Cold foam mattress – maximum comfort in comparison

The night would you like to spend relaxed and up in the morning with a good feeling. Your back should recover from the stresses of the day and the body should regenerate. The right mattress is the basis for starting the day without back pain and getting up with a good feeling.

The cold foam mattress offers a high level of comfort and is one of the most popular types of mattresses. But what distinguishes this mattress and will it be the optimal choice for your needs?

Find out in this guide what it feels like to sleep on a cold foam mattress You also get 5 high-quality models to choose from, which you can use for the night.

First of all, you should understand what this material is about. The cold foam is a foamed polyurethane. It is called cold foam because it hardens at lower temperatures. Most foams have to be heated first to gain stability.

Polyurethane is a plastic, but it is completely harmless to allergy sufferers. The production is relatively simple, which is why cold foam mattresses are available in a wide variety of price categories. In the simplest form, the foam is foamed into large blocks and cut into the appropriate sizes for the mattresses.

Higher quality cold foam mattresses have several layers and are provided with other extras. For example, air channels can be let in to increase breathability and improve sleeping comfort. Also, various relaxation areas are available to assist with the individual degrees of hardness the whole body better. Most cold foam mattresses have 7 zones that focus on the head, shoulders and lumbar area to ensure greater comfort.

Due to the excellent lying properties , these mattresses are also known as orthopedic mattresses . They provide a high level of stability , but at the same time adapt precisely to the shape of the body. The spine is stabilized and an unnatural kinking is prevented.


The cold foam mattress is not one of the most popular models for nothing. It convinces with a unique lying comfort.

What stands out here is the good point-elastic deformability of the foam. It adapts optimally to the load. This means that it only yields where the force actually acts. If you lie down on the foam, your body sinks in without the entire mattress giving way. This is a great advantage, especially in the cervical spine area. The shoulders sink in a little deeper, while the head lies stable on the mattress. Tension and headaches can be reduced in this way. The deformability is not as high as with a memory foam mattress , but since the cold foam has excellent support, it is also often used in these models.

Depending on the type of production, the cold foam is designed to be more open or denser. The open-pore finish is a little less stable, but more permeable to air. This is ideal for allergy sufferers, as the moisture is better transported away and mites will not feel comfortable in this mattress.

If you need a harder mattress, there are cold foam mattresses with a higher density. There the foam is denser and you will experience greater support. Thus, the cold foam mattress covers different requirements and you should pay attention to how your mattress is designed.

Although it is a cold foam, you lie warmer than on other mattresses. This is an advantage, especially in winter, when you prefer to be cozy in your bed. In summer, the air channels ensure that you don’t start sweating and that the excessive heat is given off. This provides a good temperature compensation.

With the cold foam mattress you get a soft but at the same time stable feeling during sleep. The surface adapts to your body and provides first-class support. Your spine benefits and can recover while you sleep.


Which cold foam mattress is best for you? Receive a selection of 5 top products and choose a mattress that exactly meets your needs.


The first mattress presented is characterized by its particular flexibility . It consists of two layers of comfort foam, which have different degrees of hardness. While one side is a little firmer and corresponds to the degree of hardness H3, the opposite side is softer and is in the range of H2. This allows you to try out for yourself which side you prefer to spend the night on.

Another advantage is that you can use this mattress wonderfully as a guest mattress . It is cheap to buy and thanks to the two individual sides, both children and adults sleep well on this surface.

The selection is also impressive. It is available in sizes from 80x200cm to 140x200cm . For a large double bed, two mattresses can be connected with a topper to create a uniform surface.

There is also a promising selection of heights . It is available in heights of 13cm, 16cm and 27cm . This allows you to perfectly match the mattress to your slatted frame. If you prefer to lie a little higher and want to protect your knee joints, buying a mattress at a height of 27cm is a good idea.

The tried and tested cold foam is used inside. This is divided into 7 zones in order to better adapt to your body areas. Furthermore, the properties are improved by the wave cut technology used . The foam adapts even better to your body contour and offers a restful sleep.

