bed ?

As the child feels comfortable in the four-poster bed for girls, they will be able to sleep much better and spend the night relaxed.

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