Daylight alarm clock – the 5 best models in comparison

Daylight alarm clocks offer you the opportunity to be woken up with a relaxing light even during winter. Or is your room on the side facing away from sunrise and you get no light at all in the morning?

The daylight alarm clock simulates natural daylight. This releases hormones that make it easier to get up and bring you to wakefulness more quickly.

In this overview you can find out which models are best for you and how such an alarm clock actually works.

Conventional alarm clocks signal your body with a loud alarm that it is time to get up and get out of bed. Quite a few, however, know the stress that is generated by the loud sound . With some people it even goes so far that they already struggle with falling asleep in the evening and wake up more often during the night.

This leads to tiredness during the day and starting the morning with a high level of stress is certainly not pleasant. As an alternative, you can therefore use the daylight alarm clock.

Do you know the feeling when you are camping and are woken up relaxed in nature in the morning when the sun rises? No alarm clock is necessary and you feel much more rested.

You can also use this good feeling of peaceful waking up in your bedroom. Especially in the big city it can be difficult to get enough light in the morning and to get up with the sunrise.

The daylight alarm clock is not a simple lamp that goes on in the morning and provides light in the bedroom. These are very special light sources that are similar to the frequencies of the sun and convey to the body that a natural sunrise is being perceived.

The light frequency and intensity also change during waking up. At the beginning the light is still weak and gradually becomes more intense.

During a If a loud alarm clock can practically tear you out of your deep sleep, the daylight alarm clock works very carefully . If your body is still in a deep sleep phase, this is not interrupted abruptly, but the body can slowly prepare for the morning.

The effect has been described as positive by practically every user. One reason why there are so many morning grouches is not the lack of sleep, but the way in which one is woken up.

It is completely understandable that if the body is suddenly woken up from sleep, it needs a certain amount of time to wake up. Coffee is therefore part of the morning ritual for many people.

It is better if the body perceives a natural sunrise and thereby releases the corresponding hormones that ensure waking up. The daylight alarm clock is probably the gentlest way to start the day and not only creates a better mood , but also improves performance throughout the day.

Because waking up is often an indicator of how the day will go. It is not for nothing that there is the saying “get up on the wrong leg”.

With the daylight alarm clock, you can start the day in a relaxed way and improve your mood and, in the long term, your health.


If you are looking for a daylight alarm clock, I will now introduce you to 5 alternatives. These are all based on the same principle by simulating natural light. However, there are differences in the details that mean that some models are better suited to your needs.


A daylight alarm clock is much more than just a simple lamp that simulates a sunrise. This is proven by the “Bodyclock Luxe”, which is one of the luxury variants of daylight alarm clocks and with some functions not only improves waking behavior, but can also make it easier to fall asleep.

One of the key points of this alarm clock is of course the light, which ensures that you wake up gently. For this you can choose from different programs that regulate the intensity and duration of the light. So you can determine yourself how long it takes until you feel awake and want to get up.

The quality of the lamp has even been medically proven. A certificate is available which confirms the effectiveness. The lamp can therefore also be used to improve winter depression when too little daylight is available.

If you find it difficult to fall asleep, this lamp not only simulates sunrise, but also sunset. In the evening you can use the daylight alarm clock as a sleep aid to simulate a sunset. This releases the sleep hormone and makes it easier for you to fall asleep.

You can also use this alarm clock as a radio . The speakers are of high quality that you can use via Bluetooth or USB connection . So you can not only wake up in the morning with natural light, but also with your favorite music at the same time.

Bodyclock Luxe

There is hardly a better way to wake up relaxed than with the soft light of the sun and your favorite song that sounds from the loudspeakers of the “BodyClock Luxe”. The price is a bit higher, but an improvement in sleep behavior is achieved and even assembly is no longer a reason for a bad mood.

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Am Design kannst Du schon erkennen, dass es sich bei dem Philips Wake-Up Light in erster Linie um eine Lampe handelt, die Dir den Start in den Tag ermöglichen soll. Großflächig sendet die Lampe die angenehmen Sonnenstrahlen aus und nahtlos eingebettet ist das Display, welches Dir die Uhrzeit anzeigt.

Um das Aufwachen zu erleichtern, wechselt das Tageslicht sowohl die Farbe, als auch die Intensität am Morgen. Zunächst erscheint es noch in einem kräftigen Rot, welches dann heller wird und sich eher gelblich einfärbt. Dadurch wird der natürliche Farbverlauf des Sonnenaufgangs simuliert und der Körper in die passende Stimmung versetzt, um in den Tag zu starten.

