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Does your child sleep poorly in their own bed and is they afraid of the dark? Then the Cloud B turtle could be a real helper to get through the “threatening” nights together.

It is not just an ordinary night light for children , but also a cuddly toy . With its light and the cozy feeling it provides security and helps your child to come to rest.

But how does the Cloud B turtle perform in detail and is it suitable for your child?

All open questions are answered in this guide.

Usually night lights are plugged into the socket . There they bring some light into the dark, but are just as inconspicuous and far away from the child.

This night light in the shape of a turtle provides more security . During the night the tank lights up and your child can keep it very close.

The numerous functions and ease of use are particularly impressive. This makes the turtle ideal as a companion when your child is sleeping in their own bed for the first time. Moving from your parents’ bedroom to the children’s room can be difficult and is associated with a high level of uncertainty.

The most children are afraid of the dark. To offer your child more peace and security , the Cloud B turtle is ideal.

With an underwater projection , your child is distracted from the darkness and like a kind of modern mobile phone, the turtle ensures that your child falls asleep gently.

You can find out what the turtle can do in detail in the following section.


To get through the night relaxed, the Cloud B turtle offers a few functions. Here you can see an overview of how this night light can be used.


The heart of the Cloud B turtle is hidden in its shell. A projector is integrated there, which projects a kind of underwater world onto the ceiling. Similar to a night light with a starry sky , the projection ensures that your child is distracted and gently falls asleep.

The wave movements don’t just look interesting. They also serve the purpose of calming your child down. Because there is probably nothing more relaxing than falling asleep near the sea.

This effect is exploited by the turtle and the lighting effects look good in any room. The wave movements leave a good impression everywhere and will help your child to sleep gently.


The running time of the projection is limited by the battery. In order to save some energy and the Cloud B turtle does not light up all night, it makes sense to use the integrated timer.

Unfortunately, this only has a single running time of 23 minutes . Most children should be able to fall asleep during this time, but if the time is exceeded, the timer cannot simply be extended.

The timer is practical, however, so that the children’s room is dark again during the night. This guarantees optimal conditions for falling asleep and during sleep.

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To perfect the illusion of the sea, it’s not just light that is important. The background noise also contributes to the calming effect.

Several loudspeakers are built into the turtle for this purpose . These produce a good sound and the sound of the sea is clearly audible.

There are two different sounds to choose from Your child can either fall asleep with a soft melody and seagulls in the background or fully rely on the sound of the sea.

It would be nice if there had been more sounds. But with the sound of the sea, a basic function is provided that is reminiscent of a white noise device and suppresses unpleasant noises in the environment. This should be enough to focus solely on sleep.


Not only the sound, but also the light can be influenced somewhat. There is only one projection option, but the brightness can be regulated according to your own needs.

The brightness can be changed depending on whether your child prefers a lighter or darker room when falling asleep. This is useful to provide orientation during the night or to make breastfeeding easier.


The Cloud B turtle has a number of functions that can be used by your child. But how easy is it to operate and is it suitable for children?


To switch the turtle on, the switch on the underside must be operated. This is located behind a soft fabric and will not protrude uncomfortably when you cuddle. In addition, it cannot happen that your child accidentally switches off the night light while falling asleep.


There is a small adjusting wheel right next to the on / off switch. This is responsible for the brightness of the projection. The brightness level can be set by turning the adjusting wheel .

Due to the arrangement on the underside, it is unfortunately a bit cumbersome to change the brightness. It therefore makes sense to find a comfortable intensity and maintain it while falling asleep.


The numerous functions are operated via buttons on the top .

On the far left in the row is the switch for activating the night light. After actuation, the light lights up for 23 minutes and switches off automatically after this period. Thus, the button serves to switch on the projection and as a timer at the same time.

The button in the middle turns the music on and off. This button can be used to play the sound and switch to the next variant. This is all done by pressing a button. The volume controls are marked with + and – below the music button .

The wave movement can be controlled using the button on the right in the row A wave module is built into the tank for this purpose, which is able to project a wave pattern onto the wall. If the wave movement is perceived as annoying, it can be switched off using the button.


Children are not exactly squeamish about their cuddly toys. Can the Cloud B turtle withstand these stresses or is it to be expected that it will give up the ghost after a short time?

The combination of plush and plastic is a bit strange at first. As a result, the turtle with the plastic shell is not felt as cuddly as a stuffed animal.

The transition from plastic to plush turns out to be of high quality. The seams are neatly processed and do not offer any surface to show signs of use. The plastic is also of high quality. There are no edges or corners that could become an obstacle to cuddling.

This ensures that the turtle can be used by even the smallest children for some time. As a parent, you don’t have to worry that the device will be damaged after a short time and no longer work properly.


The Cloud B turtle must guarantee a high level of safety when held close to the body . After all, if it malfunctions and your child is asleep, it can be very dangerous.

But this fear is unfounded. The battery compartment is secured with a screw. So it cannot happen that your child removes the batteries on their own.

The LEDs used do not get too hot and thanks to the automatic timer there is no risk of the tank becoming too warm. This means that your child can fall asleep wonderfully with the turtle by their side, without any safety risk.


Fun and useful functions are combined in this turtle . The projection provides security and your child will no longer be afraid of the dark during the night.

Especially when moving to your first own cot , it makes sense to make the night more pleasant with such an aid. In this way, your child will get used to the new environment and playfully fall asleep.

Reduce stress and relax with this practical night light. Your child will finally spend the night quietly and wake up refreshed in the morning. And that is certainly an advantage for the parents as well.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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