Cellulite Massager – More beautiful skin with these designs

Cellulite, also called orange peel due to its appearance, is not a serious disease . However, it is reported by those affected that the skin’s appearance has a negative effect on well-being and a reduced self-image develops.

It is therefore only understandable when women resort to a cellulite massager in order to meet their own ideal again.

But how effective is a cellulite massager and can it really help against dents in the skin?

Here you can find out whether such a massage device is suitable for your problem areas.

First of all, you should develop an understanding of why cellulite occurs in the first place. Then you will be able to better assess whether the massage devices actually keep what they promise and what effect they have.

Up to 90 percent of all women are affected by the unsightly dents This is not an appearance that is only found in older women. Even at the age of 20 , the cellulite can be clearly visible.

Basically, the dents can appear all over the body. They can be recognized on the stomach, chest or upper arms. But they are less noticeable there than on the buttocks and thighs.

Cellulite is not to be confused with cellulite . The latter is indeed a serious bacterial disease . In these cases, bacteria cause inflammation of the skin and men and women can be equally affected.

The cellulite, however affects almost exclusively women. The orange peel is not dependent on body weight. Both slim and overweight women can be marked by this appearance. However, the dents appear more prominent the higher the body weight.

The cause of the dents in the skin are due to the structure . The fatty tissue is separated under the skin by connective tissue fibers. In women, the structure of the tissue is relatively thin and therefore leads to instability. The skin becomes more flexible and softer, but the fatty tissue can more easily penetrate into the upper layers of the skin. This makes them visible as dents on the surface.

This expression is favored by stress and smoking. But hereditary predispositions or pregnancy can also lead to more pronounced orange peel. So an important step in presenting the skin without dents is a healthier lifestyle.

But even the healthiest people can suffer from cellulite due to female hormones and hereditary predisposition. Then other methods have to be used to restore beautiful and firm skin.


If you want to improve your skin and get cellulite under control, the following 3 models are ideal for you. These are based on the presented modes of action and you will surely find the right model with which you can smooth the orange peel.


The Prorelax massager relies entirely on negative pressure to stimulate the skin and promote blood circulation. Due to the resulting negative pressure, the metabolism is stimulated and the nutrients are better transported to the tissue. This strengthens it and there is no longer any risk of the fatty tissue shifting under the skin.

Three different bells are available as a basis . These are placed on the device as required and the massage started. You can use the larger attachment for the legs and large areas. For the buttocks, you prefer to use the smaller bells, as these work a little finer.

The application is very easy. There are four different programs to choose from, which regulate the suction behavior. At the beginning you should choose program 1, as the treatment takes some getting used to. In this program, the bell is sucked in for 2 seconds and then the vacuum is released. During the short break, you place the bell at a different point.

Over time, you will get used to the negative pressure and can try out the other programs in which the negative pressure is maintained longer. You will immediately notice how strong the negative pressure is on the tissue and that a clear effect can be felt .

However, if you go too intensively into the treatment, there is a risk that bruises will form. However, these disappeared again after a short time.

This cellulite massager must be connected to the power supply to operate . You should keep this in mind if you want to use it in the bathroom.

The resulting negative pressure is clearly noticeable in any case and the cellulite will decrease after the regular treatment. The negative pressure ensures better blood circulation and your skin will feel and look better .


The Amtok cellulite massager is based on other principles. This combines the three modes of action of microcurrent, ultrasound and infrared light to counteract cellulite.

The microcurrent is used to stimulate the muscles. The deeper muscles are addressed by the small current and these are built up. This also has an indirect effect on the overlying skin and it appears a little firmer.

The vibration ensures better blood circulation The vibrating head acts on the skin at a frequency of more than 1 million beats per second. This ensures that blood circulation is promoted and the nutrients are better transported to these areas. The skin becomes firmer and wrinkle-free.

The infrared light, on the other hand, ensures better blood circulation, especially deep down. If the vibration is rather superficial, the infrared light penetrates into the deeper tissue layers. Pollutants are broken down and nutrient absorption is promoted.

