Children’s beds for girls – 5 variants in comparison

The children’s bed for girls offers your daughter the right sleeping accommodation for the children’s room. If your daughter is at an age where she no longer wants to spend the night in the parents’ bedroom in a cradle, you should of course buy your own bed.

This quickly raises the question of which cot for girls not only offers a high level of sleeping comfort, but also looks good. After all, the bed should match the furnishings in the children’s room.

In this guide you can find out which models do particularly well and are suitable for your daughter.

For children, their own room represents both sleeping and living areas. As a rule, they do not have a separate room where the bed is, but all of the furnishings are in the same room.

When choosing the right cot, of course, the age of your daughter has a big influence. If your daughter is only a few years old, safety plays a major role. After all, your child should not fall out of bed and therefore it is important that there are sufficient safety mechanisms in place.

However, with increasing age, your daughter develops a will of her own and probably has wishes of her own in relation to the right cot. Now both the design and the equipment play a bigger role.

When buying a cot for girls, you should be very careful to find an age-appropriate model and include your daughter. After all, your daughter should feel comfortable in the nursery.

For a good sleep, it is not only the quality of the bed that is important. The design should correspond to the wishes of your daughter so that the children’s room becomes an oasis of well- being.

The choice is almost unlimited. There seems to be a different theme for every taste. It doesn’t matter whether your daughter decides on a typically pink children’s bed for girls or whether it should look more like a natural children’s bed with a house and front yard.

The variety is almost overwhelming and therefore the differences between the individual models are clearly described in this guide to make your purchase decision easier.


What actually characterizes a children’s bed for girls and how are they designed?

In the following you will learn some features that can be part of the beds and help you to make the right decision.


Clearly, even if the role stereotypes break up, girls often prefer pink. Whether it is toys, clothes or furnishings, pink is still a typical color for a girl’s cot.

But the choice is not just limited to pink. Rather, other color variants are increasingly being offered. No matter whether it should be a neutral white or gray or a clear blue.

The beds are now available in a greater variety of colors to suit every taste.


For adults, the bed should above all be a place of relaxation. With children, on the other hand, the design plays a bigger role, because the bed is in the children’s room and is therefore seen as a normal part of the furnishings.

The design can be very different. There are turned feet, decorations on the sides or even a canopy , which is reminiscent of a princess.

Depending on your preference, different designs are available with which your own personality can be matched .


The children’s beds are not only characterized by their different designs in detail. In most cases they are based on a very specific topic.

Models that are based on Disney characters are of course a long-runner. Disney princesses such as Cinderella can appear here. In a strong pink, your daughter could sleep like a princess herself.

Or a cooler atmosphere , such as from the Disney film “Frozen” , is preferred. Then the entire bed can also be leaned against this film.

Of course there are also “neutral” variants that are decorated with simple patterns. But if your child is a fan of their own theme world, you can certainly find a suitable bed to allow your daughter to immerse themselves in this special world.


As already indicated, the tastes are different. In order to offer your daughter the best possible sleep , you will now receive 5 recommendations that meet the highest demands in terms of both design and sleeping comfort .


The Sternchen youth bed is a children’s bed in a neutral style , which should allow a pleasant night with decorations of stars at the head and foot end.

The low price of a little more than 100 euros is particularly advantageous . However, this does not mean that savings are made in terms of quality.

wood imitation is used as material , which is available in the colors white and purple. The length of the entire bed is approx. 2 meters, with which you can wonderfully use a cot mattress in the size 90x190cm .

The delivery takes place after consultation with the provider and reaches the hallway. So you don’t have to drag the boxes from the sidewalk into the house yourself. The assembly is relatively easy and can be done within 1 hour .

If you are looking for a neutral and inexpensive cot for girls, you will get the right model here. Decorated with pretty stars, your daughter will surely love to sleep in this bed.


If your daughter should feel like a little princess , Disney offers the perfect opportunity to make this dream come true with this cot in a carriage design . Lovingly decorated, the illusion is created as if your daughter is in a carriage and waiting for the dream prince.

The first bed of your own can be a bit scary at times. Sleeping in a child’s room is not always comfortable. You can use this bed to make this change from the parents’ bedroom to the children’s room easier .

Since it is designed as the first bed for your daughter, it is particularly suitable for girls between the ages of 1.5 and 5 . You can use models with a size of 70x140cm as a mattress . Therefore, this bed is especially suitable for the youngest.

When it comes to design, you also have the choice between a closed carriage with a canopy or an open version with lights. The closed carriage has the advantage that there is still some storage space at the foot end. The open model is designed to be more compact and does not take up that much space.

To make it easier for your daughter to switch to her own bed, there is hardly a better way than to use this bed in the original design of the Disney Princesses . This guarantees nice dreams and makes falling asleep much easier.


