Cold foam topper – 3 models for a comfortable sleep

Does your mattress no longer feel comfortable and could the comfort be better? Do you wake up in the morning with slight back pain , but don’t want to replace the entire mattress right away?

Then a topper could be the optimal solution for you. This is a thin layer that you place on the mattress. It contributes significantly to relieving the strain on the back and reducing pain and tension.

Similar to the mattress, there are also different materials that are used for the topper . The cold foam proves to be very flexible and adapts to your back precisely. Find out what distinguishes the cold foam topper and which models are convincing in terms of quality.

Depending on your preferences and needs, there are different materials that are used inside the topper. If you sweat easily and want to keep a cool head even on hot days in summer, a latex topper is ideal. The latex enables ideal air circulation so that the heat does not build up in bed.

Cold foam has developed as one of the most popular materials for mattresses in recent years . Cold foam mattresses are characterized by a high degree of flexibility. They yield point elastic to the pressure so that the back is optimally supported.

With the cold foam topper, similar properties are in the foreground. The foam is made from the plastic polyurethane . This raw material is poured into a mold and hardened. This manufacturing process ensures that this topper impresses with its unique properties .

It proves to be stable and yet breathable at the same time In terms of price, these variants are in most cases cheaper than, for example, the viscous toppers, which are complex to manufacture . If you don’t want to invest more than 100 euros, cold foam toppers are a good choice to relieve your back cheaply and effectively.

Depending on the mattress, the cold foam toppers are offered in different sizes . These must absolutely match your mattress. But since designs are available even for oversized or smaller cot mattresses, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

The topper is simply placed on the mattress. It has a non-slip underside and is partially equipped with straps that prevent it from slipping.

However, the cold foam topper should not be confused with an encasing . The topper is only responsible for increasing sleeping comfort and relieving the spine. It does not protect against mites , so allergy sufferers will still have to take other measures.


Are you wondering whether a cold foam topper is also beneficial for you and enhances sleep? Then it should be said that this edition is suitable for a broad target group . The following groups of people particularly benefit from this comfortable and health-promoting mattress.


The night is actually supposed to be used for relaxation. If you spend the day mainly in the office and do not move enough or if you have back pain due to other incidents, then the sleeping position should actually be comfortable.

But the mattress is not always comfortable enough to protect your back. If you do not have an orthopedic mattress , it is advisable to purchase a cold foam topper. This absorbs the stress better and ensures that the necessary recovery finally takes place during the night. In the long term, both tension and pain will decrease during the night and the morning will be more pleasant for you.


It is completely normal for people to sweat during the night. This not only has to happen in hot temperatures, but is also the case in winter. However, if you tend to sweat particularly quickly, this can become very uncomfortable. Then you wake up in the morning on a damp mattress and are exposed to a higher risk of colds.

If you want to create a better sleeping environment, the cold foam topper is a good choice. The foam is breathable and carries the warm air away from the body . As a result, it does not build up in bed and you are less prone to sweating. For a special cooling effect , special pillows or the already mentioned latex topper are recommended.


If there are two mattresses in your guest room or if you and your partner prefer a different level of comfort, it makes sense to use two single beds . In order to still get closer, the cold foam topper is suitable for connecting the two individual mattresses.

To do this, you simply push the beds together and place the single large topper on both mattresses. Thanks to the straps, it is ensured that the topper and mattress do not shift, so that you get the feeling of sleeping on a large mattress. An annoying gap in the middle is no longer noticeable , so that you can sleep closely with your partner.


Most people do not lie completely still during the night. Usually the sleeping position is changed and turned from one side to the other.

If you are particularly active during sleep, this may be less comfortable for your partner. On a Bonell spring core mattress , for example, the movements are transmitted over the entire surface. As a result, your movements affect your partner’s sleep.

The cold foam topper, on the other hand, absorbs the stress point-elastic. As a result, the movements are not distributed, but the surface only deforms locally. So your partner won’t notice if you have another restless night.


Which models are convincing in practice? In the following you will get a detailed overview of the 3 models and find out what distinguishes them in detail. Then there is certainly the right version for your needs and the night is much more pleasant.


A high quality topper doesn’t have to cost a lot. This topper from Sleepling, which offers a high-quality mattress with the Innovation 400, proves an excellent price-performance ratio . It is one of the cheapest but at the same time most popular models on Amazon. More than 1,000 top ratings confirm the high level of satisfaction, so you can use this model with confidence if your budget is limited.

Cold foam with a density of 35 is used in the core of the topper . The density is a bit lower and the foam is not quite as dense. For heavy people, this could mean that the material gives way after a few years and dents become apparent. With a normal weight, however, this should not result in any disadvantages.

The cover consists of 100% microfiber and is quilted with a climate fiber . This achieves good temperature properties and you will find a cooler bed, especially in summer. The entire cover is removable and machine washable at 60 ° C.

With a height of 5cm , the topper is sufficient for back and stomach sleepers. If you sleep on your side and need a higher topper because the mattress is already very hard, this version will be less suitable for you.