The cover is made of 100% polyester and is high quality quilted with a 100g climate fiber. This ensures a comfortable sleeping environment and it doesn’t get too warm in bed. The cover is machine washable at 60 ° C and easy to handle thanks to a sewn-in zipper.

Thanks to these properties, the mattress is suitable for allergy sufferers. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is complied with and no harmful substances are introduced during production.

Are you unsure which degree of firmness your mattress should be? No problem, with the cold foam mattress from Dream Night you have the choice between a soft and a bit harder side. The foam adapts perfectly to your body and ensures a relaxed sleep.


With this version from Belvandeo you get a high-quality cold foam mattress “Made in Germany” . It is one of the top products on the market and the opinion is confirmed by the numerous buyers and their best ratings.

The cold foam mattress is available in sizes from 80x200cm to 140x200cm . This can be used to equip a single or cot and also to upgrade a smaller double bed with a first-class mattress.

The cold foam used proves to be anti-allergic and antibacterial. The structure ensures that a high level of breathability is guaranteed, which is why mites and other pests will not even find their way into this mattress.

The high point elasticity offers perfect deformability for your body. The foam adapts ideally to your spine and provides a high level of support. Furthermore, the 7 zones offer a comfortable sleep and ensure that the spine adopts a natural posture. The 7 zones can be clearly recognized by the different design of the foam.

H2 and H3 are available as degrees of hardness. The manufacturer recommends the softer version in H2 up to a weight of 80 kilograms. For a weight of up to 120 kilograms, the harder mattress in H3 is the better choice.

The mattress is delivered including a double cloth cover . It can be washed at 60 ° C and is ideal for allergy sufferers.

The manufacturer offers a 2-year guarantee on this mattress and home delivery is free throughout Germany. If you have any questions, customer service is available and will be happy to answer them.

Convince yourself of this “Made in Germany” quality and sleep on an ergonomic cold foam mattress. It is delivered rolled up and can be used the same evening. The foam is completely odorless and the price-performance ratio is impressive.


Als einer der renommiertesten Hersteller von Matratzen hat sich Ravensberger in Deutschland etabliert. Die angebotene Kaltschaummatratze zählt zu den Top-Produkten und wird von den Käufern mit Höchstnoten bedacht. Die 10 Jahre Garantie sind ein Beweis dafür, welch hohes Vertrauen der Hersteller in die Qualität seiner Matratzen legt.

Für verbesserte Schlafeigenschaften sorgt der eingesetzte Hybrid-Kaltschaum. Dieser gilt als hochelastisch und wird in insgesamt 7 Zonen unterteilt. Dies bietet Deinem Körper genau die Entlastung, welche nach einem anstrengenden Tag notwendig ist.

Durch den verwendeten Schaumstoff wird eine optimale Punktelastizität und Stützkraft gewährleistet. Überzeugend ist hierbei, dass der Schaumstoff diese Eigenschaften während der gesamten Nutzungsdauer beibehält. Es wird eine dauerhafte Rückstellkraft sichergestellt, sodass diese Matratze nicht so schnell durchgelegen wird. Die Investition zahlt sich also aus und Du wirst dieses Modell für viele Jahre nutzen können und ein Schlaferlebnis wie am ersten Tag genießen.

Ravensberger offers this mattress in sizes from 80x190cm to 180x220cm . If you are a bit taller and want to finally use a mattress where your feet don’t look out at the end, you are in the right place here. The Ravensberger cold foam mattress is also one of the few that is also suitable for a double bed .

There is also a larger selection of degrees of hardness. The hardness in H2 is suitable for people up to a weight of 80 kilograms. H3 is best suited for a body weight of 80 kg to 120 kg. From 120 kilograms you should choose the hardness level H4. This ensures excellent stability even for a higher body weight.

