Car bed – 3 models in comparison

The car bed can fulfill the desire for a lot of horsepower even in childhood . If your child has gasoline in their blood, likes to play with toy cars and is interested in the hot runabouts, it is only understandable if this wish is also expressed in the children’s room.

After all, your child should feel comfortable in the nursery and that means that their own hobbies and interests are shown. With a car bed, your child will find it easier to fall asleep and drift into the land of dreams.

These special beds are popular not only with boys but also with girls. Don’t underestimate your daughter’s passion when it comes to the fast runabouts. The car bed is therefore also suitable as a child’s bed for girls .

In this guide you can find out which models do particularly well in the children’s room, improve sleep and what to look out for when buying.

Falling asleep is a problem for some children. You don’t want to end the day, you just want to play and run around so much. After all, everything is new and exciting for them. You’d probably also have trouble going to bed while watching an exciting movie without knowing the end. Children feel the same when it suddenly means that the day is coming to an end.

The car bed makes it easier for your child to go to bed . An ordinary bed is not very attractive. It consists of a simple wooden frame and a mattress that looks uninviting. Even if your child is tired and the bed is comfortable, bedtime is delayed as much as possible.

However, it looks different when it comes to a very special bed . A bed that by itself already leaves a good impression and in which children voluntarily spend time .

The car bed is one such variant. Children like to take a seat in a sports car or a fast runabout. If it is about their own bed, the evening trials of strength will be fewer and your child will get into bed by itself .

This is an enormous advantage for both parents and children. As a parent, you can relax and read a book and your child will fall asleep much faster. Because in a beautiful environment you sleep better and sleep problems are a thing of the past.

If the move to their own cot is brand new and your child first has to find their way in this unfamiliar environment, a friendly car bed is a useful aid . It provides a feeling of security and transforms the children’s room into a safe play area.


Choosing the right car bed is not always easy. After all, there is a wide range on offer and finding a bed that is convincing in terms of both design and quality can be a great challenge.

To make the purchase decision easier , you can choose from the following three car beds. These have received extremely good reviews and are therefore very popular with some buyers and have met expectations.

Depending on the age and preferences of your child, there are different variants that make the best impression in the children’s room.



Even if the children’s beds in the car design are only an extensive decoration and of course they cannot drive, the feeling of speed should still be conveyed. To achieve this, the “Energy” car bed uses a very unusual design. Flames can be seen on the side, symbolizing the high speeds that can be reached with this vehicle.

The race design is rounded off with its own number . The “Supreme Energy” lettering on the side completes the quick overall impression.

What is outstanding about this bed, however, is that headlights are attached to the front . These are LED lights that actually light up. Powered by a battery, the headlights can also function as night lights for children .

A small spoiler is attached to the head end. This serves as a shelf for books or other toys . This also offers some storage space.

The size of the bed is more generous with a lying area of ​​200x90cm . Both children and teenagers will feel comfortable in this bed and will not consider it restrictive.

The bed is made of MDF , which is painted in the racing design. Here you can choose from a red or blue finish.

The assembly is very simple thanks to the simple assembly instructions . Even if you have no experience in assembling such pieces of furniture, it is still quite easy to do. The bed is delivered without a slatted frame and mattress.


Is your child a real fan of high speeds and likes to play with small cars that are reminiscent of racing cars?

Then you can transport this feeling into the nursery with this bed. The design is geared towards speed and your child will feel like they are sitting in a racing car themselves.

The lights not only look good, they are also useful for brightening up the children’s room during the night.

This car bed is a nice place to sleep for your child and will provide some fun.



Would you like to set up the children’s room in a more price-conscious manner or is your child still very young ?

Then the choice of cots is very limited. First and foremost, a high level of security must be guaranteed. This is often not the case for children under three years of age.

With this car bed from Stella Trading, falling out is not possible. The side parts almost completely surround the bed . The bed is only kept open at the front . This allows your child to get into and out of the bed independently, but not accidentally fall off the bed during the night.

There is also a nice decorative strip with LED lights on the front . This is described as very bright. It might even be perceived as too bright to sleep. During the night, however, the light is useful to make getting in and out of the car easier.

The bed is made of MDF . The side parts consist of a motif print and there is a small storage area at the head end . With a size of 200x90cm, there is also enough space for teenagers.

There is no slatted frame or mattress and must be purchased separately.


A car bed does not always have to be associated with high costs. Above all, it is important that the quality is right . This is the case with this bed and the extremely positive reviews underline the quality concept.

