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If the mother-in-law unexpectedly stands in the door and wants to spend the night in your house, it is practical to have a suitable place to sleep. A spacious guest bed is not always available. It is therefore practical to have a guest mattress that can be unfolded and used in a few simple steps .

The dream night guest mattress de Luxe is one of the most popular models on Amazon. It is a collapsible mattress , which also works well as a travel mattress . If this is not used, the three elements can be stacked to form a small stool.

You can find out how high the level of comfort is and whether this version is suitable for longer use in this detailed check.

Typically, most mattresses are described as bulky and chunky. They lie on the bed and should above all offer a high level of comfort.

But if there is suddenly a visitor and there are no beds available, the guests should still be able to sleep well. A guest mattress is tailored precisely to this surprise. They are easy to use and provide sufficient comfort for a few nights to wake up refreshed the next morning.

For this purpose, the dream night guest mattress is divided into three elements. It is available in two sizes 75x195cm & 120x195cm . The smaller version is especially suitable for children, while the larger version is ideal for an adult. For two people, however, it is pretty tight even on the larger guest mattress.

Handling and transport are made easier by the loop. When folded, has the mattress a dimension of 65x75x42cm and is very pleasant to use as a stool. The model can also be stowed away easily in the car and so you can also use the mattress for vacation.

So you get a very flexible mattress at a price of a little more than 100 euros. You will find out how comfortable such a guest mattress is in the following sections.


Even if the mattress is only used for a few nights, it should offer a high level of comfort. Because traveling in particular is associated with a lot of stress and those who cannot spend the night in their own bedroom at least want to lie comfortably.

Therefore, the structure of the mattress and the individual components are also of great importance in the mobile version in order to guarantee a restful night.


First of all, it must of course be mentioned that with a guest mattress a good compromise between compactness and comfort has to be achieved. The mattress has to meet various conditions and therefore sleeping comfort is not the only priority.

Nevertheless, Dream Night has opted for a multi-layer structure for its guest mattress de Luxe . This should ensure that the mattress is as adaptable as possible and offers a high level of comfort for a large target group. After all, different people will sleep on it and therefore the material must be particularly flexible .

The base of the mattress consists of cold foam . This ensures a high level of stability and selective support for the back. It optimally absorbs the load of the body weight and guarantees a high level of comfort. With a thickness of approx. 10 cm , the foam is designed to be relatively generous. Most guest mattresses of this type are much thinner and therefore less suitable for the back.

The cold foam already provides a high level of support and ensures that you do not sink too deep into the lying surface. This leaves the spine in its natural shape and does not bend to one side.

Just sleeping on the cold foam would hardly be comfortable. Although it provides a high level of support, it hardly adapts to the body contour. This is ensured by the layer of visco foam on top. This is much more flexible and literally hugs the body.

The visco pad is 4 cm thick and therefore ensures that the body is well absorbed. The weight is picked up selectively and the load is not transferred over the entire surface. The body sinks in and the spine is protected.


The guest mattress is used by different people and therefore it should meet the hygienic requirements. In addition, the mattress is moved and used on the move. In order to protect the visco overlay and the mattress itself, it is covered with a quilted cover.

This consists of 100% polyester and has a weight per unit area of ​​390g / m². It is robust and can withstand one or the other travel strain.

The cover can be easily removed for cleaning and washed at 30 ° C. This means that the cover is described as easy to care for. Due to the quilting, it retains its shape and is extremely comfortable.


Sleeping on a guest mattress can certainly not be compared to an ordinary bed. Nevertheless, even for a few nights, the comfort should be so high that the morning does not become a torture.


The combination of the foam and the viscose pad leads to a hardness level of H3. This means that the mattress has a medium hardness and can be used by a broad target group.

It is suitable up to a weight of 100 kilograms , but is also described as comfortable by significantly lighter people. This is where the stable cold foam shows its strength and is comfortable for both children and adults.


The dream night guest mattress is particularly convincing due to its high level of comfort. Usually such mobile mattresses are not described as comfortable and are only used for a short time. Back pain and other complaints usually come to the fore and you are eagerly awaiting your own bed.

This is not the case with the version of Dream Night. The lying comfort is described as extremely good. People who actually suffer from back pain say that the mattress does not aggravate the discomfort, but actually alleviates it.

On the positive side, this mobile version is well suited for different sleeping positions . Whether on the back, the side or the stomach, a high level of comfort is guaranteed.


Reductions in the mobile version clearly have to be accepted in terms of the climatic properties. Ordinary foam mattresses are provided with ventilation channels so that breathability is supported.

This is not the case with the De Luxe guest mattress. Such ventilation channels are dispensed with here in favor of stability. This increases the support for your back, but you will sweat a lot more on warm nights.


Even if the mattress is only used for a short period of time, it should be free of harmful substances . Especially when children spend their night there, they should not be exposed to harmful substances.

But there is no need to be afraid of the manufacturer Dream Night. It is a traditional company that looks back on 70 years of history. This experience is evident both in the development and in the production of the mattresses.

The Oeko-Tex seal guarantees that no harmful substances are present. So your guests can spend the nights on this model without worry.


If you would like to test the de Luxe guest mattress yourself, you will receive it after a few days . Rolled up in the box, you just have to unpack it and wait a bit for it to unfold and reach its final size. A smell or the like is not described by the buyers. This means that the mattress can be used quickly after a short waiting period.

If you are not convinced of this model, there is a right of return . The return is free and you do not run any financial risk.

When transporting you should keep in mind that the mattress can no longer be rolled up. So you either have to unfold it completely or transport it as a stool.


Guest mattresses may only be a temporary place to sleep , but this does not mean that it has to be associated with poor sleep. The dream night guest mattress de Luxe proves perfectly that a high level of comfort can be combined with a low price.

The mattress is divided into three elements and can be folded up into a stool. If someone suddenly arrives at the door, the stool can be folded out into a comfortable mattress in just a few simple steps.

With a height of 14cm , the mattress can simply be placed on the floor and a pleasant lying comfort is ensured. The cold foam and the visco cover ensure that the body weight is optimally absorbed. Even people with back pain describe this variant as pleasant.

The dream night guest mattress can also be used well when traveling. Simply stowed away in the trunk, you can sleep comfortably on the move.

Make sure you sleep comfortably with the dream night guest mattress and be a good host.

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