The light can experience this change for a period of 30 minutes and in this way gently wake up the body. If the light is not yet sufficient, however, an alarm tone can be set, which sounds when the sunlight has reached the highest level and it is time to get up. Most of the time, you will not need the alarm tone at all, because your body is put into the waking state in advance.

It is operated with an innovative touchpad . This eliminates the need for buttons or other controls that could disrupt the design.

Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light

If you want an alarm clock that is not only functional but also looks nice, the Wake-Up Light from Philips is a good decision. Thanks to the light and the natural wake-up tones, you will gently wake up from your dreams and start the day stress-free.

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At first glance, the Beurer WL 75 daylight alarm clock looks like an ordinary lamp. What stands out, however, is the ease of use and the high degree of individuality that can be achieved with this lamp. While other models only work with preset programs, here the color nuances are changed directly via the app . In this way you can set very precisely which color environment should be created.

It is operated via the “LightUp App”, which is why you should definitely have a smartphone that can use this app. With the help of the app you can set how the lamp can wake you up in the morning and if you have had little success with other daylight alarm clocks, this adjustment may help.

If you like to read in bed in the evening, you can also use this model very well as an ordinary lamp. The light intensity is a proud 2000 lux , which makes reading easier for you. Other daylight alarm clocks are much weaker and focus more on the color than the intensity.

The display, on the other hand, is a bit smaller and is only attached to the lower side of the lamp. However, the radio is able to naturally play sounds in the morning, so that you can use the light as well as the music or sounds to wake up.

Beurer WL 75

If high adaptability of the light is important to you and you prefer to control it via app , the Beurer WL 75 daylight alarm clock is an intelligent solution with a lot of freedom.

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Good daylight alarm clocks don’t have to be expensive. With your model, Solawill offers a reliable device that costs less than 30 euros and has top ratings . Although this is rather an unknown manufacturer, you should keep an eye on this model if you prefer a very good price-performance ratio .

The sunrise is simulated in 30 minutes and is stepless. Instead of switching through certain brightness levels, the brightness is increased continuously from 1 to 100 percent.

A similar lighting mood can also be used to simulate the sunset. This will help you get in the right mood in the evening and fall asleep.

Either the USB port, a normal power cable or the battery are available as energy sources. This makes this alarm clock ideal for traveling when there is no suitable socket available.

The light can also be changed according to your own preferences. There are 6 different light colors available for this. With this you can, for example, produce a light that appears green or purple.

Solawill daylight alarm clock

There is probably no daylight alarm clock that offers a better price-performance ratio and has such good ratings as the Solawill model. Therefore, there is a clear purchase recommendation for this variant.

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Outwardly, this daylight alarm clock from Smithroad is very similar to the model from Philips. The similarity is not only evident externally, but also when it comes to how it works. With a price of less than 40 euros , this model is much cheaper and can still convince.

The sunrise can be simulated in a period of 60 minutes. This gives your body enough time to recover from the deep sleep phase and move on to the daily routine.

In addition, the sunset can also be set over a period of 120 minutes in order to enable a gentle sleep in the evening. A different lighting mood is used for this, which promotes the production of the sleep hormone.

If the alarm clock is not to be used on the weekend, this can be noted in the alarm time. With the help of different schedules, you can determine at what time the alarm clock should start with the alarm program.

In addition, different basic moods can be set, which let the light appear in one of the 7 colors. This lamp can also be used as a therapy light and its effectiveness has been proven.

Wake-Up Light von Smithroad

You get a cheap alternative to the daylight alarm clock from Philips with this model from Smithroad.

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There are a number of wake-up methods and these will certainly achieve their goal. But forcing the body to wake up with a crowbar in the morning is associated with some stress. If you are currently in a deep sleep phase, this can negatively affect the entire day. You will hardly get going and you will struggle with fatigue throughout the day.


The daylight alarm clock has the advantage that it lets you wake up in a very pleasant way. Even if you are just about to sleep deeply, the light is a very gentle signal that promotes waking up.

Responsible for waking up comfortably is the release of cortisol, which signals to the body that it is going to wake up.

In nature, natural light ensures that cortisol is released. In modern living conditions, however, it is not always possible for the sun’s rays to be captured. Either the bedroom is located in such a way that the light cannot penetrate or the wake-up time is so early that the sun cannot even be seen on the horizon.