The existing double cloth cover is machine washable at up to 60 ° C and a higher quality Medicore Silverline mattress cover can optionally be ordered. Awarded according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 , the mattress is ideal for allergy sufferers.

Test this mattress in specialist shops in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart or Munich and convince yourself of the high quality on site. Then you will finally spend peaceful nights and offer your body optimal relaxation.


Mattresses have a bad reputation for being expensive and not always delivering what they promise. The cold foam mattress from Dream Night proves that there is another way. This is one of the particularly affordable models and is available for far less than 100 euros.

The core is open-pored and has a density of 30kg / m³. In addition, the cold foam is equipped with the tried and tested 7 zones to provide better support for your body parts.

The selection is also impressive. The mattress is available in sizes from 80x200cm to 180x200cm . To some extent, also sizes in 210cm or 220cm offered. This is even the case with the mattresses for single beds, so that all wishes are met here too. The cold foam mattress is available in heights of 13cm or 16cm.

A high-quality double cloth, which is quilted with a climate fiber, is used as a cover. It is machine washable at 60 ° C and can be easily removed using the sewn-in zipper.

Because it is easy to care for, this mattress is ideal for allergy sufferers. In addition, the back is relieved and a comfortable sleep is guaranteed.

The low price and the high level of comfort convince with the cold foam mattress from Dream Night. The manufacturer looks back on more than 70 years of history and in this model combines all of its experience in order to be able to offer high quality at a low price .


The orthopedic cold foam mattress from Betten ABC is also one of the cheaper options . It has been sold over a million times and is one of the top sellers in Germany. The numerous positive reviews prove that these are not mass-produced goods, but that quality is also in the foreground This not only makes this model one of the best-selling, it also has top ratings.

Ordinary cold foam is used in the core . As with the dream night, it has a volume weight of 30kg / m³ and is therefore a little more open.

For the degrees of hardness , the choice consists of a medium H3 and a softer H2. For a body weight of 70-120 kilograms, the manufacturer recommends hardness H3. If you are a little lighter, H2 proves to be more comfortable for your back.

The sizes cover all common dimensions from 80x200cm to 180x220cm . This means that there are particularly large versions even for double beds. These excess lengths are in short supply from many providers, so that at a certain height, the feet are no longer on the mattress. However, this should no longer be the case with the excess lengths offered here.

The integrated 7 zones ensure a high level of comfort . Therefore, this design can rightly be called an orthopedic mattress . Your back is optimally supported and relieved while you sleep. Tension and pain are a thing of the past.

The quality awareness is also evident in the processing and the cover. The cover is quilted with a climate wadding and ensures a high level of moisture regulation. Awarded the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, this model can also be used wonderfully as a baby mattress and offers a safe sleeping environment.

The cover is machine washable at 60 ° C and offers allergy sufferers a good hygienic environment. With regular care, allergy sufferers will sleep well on this mattress and be less plagued by the symptoms.

Join the large number of buyers and trust their testimonials. With the cold foam mattress from Betten ABC, you get a model that is easy on your back and has a high level of air permeability. This version of ABC beds offers a comfortable sleep at a fair price.


You have now got to know the details of the cold foam mattress better. In summary, you will find an overview of the advantages of these mattresses here .

High point elasticity: The cold foam only deforms in the places where you actually lie with your body. As a result, the foam does not lose any stability over the entire surface. Especially if you use a large mattress for a double bed, you will be happy that your partner is not “lying lower” just because you are moving a little more on your side.

Breathable: The foam lies close to the skin and the body, but the moisture is transported away well via ventilation channels. For allergy sufferers, there is a favorable sleeping climate in which the exposure to allergens is reduced and sweating is avoided.

Transportable: A cold foam mattress is lighter than many comparable materials. This not only reduces weight, it can also be stowed away more flexibly. Thin mattresses can be rolled up and the greater flexibility also makes them ideal for an electric box spring bed .