In this way, you combine three active principles to ensure healthier skin. This also causes the visible orange peel to break down.

It can only be used with a power supply unit. Before use, it is recommended to apply a special gel. This promotes the effect of the microcurrent and reduces the resistance of the skin.

You can benefit from this device not only on the thigh, but on the whole body . It improves the skin on the arms, stomach, and even the face. It is operated using the buttons on the front and each function can be switched on individually.

If you want to improve not only cellulite but also the skin in other areas of the body in a particularly flexible manner, this combination of electricity, infrared and vibration is particularly helpful. In this way you will ensure a better complexion in the long term.


If you are particularly interested in reducing cellulite, this model from Beurer is ideally suited for this. You will immediately notice from the design that this device stands out from the other two models. This is a massage stick that uses vibration to promote blood circulation and improve the complexion of the skin.

There are fine knobs on the surface of the stick, which intensify the massage effect. To use the device, hold the stick to the desired part of the body and switch it on. Now the vibration has a clear effect on the skin and blood circulation is promoted.

It is helpful that this cellulite massager is suitable for use in the shower . The ends are designed to be non-slip and the model is waterproof. This allows you to integrate it into the morning routine and does not have to spend any additional time.

The battery also lasts up to 10 hours and some applications can be carried out with it. The battery level is indicated by a control lamp and this signals when the device needs to be recharged.

The effect was also confirmed in a study with 38 women at the proDERM institute in Hamburg. This gives you scientific confirmation that the vibration improves the complexion.

Two massage programs and three intensity levels can be selected for precise treatment . This allows you to fight cellulite very effectively and in a targeted manner.

If you suffer from a severe form of cellulite and you want it to disappear as effectively as possible , this massage stick is very suitable for this. You can use it yourself in the shower and eliminate your problem areas in no time.


The cellulite treatment is not easy. In most cases, the dents wo n’t go away completely anyway But you can achieve that these are less pronounced and noticeable.

As a first step, a healthy lifestyle is important. This includes giving up smoking, reaching your ideal weight and avoiding stress. A healthy diet is also a basis for reducing the dents.

In most cases, however, these measures only help to a very limited extent. On the other hand, treatments that aim to promote blood circulation are more effective This can be done either through a manual massage or a cellulite massager.

By acting in the skin, blood circulation is promoted in various ways. Either a negative pressure is created or the blood flow is favored by the heat. These measures strengthen the connective tissue and prevent the fatty tissue from penetrating below the surface.

There are also various ointments and creams that promise to reduce cellulite. In practice, however, their mode of action is highly controversial. Usually these are just advertising messages that cannot be confirmed in practical use.

Cellulite alleviation is only accepted if these have caffeine or vitamin A. However, the effect is relatively small, in contrast to the more intensive cellulite massagers.


To combat cellulite, different types of massage devices have become established. These are based on individual modes of action and try to combat orange peel in their own way.


The cupping enjoys a massage technique a high popularity. Here, a vessel is placed on the skin and a negative pressure is generated. The skin is then literally sucked into the vessel.

By drawing in the skin, a blood circulation effect is achieved. The tissue is stimulated and the metabolism is stimulated. Nutrients can be better transported to the connective tissue and this is strengthened.

The Prorelax is an excellent device for this, which works as a vacuum massage device and simulates this effect.


In response to heat, blood circulation in the skin is stimulated. Because the heat has to be transported away again and for this it is helpful if the blood vessels expand.

This can be achieved with a red light lamp or a special cellulite massager, which also includes a vibration function. The infrared light penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and warms up there. The cellulite is then reduced and a more beautiful complexion is created.


Similar to infrared light, ultrasound also penetrates deep into the tissue. Here the sound is generated at a high frequency and a depth effect is achieved.

The deeper layers of tissue are heated by the ultrasound and the cellulite can be contained.

These devices are also able to reduce wrinkles, for example on the face. However, you have to make sure that the intensity also allows use on the face.