In recent years, society has become more and more aware of depression. This mental illness affects a large number of people in winter.

Due to the short duration of daylight, it becomes a real problem to catch enough sun rays. Office work also prevents the time being spent outdoors, so it can happen that on the way to or from the office it is already dark outside and the whole day was practically only spent inside.

This lack of sun leads to a noticeably worse mood and permanent tiredness during the winter. Therefore, this time of the year is not exactly one of the most popular.

Daylight alarm clocks counteract this deficiency. They can be used like conventional daylight lamps to provide the body with the necessary energy.

The body does not even notice that this is only artificial light, but modern lamps are designed in such a way that the light is equivalent to the sun. Some daylight alarm clocks even receive a certification that confirms their effectiveness.

If you notice that you become much more sluggish in winter and that your mood is generally worse, you can also use the lamps presented here during the day to treat depression.


The gentle way of waking up with this alarm clock is suitable for all groups of people. Regardless of whether you suffer from chronic insomnia or just find it difficult to get going in the morning. The daylight alarm clock is perceived by most users as a real improvement and helps to start the day better and to have more energy.

The devices are suitable for both adults and children. Especially if there are problems getting up and your children don’t like going to school, you should test whether it is not simply the alarm clock that is causing these problems. Often the cause lies in the waking behavior and with a natural sunrise the mood of the children also rises. This avoids stress at the breakfast table.

When using it, however, you should pay attention to a few tips. This alarm clock is able to improve sleep behavior and enable a more pleasant start to the day. However, it is not a miracle cure that suddenly solves all of your sleep problems. Some help is therefore also necessary from your side.

This includes that the sleep phases are taken into account. It is a good goal to start falling asleep 8 hours before you plan to get up . So there is enough sleep available and the body is well recovered.

Diet also has an influence on sleep behavior. If you load your stomach with fatty and heavy foods shortly before going to bed, sleep can be impaired. Therefore, avoid hearty food about 3 hours before going to sleep and only eat light foods.

Stress often leads to sleep behavior being disturbed. The daylight helps you to get into a relaxed mood. For example , during the day you can do meditation exercises while the light is activated. This is a great way to cheer up the mood, especially in winter.

Before going to sleep, you should also do without the smartphone and the television. The screens emit light, which keeps the body awake and makes it difficult to fall asleep. Specifically, the blue component delays the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

With these tips, the use of the daylight alarm clock will be much more effective and the effect will noticeably improve your sleep.


The functionality of the daylight alarm clock is easy to explain. The lamp emits light that has very similar characteristics to sunlight. The sunlight has a major impact on the people and the hormonal balance. This can be confused by modern living conditions.

In cities, there is not always the possibility that the bedroom will get enough natural light or the room is simply on the wrong side. In addition, early working hours can mean that the alarm clock is set before sunrise.

The light from the lamps affects two hormones. These are the sleep hormone melatonin and the energy hormone cortisol.

Melatonin is a hormone that puts the body into a state of rest and prepares it for sleep. This happens naturally in the evening when it gets darker outside. The production of melatonin can be inhibited by using smartphones or other electronic devices .

Displays emit a frequency that prevents the formation of melatonin. The body is led to believe that it is still light and that it is therefore not yet time to start sleeping.

Daylight alarm clocks can help in the evening insofar as the sunset function can be used. This gives your body the signal that it is now time to release more melatonin. You get tired and can fall asleep much easier.

The other hormone that is particularly important in the morning is cortisol . Although it is a stress hormone, it is important that this is released at the end of the sleep phase.

Cortisol prepares the body to wake up. The problem with conventional alarm clocks is that they wake the body out of sleep even though it has not yet started producing cortisol. This is where the great tiredness comes from in the morning , which means that you would rather sleep a little longer.

The daylight alarm clock starts early, however, and the light causes the body to start releasing cortisol. This will gently wake you out of sleep, as would occur in nature, and not just abruptly torn you out of your dreams.

The effect has been medically proven and the use of these lamps can also be helpful against depression. The almost consistently positive reviews also speak for themselves and most buyers describe that sleep has actually improved and getting up is much easier.


If you are not yet sure which model is best suited for your needs, you will find out here the most important criteria that you should pay attention to when buying the daylight alarm clock .


The body is supposed to be brought into a wakeful state by the lamp. The sun emits a high intensity and therefore the light of the alarm clock should also provide this service.

