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Do you suffer from neck pain, do you sit in the office most of the time and do not move enough? Then your neck muscles are exposed to some strain and unfavorably stressed. If you also use a pillow that does not suit your sleep type, these complaints will worsen.

It is therefore advisable to counteract these complaints with a neck support pillow. The Dormabell Cervical Pillow is a special variant that relieves the neck muscles. In order to achieve this, the pillow is slightly curved at the lower end and therefore differs significantly from an ordinary pillow.

In this detailed check you can find out how well you will sleep on the Dormabell Cervical and whether it actually has such a positive effect on your neck .

A neck support pillow differs significantly from a conventional pillow at first glance. Both in terms of shape and material, these variants are designed completely differently. You can find out what the Dormabell Cervical looks like in the following overview.


The Dormabell Cervical is available in the size 65x32cm . So it is probably much smaller than your current pillow. Ordinary down pillows are usually larger to appear cozier.

The slightly more compact shape is necessary for the neck support pillow Because it should offer an ideal storage space for your head. This means that you only lie with your head and neck on the pillow. The shoulders rest on the mattress and this ensures better support for the neck muscles.

The cervical spine is slightly curved and represents an extension of the back. If you sleep on your back, a cavity will form in the neck. This is not supported by ordinary pillows, so that the neck muscles cannot relax even during sleep, but keep the head stable.

The Dormabell Cervical Pillow has a small bulge at the bottom . This hugs your neck seamlessly and provides great support. This allows your neck muscles to relax and discomfort is alleviated.


For the actual support, it is not just the shape that is decisive. So that you lie comfortably and the pillow adapts to your neck, the material is also essential.

The Dormabell Cercival relies on a solution made up of two layers . Depending on the design, a Talalay latex and a Premiera special foam are used. Depending on the degree of hardness and the cushion height, these are combined in such a way that an ideal support force is achieved. The special foam is able to adapt precisely to your neck contour.

If you place a high value on adaptability, there are the “V” variants . The core of these consists of a visco foam . This is known for its excellent properties and will offer the highest level of comfort. However, this is associated with an additional charge.

Not only the material in the core of the pillow, and the terms plays a major role. After all, it is exposed to constant stress.

The cover consists of a mixture of polyester, cotton and elastane. This makes it easy to use and ensures a high level of comfort.

The mixture of materials makes the cover resistant and enables good climate properties. It is breathable and moisture-repellent. If you sweat during the night, the moisture is released into the surrounding air instead of collecting in the pillow.

Breathability is supported by the ventilation system , which is located on the side of the pillow. The open design allows a high level of air circulation and ensures optimal climate properties.


The pillow is exposed to high loads and should provide the same level of comfort every night. In order to convey a cozy feeling and to be ideally usable even after several years of use, the care properties are important.

As is usual with these materials, the core must not be washed . The foam is very sensitive to water and would lose its excellent properties. Here it is sufficient if you air out the core from time to time. No further maintenance is necessary.

It looks different when it comes to the cover . This has to withstand significantly higher loads. It is therefore advantageous that it can be machine washed at 60 ° C. This not only removes impurities, it also rinses out allergens that are responsible for a house dust allergy, for example. As a result, the pillow can be used for a long time and will offer a high level of comfort.


After the detailed description of the Dormabell Cervical, you are certainly also interested in how it actually feels to sleep on this pillow. You will now find out what to expect if you choose this pillow.


One advantage of the Dormabell Cervical is that the manufacturer offers it in a wide variety of designs . In addition to the already mentioned variants with a visco foam, different heights and degrees of hardness are available. Therefore, you can adapt the pillow very precisely to your sleeping needs.

The pillow is particularly suitable for people who sleep on their back or side. At 7cm, the lowest variant could be a bit too high for those who sleep on the stomach.

The pillow scores very well in terms of pure sleeping comfort . This is shown by the highest ratings of users who are very satisfied with the Dormabell Cervical. So the pillow is perceived as soft and cuddly . This differs from other neck support pillows, which are often described as functional but not very comfortable.


To ensure a high level of comfort, it is important that the pillow is the right height . The Uttu sandwich pillow allows the middle layer to be removed and is height adjustable.

The Dormabell Cervical Pillow, on the other hand, offers you the choice of 8 height variants when you buy it . The lowest pillow is 7 cm flat, while the highest version is 14 cm high.

The sizes are divided by the manufacturer in the designations from NB1 to NB8 , with NB1 being the lowest variant. In line with this, the provider makes the following recommendations for each individual version.

Nb1: For people with very small shoulders and very soft mattresses
Nb2: For people with small shoulders and soft mattresses
Nb3: For people with delicate shoulders and soft mattresses
Nb4: For people with a medium shoulder width and a medium to firm mattress
Nb5: Ideally suited for back and side sleepers with medium to firm mattresses
Nb6: For people with medium to broad shoulders and a firm mattress
Nb7: Ideally suited for larger side sleepers with rather firm mattresses
Nb8: For people with broad shoulders and firm to extra firm mattresses

In dependence of your body type and sleeping position of your mattress You are able to find just the right pillow for you. You don’t have to compromise, you will use exactly the right height to relieve the neck.


When buying a neck support pillow, you want to relieve pain and discomfort . This is reliably achieved with the Dormabell Cervical.

The design with the special curvature was worked out in close cooperation with the Ergonomics Institute in Munich . Based on the data, the shape was developed which adapts perfectly to your neck.

Due to the large number of different pillow heights, you will also find exactly the model that applies to your sleep. The material inside adapts flexibly to the contour and ensures a high level of stability.

The effectiveness is confirmed by some users, who describe that the complaints have decreased significantly . The Dormabell Cervical is a real help, especially when it comes to tension that occurs, for example, as a result of office work .


In Germany, not only is the number of people suffering from neck pain increasing, but also that of those allergic to house dust. The reasons for this have not yet been fully clarified, but more than 10 million people in Germany are now affected by house dust allergies.

If you want to avoid that the pillow leads to a runny nose and breathing difficulties, the material should be as inaccessible to mites as possible. The Dormabell Cervical impresses with its good air circulation. The moisture is optimally transported away and mites will hardly feel comfortable in this pillow.

Any allergens can also be washed off the cover at 60 ° C. The material has been tested for harmful substances and is therefore also suitable for people who are sensitive to certain substances.

The Dormabell Cervical is therefore very well suited for allergy sufferers and will offer you a pleasant sleep.


If you are struggling with neck problems, you are not alone with it. A large number of people complain of tight muscles and pain in the cervical spine. These are mainly caused by incorrect posture when working in the office and too little exercise.

With the Dormabell Cervical you will give your neck a well-deserved rest during the night. The shape is designed in such a way that the neck is placed in a stable position and the muscles relax. As a result, the neck recovers, the cervical spine is protected and tension is reduced.

The different cushion heights allow you to find exactly the right variant. This will ensure you sleep comfortably and get up in the morning without a sore neck.

Use the Dormabell Cervical to avoid permanent postural damage and to promote your health. The high quality of sleep will also manifest itself in a better sense of wellbeing and will change your life in a positive way.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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