Volume weight – what does it say about the quality of mattresses?

When buying the mattress, you should pay attention to some quality features. Based on the properties [1]you can even tell without lying down whether the mattress is suitable for you or whether it leads to back problems.

A high point elasticity , for example, is an indicator of how well the mattress adapts to your back. Not only do you lie more comfortably, your back pain also recedes over time and your muscles can relax.

When researching a new mattress, you will probably have come across the concept of volume weight . This is usually given with the value “RG XX” . But what does this number actually mean and what influence does the volume weight have on quality?

When it comes to choosing a mattress, the texture of the core plays a major role. The core can either consist of feathers or a foam . In the case of innerspring mattresses , the number of springs is usually stated. The more springs there are, the more elastic the mattress is and the better the pressure relief feels.

In the case of foam mattresses, on the other hand, there is no indication of how many springs there are. The foam fills the entire area, so there shouldn’t be any differences?

It’s not that easy. Because the foam is obtained from a certain raw mass. From the raw mass [2] the final foam that is used in the core is produced during the foaming process.

Air is added to the raw mass during foaming In the finished foam, this is characterized by the numerous air pockets that are in the material.

The air pockets make the material softer and increase breathability. Basically, air is therefore necessary to obtain a comfortable foam.

A mattress with fewer air pockets is perceived as more dimensionally stable . It has a larger proportion of raw mass, which is why it can better cope with the load. After you lay down on the mattress, the foam will reliably return to its original state and there will be no loungers . Mattresses with few air pockets promise a long service life and are good for your back.

The volume weight is decisive for the assessment of the air inclusions . It describes the ratio of the material used to the volume. Specifically, the following formula results for the volume weight:

Volume weight

RG = weight / (length x width x height)

The volume weight is accordingly described using the units kg / m³ . The higher the density, the more raw material was used. Put simply, this means that a high volume weight [3] stands for greater density and less air.

If the density is low , the manufacturer has added more air to the raw mass This saves on raw material and the mattress is usually cheaper . However, the lying properties can also suffer from the low density.

Incidentally, when determining the volume weight, it is only about the mattress core . If you want to determine this value yourself, you first have to remove the reference and only weigh and measure the core.


Based on the bulk density can be various properties of the mattress derived. The denser the material, the higher the quality of the mattress. The following properties benefit from a high density.


If you lie down on the mattress, the surface deforms. This is particularly pronounced with memory foam mattresses or cold foam mattresses . Due to their flexibility, they adapt exactly to the spine and work perfectly in tune with your body.

After the load, the material should return to its original position. The higher the volume weight, the better the restoring force. This means that the foam will keep its original shape without any problems.


Similar to the restoring force [4]dimensional stability is also an important property. This does not describe the fact that the foam returns to its original shape immediately after the load, but refers to a longer period of time.


Mattresses with a high density are of better quality. They can be used longer and withstand the load better. This increases comfort and it is also ideally suited for heavy people.

A high degree of dimensional stability ensures that there are no loungers. So you will be able to use the mattress for a few years without it appearing worn out.


The higher the density, the better the mattress can cope with the load. The restoring force and the dimensional stability already indicate that the mattress can be used for a long time. The material generally proves to be more robust and will offer greater comfort over a longer period of time.


Based on the previous description of the density, it should be clear that a higher value is generally to be preferred. But is a high volume weight an advantage in every situation?


When buying a children’s mattress, it is not necessary that it is particularly firm. Children are less of a burden . It is therefore sufficient if the cot mattress has a density between 20 and 30 . In childhood, the mattress [5]Exchanged for a larger version after a few years anyway. A higher density is only recommended if you buy a version at a young age that should accompany your child practically through to the teenage years.


The guest mattress is also subject to less stress. It is not used permanently , so longevity is less relevant. A lower density means that you can use the guest mattress more flexibly. It is lighter and easier to handle . Therefore values ​​of 20 to 30 are sufficient here as well.


For most other applications it is advantageous if the mattress has a higher density. If the mattress is used permanently by adults , a density of 40 to 60 is recommended. In addition, there are also variants with an even higher density. The additional costs hardly represent a noticeable improvement, so a range from 40 to 60 is sufficient for you.

If you bring a higher body weight on the scales, the weight of the mattress for overweight people must be taken into account. A value of RG 50 should not be fallen below.


The next time you are informed about the volume weight when buying a mattress , you will now know what to do with the term. It describes the density of the foam and indicates the weight per cubic meter . The higher the density, the more raw material is used and the less air is added in the manufacturing process.

higher density speaks for a higher quality mattress. It is more resilient and can be used for a long service life. Therefore, the mattress should have a density of at least 40 if you want to use it for a long time.

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