This requires at least 300 lux so that the body perceives the lamp as sunrise and begins to release cortisol.

If the lamp is also to be used as a reading lamp , a much higher intensity is necessary. Allows up to 2,000 Lux are required to a pleasant reading experience to offer.


Every body is different and sometimes reacts less, sometimes more sensitively to light. It is therefore advantageous if you can set how long the sunrise should be on the daylight alarm clock .

Most alarm clocks simulate light over a period of 30 minutes. If you need a particularly long time to wake up and still find the 30 minutes too fast and stressful, you should choose a model that offers a wake-up time of 60 minutes.

This gives you enough time to prepare your body to wake up.


In addition to the pure light, the alarm clocks also work with conventional alarm tones. However, these are also based more on natural sounds. For example, you can wake up to the chirping of birds or choose a loud sound of the sea.

If you want to use the natural sounds, then pay attention to which can be selected for the alarm clock. In a combination of light and sound, you will of course be put into the waking state.


Sleep problems and depression are diseases that affect more and more people in Germany. Do you suffer from a lack of sleep yourself or are you simply tired in the morning and need a certain amount of time to get going?

Then a cause can be found in the wake-up behavior. Fatigue doesn’t always have to be associated with poor sleep; it can be directly related to waking up.

If you use a conventional alarm clock that suddenly makes a loud sound, you may be torn from a deep sleep phase. The body has not yet produced any cortisol and is not even prepared to wake up.

The daylight alarm clock, on the other hand, wakes you up quietly with a natural sunrise and it is suggested to the body that it is in a natural environment and the sun is just rising. In this way the body wakes up exactly as nature intended and the usual stress in the morning is avoided.

You feel fitter and more productive . In the long term , not only will your mood improve, but your health will also improve.

All you need to achieve this positive development is the daylight alarm clock.



The daylight alarm clock allows you to get up gently without stress. The production of the sleep hormone melatonin is slowed down so that the natural awakening process is initiated. The morning starts much more relaxed and without being torn from deep sleep.


You set the alarm time as usual. Depending on the setting, the sunrise simulation begins 20 to 60 minutes before the alarm time. The light becomes brighter over time and gently wakes you up.


The daylight alarm clock is useful for all people who have previously found it difficult to get out of bed and who want to make the morning more pleasant. Shift workers particularly benefit from this alarm clock, which brings the internal clock back into rhythm. In principle, the daylight alarm clock is a good investment for anyone who wants to get up in the morning more easily and feel rested.


The daylight alarm clock is available on the usual online platforms as well as in specialist electronics stores. Buying online is a good idea, as the prices are usually lower and the selection is greater. This means that you can buy exactly the model that best suits your needs.


The daylight alarm clock gives you a relaxed start to the day. Your stress level is lower and daytime sleepiness occurs less often. It can also alleviate mild symptoms of winter depression. To a small extent, the daylight alarm clock compensates for a lack of light and the associated complaints.


The daylight lamp shines significantly brighter with an intensity of up to 10,000 lux. It is suitable for medical purposes as part of light therapy. This can be used to compensate for depressive symptoms due to a lack of light.

The daylight alarm clock radiates significantly weaker with an intensity of around 200 lux and is hardly suitable for therapeutic purposes. It is primarily designed as an alarm clock and makes it easier for you to get up.


Most daylight alarm clocks are also able to simulate a sunset. This creates a pleasant sleep ritual that makes falling asleep easier.


The daylight alarm clock can provide limited headache relief by reducing stress. However, a stronger effect can be expected from the daylight lamp.


If you suffer from a lack of light, which can be the case especially in winter, the daylight alarm clock supports your health. It stimulates the formation of vitamin D and is effective for mildly depressed moods. However, the daylight lamp has a much greater effect.


This function depends on the respective model. It is common for the alarm clock to have two different alarm times. However, these must be selected by button before going to bed. Intelligent alarm clocks, on the other hand, allow you to program the alarm times depending on the day of the week. However, this is rather the exception.


Most daylight alarm clocks are designed so that they can also be used as bedside lamps. However, the usability depends heavily on the available light intensity. If the power is low, these are not recommended as reading lamps.


The sunrise is already simulated in such a way that the lamp slowly gets brighter and brighter. If the alarm tone is used at the same time, it is usually designed in such a way that it sounds softly at first and only becomes louder as it progresses. In this way, it is guaranteed that you get up very gently and carefully, without suddenly being roused from your sleep.

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