Children’s alarm clock – the best models in a comprehensive comparison

Children’s alarm clocks are the ideal way to start the day. Because the youngsters have to prepare for school at an early age and not oversleep. But even for much younger children, an alarm clock is a sensible purchase to teach them to read the time.

To make getting up easier, this guide contains the best children’s alarm clocks in comparison. With these models, you can start the day without any problems.

There are certainly quite a few alarm clocks on the market. Regardless of whether you prefer a daylight alarm clock that starts the morning with a simulated sunrise or a vibration alarm clock that works completely without ringing and only wakes you up with fine vibrations.

However, conventional alarm clocks look a bit boring and can be a bit difficult to use. Children’s alarm clocks, on the other hand, have an attractive design.

The interests of the child can be reflected in the motifs of the alarm clock. For example, models of your favorite football club or other colorful variants are popular. These are ideal for both girls and boys so that they don’t wake up in a bad mood in the morning, but rather get the day off to a good start.

If your child has trouble sleeping, the clock may be responsible. In order to improve the quality of sleep, there are special clocks that do not tick at all. These work completely silently and are not even noticed.

The alarm clock specially designed for children is also easy to use. There are usually large areas that must be pressed to stop the alarm.

The volume can be adjusted so as not to strain the children’s fine hearing. This means that it is not so much a question of loud alarm clocks , but of no danger to the youngsters.


What is perfectly normal for adults is still difficult to grasp for children. They barely have a sense of how long an hour is and what it means to wait a week. This sense of time only develops over the years and therefore shouldn’t be asked too much of the children when it comes to reading and understanding the time.

A basic problem at a young age is understanding numbers. A digital watch can be read by everyone, but the numbers also need to be put into context. If a child does not yet understand the proportions and cannot classify whether 8 is larger than 5, an alarm clock does not provide any meaningful information.

In order for the children’s alarm clock to be understandable for the youngsters, the number range should be understood. Only then can the clock tell what time it is at first glance. However, this does not answer the question of how long you can stay in bed or when school starts.

This assumes that simple math operations can be performed. Only then can it be understood that around 1 1/2 hours must pass before school starts.

Therefore, children should not be overwhelmed with the clock. From the age of 5, when preschool begins, you can slowly introduce the children to how to use the clock and the alarm clock. At the beginning there will be no understanding, but this develops slowly and learning the time can also take place in preschool.

In primary school, children should slowly develop an understanding of the time. After all, they have to assess when the next lesson begins and move around the school building independently.

If the understanding of numbers is developed at an early age, there is of course nothing to prevent a children’s alarm clock at a younger age. This is not used to wake you up, but can provide an understanding of the time.

Children are still characterized by a sleep rhythm that can be clearly different from their parents. Often they get up earlier and can’t wait to start playing. Parents, on the other hand, can use an extra hour or two of sleep, especially on weekends. So that children can understand this, parents can set a fixed time on the weekend until the children can stay in their own room.


Much of the world is now digital. This can be seen not only in the great influence of computers, but also in the use of digital clocks.

Digital clocks are particularly present on smartphones and computers. The digital time has the advantage that you can see what time it is at a glance. The hours are displayed in a 24-hour rhythm and it is easy to see how much time has to pass before a certain point in time.

However, a digital alarm clock is not necessarily suitable for children. Some watches are still based on an analog clock face . Therefore, it is better to learn how to read an analog clock first.

This are analog Kinderwecker much better suited. At the beginning it may be difficult to correctly interpret the time, but as the learning progresses, the children will soon be able to classify the time and read the time correctly.


The interests of boys and girls differ from one another at a younger age. While most boys are into soccer, girls prefer imaginative alarm clocks. Of course, this may not apply to all children, but for the most part it is perceived that way. To represent the hobbies, it is helpful to buy a children’s alarm clock for boys.

The following two models are a good way to use a first children’s alarm clock.


Boys are infected with the soccer virus at an early age. Either because the father is a fan himself or because the passion was discovered while playing in the club.

This children’s alarm clock from Atlanta reflects this passion. The passion for sport can also be expressed in the children’s room in a nice football design .

It is an analog alarm clock that shows the hour and minute as well as the seconds. Therefore, it is ideal for learning how to read the clock.

This movement is completely silent so that the movement of the hands is not perceived as disturbing. So it can sleep gently and there is no disturbance.

