Cool pillows for a more comfortable night

The summer is for many people the best time of year is. It’s finally possible outside an ice cream to enjoy and the sun on the face seem to be. But at night the season shows its dark side.

A slightly cooler temperature is preferred for sleeping. The temperature in the bedroom should be less than 20 ° C so that you can spend the night without any problems. However, if it is significantly warmer during the night, you will not be able to cool the bedroom without air conditioning .

With a cooling pillow, however, you will be able to survive the hot summer nights better. You will sweat less and will have a deeper sleep.

If you prefer a fresh feeling in bed , then take a look at the following cooling pillows, which ensure a pleasant sleeping environment.

Sleeping on thick down pillows in summer is not exactly pleasant. The material is not very breathable and the heat accumulates over the pillow. You will start sweating faster and the moisture will build up inside. Not only is this uncomfortable, pathogens also multiply much better under these conditions. The concentration of mites and bacteria increases, which is a health hazard, especially for allergy sufferers.

Therefore, the use of a cooling pillow is advisable in order not to be exposed to such risks. The following properties bring pillows with them that are ideally suited for the summer.


The exact way in which the pillows contribute to cooling is explained in the next chapter. Depending on the material, the pillow is either breathable , so that the warm air is better transported away, or it actively helps to cool your head.

In any case, you will find a more comfortable temperature so that you sleep better even during warm nights. If it is too warm, your sleep will be disturbed and you will hardly wake up refreshed the next morning.


Although the pillow has a cooling effect, it cannot be completely avoided that you start to sweat . If you count yourself among those people who work up a sweat quickly, it is advantageous if the pillow can withstand this strain.

For this purpose, the cover should be washable at at least 60 ° C. It is also important for the core material that it is air-permeable and does not store moisture. Special pillows for those who sweat quickly meet these requirements and offer a high level of hygiene. Germs and pathogens have no chance, so your health is not affected.


In addition to its cooling properties, it is also important that it offers good support. After all, the cervical spine is already exposed to high levels of stress in everyday life. Working at the desk and constantly looking at the monitor mean that the muscles are stressed on one side. This leads to tension and pain. A lack of exercise aggravates the symptoms.

In order to start the day at least relaxed, the pillow should relieve your cervical spine. There are various neck support pillows for this , which are particularly gentle. They adapt optimally to the body contour so that the muscles no longer have to do any work during sleep.

A cooling pillow should also be very comfortable . It is important that it is suitable for your sleeping position. Side sleepers need higher pillows than people who spend the night on their back .


Neither a fan nor air conditioning is built into cooling pillows. But how can they still contribute to cooling? There are basically two different methods that are used for this.


Passive cooling is achieved because the material is particularly breathable . A common problem with sleep is that body heat builds up. There is no exchange with the ambient air, so that the body does not cool down. As a result, he tries to regulate body temperature through sweating.

If the pillow uses passive cooling, this means that it promotes the exchange of air. This is achieved by introducing ventilation channels inside, which lead to a more open material. The air circulates and cooler fresh air reaches your head. The moisture does not collect in the pillow , but is better released into the environment. With these models you already get a noticeable difference, which is a clear advantage on hot summer nights.


The active cooling is based on modern fibers that change their state of aggregation depending on the temperature . This means that when it gets too warm, the material changes from a solid to a liquid state. To make this change, it needs heat. On warm nights, the special fabric absorbs the heat and removes it from the environment. This gives you a cooling effect that is clearly noticeable on the skin.

Specifically, the material is a polyester fiber . It is woven into the cover , which is why body heat is practically absorbed by the pillow. The phase change does not result in a build-up of heat, but you notice that a cooling effect occurs.

This cooling method is more effective than passive cooling. The fiber is also used in mattresses or blankets, which also promise a cooling effect.


Which pillow best meets your needs? The following models are characterized by different properties , which means they are better adapted to certain sleeping positions, for example. Find the version that’s right for you to sleep in a cooler bed.


Do you suffer from tension in the neck or do you have frequent headaches ? Then an unfavorable sleeping position could be responsible. Ordinary pillows often lead to the fact that your head is too high and the neck muscles cannot relax. If the pillow does not provide sufficient stability, the muscles have to do a lot of work even while sleeping.

With the contour pillow from the manufacturer Supportiback, your body finally receives the long-awaited rest in sleep. The pillow is shaped so that the head has an optimal place to rest . The special curvature precisely accommodates the cervical spine so that it maintains its natural course.

As usual with a neck pillow, a memory foam is used inside . This gives way precisely under the load in order to adapt to every head shape. This gives you a pillow that feels tailor-made.

The cooling effect is realized thanks to the gel surface . The gel absorbs the heat so that no heat build-up occurs and your head is cooler. You will sweat less and the gel effectively dissipates heat even on hot nights.

With a height of 10cm , the pillow is primarily suitable for back sleepers. Side sleepers will likely need a higher variant for better support.