Hardly any other film has been so popular with children in recent years and triggered such hype as the Disney film “Frozen” . Although this was already published in 2013, it is still very popular and the corresponding sequel will appear in 2019. Regardless of whether your daughter has already seen this movie or not, with such a frozen-style bed, your daughter will become an ice princess.

The film is particularly popular with the youngest children. It is therefore only logical that this model is suitable for girls aged 18 months and over. This makes it a good choice for your own real bed if you no longer use a small cradle in the parents’ bedroom. The bed can be used well up to about 6 to 7 years of age .

Not only the design, but also the functions of the cot are important. The nursery will quickly be filled with all sorts of things. Regardless of whether it is about toys, clothing or hygiene articles, the capacity of the room is quickly exhausted. A remedy, however, is the storage space that is created thanks to the two fabric drawers . This means that you can make optimal use of the space with this bed even in small children’s rooms.

Of course, security must also be ensured. For this purpose, there are side limits on the bed that prevent your daughter from falling out of bed. It is still easy to get on, as the side border extends to about half of the bed.

Small children can also become a little more active. Even if most parents do not like it, the cot serves as a trampoline replacement and is exposed to greater stress. So that this does not lead to damage, the construction of this child’s bed is very stable , so that such gymnastics units do not directly damage the bed.

The bed is suitable for a mattress measuring 140x70cm. The step-by-step instructions for assembling the bed are included and assembly shouldn’t be a challenge. The construction is stable, but kept simple.

If your daughter should feel like an ice princess from the movie “Frozen” and sing along to the songs on her own bed, with this model you will fulfill the dream of most girls. Both in terms of functionality and design, this bed meets the highest demands and with the new film, the bed will definitely be on the wish lists of some girls.


Many girls still have their own dolls’ house on their wish lists. Losing yourself in this small world and playing with the characters is special fun, which even electronic entertainment media cannot suppress.

For some, the preference for the dollhouse goes so far that it is carried into their own bed. This is made possible, for example, by KidKraft’s wooden dollhouse-style cot.

This is lovingly designed and modeled on a doll’s house. For this purpose, the head end is designed to be open and has some compartments. The compartments either serve as storage space or can actually be set up like a doll’s house . The compartments are closed with a small roof.

For a higher level of security, small fences are attached to the side of the bed. Together with the foot end, these complete the overall impression, as if it were a small house with a front garden. It is also nice that the windows can be opened and closed , as is also possible in a real doll’s house.

The bed is suitable for children from 18 months. A mattress with the size of 70x140cm can easily be accommodated in the bed. The bed is particularly flat, so that even the youngest children can get on and off independently.

Made of wood , the bed is stable and can bear the weight of an adult even for a short time. If you like to read bedtime stories, you can put yourself in bed, provided you can find space to make it easier for your daughter to fall asleep.

If your daughter likes to play with dolls, this children’s bed offers a nice play area and at the same time is ideal for most children’s rooms in terms of design. It’s not too flashy, but has some details to create the impression of a doll’s house and to provide enough security.


The children’s bed from KAGU is a little more neutral . With this model, emphasis is placed on high functionality. A large drawer under the bed offers plenty of storage space and the processing of solid pine wood offers a high level of stability.

Nevertheless, useful details do not have to be dispensed with in the design. Stars and the moon are milled into the wood at the head and foot end. This processing is very clean and makes a high-quality impression. In contrast to other models, the design is not created through the paintwork or stickers, but directly during the processing of the wood. Therefore, this cot makes a very high quality impression.

Only fine wood is used for processing. This is environmentally friendly and at the same time stable to ensure a nice sleep experience.

The high quality is also evident in the slatted frame , which is already integrated into the bed. Unlike many other models, your daughter does not sleep on a flat wooden surface on which the mattress is placed, but there is a complete slatted frame. As a result, your child’s weight is better distributed and sleep is perceived as more pleasant.

There are also several different variants available to you. You can basically choose between the sizes 140x70cm & 160x80cm. Furthermore, different colors from an untreated wood to a white lacquer are possible.

This bed in a neutral design offers you a lot of freedom of design and you can adapt it to your daughter’s wishes. In terms of sleeping comfort and environmental friendliness, this model is clearly recommended.


Optimal sleep is not only important for adults. Children even need an extra bit of sleep because the body is still growing.

Therefore, choosing the right cot for girls is important in order to ensure a good night’s sleep. The first bed sometimes takes getting used to and it can seem a bit scary to sleep in your own room.

The models presented here are convincing both in terms of design and functions and will make most girls happy. Depending on which topics your daughter is interested in, you can fulfill her dream of having her own cot.

If your child sleeps soundly, it will certainly be helpful for the parents to get a good night’s sleep again. This is made possible with these children’s beds for girls presented here.

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