No annoying loud beeping is used as a wake-up signal. This could lead to irritation and startle the children rather than gently wake them up. Therefore , this alarm clock relies on melodies that put you in a good mood in the morning.

If your child is a soccer fan, then this alarm clock will be a nice gift for the start of school.


In addition to football, films are also very popular with boys. Star Wars and the Battle of the Jedi will certainly be at the fore for some. If your child is also enthusiastic about this world, you can bring the Star Wars atmosphere into the children’s room with this alarm clock in C3PO design .

As a nice droid, C3PO is a constant companion of Anakin and Luke Skywalker. Although it was not built to fight, it has been able to prove its help a number of times and save his friends.

The alarm clock is equipped with a digital LCD display . This allows your child to immediately see what time it is.

The sounds known from the films are used as ringtone . Then a dull beeping sets in, which is not perceived as annoying, but rather cute.

It is also helpful that the entire housing can be used as a short night light for the child . If your child needs to go out at night, all that is needed is a pressure on the head to switch on the night light. This appears in a warm shade so as not to interrupt the night.

If the force is with your child , this children’s alarm clock for boys in the C3PO design will spark enthusiasm and bring the Star Wars flair into the children’s room.


Girls, on the other hand, often have different interests than boys. Therefore, children’s alarm clocks for girls are often pink and depict horses or other imaginative creatures. Unicorns are also very popular. You can find out which models are particularly recommended for girls here.


Scout should be familiar to all parents. The school satchel in particular is a frequent companion for school enrollment. This alarm clock from Scout is equipped with a particularly clear analog display . In addition to the usual 12 hours, the minutes are also shown on the clock face. This makes it easier to read the time and is positive for the perceived learning effect.

The drive is considered to be particularly quiet , so that there are no annoying noises that could impair sleep. This is important so that the alarm clock is not directly associated with a bad feeling.

A gentle beeping sound is used as the alarm tone. This is loud enough to wake the child, but not to be perceived as frightening.

During the night, the clock face can be illuminated to provide some light. This makes it possible to see what time it is, even in the dark.

If your child is enthusiastic about horses and would like to have them close to them while they sleep, this alarm clock is ideal for this.


Does your child find it difficult to get up in the morning and prepare for school? Then it may be necessary to use a somewhat louder alarm clock . This is what the Plumeet double bell alarm clock offers.

You will probably know this type of alarm clock from your grandparents. The alarm clocks were simple in construction and reliably ensured that no one overslept. If your child is a particularly deep sleeper and is not impressed by other alarm clocks, this model is a good solution.

The analog display can be used to learn the times. The second hand runs quietly and no ticking can be heard.

On the back of the case there is a button that can be used to activate the night light. This means that the time can also be read during the night. However, the light switches off again immediately when the button is no longer pressed. A disturbing light cannot be perceived during the night.

In terms of design, this alarm clock appears very cute and it is created in such a way that it is easy to use for children’s hands . If pink is not so popular, a variant in blue is also available.

This children’s alarm clock for girls is particularly suitable for children who are very deeply asleep, who like to ignore other alarm clocks and who may oversleep. To prevent this, the double bell alarm clock is particularly loud and works reliably.


Above all, the alarm clocks are intended as an aid for the children to wake up better in the morning and to develop a regular daily rhythm. This goal cannot be achieved if the alarm clock makes it difficult to fall asleep in the evening. The ticking of analog alarm clocks can be such a nuisance that some children can barely turn a blind eye.

To make sleep as comfortable as possible, there are no ticking children’s alarm clocks . The analog alarm clocks are completely silent and can be used in the children’s room without any problems.


Alarm clocks with light have the advantage that the body gets used to the day ahead in the morning . Natural sunlight stimulates the production of hormones that gently wake the body up . Modern lifestyles do not always allow sunlight to be used to get up. Either because the apartment is in the city and the room is not exposed to direct sunlight, or because you have to get up so early that no sun can be seen on the horizon.

The children’s alarm clock from Cyouh is an alarm clock that uses light to get children up in the morning. This is completely stress-free and enables you to get up relaxed without the children being totally tired. This wake-up method not only benefits your health, but also your school performance.

This alarm clock can also be used as a night light and different colors are available for this. If your child is afraid of the dark, this alarm clock has a calming effect and allows a good night’s sleep.

Depending on the time of day, different emoticons are shown on the display . When it is time to sleep, the face closes its eyes. In the morning, however, it is awake and indicates that it is time to get up.

