Doing reflexology yourself – a practical guide

With these foot reflexology instructions you can massage your feet independently so that you benefit from the positive effects. It would certainly be more relaxing and effective if you had the massage performed by a professional masseur. Great relaxation can also be achieved with yoga .

However, there is not always the time to go to a suitable practice or salon and the visits are also associated with high costs. You can avoid this by performing a foot reflexology massage yourself.

You will find out how to do this with these instructions.

First, however, you should learn the basics of foot reflexology . Because even if it only feels like a simple massage to outsiders, there is a deeper meaning behind every movement and pressure on the feet.

This form of massage is one of the alternative medical treatment methods . It is based on ancient traditions and there is controversial debate in modern science as to whether the beneficial effect actually occurs.

The good thing about foot reflexology is that you can use it without any prior knowledge . So you don’t have to be an expert, you can already achieve the desired effect by following these instructions.

With foot reflexology, the foot is divided into different areas . Nerve pathways that are responsible for various organs and body regions run in these. By stimulating the nerve tracts with the help of massage, certain complaints are supposed to be alleviated , as is also possible with a foot massage roller .

Above all, this includes the treatment of pain . If you suffer from a headache , the treatment on the feet can provide relief and back problems should also improve through the massage.

The gentle pressure also stimulates blood circulation in the legs . Similar to a foot massage roller, the muscles in the legs and feet are stimulated again. These are then better able to transport the blood to the heart. In this way, you can sustainably treat swellings and other complaints that occur due to circulatory disorders.


Before starting the actual treatment, it is important to create a suitable atmosphere. Because body and soul form a unit . The massage should not only steer the body in the right direction, the mind should also free itself from the burden of everyday life.

It is therefore advisable to create a relaxing environment . You can put on some quiet music for this and listen to it during the massage. Avoid other disturbances like annoying calls. This treatment is most effective if you do it in the evening, when the children are in bed and there are no distractions.

The feet should also be a little warmer . If you suffer from circulatory disorders, these will likely be cooler than usual anyway. With a warm foot bath you can bring your feet to the right temperature for the foot reflexology massage.

Then you take a comfortable position . The best way to do this is to lie down on the floor with your legs stretched out . With a blanket you can warm yourself a little and provide more relaxation.

If you want to perform the foot reflexology massage on your partner, make sure that your fingernails are not too long . They should be well-groomed so that you can only feel the pressure on your feet and not prick your nails.


Everything important has now been prepared. You can lie down and have your partner massage your feet.

Massage oil is advisable so that the movements are pleasant . This reduces the friction between the hands and the foot. This allows the massage to run more smoothly and is not perceived as uncomfortable. The massage oil can be rubbed between the hands before it is applied to the foot to warm it up slightly.

Now the actual massage begins. You gently stroke the sole of the foot, the heel and the toes . Stretch the joints by gently pulling on the toes. This represents the introduction to foot reflexology.

Now the actual complaints are explored and the massage tailored to them. Do you want to relieve tension or alleviate pain? By applying strong pressure on the corresponding reflex zones, the complaints in this area should disappear.

It is important to pay attention to the way you treat the areas. Although it is referred to as a massage, it is actually more a question of pressing . Depending on how much time is available, the zones can be worked on for longer and more gently or faster and more intensively.

The movement is triggered by the thumb by pressing it into the reflex zone . It is important to ensure that the fingernail does not dig into the foot. The thumb is left in place for about 5 to 20 seconds and the pressure is maintained. Then the pressure is gently released from the spot.

However, there should be no pain during the foot reflexology massage. It is therefore important that there is communication between the masseur and the patient and that it can be said if the pressure is too high. Relaxation should occur and no pain should negate the massage.

At the end of the treatment, there is a rather gentle massage for a few minutes. This is for relaxation and continues the calm atmosphere. With these instructions, the foot reflexology massage can be carried out by yourself . Expert knowledge is not necessary for this and with a little practice the positive effects will certainly be noticeable.


Although it is a traditional treatment method , modern studies have confirmed its effectiveness . Studies have shown that the massage has a calming and anxiety-relieving effect . This is attributed to the many nerve receptors in the foot that are addressed by the massage.

Although not through studies, but through years of experience in the use of foot reflexology, the pain-relieving effect is confirmed by the patients. In a smaller study with 30 patients who complained of knee problems, an improvement in mobility was found in around half of the patients. The pain was also reduced.


If you suffer from pain yourself, then you should take a partner to help you and perform the reflexology massage according to these instructions . The simple pressure of the thumb is enough to address the zones and relieve pain or tension .

Above all, the relaxing effect has been scientifically proven and can therefore also help with sleep disorders . If you suffer from a high level of stress, if you find it difficult to switch off and if you experience headaches, foot reflexology is a real aid to increasing your well-being.

So convince yourself of it. There is no need for an expensive masseur, but you can learn how to use it yourself and benefit from the beneficial effects.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
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