The motif print is rich in detail and is reminiscent of regular racing cars. If you prefer a simple model that is safe and not too expensive, you will make a very good choice with this car bed.



Most kids will be familiar with Lightning McQueen . The main actor in the Disney film series “Cars” is a real racing legend. The film series started in 2006, but the sequels in 2011 & 2017 meant that children were introduced to these films again and again.

If your child is a fan of this film himself, you can express this passion with an original bed in Cars Design . Disney has a number of different designs for this. You can choose between Lightning McQueen or Storm , which decorate the bed. There are also other classic Disney characters that can be immortalized on the bed.

The bedding is particularly practical. It has a fall protection on the side and a generous drawer is built under the bed. You can choose from the sizes 160x80cm & 180x90cm . Thus, the bed is equally suitable for all children.

During processing, care is taken to ensure that it is ecological. The bed is made of high quality chipboard and the prints are detailed on the front and the headboard.

The bed is delivered including a mattress and the slatted frame . With a load capacity of 100 kilograms , the bed is extremely stable. The high quality of the materials is reflected in the positive clinical evaluation of the children’s health center.


If your child is a Disney fan and is especially into the “Cars” films, then this bed will be a real pleasure . It is officially offered by Disney, so it is guaranteed to be of high quality. This is not an inexpensive replica, but the bed is made directly from Disney.

Equipped with a fall-out protection, a drawer and a mattress , the bed is not only nice to look at, but also practical and safe. The variety is extremely large, so you can also choose a different motif.

With this bed you bring the fascination of Lightning McQueen into the nursery and spread rays of joy.


Before your child can lie down in the new car bed, it is set up and delivered. You have the choice to purchase the bed in a furniture store and then have it delivered to your address or to order it on the Internet.

The order on the Internet is much cheaper and you from a larger selection to find the right model. The delivery takes place either with the parcel service or a forwarding agent. This should be done in consultation with the seller so that you can determine the delivery date.

On the other hand, building an ordinary car bed is not very complicated. There are only a few parts that need to be joined together . The tool is usually provided to tighten the screws. The instructions are easy to read and should take about an hour to assemble.

So even if you have no experience building furniture, you don’t need to worry about the car bed. With a little practice you can do the assembly yourself and professional support is not necessary.


In order to find the right model that meets your child’s needs, you should consider the following criteria. So you will find exactly the bed that will make you and your child happy.


If possible, the children’s room should only consist of natural materials . The processing of the wood is designed in such a way that there are no sharp-edged corners and the risk of injury is minimized.

For the beds presented here, either MDF or chipboard is used. These offer the advantage that the boards can be cut exactly to the design of the bed. In addition, they are stable enough to withstand higher loads of over 100 kilograms.

The presented beds convince thanks to the high quality and ensure long-lasting fun and a good night’s sleep in the children’s room.


When buying the bed, you have to make sure that the slatted frame and mattress are already included in the purchase. Otherwise you have to purchase them separately. In some cases, a slatted frame is not necessary and the mattress is only placed on the wooden box.

The easiest way to buy is the Disney car bed. The right mattress with a thickness of approx. 10 cm is already included in the scope of delivery. You don’t have to purchase any other elements, just set up the bed and your child can sleep in it.

On the other hand, beds without a mattress have the advantage that you can determine the hardness and height of the mattress yourself.


What other elements are important for the bed?

failure protection is important for children when they are still restless and the risk that they could roll out of bed. Then a protection must be attached all around the side, which offers the necessary security.

drawer , like the one on the Disney bed, provides additional storage space . This can be used to stow the bed linen and to use the space in the nursery efficiently. If the room is rather small and every square meter should be used wisely, the drawer is a good aid.

Some car beds have further details. For example light elements or other toys . Depending on your child’s preferences, you can take a closer look around and find the right bed.


A common prejudice is that beds with a certain theme are more expensive than “ordinary” beds. But this is not necessarily the case.

The price range for the car beds ranges from around 100 euros to just under 300 euros. The price mainly depends on whether a mattress is already included in the scope of delivery.

However, a car bed is by no means associated with a higher price , but rather belongs to the usual price range for children’s beds.


If your child likes to play with cars, you can make a big wish come true with the car bed. There is hardly anything nicer than when the bed reflects your own hobby. A fire engine bed can also serve as a motivation to go to sleep in the evening.

If your child feels comfortable in bed, sleep is easier and there are fewer discussions about bedtime. Therefore, the car bed is to be seen as a sensible investment to make family life more harmonious and to bring joy to your child.

The car bed makes a child’s heart beat faster from an early age and enables sleeping in a secure environment.

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