This pillow is also suitable for allergy sufferers. There are no plasticizers or other potentially irritating materials such as latex or BPA. The cover is also hypoallergenic and machine washable. This also reduces the number of mites .

Use this effective gel pillow to be not only cool, but also comfortable , even on hot nights The manufacturer grants you a 30-day test room in which you can decide whether the pillow meets your requirements. If it does not bring the hoped-for improvement, you send the pillow back and get your money back. Don’t take any risks and use this orthopedic model, which also helps your neck.


A neck pillow is useful for the health of your cervical spine. But the curvature in the pillow might be unusual at first and not every person likes this design. Alternatively, there are flat pillow , which consist of a memory foam and thus take the load of the head. The familiar shape gives you familiar comfort, so that you don’t have to get used to it first.

This is the case with the cooling pillow “Vital Ice” from the manufacturer Third of Life. The pillow has compact dimensions of 56x36x11cm . This means that the lying area is much smaller than with ordinary down pillows, but it is wonderfully suitable for travel. It can be rolled up and easily stowed in your luggage. If you are looking for a high-quality neck pillow for the trip , which also offers a high level of comfort in the hotel, this variant is worth recommending.

The memory foam also ensures that this model adapts flexibly to your neck. This means that your head is safe during the night and tension is reduced.

The cooling of the “Vital Ice” is achieved through the innovative cover. Here, the material that has already been introduced is used, which undergoes a phase change . As a result, the heat is absorbed and reliably released back into the environment. In addition, there are numerous ventilation channels in the pillow . The air circulates better and allows the heat to be removed more easily.

Despite the high quality fiber, the cover can be washed at 40 ° C. To protect the material, it is advisable to only put the cover inside out in the washing machine.

Use this versatile pillow to be well equipped when traveling to warmer areas. By rolling up the pillow, you can put it in your luggage and take it with you anywhere in the world. This ensures that you are not exposed to the heat without protection even in remote regions and that a cooler night awaits you.


The design of the previous versions was more aimed at those who sleep on the back. They were rectangular and relatively flat, so that side sleepers hardly get adequate support.

If you prefer to sleep on your side, the Acamar model is ideal for you. With a height of 12cm it is a bit more generous and will offer a good surface for the head even when lying on the side . There are also recesses on the edges where you can put your shoulders and arms better . You no longer have to laboriously put your shoulder halfway on the pillow, you can simply guide it past the side. Since more than 60% of all people prefer to lie on the side, is this side sleeper pillow also something for you?

Although the shape differs significantly from a neck support pillow, it still offers a high level of comfort. Here, too, the memory foam is responsible for this This gives way under the influence of body heat and adapts optimally to your cervical spine.

With a size of 55x47cm , the pillow is a bit more massive. There is enough space for your head to also compensate for movements. Despite the cutouts, you don’t have to worry about slipping off the pillow while you sleep.

The manufacturer also uses the well-known cooling technology for the Acamar model . A fiber is interwoven in the cover, which absorbs body heat through the phase change and thus creates a cooler environment.

At the same time, there are sufficient ventilation channels in the core and the exposure to mites is reduced to a minimum. If you suffer from breathing difficulties or irritated mucous membranes, this variant could give you some relief.

In order to sleep comfortably on the side , this pillow is perfect for you. It is specially designed so that side sleepers receive optimal support and the cervical spine is spared. In addition to the ergonomic shape , the cooling effect is also convincing.


Whether the pillow contributes to a more comfortable sleeping environment depends largely on the materials. Many artificial fibers do not have properties that are beneficial for summer nights. They are too dense and do not offer sufficient breathability.

Especially with cushions made of foam there is a high risk of heat build-up. Since these are close to the body, the heat is not sufficiently transported away. With such foam pillows, make sure that they have sufficient ventilation channels.

When reference are natural fibers made of bamboo, Tencel or cotton well suited to the heat derived. The type of weave also plays a role. In some cases, a climate fiber is quilted, which is particularly light and transports heat away well.

The denser the thread count and the higher the weight, the worse the breathing properties are usually. Lightweight polyester fabrics can also ensure that it stays pleasantly cool on warmer nights.


The cushions are cooled by the fact that the warm exhaust air is discharged . The pillow is not able to achieve cooling directly, but it absorbs the excess heat and dissipates it better to the environment.

Therefore it is not necessary to use another pillow in winter. This cooling effect does not occur in an already colder environment. The body heat is dissipated better, but with suitable bed linen, the temperatures are still comfortable. This means that the cooling pillow can also be used in winter.


If you like the pleasantly fresh feeling of sleeping in a cooler bed and pulling the duvet over you, a pillow with a cooling effect will contribute to this cozy atmosphere. The high breathability and the use of special threads ensure that you are guaranteed not to work up a sweat on these pillows.

Use these pillows in summer when it gets uncomfortably hot in the bedroom and you have trouble getting through the night without disturbance. Then you can sleep restfully despite the high ambient temperatures.

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Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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