Dream Interpretation snake – the most common meanings

The snake is a multi-layered symbol. Whether in the Bible or in a dream, depending on the type of snake, a different character is assigned to it.

Do you often meet the snake in dreams? Then pay attention to what kind it is. Because that’s behind the snake in the dream.

Snakes have always been a symbol of mysticism , something evil but also of creation. The snake has a dubious reputation in the biblical context. She is considered a seductress and represents both disaster and the beginning of a salvation story.

There is a multiple fascination with snakes. This applies to both good and bad . The snake is seen as the guardian of the underworld .

Snakes are both fascinating and threatening. With their poison they represent a great danger. On the other hand, the serum proves to be useful in medicine and is used for healing purposes.

If the snake appears to you in the dream, this indicates a desire of your subconscious . There can be hidden emotions but also unfulfilled erotic adventures.

Do you have special wishes that have not yet been fulfilled or do you have hate, anger or sadness in you? Then the snake is probably an expression of the inner emotions that you should work through.

In a broader sense, Sigmund Freud understands the snake as a phallic symbol . Thus the snake could also stand for a general fear of sexuality .

In any case, the dream symbol snake is considered to be very emotionally charged. In the following you will find out more fears and interpretations that are associated with the snake in the dream.


How does the snake appear in sleep and what kind is it? If you are not sure, then pay close attention to it the next time you dream. It is useful to keep a dream diary as an aid. When you wake up, write down all the important details to better understand what the line represents.

Single snake

You have a closely guarded secret within you. If a single snake appears, this could indicate that you are afraid that this secret will come to light.

Two snakes

The secrets don’t just concern yourself. If you meet two snakes, you may have the suspicion that friends are hiding something from you. Talk to you openly about it and do without false friends in your life.

Multitude of snakes

If the snakes can no longer be counted, this does not only indicate a wrong friend. You have concerns about whether your circle of friends consists of someone who betrays you and does not want anything good for you. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of and don’t be too gullible.

Bite the snake

If you are bitten, the dream symbol snake joins the previous interpretation with the wrong friends. The snakebite is a warning that you could be deceived and should protect yourself from fraud.

Creeping snake

If the snake moves slowly on the ground and comes towards you, this is a warning. A disaster is approaching and you should be a little more careful in future.

Choke snake

If the snake coils around your entire body, it indicates that you are feeling constricted. Are you unhappy at work or in a relationship? Then give yourself more freedom to act out better.

If the snake focuses on a certain part of the body, your weak point is revealed. If you have pain or discomfort in certain regions, the snake will haunt them in a dream.

Venomous snake

If you meet a poisonous snake in a dream, this stands for an inexacted sexuality. You have unmet needs and a sexual desire. Don’t be shy and talk openly with your partner about your preferences.

Snake sheds its skin

So far, the snake was mainly considered a negative symbol in dream interpretation. If the snake sheds its skin, this figuratively stands for a new phase of life. A new beginning is imminent and with it the chance to steer your life in a positive direction.

Snake rises

If the queue straightens up, you may feel under-challenged. Maybe your job or your studies are not demanding enough and do not meet your expectations? Then change your life to advance your spiritual development.


In the dream interpretation, the snake is perceived both positively and negatively . In addition to the number and shape of the snake, the color is also decisive for the exact interpretation.

Black snake

You process emotions that you are not aware of. Do you suppress a trauma or an experience and try to shield these emotions? Work through the event and your feelings with a therapist.

Luminous snake

If the snake appears glowing and bright, this is a warning. You may face an attack and need to be more careful.

Bronze colored snake

If you have money problems or have to make an important financial decision, this is indicated by a bronze-colored snake. Check your financial status and consider an expensive purchase.

Red snake

Red is considered the color of passion. If you see a red snake in a dream, this stands for your sexuality . Perhaps there are wishes and needs that are currently not being met?

Green snake

Green is the color of hope . If you are going through a difficult time, this snake could indicate that improvement is in sight. Believe in yourself and look positively into the future.


As you can see, the dream interpretation of the snake is not an easy endeavor. Depending on the number and shape, it has a different meaning. The snake often symbolizes fears or suppressed emotions. But it can also stand for a new beginning.

If the snake appears to you often in your sleep, then dedicate yourself to your soul life. Plug unausgelebte feelings in you or you have the fear of not being taken seriously by your friends?

The dream symbol of the snake often affects adolescents. They are often less aware of their emotions and love life in particular can cause confusion.

Find out why the snake appears to you in the dream and dedicate yourself to the cause. Then you will live more liberated and look optimistically into the future.

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