This makes this alarm clock not only particularly useful, but also perceived as entertaining by the children.


If your child is just learning the time, it is helpful to use an analog alarm clock. This model from Atlanta not only does without the ticking, but the design is designed to make learning easier. The minutes are color-coded and the hours are clearly shown.

The book supplied offers further support . The time is brought closer with fun drawings and stories. What about saying that a soccer game lasts 90 minutes?

Various melodies that are perceived as pleasant are used to wake up . During the night, an LED on the lower side of the alarm clock can provide some light so that the clock face can also be seen during the night.

With the enclosed coloring book, it is easy to learn to understand the time and sleep without any noticeable ticking.


If you are interested in buying a children’s alarm clock, but cannot really decide on a model yet, the following criteria will help to classify the purchase decision.


With analog clocks in particular, there is a risk that they can be heard by a loud ticking sound. The mechanical clockwork can be heard clearly and the familiar ticking can be annoying while sleeping.

It is therefore helpful to use either a digital alarm clock or an analog alarm clock that does not tick. Some manufacturers already have special alarm clocks on offer that do not make any noise and still have an analog clock face.


A children’s alarm clock shouldn’t just sound the alarm at a given time. In order for children to be interested in learning the time, it helps if the design is particularly appealing.

It is helpful here if the alarm clock is a hobby of the child or is in the favorite colors. However, other formal design rules are also important.

The clock face should be clearly visible. For this it is necessary that the digits are displayed in large letters. It is also helpful if the minutes are also shown at a certain interval.

The dial should be conspicuous, but too much “frills” can distract from the actual meaning and contribute to confusion.

Thus, the watch is designed to be suitable for children, but should still be clear in its statement.


So that children have an interest in learning and the clock, they should be able to switch the alarm on and off independently. This not only gives them the opportunity to turn off the alarm in the morning, but also a feeling of responsibility and independence.

Children are now responsible for setting the alarm and waking up. Of course, you should also check whether your child gets up at the right time. Basically, however, the alarm clock should be able to be operated by children.


Children can be a little clumsy at times. Especially in the morning, when you are still very tired and you want to turn off the alarm clock, it can quickly fall to the floor.

Alarm clocks should therefore be robust enough to withstand falling from a small height unscathed. For this, alarm clocks made of plastic and without small external parts on the housing are well suited.


It is already difficult for adults to find the appropriate alarm tone. This can range from the typically loud beep to pleasant nature noises.

In the case of children, it is important to ensure that their hearing is still very sensitive. Loud noises could impair hearing and are also perceived as very uncomfortable in the morning. This can trigger stress, which makes it difficult to start the day and which is associated with problems in the long term.

It is therefore important to ensure that alarm clocks for children have a comfortable volume and that they can be adjusted. Music and melodies are also preferable to loud beeps.


In preschool age children will begin to understand the time and to read the clock face correctly. During school time, children should be able to correctly interpret the clock and develop a more accurate sense of time.

The Back to School is the perfect time to give the child to the first alarm. In this way, you learn how to use the clock face and also promote independence.

Children are responsible for getting up in the morning and getting ready for school. In addition to an alarm clock, a wristwatch is also a nice gift for the first day of school.


Reading the clock and getting a feel for the time is not that easy. A children’s alarm clock is a good purchase so that your child can learn to use it.

These are kept in an attractive design, which is suitable for both boys and girls. In a sturdy housing , it is not a problem if the alarm clock falls and built-in night lights provide some light during the night.

Thanks to these functions, no ordinary alarm clock should be used, but a special alarm clock that is suitable for children. This enables a good night’s sleep and a good start to the day.



At the latest when they start school, it is helpful if your child can use the alarm clock and read the time. It is therefore advisable to playfully use a children’s alarm clock in the preschool atler to learn the time.


If the ticking disturbs your child’s sleep, there are versions that are equipped with a particularly quiet clockwork. These are practically noiseless so that no ticking can be heard.


How the wake-up melody can be switched off depends on the respective model. Often there is a button on the side that switches off the alarm tone. There is usually a larger button on the top to use the snooze function.


Most children’s alarm clocks have a display backlight. However, this is not permanently on, but is operated via a switch. Then it lights up for a short period of time and reading the display is easier. The children’s alarm clock cannot be used as a night light.


The volume of the alarm melody can be adjusted on most models. With the right volume, you avoid stress in the morning and make it easier to get up.

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