In the sizes from 80x200cm to 200x200cm , the required version is included for most mattresses. There is still a special feature in the “split” versions. With these, the head end is divided into two halves, so that the topper can be used in beds with an adjustable slatted frame . If you want to read a book and set up the slatted frame while your partner sleeps, this is no problem with the topper. An electric box spring bed with an adjustable head end can also be equipped with this topper.

Opt for this cheap but effective variant to relieve your back. At a first-class price-performance ratio, this cold foam topper enhances your sleep and offers a high level of comfort.


If you prefer a very effective variant, the mattress topper from SW Bedding is one of the best options for you. In the core, a complete cold foam is used, which absorbs your weight and enhances the comfort of the mattress. With a height of 6.5cm, it is also suitable for side sleepers to ensure better sinking in.

The cold foam is designed with open pores and thus offers better air circulation . In summer it doesn’t get too warm and you get a slightly cooling effect. Nevertheless, the topper feels cozy in winter and you will not start to freeze.

With a density of 45 , the foam is kept more dense. As a result, it offers better support and the manufacturer states that it can also be used for people with a body weight of up to 160kg .

The cover consists of a polyester & viscose mixture. This can be removed using the zip and machine washable at 40 ° C.

The production takes place entirely in Germany. This gives the manufacturer better control options and ensures that no harmful substances get into the material during the manufacturing process. The Oeko-Tex Certificate 100 ensures that the topper is also suitable for the baby mattress .

The sizes of 80x200cm to 200x200cm all standard mattress sizes are covered. There is also a shorter version in 90x190cm , which is often used in children’s beds.

This cold foam topper is the best choice for maximum relief of the spine and a particularly comfortable sleep. The high density ensures that you can use this version for a few years. The manufacturer also offers a trial period of 30 days and nights . So you can test, without obligation, whether this version meets your expectations.


In the field of mattresses, the manufacturer Träumegut24 has established itself as a permanent brand. The orthopedic topper offered here is also convincing and is of extremely high quality at a fair price.

The special thing about this model is that it offers two degrees of hardness . Depending on the side used , the surface is a little harder or softer. According to the manufacturer, this corresponds to an H2 & H3.

The orthopedic properties are based on the greater height of the topper. At 10cm, this version is significantly higher than the alternatives presented. This is an advantage for side sleepers, as the body sinks in better and the hips and shoulders are protected.

The premium cover is made of 100% polyester. To prevent it from shrinking, it is advisable to machine wash it only at 40 ° C. The zipper makes it easy to use , so that washing takes little effort.

Opt for this versatile edition in order to get the right hardness for every need. The Oeko-Tex standard indicates the high manufacturing conditions and the height of almost 10cm is wonderfully suitable for side sleepers.


The cold foam topper is a good choice for some people. In summary, the following properties characterize this material, which enhances your night.

Cold foam is a very flexible but also resistant material. If you lie down on him, he gives in immediately. As a result, it adapts quickly to your body shape and offers excellent padding.
The point behind this overlay is to improve comfort and take the strain off the spine . This reduces back pain and makes it much easier to get up.
The cold foam also proves to be durable . Compared to memory foam, the foam is a little harder, but also more stable and returns to its original shape more reliably. Dents or other signs of wear and tear are rare.


The models presented here received top marks from the buyers and impress with their high quality. But how do you recognize a high-quality topper and which features do you have to pay attention to when buying?


One of the most important features is the volume weight. This indicates which initial quantity of the raw material was used. The higher the volume weight, the more material was ultimately used.

High-quality designs should have a density of at least 40 . If the foam is less dense, there is a risk that dents will form prematurely and the lying comfort will decrease more quickly .


The height of the topper is also an important property that you have to consider when buying. A high model is not necessarily always better. Rather, it depends on your sleeping position and that the execution suits you.

As a side sleeper, the topper should be at least 8cm high. This better guarantees that the hips and shoulders sink in and receive good support.

If you mostly sleep on your stomach or back, 5cm is sufficient. Then the load is distributed over a larger area and the core has to be less thick.


Since you spend every night on the topper, it should be easy to wash and take little effort. It is therefore advantageous if it has a circumferential zipper.

If you are allergic , the cover should be washable at at least 60 ° C. Only then can it be ensured that mites are effectively washed out.

Ribbons on the sides are useful to keep the topper from slipping These ensure that the topper lies securely and does not slip due to your movements.


Do you no longer feel comfortable on your mattress , do you wake up in the morning with slight tension or back pain because the mattress is too hard?

Then the cold foam topper is the ideal solution for you. It adapts flexibly to your back and reacts to the strain on your body. As a result, it hugs you perfectly and provides first-class support.

It is not for nothing that the topper is an integral part of the box spring bed and is jointly responsible for the high level of comfort. The cold foam used here ensures good air circulation and gives way to the point.

Use a cold foam topper and you will clearly feel the change after the first night. You sleep better, your body recovers and in the morning you start the day with more energy.

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Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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