The promises made by the cosmetics industry to combat cellulite are very diverse. A number of different products are touted that are supposed to have a positive effect on the skin’s appearance, but ultimately turn out to be ineffective.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the cellulite massagers presented here?


Flexible use

You can use the massage devices not only against cellulite, but also generally to achieve a more beautiful complexion. The improved blood circulation can also be effective against impurities and pimples or blackheads will develop less.

Simple application

The devices are intuitive to use. You just have to turn it on and you will soon feel the effect. Only with the Amtok cellulite massager should you apply a gel beforehand so that the current is better conducted into the skin. Otherwise, the application is very simple and the massage effect is immediately noticeable.

Deep layers of the skin are stimulated

Creams and other care products usually only have a superficial effect. Only the top layer of skin becomes a little firmer. However, this is not really useful against cellulite, as the cause lies in the deep tissue.

The advantage of the presented cellulite massage devices is that they have a deep effect. This weakens the cellulite for a long time.

Relaxation effect

As with any massage, you will also feel relaxation with the cellulite massager. Since stress is one of the causes of orange peel , the massage will have a positive effect indirectly through relaxation. Your well-being increases, you will sleep better and follow a healthier diet. These are all measures to reduce cellulite.


Regularity required

Already after the first application you will be able to feel how the blood circulation is stimulated and the skin changes slightly. Regular use is necessary to make the cellulite noticeably weaker So you have to use the devices several times a week to notice an effect. You should plan this time or use the massage stick in the shower.

Results fluctuate

How good the results are depends primarily on your skin structure and disposition. It can not therefore be guaranteed that the cellulite will be significantly reduced.

You should have a realistic idea that cellulite massagers won’t work miracles. As a rule, a visible improvement can be expected. However, it is seldom the case that the cellulite disappears completely.


If you decide to buy a cellulite massager, you should inform yourself carefully beforehand in order to select a suitable device. In the following you will find out some factors that could be important for you.


Of course, you expect a positive effect from the use of the massage devices. After all, you are investing time and money in improving the complexion of your skin. Of course, every manufacturer promises that their devices fight cellulite effectively. But the reality is often different.

Therefore, before buying, you should find out what other users are saying about this massage device. Can these confirm a positive effect or does the model prove to be a flop?

The massage devices presented here are particularly convincing due to their high positive response. Other users report on the effectiveness and how the complexion has visibly improved.


If you do not have a lot of time and if you want to use the massager quickly in the morning, it is advantageous if it is waterproof. In this comparison, this only applies to the Beurer vibration device. The alternative models are only operated via a power supply unit and therefore they must be kept away from the water.

The vibration massage, however, gives you the opportunity to use the massage in the shower and feel a beneficial effect. This will allow you to reach the deep tissue layers and get rid of the orange peel without any additional effort.


Would you like to specifically eliminate cellulite or smooth out small wrinkles on your face?

Depending on the application, there are devices that are suitable for several problem areas. With the anti cellulite massager from Amtok you also get a facial massage and can use it to work the entire body.

Especially when the devices combine several functions, they are also suitable for the abdomen or arms. You only have to be more careful on the face, as the skin is more sensitive there. So you should be aware in advance whether you want to treat cellulite exclusively or whether you want to tackle other problem areas as well.


Dents on the thighs or buttocks are called blemishes felt. This can go so far that your own well-being suffers and women no longer perceive themselves as beautiful.

The unsightly dents can be weakened with the cellulite massager. They ensure better blood circulation in the deep tissue and thus the connective tissue is strengthened. The underlying fat layers can no longer get so concisely below the surface and the complexion improves.

Depending on the model, there are various operating principles to choose from. Following the example of the cupping massage , you can opt for a device with negative pressure or rely on vibrations and electricity . It is important that you have a realistic idea that the devices do not guarantee a complete reduction in cellulite.

In combination with a healthier lifestyle , the cellulite massagers will ensure that the complexion improves. At least you will notice a relaxation and thereby already be able to increase your well-being.

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