Noise-free: The innerspring mattress may be comfortable, but the movements of the springs make noise. If you are sensitive to the noise environment in the bedroom, you will be pleased with the cold foam mattress that it is particularly quiet. You won’t hear a squeak or creak.

High comfort: The combination of several layers and the subdivision of the area into lying areas gives you a unique sleeping experience. Your back is optimally supported and yet the mattress feels pleasantly soft. Due to the high degree of adaptability, it is basically also suitable for all sleeping positions. Regardless of whether you prefer to sleep on your side or on your stomach. A cold foam mattress will ensure maximum comfort in every position.

Large selection: The manufacturers have also recognized the great benefits of this material. The foam is relatively cheap to work with and still provides a high level of comfort. This means that the range of cold foam mattresses is huge. You can find practically any size and get exactly the product that is tailored to your needs. This means that you don’t have to make any compromises, you sleep according to your wishes. The cold foam is also ideal as a cot mattress, as it adapts to the lower weight.


The mattresses listed here all have a special zone classification. If you have slept on a normal mattress that does not have such a division, you may initially be skeptical about this change. Therefore, you will now find out what the 7 zones are all about.

The stress on the body for the mattress varies greatly. The body weight is not distributed evenly over the entire body size, but is concentrated in certain areas. The mattress is therefore exposed to greater stress, especially in the shoulder and pelvic area.

If the mattress only had a uniform degree of firmness, this would perhaps be comfortable in the head area, but not offer enough support for the shoulder and pelvis . These sink in too deep and this results in a poor posture of the spine.

By dividing the mattress into zones , the hardness adapts better to the load. The common zones are as follows:

Knees & calves

In contrast to the 7 zones, some mattresses are also equipped with 5 or 9 zones. There the zoning differs, with the 7 zones being the most common model.


Which cold foam mattress suits you best and how do you find it? Pay attention to the following criteria in order to choose the model that best meets your personal needs.


The mattress should support your sleeping position and offer good stability. Foam mattresses have the advantage , that these are very flexible and suitable for all sleeping positions are.

Nevertheless, try out your dream mattress and test whether it offers optimal support in your preferred position. Then you will surely find the model that relieves your back and feels comfortable.


When it comes to mattresses, there is often a choice of firmness from H2 to H4. The choice of hardness partly depends on personal preferences, but the manufacturers give clear recommendations, which you should use as a guide , depending on your body weight .

H2 is perceived as soft and is recommended for people who weigh between 60 and 80 kilograms .

With a weight of 80 kilograms or more, you should rather choose the more rigid variant in H3 . This is a little more stable and ensures that shoulders and pelvis do not sink too deep.

From a body weight of 120 kilograms, the hardness H4 is the best choice. This is extra-strong and will meet these higher demands.

But be sure to pay attention to the information provided by the manufacturer about the firmness of its mattresses. Since the hardness is not standardized , the hardness levels of the providers are difficult to compare with each other.


The cold foam mattress consists of a foamed polyurethane. Depending on how much raw material is used for the mattress, there is a different density.

Cheaper mattresses usually have a lower volume weight. The manufacturer has accordingly used less material and the mattress is designed to be more open. In the lower price segment, the mattresses therefore often have a density of 30kg / m³ .

Higher quality mattresses start with a density of 40kg / m³ . But these models are also a bit more expensive to buy.

If you suffer from back pain , it is better to choose a model with a higher density and trust the better support.


Since more than 10 million people in Germany now suffer from house dust allergies , it is advisable to ensure that the cold foam mattress creates good sleeping conditions for allergy sufferers. This includes that the mattress has good moisture regulation and guarantees high breathability .

The cover should be washable at at least 60 ° C and made from a skin-friendly material. The Oeko-Tex seal is another indication that it is an allergy-friendly mattress.


The cold foam mattress is one of the most popular mattress designs for a reason It convinces with a first-class price-performance ratio and offers a high quality of sleep.

Use the models presented here to protect your back and sleep comfortably. Then you will start the day with joy and experience a completely different quality of life.

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