The density of the topper – what does it say about the quality?

If you find your mattress not 100% comfortable , it is not absolutely necessary to buy a new model. A new mattress is associated with high costs and if you do not want to make this investment, there are cheaper alternatives to improve your sleep.

Probably one of the best ways to improve the quality of your sleep is to buy a topper . This edition You put easily onto the mattress and get a comfortable pad that your saves back.

When buying, you should consider various factors that have an influence on the quality. One property here is often the “volume weight” . This number expresses how dense the foam is.

But how does the volume weight affect your sleep and what does this term mean in detail? In the following you will find a detailed explanation of what the weight of the topper means.

The volume weight is a term that is not only important for toppers. It is relevant to practically all products in the field of sleep that are made of a foam . This applies to cold foam mattresses as well as a neck pillow .

Manufacturers usually abbreviate the volume weight with “RG” . This is followed by the corresponding value, which indicates the density of the foam.

The volume weight stands for the material used in kilograms per cubic meter. An RG 50 means that 50 kilograms of raw material were used per m³ of the finished foam.

The derivation of the volume weight is therefore not particularly complicated. The more material is used in the manufacturing process, the higher the volume weight. This is a special feature when using the foam.

In the case of innerspring mattresses , for example, no volume weight is given. Here other properties, such as the number of springs per m², are to be regarded as equivalent.


In order to better understand the effects of the volume weight on the quality and the lying properties, it is helpful to clarify the production of the foam. Based on the process, you will be more aware of why it is advantageous to use a topper with a high volume weight .

The foam has in recent years become one of the most popular materials in the sleeping environment developed. It is used equally for pillows, mattresses and toppers. In the form of visco toppers, it adapts ideally to the back and at the same time provides a high level of stability.

Compared to the spring core or the classic down in the pillow, the foam convinces due to its unique properties. It relieves the spine and reliably returns to its original shape.

In order to obtain the final foam, the raw material is foamed in the manufacturing process. A plastic is used here. When foaming of the plastic is air trapped in the material.

The more air there is in the foam, the more breathable it is. However, it also loses stability and no longer optimally absorbs the load on the body. It loses its resilience and does not retain its lying properties for as long.

The concept of volume weight is used to clarify the amount of air inclusions. If a topper has few air pockets and the manufacturer has used a relatively large amount of raw material , the higher the density. The foam turns out to be denser and of higher quality.

If the manufacturer brings in more air, the density drops , the foam is more open-pored and less robust.


The lying properties of the topper are primarily influenced by its raw material. The plastic essentially determines how the support is deformed and how reliably it returns to its original position.

The higher the amount of foam used, the greater the effects of the positive properties. This mainly describes the:

Shape stability

A topper with a high volume weight will therefore deform better in order to adapt to your back, robustly absorb the load and then return to the starting position.

It is important to note the point elasticity . A mattress or topper should give in exactly where the load occurs. The extent to which this happens is described by the point elasticity.

A high point elasticity means that you lie down on the topper and the foam only yields in the places where you actually lie. This leads to the feeling of lying on a mattress that is made to measure for you. Your spine is relieved and a healthier sleeping position is maintained.

If you suffer from tension or back pain , a mattress and topper with a high point elasticity are advantageous for you. These allow a targeted relief of the body and the muscles relax. This will reduce the symptoms in the long term and sleep is more restful. Pay attention to which topper leads to relief for back pain and is the most comfortable for you.

The opposite of point elasticity is area elasticity . With this, the material yields in the surface and moves more expansively. This is the case , for example, with the Bonell spring core mattress .

A common misunderstanding with regard to the volume weight of the topper is the degree of hardness used. A higher density does not mean that the topper is harder at the same time. The respective hardness is not only determined by the air pockets, but also by the material mix used. A topper with a high density can be just as soft and suitable for children with the appropriate material .


Similar to the mattress, the topper should also perform reliably for a long time. Prices vary, but a high-quality model can cost more than € 100. At this price, you should be able to expect the topper to be very comfortable for many years to come.

The volume weight is decisive for this requirement. In order for a topper to feel like new even after years, the foam must reliably return to its original shape. It must not have any dents or show any other signs of age.

Toppers with a high volume weight are convincing in this case. They consist of a lot more raw material, which means that the body weight is better distributed. The foam is therefore exposed to less stress.

A good cold foam topper should have a density of at least 40 . Really high-quality models start with a density of 50. With these designs you can be sure that they will last for many years and have no recesses. The amount of raw material used proves helpful and strengthens the robustness of the topper.

When buying the topper, pay attention to the volume weight it has. After all, you sleep on it for around 8 hours every night and want to do something good for your body. The topper should be marked with at least RG 40. Really high quality models start at RG 50.

If, on the other hand, you only want to equip a guest mattress , a lower volume weight is acceptable. These models are much cheaper, but not designed for long-term use .

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